Castleconnor SLIGO Marriages 1836-1845


CASTLE-CONNOR, a parish, in the barony of TYRERAGH, county of SLIGO, and province of CONNAUGHT, 4 miles (N. by E.) from Ballina; containing 4507 inhabitants. This place derives its name from an ancient castle, of which the ruins are still visible; and is situated on the river Moy and on the road from Ballina to Sligo. The parish comprises 16,223 statute acres, as applotted under the tithe act; the greater portion is under an improving system of tillage, and there are some large stock farms; there is a considerable extent of bog, and abundance of limestone is quarried for agricultural and other purposes–…1806, to the vicarage of Kilglass; the rectory, formerly appropriate to the see, is now sequestrated in the Ecclesiastical Commissioners. The tithes amount to £476. 6. l., one-half of which is payable to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, and the other to the vicar. The church was built by aid of a gift of £900 from the late Board of First Fruits, in 1818. The glebe-house was built in 1820, by aid of a gift of £100 and a loan of £675 from the same Board: the glebe of the union comprises 50 acres. The R.C. parish is co-extensive with that of the Established Church; the chapel is at Castletown. A school is supported at Doorneen; and there are three pay schools, in which are about 240 children. Here is also a dispensary. There are some remains of the old castle on the bank of the Moy, and of the old church of Kilvanley with a burial-ground. There are also some Danish raths.


WE SHOULD NOTE THE DATE – THIS IS IMMEDIATELY PRIOR TO AND DURING THE GREAT FAMINE(AN GORTA MORE -The Great Hunger). It is unknown how many of the People united in the Marriages noted below survived this Famine – surely not everyone did — and as they were young, one might assume these strong, young, people made it — on the other hand five years of hunger and famine no one can survive — hunger does not care – We can only hope they got out and emigrated to England or the USA, or otherwise made it through this time of starvation (at the Hands of a English Gov. that exported food from Ireland during this same time of want)! In other words, they made a bad situation worse for greed.  No one living today is responsible, but their foreFather’s were !

May God have mercy on their Souls !


Castleconnor (SLIGO) Marriages 1836-1845



Date Of Marriage – Husband – Wife – Residence of wife – witnesses: – Male – Female

Feb. 1836


  • 18-John McAndrew and Bridget Carney * Muingwar
    Wit: Owen Battle and Mary Miles
  • ? James Gallagher and Anne Timlin * Knockbrack
    Wit:Owen Gallagher and Catherine McAndrew
  • ? John Loftus and Mary McCormick * Ballymooneen
    Wit:Luke Rouane and Bridget Mofett
  • ? Eneas McDonnell and Margaret McGuire * Tully
    Wit:Thomas Boland and Anne Smyth
  • ? Pat Kilcawley and Mary Keane * Dooneen
    Owen Battle and Mary Keane
  • ? William Rouse and Bridget Coleman * Carns
    Wit:William Rouse and Catherine Wade

    Mar. 1836

  • 14-Michael Gallagher and Bridget Diamond * ?
    spon: Pat Browne and Bridget Mulrooney
  • 17-John Gallagher and Mary Coleman * Bunanulra ? ?
  • 23-Michael Kilgallen and Bridget Conmy * Carranekile
    Wit:Owen Cockran and Nancy Broidne

    Apr. 1836

  • 7-Daniel Kennedy and Anne Gallagher * Carrownarlor
    James Best and Honor Kennedy
  • Rev. Patrick Duffy P. P. Castleconnor

    June 1836

  • 30-Patt Browne and Anne McDermott -Emlimoran
    Wit: Patt Ridington and Sally Kilernagh

    July 1836

  • 3-John Conmy and Bridget Kilroy – Muingwar
    Wit:Patt McAndrew and Catherine McAndrew
  • 11-Michael Rouane and Barbara Battle -Corbally
    Wit:Pat Walsh and Catherine Battle
  • 13-Daniel Keane and Mary Gallagher * Dooneen
    Wit:Robert Gordon and Mary Feenaghty

