South Sligo (Kilmacteige) area Places, Activities, and links to them – Plan Vacations here!

South Sligo is the area covered by Kilmacteige Parish, or rather, Kilmactigue is part of South Sligo (Generally).


IF you planing a visit sometime, or research more locally (like at the Tubbercurry Library) We suggest that you JUST GO -stay in local Home B&Bs (give a call first to make sure room is available as most B&Bs are informal compared to Hotels). Places to see are also linked:






LODGING/B&Bs, ect…   — Noted as a 3 (three) Star Lodging BUT it is more like 4 or 5 STAR as the Owners,  are Amazing Hosts!  Just Go there and relax as these are “real Irish” People with real Irish Hospitality !!

More north than Kilmacteige Parish, but an Old place worthy of a look!

Trip Advisor for the Area of South Sligo – many good listing but it is certainly NOT exhaustive and other activities and places exist.


MAYO – short drive from Aclare, but VERY worth it, go say Hello – spend money if you are treated well and enjoy it, they will appreciate it (and tipping is ALWAYS appreciated no matter what anyone says)!:


Tom of HENNIGAN’S HERITAGE CENTER, is one, if not the most Genuine, Nice, Mayo Man (Irishman) you will ever meet. He knows the History and Way of Life in this area from “back in the day” of GrandParents and Grt. GrandParents — He lived and lives it –! His Heritage Center is right next to His House, and is ONE PLACE NOT TO ME MISSED in South Sligo (Killasser, Mayo actually).

Above is TripAdvisors review. Again, HENNIGAN’s IS GREAT for the Kids (and Adults alike)! Tom Has shown Heads of State the Place and the History of Killasser , Mayo and He would be happy to show you too !