Ancestry adds collection of Roman Catholic registers KILMACTEIGE PARISH


Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Ancestry adds collection of Roman Catholic registers


Making their debut on Ancestry today are four collections of Irish Roman Catholic parish registers. They include baptism, marriage, burial and, very unusually, confirmations from a selection of parishes in the counties of Armagh, Carlow, Derry, Donegal, Dublin, Galway, Kildate, Laois, Limerick, Louth, Mayo, Meath, Sligo, Tipperary, Westmeath and Wicklow.

Many of the entries include a high quality scanned image of the original register entry, while others return a transcript.

Baptisms: This is a big collection of more than half a million (544,651, to be precise) entries in 73 parish registers. Dates range from 1763 to 1912 (the individual registers do not each cover this span). Depending on the layout of some of the registers, you may find that you need to click through to the next page to see the names of sponsors.

Marriages: This collection covers 147,133 marriages in 62 parishes with dates ranging from 1775 to 1912 (see note above) .

Burials: This collection holds details of 15,773 burials recorded in the registers of 19 parishes from 1767 to 1912 (see note above).

Confirmations: This collection of 8,131 entries includes confirmations in just 12 parishes with dates ranging from 1775 to 1912 (see note above).

Here’s a list of the parishes included in these collections. Please note the spellings are taken from the Ancestry site; some appear to be incorrect*:

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Here’s a list of the parishes included in these collections. Please note the spellings are taken from the Ancestry site; some appear to be incorrect*:

Baptism Marriage Burial Confirmation
Addergoole Addergoole Armagh Ballina
Allen Allen Armagh Ballina (Kilmoremoy)
Annacarty Annacarty Ballinakill Ballon & Rathcoe
Armagh Armagh Baltinglass Baltinglass
Aughrim Aughrim Canice’s (Finglas & StMargaret) Canice’s (Finglas & StMargaret)
Backs Backs Carlingford Castleconnor
Ballina (Ardnaree) Ballina (Ardnaree) Carlingford & Omeath Easkey
Ballina (Kilmoremoy) Ballina (Kilmoremoy) Castleconnor Killala
Ballinakill Ballinakill Cooley Moneymore
Ballon & Rathoe Ballon & Rathoe Darver Mouthrath
Ballyadams Ballyadams Kilglass Rathvilly
Ballybricken Ballybricken Kill Tourlestrane (Kilmactigue)
Ballyconneely Ballyconneely Magherafelt
Ballyfin Ballyfin Mountrath
Baltinglass Baltinglass Portlaoise (Maryborough)
Bangor Erris Bangor Erris Rathvilly
Belmullet Caherlistrane (Donaghpatrick&Kilcooney) Skreen & Dromard
Beragh Canice’s (Finglas & StMargaret)
Caherlistrane (Donaghpatrick&Kilcooney) Summerhill
Canice’s (Finglas & StMargaret) Cappawhite Tinryland
Cappawhite Carlingford
Carlingford Carlingford & Omeath
Carlingford & Omeath Carnacross
Carnacross Castleconnor
Castlebar Clifden
Castleconnor Cooley
Claddaghduff (Omey & Ballindoon) Crossmolina
Clifden Darver
Coalisland Donaghmore
Cooley Easkey
Crossmolina Emly
Darver Golden & Kilpack
Donaghmore Inishboffin
Easkey Kilcommon Erris
Emly Kilcurry (Faughart)
Golden Kilglass
Golden & Kilpack Kilglass
Inishboffin Kill
Kilcloon Killala
Kilcommon Erris Killursa
Kilcurry Knockbridge
Kilcurry (Bridgeacrin) Knockmore & Rathduff
Kilcurry (Faughart) Lackagh
Kilglass Lacken
Kill Louisburgh
Killala Louisburgh (Kilgeever)
Killursa Louth
Kilmacshalgan Magherafelt
Knockmore & Rathduff Malahide
Lackagh Mountrath
Lacken Moy
Louisburgh (Kilgeever) Moy (Clonfeacle)
Louth Naas
Magherafelt Portlaoise (Maryborough)
Malahide Rathvilly
Moneymore Skreen & Dromard
Mouthrath Solohead
Moy Summerhill
Moy (Clonfeacle) Termonmaguire
Mullingar Tinryland
Naas Tourlestrane
Portlaoise (Maryborough) Tourlestrane (Kilmactigue)
Rathangan Tullow
Skreen & Dromard
Tourlestrane (Kilmactigue)
Westland Row