    Aug 1836

  • 18-Michael Lofton and Bridget Walsh Bunulra
    Wit:Robert Kirkwood and Catherine Battle

    Sep 1836

  • 11-Torrence O’Hara and Mary Connor – Doohaney
    Wit:Patt Regan and Ann Rogan
  • 18-Brian Kelly and Catherine Harrison – Carranekile
    Wit:Patt Kelly and Bridget Kilroy
  • 25- James Melvin and Bridget Timlin- Knockbrack
    Wit:Thomas Melody and Catherine McAndrew

    Oct 1836

  • 6- Patt McGlone and Mary Keane -Dooneen
    Wit:William Burke and Catherine Keane
  • 16-Richard Foody and Bell Gudden -Carranekile
    Wit:James O’Boyle and Anne Foody
  • ? -James Finan and Ann Foody ?
    Wit:Pat Finan and Bridget Foody2
  • ?-Brian Dunigan and Mary Sweeney * Cloonloghane
    Wit:Peter Murphy and Mary Dempsey
  • ?-James Cunane and Catherine Durkin * Rathglass
    Wit:John Cunane and Bridget Cunane
  • ?-Pat Herbert and Eleanor Loftus * Ballymoneen
    Wit:Thomas Herbert and Eleanor Duffy
  • ?-John Dunigan and Catherine Mullaney * Tourmore
  • ? Dunigan and Catherine Ruane

    Feb 1837

  • ?-Michael Battle and Mary O’Hara * Emlimoran
    Wit:Owen Battle and Mary Henigan
  • 15-Martin Timlin and Anne Mulrooney * Knockbrack
    Wit:Michael McAndrew and Peggy Duffy
  • ?- Patt Brenan and Bridget Sweeney * Cloonkilane
    Wit:Pat McNamara and Mary Sweeney
  • 22-Pat Browne and Mary Rich * Knockbrandan
    Wit:Peter Browne and Mary Humber
  • ?- Patt Bourke and ? Kilgallen * Knockbrack
    ? ?
  • ?-John Melvin and Catherine Harrison * Carranekile
    Wit:Martin Rouse and Catherine Carney
  • ?- William McKensey and Bessy Keane * Ardbolly
    Wit:James Patterson and Anne Keane

    May 1837

  • 30- John Naaree and Mary Foody ?
    Wit:Michael O’Hara and Mary Foody

    July 1837

  • 25-Terrence Bigley and Ellen Cunane * Muingwar
    Wit:Thomas Hanan and Bridget ?

    Oct 1837

  • 2- Dennis Helly and Mary Miles ?
    Wit: ? ?

    Jan 1838

  • 14- Wm. Leonard and Bridget Hendry * Ardbolly
    Wit:Thomas Hendry and Anne Boland
  • 23- Pat O’Mealey and Mary McCavish * Emlimoran
    Wit:John and Nancy Jourdan
  • 24- John Higgins and Nancy Kelly * Barracktown
    Wit:Dennis Connor and Bridget Kelly
  • 27- Charles Kilroy and Ann Rogan * Castleconnor
    wit:Daniel and Catharine Kilroy

    Feb 1838

  • 4- Michael O’Hara and Mary Cuncart * Bunanulra
    Wit:Stephen Fee and Nelly Cuncart
  • 8- Francis Boland and Nancy Culkin * Phidane
    Wit:Michael Boland and Anne Feenaghty
  • 14- Andrew Rutledge and Peggy Kelly * Bunanula
    Wit:Patrick Sweeney and Eleanor Duffy
  • 19- Martin Sweney and Peggy Conmy * Ballymohaney
    Wit:James Sweeney and Mary Conway
  • 22-James Leonard and Bridget Mofett * Riverstown
    Wit:Michael Leonard and Anna Mofett
  • 25-Michael Rouse and Catherine Coggins * Muingwar
    Wit:Michael Dowd and Bridget Finan
  • 25-Pat Roach and Mary Harrison * Knockbrack
    Wit:Francis Mulderig and Bridget * Brenan
  • 25-James Doherty and Anne Battle * Carrane
    Wit:John Mulderig and Anne Gelespie
  • 25-Patt McEntire and Catherine Rouane * Emlimoran
    Wit:Thomas Lyons and Nan Jourdan
  • 27-Patt Gallagher and Peggy Bourk * Caragaree
    Wit:John Haran and Sibby Bourk

