Ireland Placenames, Gov. Maps, GeoPortal, and Irish GIS services (12/2013).


The New GeoPortal from the Irish Gov. has some potential (but at this time seems more suited to wanting to sell you something). I would say, as other places, use the free resources first before seeking or using any paid data access as the free resources are as good  (if not better for seeking family ancestry research).


Ireland Placenames

Database of Ireland, developed by Enterprise (DCU) and The Placenames Branch (Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht).


It contains PLACENAMES and links to several maps.

A quick search of “Aclare” turns up an old map that lists the main Swinford to Aclare road, Kilmactigie Church, and several other places which is interesting but not particularly helpful for today’s research and more modern maps (listed and linked here at, are better for finding areas – however sometimes these old sources are good at locating areas or places which are no longer used or commonly noted so it may be useful if you have older letters or writing referring to places.