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Kilmacteige Roman Catholic CHURCH RECORDS (BAPTISMS)

Kilmacteige Roman Catholic CHURCH RECORDS (BAPTISMS)




Kilmacteige Roman Catholic CHURCH RECORDS (BAPTISMS)

1/18/1845 James Lawrence/Mary Kilmartin Micl Neville/Mary Mullarkey Dinmartin
5/18/1845 Patrick James Lundy/Bridget May ? Currorglboy
6/14/1845 Tms Daniel Cunnie/Brid Roddy Dominick & Cath Cunnie Culdalee
6/30/1845 John Jn Dempsey/Mary Harvan? Hugh O’Hara/Mary Gallagher Cloongoonagh
7/28/1845 Thomas Bryan Slache/Noney Quinn John & Mary Durcan Tobercurry
10/26/1845 Bridget Patrick Cunnie/Mary Freney John & Mary Cunnie Kilmactiege
11/20/1845 Catherine-great grandmother? Patrick Cunnie/Mary Kilmartin Austin Conway/Brid Walsh Brane or Carane
12/4/1845 Mary Micl Kinnane/Cath May ? Cavane
12/28/1845 Mary Patrick Ford/Brid Cobney Michael McHugh/Brid Cobney Mt Taffe

1/18/1846 Margaret Owen Cunnane/Honoria Feely John Walsh/Sally Brennen Annagh
1/23/1846 Mary Owen Cunnane/Honoria Feeley Michael Roddy/Brid Clarke Castlerock
3/2/1846 Catherine John Kilmartin/Atty Commons Pat Cunnie/Margaret Stenson Knockahoney
3/4/1846 Richard Richard Ruane/Mary McKensie James Flynne/Mary Wynne Mt Taffe
3/15/1846 Patrick Patrick McNulty/Bridget Goldrick Patrick & Anne Goldrick Castlerock
3/20/1846 Patrick Patrick Kildun/Nancy Gallagher John & Catherine Gallagher Kincullen
4/8/1846 Thomas Thomas Cunnie/Mary Kilmartin Daniel Cunnie/Jane Peyton/Leyton Oughavale
4/14/1846 Mary Anthony & Bridget Cunnie Patrick & Ellen Cunnie Glenavoo
4/16/1846 Thomas Patrick Kildun/Mary Ginty/Gentry Michael Gentry/Bridget Honnby Carroreagh
4/23/1846 Michael Martin Maye/Anne Gallagher James May/Brid McHugh Carane or Barane
5/10/1846 James Micl McNulty/Margaret Leonard John McNulty/Atty Leonard Claddagh
5/25/1846 Margaret or Mary Patrick Goldrick/Ann Gallagher Tms Goldrick/Margaret Gallagher Glenavoo
6/11/1846 John Michael Kildun/Brid Higgins Pat Goldrick/Catherine McDonaugh Clooneen
6/27/1846 John John & Mary Goldrick Patrick Leadon/Cath Heneghan* Gortesluin
6/27/1846 John Andy Conway/Bridget May Michael May/Bridget Keane Dunmathin
6/29/1846 John Patrick Goldrick/Mary Connell Cormack Connel/Bridget Goldrick Carroreagh
7/1/1846 Mary John Dempsey/Ellen Crane James Crane/Bridget Dunleary Mt Taffe
7/6/1846 John Michael Goldrick/Bridget Carney Anthony & Catherine Goldrick Gortelsin
07/17/07 Pat Michael Grogan/Mary Law James Law/Bridget Roddy Belclare
8/16/1846 James Patrick O’Hara/Mary Quinn Michael O’Hara/Catherine Quinn Arnagh
8/30/1846 John Martin Conway/Mary Loftus Michael Conway/Bridget Loftus Culdalea or Culdaly
9/10/1846 Michael Pat/Peter Goldrick/Ann Connel Patrick Goldrick/Mary McNulty Carroreagh
9/10/1846 John Patrick Goldrick/Ann Connel Patrick Goldrick/Mary McNulty Carroreagh
9/20/1846 Michael Martin Cunnie/Ann Kilmartin Thomas Hegarty/Mary Cunnie Culdalea
9/27/1846 Michael Thomas Gallagher/Mary Loftus Rev Tms Judge/Mary Gallagher Cloonbarry or Cloongoneen
10/2/1846 John Cormak Cunnie/Mary O’Dowd Pat & Bridget O’Donald-O’Donla Culdalea
10/2/1846 John __Cunnie/Mary O’Donell Patrick & Brid O’Donell Culdalea
10/4/1846 Michael John Goldrick/Catherine O’Bryrne John Goldrick/Mary Roddy Tavnagraffy
10/10/1846 Mary James & Bridget Goldrick Patrick & Ellen Goldrick Gortesluin
10/18/1846 Bridget James Grogan/Ellen McNulty Pat Hegarty/Catherine Muldaring Larvane
11/20/1846 Mary Patrick Goldrick/Mary Gilvey Pat Leonard/Bridget Shiel Gortelsin
12/11/1846 Bridget Micl Cavanagh/Margaret Quinn ? Cloonbarry
12/13/1846 Bridget Patrick Harte/Bridget Egan Walter & Bridget Rouane Letterbrone
12/28/1846 Anne Thomas Cunnie/Atty Muldering Thomas Rochford/Winifred Deay Culdalea