    Feb 1838

  • 26-Martin Clarke and Batty Moffet * Carrane
    Wit:Patt Clarke and Alice Howley

    Mar 1838

  • 4-Patt Gilgan and Bridget Kelly Touneyboy
    Wit:Patt Boland and Mary Kelly
  • 13-Matthew Jones and Alice Dunigan * Ballymohaney
    Wit:John Conmy and Mary Kilcawley

    April 1838

  • 20-Francis Hanan and Honor Gallagher * Newtown
    Wit:John Gallagher and Anne Browne
  • 22-Michael Finlon and Polly Gettins * Muingwar
    Wit:Patt Berane and Honor Howley

    June 1838

  • 21-Patt McMahon and Elisa Coulter * Castletown
    Wit:Richard Gaughan and Ellen Duffy

    July 1838

  • 10-Martin Conmy and Batty Holmes * Carns
    Wit:Thomas Jones and Mary Morris

    Oct 1838

  • 5-Martin Foy and Sidney Culkin * Castleconnor
    Wit:Francis and Catherine Price
  • ?-John Battle and Mary Judge * Corbally

    Jan 1839

  • 25-Thomas Murphy and Mary Gronagher
    Wit:Michael Murphy and Mary Rogan

    Feb 1839

  • 7-Michael McAndrew and Mary Murphy * Emlimoran
    Wit:Patt Durkan and Anne Flanelly
  • 9-James Gilmartin and Bridget McAndrew * Muingwar
    Wit:Thomas Gilmartin and Eleanor Kilcullen
  • 10-George Grenaghan and Catherine Cunane * Rathglass
    Wit:John Rouane and Bridget Cunane
  • 10-John McNicholas and Mary Kilcawley * Muingwar
    Wit:John McCann and Bridget Kelly
  • 12-Matthew Best and Eleanor Fee * Ballymoneen
    Wit:Bob Best and Mary Feenaghty
  • 12-Michael Crean and Peggy Melvin * Knockbrack
    Wit:Michael Hanilly and Mary Carney
  • 12-Richard Goughan and Catherine McHale * Castleconnor
    Wit:John Gelt and Catherine Magee
  • 26-James Realph and Catherine Keane
    Wit:Patt Hannahan and Eleanor Cowley


  • 3-George Howley and Biddy McNally * Ballymoneen
    Wit:Patt Walsh and Sally Howley
  • 9-Patt Kilcawley amd Catherine Rouse * Carns
    Wit:John Kilcawley and Ann Hanan

    June 1839

  • 26-James Cowley and Catherine Walsh * Corbally
    Wit:Anthony Judge and Anne Walsh

    July 1839

  • 14-Thomas Durkan and Honor Gallagher * Newtown
    Wit:Michael Murphy and Catherine Murphy

    Oct 1839

  • 15-Patt Hanley and Catherine Battle * Corbally
    Wit:James ROuse and Nancy Battle
  • 27-Phelin Darcy and Bridget Rouane
    Wit:John and Judy Murray

    Nov 1839

  • 14-Patt Feenaghty and Catherine * Durkan
    Wit:Owen Feenaghty and Sally ?

    Jan 1840

  • 21-William Atkinson and Anna Hannon * Rathwanny
    Wit:Thomas McDonnell and Mary McDonnell
  • 23-Michael Hanley and Bridget Brenan * Corbally
    Wit:Michael Hanley and Bridget Hanley
  • 30-Michael McHale and Mary Renolds * Castleconnor
    Wit:James McHale and Mary ?

