South County Sligo, Kilmacteige Parish Ancestors BMD Database 1662 to 1911



South County Sligo, Kilmacteige Parish Ancestors (Bap.,Marriage,Death) Database circa 1662 to 1911 – {being built June 2015}


For some time working on the 1901/1911 Irish Census for South Sligo, We wanted to put all Surnames into a database adding the Christian Names of all know Family Members (being few would be alive in May 2015 — 104 years later so low risk of ID theft).


Since then many have contacted us to submit information NOT included in the Census that they have vetted and know for a fact to be true and as correct as possible (as data accuracy is a concern).

We are now inviting others to send any information (Names, Birthplace, Birth/Baptism (Date/Place), Marriage (Date/Place), Death (Date/Place) — for inclusion in the database as We are only going to Build it ONCE !

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