2/2/1847 Ellen Patrick McNulty/Anne Cunnie Michael Cunnie/Mary McIntyre Claddagh
2/15/1847 Michael Patrick Maye/Ann Gentry Bryan Maye/Brid Gentry Corroughboy
2/17/1847 Martin Anthony McNulty/Brid Deehan James & Mary Deehan Larvane
4/18/1847 William Patrick Lynd/Winifred Quinn Patrick Quinn/Mary Brett Cloonbarry-Lavane?
3/2/1847 Atty Bryan Cunnane/Catherine Carroll John Lawrence/Mary Kilmartin Rhue
4/2/1847 Mary Daniel Cunnie/Bridget Roddy Tms Rochford/Anne Roddy Culdalea
4/14/1847 Catherine Michael Cunnie/Catherine Gallagher Jn Cunnie/Atty Gaughan/Gaveghan Culdalea
4/26/1847 Patrick James & Mary Goldrick Pat Goldrick/Cath Byrne/Byonne Gortesluin
5/10/1847 Patrick Patrick Deehan/Brid Battle James Battle/Mary Deehan Larvane
5/18/1847 Mary Martin & Catherine Maye Bryan Maye/Mary Cunny Tourlestrane
7/1/1847 Mary John Quinn/Bridget Cunny Michael Kennedy/Brid Goldrick Cleery
7/1/1847 Mary John Quinn/Bridget Lowrey Michael Kennedy/Brid Eldirct Clerry?
7/28/1847 Margaret John Cunnie/Mary O’Hara Mrtn Mary Commons/Gormon Culdalea
8/11/1847 Brid*Brid&Jas/Twins? Thomas Maye/Mary Loftus Thomas Stenson/Cath Heneghan Banada
8/13/1847 James Thomas Maye/Mary Loftus Thomas & Bridget Judge Birreencarrack
8/13/1847 James Thomas Maye/Mary Loftus Thomas Judge/Bridget Goldrick* Bireencarrack
(*Godparents may have been Thomas & Bridget Judge)
8/13/1847 John Anthony Goldrick/Mary Deehan Thomas Judge/Bridget Goldrick Castlerock
8/18/1847 Eileen Martin Quinn/Mary Walsh Pete Kennedy/Ellen Gilligan Gortesluin
8/20/1847 Austin Austin Cunnie/Honor Mulligan Stephen & Bridget Cunnie Carane or Barane
9/17/1847 Margaret John Dempsey/Bridget Mulloy Patrick Mulloy/Anne Fahey Culdalea
9/18/1847 Ellen or Eileen Mrtn Quinn/Mary Walsh Pete Kennedy/Eln Gallagher Gortesluin
11/20/1847 Atty Thomas Maye/Catherine Walsh Thomas Brennen/Mary Walsh Dawros or Daurris?
11/21/1847 Patrick Michael Cunnane/Mary Gallagher Patrick & Bridget Cavanaugh? Claddagh