    Feb 1840

  • 13-John Atkinson and Mary McDonnell * Tully
    Wit:Michael Atkinson and Bridget McDonnell
  • 27-Owen Battle and Margaret Loftus * Muckduff
    Wit:Patt Kilcawley and Mary Loftus


  • Mar 1840

  • 1-John Cuncart and Mary Mullaney ?
    Wit:Patt Wright and Nancy Jourdan
  • 1-Robert Best and Nappy Judge * Farrannamish
    Wit:James Best and Anne Mullarky
  • 3-John Mulrooney and Catherine McAndrew * Emlimoran
    Wit:Jerry McDonnell and Anne Foody
  • 3-Stephen Fee and Mary Bourn * Caragaree
    Wit:Patt Fee and Biddy Walsh
  • 8-Michaael Melvin and Catherine Dooher * Ballymoneen
    Wit:John Carbine and Bridget Loftus
  • 13-Anthony Conmy and Anne Feenaghty * Ballymohenry
    Wit:John Conway and Mary Kilcawley
  • 26-John Duffy and Eleanor Wright * Bunanulra
    Wit:Edward Flaherty and Bridget Cuncart


  • Apr 1840

  • 16-Owen Kilcullen and Bridget Rouse * Muingwar
    Wit:Anthony and Honoria Gettins

    May 1840

  • 17-Anthony Gettins and Mary Fenlon * Fiddane
    Wit:Patt Sweeney and Bridget Durkan
  • 24-Daniel Murphy and Bridget Gallagher
    ? ?

    Sept 1840

  • 22-Thomas McManus and Bridget Carden * Ballymoneen
    Wit:John Foody and Sibby Carden
  • 30-Thomas Boland and Anne Boland * Tully

    Oct 1840

  • 4-James Connor and Mary Kilroy * Ardbolly
    Wit:William Harrison

    Nov 1840

  • 5-Patt Walsh and Bridget Mulrooney * Bunanulra
    Wit:Patt Mulrooney and Mary Gallagher
  • 9-Ned Hope and Bridget Rouane ? * Shevenagh
    Wit:Charles Coggan and Mary Howley

    Jan 1841

  • 4-James McAndrew and Mary Kelly * Barracktown
    Wit:Michael Kelly and Mary Foody

    Feb 1841

  • 2-Francis Boland and Bridget Rochford * Stoukane
    Larry Deacy and Anne Finan
  • 7-Martin Dunigan and Anne Broidne * ewtown
    Wit:Daniel Connor and Mary Judge
  • 11-Thrady Kelly and Salby Jourdan * Emlimoran
    Wit:Patrick Kelly and Bridget Kelly
  • 18-Cormack Egan and Honor Gettins * Muingwar
    Wit:Patt Crean
  • 18-Martin Loftus and Elisa Cowley * Clonloghane
    Wit:Thomas CUlken and Honor Cawley
  • 18-John Loftus and Bridget Cavanagh * Muckduff
    Wit:Martin Howley and Mary Howley
  • 18-Garrett Keaveney and Mary Walsh * Carane
    Wit:Patt Kelly and Mary Jourdan

    Feb 1841

  • 16-William Rouse and Anne Hanan * Muingwar
    Wit:John Hanan and Anne Doecy
  • 18-Bartly Conmy and Mary Foody * Stoukane
    Wit:John Brenan and Mary Foody
  • 23-John Nallen and Mary Rafter * Muckduff
    Wit:Thomas Culken and Bridget Kilcullen
  • 23-Patt Leonard and Mary Conway * Ballymohaney
    Wit:Thomas Leonard and Nancy Jourdan
  • 23-Owen Battle and Bridget Humber * Knockbrandane
    Wit:Martin McCavish and Margaret Shanon


  • ?-Patt Loftus and Elisa Carson
    Wit:Muckduff ? and Mary Atkinson

    July 1841

  • 11-Patt Geraghty and Elizabeth Best * Tourmore
    Wit:William Murphy and Mary Dunigan
  • ?-Michael Best and Mary Judge Carns
    Wit:Ned Carey and Ellen ?
  • 21-Peter Gilmartin and Mary Donelly * Ballymoneen
    Wit:John Clarke and Mary Gallagher
  • 27-John Clarke and Bessy Lackan * Knockbrandan
    Wit:Thomas Smith andf Anne Keane

    Jan 1842

  • 12-Francis Conmy and Mary Rogan
    Wit:James Grecian and Catherine Kilroy
  • 12-James Kelly and Mary Igoe
    Wit:Pat Bourns and Margaret ?
  • 30-Michael Gallagher and Bridget Mullaney * Rathwanny
    Wit:James Devaney and Mary Devaney
  • 31-Martin Battle and Mary Foody * Stoukane
    Wit:Patt Kilcawley and Catherine Foody

    Feb 1842

  • 6-James Grason and Winny Clarke * Castleconnor
    Wit:Pat McHale and Rose Fegan
  • 6-James Gallagher and Bridget Gallagher * Rathwanny
    Wit:James Jourdan and Bridget Melvin
  • 8-John Cunane and Bridget Bourke * Caragaree
    Wit:Thady Cunane and Sibby Bourke
  • 8-Charles Kelly and Mary Howley * Carane
    Wit:James Kelly and Catherine Sweeney
  • 8-Patt Wade and Anne Kerigan * Rathwanny
    Wit:Patt Kilcullen and Ann Kilcawley

    Feb 1842

  • 3-James Best and Mary Moffett * Stoukane
    Wit:John Handley and Peggy Boland
  • 3-Thomas B. Murphy and Bridget Cullens * Corbally
    Wit:Anthony Duffy and Mary Cullins
  • 13-John Mulrooney and Mary Callaghan * Caragaree
    Wit:Michael Mulrooney and Michael Bourns
  • 14-Edmond Loftus and Anne Dempsey * Newtown
    Wit:Daniel Gilgan and Anne Dempsey

    Apr 1842

  • 5-Owen Murphy and Mary Kilcawley * Ballymohaney
    Wit:Michael McHale and Bridget Foody
  • 7-John Howley and Anne Kilcawley * Muingwar
    Wit:John Howley and Anne Renolds

    May 1842

  • 3-Stephen Rouse and Anne Conmy * Ballymohaney
    Wit:Martin Rouse and Barbara Conmy

    June 1842

  • ?-John Lacken and Anne Cowley * Farrengarmish
    Wit:Patt Murphy and Mary Giblin

    July 1842

  • 15- Thomas Duffy and Mary Howley * Bunanulra
    Wit:John Howley and Eleanore Murphy
  • 25-Michael Rourke and Mary Lang * Tinker
    Wit:Simon Costello and Bridget Lang

    November 1842

  • 17-Henry McDonell and Eleanore Duffy * Corbally
    Wit:John Carey and Eliza Bowith

    December 1842

  • 11- Anthony Ford and Mary Walsh * Caragun
    Wit:James Callaghan and Mary Donlon

    January 1843

  • 8-Michael Cavanagh and Mary Howley * Muckduff
    Wit:Theady Howley and Mary Cullen

    February 1843

  • 12-John Sheridan and Bridget Carden * Rathwanny
    Wit:John Kilcawley and Uney Kilcawley
  • 14-Michael Rafter and Anne Boland * Tully
    Wit:John Mudders and Mary Boland
  • 19-Frank Keane and Mary Jourdan * Knockbrandan
    Wit:James Keane and Anne Keane
  • 21-Anthony Hart and Anne Walsh * Corbally
    Wit:Martin Hart and Mary Morrow
  • 22-Robert Price and Ann Foody * Bunanulra
    Wit:Robert Nicholson and Catherine Cullen
  • 26-Thomas Jones and Mary Lacken * Knockagouer
    Wit:James Kelly and Bridget Lacken
  • 26-Anthony Rouse and Catherine Kilcawley * Muingwar
    Wit:John Rouse and Bridget Kelly
  • 28-Thomas Dunkan and Bridget Right * Bunanulra
    Wit:Patt Rouane and Catherine Foody
  • 28-William McDermott and Anne Moffett
    Wit:Matthew O’Hara and ?
  • 28-Michael Rouse and Catherine Donlon * Barracktown
    Wit:Patt Gallagher and Catherine Kennedy
  • 28-John Gallagher and Winny Broidne * Newtown
    Wit:Pat Judge and Mary Judge