2/18/1848 James Michael Kildun/Ellen O’Hara James O’Hara/Cath Ginty? Glenree?
3/6/1848 Mary John Cunnie/Attie O’Hara James Mary O’Hara Claddagh
3/21/1848 Patrick Patrick Cunnie/Mary Feeney John Cunnie/Ellen Gauaghan Kilmactiege
5/2/1848 Thomas Daniel Cunnie/Mary Hegarty Daniel Cunnie/Mary Hegarty Oughavale
4/7/1848 Bridget Patrick O’Connor/Mary Deehan Michael Battle/Catherine O’Connor Larvane
6/30/1848 Atty John Goldrick/Brid Hegarty Pat Roddy/Winifred McDonagh Glenavoo
7/2/1848 Patrick Patrick O’Hara/Mary Quinn Mary Quinn/H Keanny Annagh
7/8/1848 Mary Patrick McNulty/Bridget Goldrick James & Catherine Goldrick Castlerock
8/13/1848 Mary James Battle/Margaret Roddy Anthony Battle/Bridget Roddy* Glenavoo*
*In 2nd reading godparents listed as John Deighan and Bridget Roddy
8/13/1848 Mary John Goldrick/Catherine O’Brien Anne Goldrick Gortesluin
9/11/1848 Thomas Peter Goldrick/Brid Kennedy Thomas & Mary Walsh Carrowreagh
9/28/1848 Rose Stephen Cunnie/Sarah Niles Daniel Cunnie/Mary Niles Culdalea
9/29/1848 Bridget James Cunny/Cath McDonnell John & Mary Durcan Carins
11/10/1848 Mary Martin Battle/Mary Stenson Pat Mary McNulty Stone Park
11/25/1848 Bridget Pat Kilmartin/Mary Cahill John Durcan/Brid Brennen Tullinaglug
12/10/1848 Mary Martin Battle/Mary Stenson Pat McNulty Stonepark
12/12/1848 Thomas Thomas Rochford/Cath Cunnie Thomas Battle/Mary McNulty Culdalea

1/7/1849 Bridget Michael Cunnie/Mary O’Hara James O’Hara/Mary Cunnie Claddagh
1/9/1849 Mary Jas Goldrick/Honor Marren/Ivanna? Michael Marran/Mary Higgins Stone Park
1/28/1849 Thadeus Edwrd Mullarkey/Mary Leonard Daniel Mullarkey/Ellen Leonard Castlerock
3/29/1849 Patrick Michael Quinn/Nellie Brennan Luke Quinn/Betsy Brenan Kilmacteige
4/13/1849 Mary Pat Goldrick/Margaret McDonaugh Anthony Hegarty/Anne Roddy Tavnagraffy
4/17/1849 Lawrence Pac Connors/Mary McNulty Austin Roper/Mary Connors Beleclare
5/21/1849 Michael Richard Ruane/Mary McKensie Thomas Ruane/Bridget Lynch Mt Taffe
5/28/1849 Bridget Martin Cunnie/Anne Kilmartin Thomas Kilmartin/Mary Loftus Culdalea
6/3/1849 James Cormack Cunnie/Atty Brennen Patrick& Mary Cunnie Culdalea
6/25/1849 James Patrick Quinn/Anne Dunleary Dan Duncan/Marg or Mary McIntire
7/19/1849 Martin Martin Quinn/Mary Walsh Thomas Higgins/Nan Gallager Gortesluin
7/20/1849 Martin Martin Quinn/Mary Walsh Tms Higgins/Nancy Gallagher Gortesluin
9/4/1849 James Patrick Maye/Nancy Limdy Patrick McHugh/Atty May* Corroughboy
10/4/1849 Michael Michael Goldrick/Winifred Hegearty Tony__?/Cath Neary Belclare
10/4/1849 Anne Thomas Gallagher/Cath Quinn John & Mary Quinn Aclare
10/20/1849 James Patrick Kildun/Mary Gentry James & Mary Leonard Carroreagh
10/27/1849 Bridget Michael Quinn/Margaret Roddy John Sweeney/Anne Stinson? Knockahoney
10/28/1849 Honoria John Quinn/Brid Lowry Pat & Mary Quinn Clevry
10/28/1849 Honoria John Quinn/Brid Gurry? Michael Shiel/Mary Neary Clery
11/1/1849 Pat & Anne Thomas Loftus/Ellen O’Hara Pat & Anne or Catherine Durcan? Aclare
11/11/1849 Mary Pat Lynch/Winifred Quinn Daniel & Brid Meelick or Mullarkey Cloonbarry
11/22/1849 John Dennis Murtagh/Mary Cunnie Patrick & Ellen Quinn Lislea
11/26/1849 Martin John Quinn/Mary O’Hara Patrick Quinn/Mary Kildun Culdalea
11/26/1849 Martin John Cunnie/Mary O’Hara Patrick Cunnie/Mary Kildun Culdalea
12/9/1849 John James McAlister/Mary Quinn Michael & Catherine Quinn Kilmacteige
12/12/1849 Thomas Thomas Murtagh/Mary Cunnie Thomas & Bridget Murtagh Canaugh or Eanaugh?
12/17/1849 Thomas Thomas Maye?/Eliza Mullaney Anthony Hegarthy/Cath Harmon Ougbrale