    March 1843

  • 5-David Carden and Sally Fee * Ballymoneen
    Wit:Thomas Harrison and Mary Hart
  • 6-John Cuffe and Mary Brenan * Stoukane
    Wit:Thomas Cuffe and Bridget Foody
  • 7-Michael Kilcawley and Bally Kilcawley * Tourmore
    Wit:James Kilcawley and Eleanore Culkin
  • 11-Patt Mclaughlin and Alice Kilcawley * Muingwar

    May 1843

  • 1-Michael Carley and Bridget Morrison * Dooneen
    Wit:Michael Carley and Letitia Lanigan
  • 7-John Dunigan and Peggy Donelly * Caragaree

    July 1843

  • 23-Patt Lacken and Honora Sweeney * Attycrhu
    Wit:Patt Kilcawley and A. Devitt

    August 1843

  • 13-Walt McHale and Catherine Harrison * Killanly
    Wit:Martin Palmer and Maria Duffy

    September 1843

  • 17-John Realph and Bessy Dooher * Ballymooneen
    Wit:Pat Kilcullen and Anne Battle

    October 1843

  • 1-Patt Keane and Letty Guinigan
    Wit:Thomas Bourke and Mary Lanigan
  • 28-_____ Kilcawley and Mary Donelly
    Wit:Pat Kilcawley and Molly Cullen

    November 1843

  • 4-James Gallagher and Bridget Price * Ballymooneen
    Wit:Patt Rafter and Mary Price
  • 5-Edmond Walsh and Annie Gettins
    Wit:Anthony Gallagher and Mary Gettins

    January 1844

  • 23-Thomas Gurivan and Mary Judge * Knockgoor?
    Wit:Patt Berane and Uney Berane
  • 28-James Jourdan and Mary Gallagher * Rathwanny
    Patt Gallagher and Anne Flanigan
  • 30-Jack Gravy and Mary Rafter Crugan
    James O’Maly and ?
  • 31-Thomas Judge and Mary Kilcullen * Touneyboy
    Wit:James Judge and Mary Berane

    February 1844

  • 6-Patt Coggan and Catherine Higgans * Corbally
    Wit:Mathias Flanelly and Mary Duffy
  • 8-John McAndrew and Mary Henigan * Emlimoran
    Wit:Patt McAndrew and Anne Foody
  • 8-Michael Berane and Anne Jourdan * Emlimoran
    Wit:Michael Berane and Anne Jourdan
  • 8-Michael Culkin and Ann O’Hara * Emlimoran
    Wit:Owen Kilcawley and Bridget O’Hara
  • 11-Thomas Hallinan and Anne Conmy * Ballymo?
    Wit:Martin Gallagher and Bridget Conmy
  • 14-Thomas Carrel and Mary Howley * Carrane
    Wit:Henry Carrel and Anna Mulrooney
  • 14-Mathias Flanelly and Bridget Rouse * Corbally
    Wit:Daniel Higgans and Mary Rice
  • 15-James Gallagher and Margaret McAndrew * Tully
    Wit:Patt Kerigan and Mary ?
  • 18-Michael Sweeney and Mary Kilcawley
    Wit:Pat McNulty and Uney Kilcawley
  • 18-Pat Griffin and Mary Gallagher * Caragaree
    Wit:Thomas Dunigan and D. Donelly
  • 21-Michael Boland and Peggy M. McDonagh
    Wit:Patt Boland and Catherine Cockran
  • 21-Peter Dowd and Bridget Gallagher
    JWit:ohn Callaghan and Honor Bourk
  • 21-Martin Boland and Barbara McDonnel
    Wit:James Gallagher and Bridget Conmy
  • 29-Martin Boland and Catherine Mulrooney
    Wit:Michael Boland and Mary Berane

    March 1844

  • 27-Owen Feenaghty and Mary Foody * Ballymooneen
    Wit:Pat Feenaghty and Bridget Foody

    April 1844

  • 23-Thomas Walsh and Catherine O’Hara
    Wit:John Walsh and Honor Gallagher
  • 27-Anthony Clark and Mary Berane * Bunanulra
    Wit:Larry Mulrooney and Catherine Dunigan
  • October 1844

  • 13-John Carrell and Catherine Ruane * Dooneen
    Wit:Thomas Reed
  • 15-Robert McHolm and Ellen Flaherty * Ballymooneen
    Wit:Patt Durkan and Mary Duffy
  • 16-John Gibbon and Anna Hanan * Carns
    Wit:? Foody and Bridget Foody
  • 18-Martin Howley and Mary Atkinson * Dooneen
    Wit:Patt Coggans and Anne Smith
  • 18-John Langan and Sally McDermott * Emlimoran
    Wit:John McCarrel and Bridget McDermott
  • 23-Michael Kilcawley and Mary Melvin * Muingwar
    Wit:James Kilcawley and Mary Melvin
  • 23-Michael Hart and Mary Jourdan * Emlimoran
    Wit:Patt Helly and Mary Howley
  • 30-Martin Sweeney and Bridget Cavanah * Island ?
    Wit:Patt Murphy and Bridget Cavanah
  • 30-Patt Loftus and Anne Renolds * Castleconnor
    Wit:Patt McHale and Rose Figan
  • 30-Michael Dunigan and Honora Bourke * Carns
    Wit:Michael Gallagher and Catherine Boland
  • 30-William Tuffy and Catherine McCavish * Castleconnor
    Wit:Nelly Loftus


  • 2-Owen Connelly and Catherine Boland * Tully
    Wit:William Boland and Bridget Hanley
  • 2-Patt Feenaghty and Anne Haugh * Rathglass
    Wit:Owen Kilcawley and Mary Loftus
  • 4-James Carrel and Anne Keane
    Wit:Daniel Carrel and Bridget Keane

    Feb 1845

  • 4- James Lackan and Mary Judge * Newtown
    Wit:John Lackan and Bridget Kilroy
  • 4-Michael Foody and Mary Loftus * Muckduff
    Wit:John Foody and Mary Duffy
  • 4-Patt Foody and Catherine Foody * Stoukane
    Wit:Anthony Henigan and Mary Foody
  • 4-Richard Mailes and Nancy Jourdan * Emlimoran
    Wit:James Jourdan and Mary Jourdan
  • 11-Owen Kilcawley and Mary Berane * Muingwar
    Wit:Thomas Culkin and Mary Morrison
  • 21-Neal Lackan and Molly McGowan * ?
    Wit:Patt Lackan and Hanah ?
  • 21-William Browne and Mary Flynn * Knock..?
    Wit:Anthony and Bridget Keane
  • 27-Charles Fury and Bridget Kilmore * Carranarl?
    Wit:Michael and Margaret Kilmore

    Mar 1845

  • 9-Anthony Mullen and Mary McGinnis * ?
    Wit:Owen Rouane and Catherine Coleman
  • 22-Matthew Carrel and Judy Naaree * Rathwanny
    Wit:? ?
  • 31-Michael McDonagh and Catherine Keane * Ardvolly
    Wit:John Lackan and Mary Price

    Apr 1845

  • 1-Patt Garvan and Anne Devitt * Tullylin
    Wit:James Conway and James Feenaghty

    May 1845

  • ?-Daniel (Dennis) Murphy and Mary Murphy * Emlimoran
    Wit:? Judge and Mary Judge
  • 29-Patt Donnelly and Catherine Cunnane * Rathglass
    Wit:Michael Donnelly and Anne Cunnane