1/31/1850 Bridget John Cunnie/Mary Clarke Jas Clarke/Eln Quinn Claddaugh
2/18/1850 John Pat Cunnie/Brid Durcan Wlm Durcan/Brid Cunnie Carane or Barane
3/5/1850 Bridget John Goldrick/Cath O’Brien John & Mary Goldrick Tavinigraffy
6/26/1850 Anthony John Davett/Mary Battle Hugh Davett/Mary Devaney Mt Taffe
7/5/1850 Austin Pat Cunnie/Mary Freney/Finney Jas Moran/Cath Cunnie Lisaniska
7/8/1850 Catherine Pat O’Connor/Mary Deehan Pat Deehan/Cath Mullingan Larvane
7/15/1850 Michael Pat McGriff?/Mary Goldrick Micl Law? Cro-Mass?
9/15/1850 Henry Michael McDonell/Ellen Higgins John & Ellen Cunnie Kilmactiege
9/28/1850 Bridget John Goldrick/Bridget Hegarty John & Bridget Goldrick Cleery
10/14/1850 Anthony Pat McNulty/Bridget Goldrick Jn Goldrick/Cath MeaghyOr Meeny Castlerock
10/24/1850 James Jn Cunnie/Cath Gallagher* Jn Gallagher/Mary Cunnie Rhue
10/28/1850 James *Jn Cunnane/Cath Gallager-same couple? Jn Gallagher/Margaret Cunnane Rhue
11/17/1850 Ellen Michae & Ann Goldrick Thomas Goldrick/Catherine O’Brien Cleery
12/4/1850 Bridget Anthony Gallagher/Ann Goldrick Anthony Catherine Gallagher Gortesluin
12/15/1850 Thomas John Clynisk?/Mary Finan James Finan/Bridget Battle Cloonbarry-Cloonbarry is off the Bal
12/20/1850 Bridget Larry Smith/Ann Goldrick Jn Kilmartin/Mary Higgins Gortesluin

6-Jan Patrick Martin & Catherine Maye Pat & Atty Maye Corroughboy
17-Feb Bridget Luke Kilmartin/Cath Maye Tms Cecelia Maye Eskaugh
15-Mar Owen Pat Kilmartin/Margaret Cahill John Walsh/Atty Kildun Tullinaglug
4/6/1851 Michael James Moran/Mary Cunnie John Cunnie/Ellen Gallagher Carrowreagh-correct spelling
4/17/1851 Mary Pat Mullen/Mary Dempsey Owen Muller/Kit O’Connor Kuckmaddigan?
4/26/1851 Patrick Stephen Cunnie/Sarah Niles Pat Cunnie/Sabina Richford Culdalea
4/26/1851 Winifred Pat Quinn/Nancy Dunleary Pat & Bridget Quinn Annagh
5/13/1851 Mary Dan Quinn/Mary McIntire Micl Durcan/Mary O’Hara Annagh
5/26/1851 James Micl Battle/Nancy McNulty Thomas & Bridget Murray Larvane-pronounced Laura-wan
5/27/1851 Mary Tms Carroll/Brid Quinn Martin & Winifred Carrol Letterbrone
Ca.1851 James Pat Deehan/Brid Battle? ? Glenavoo?

1/12/1852 Thomas Pat Walsh/Bridget Kildun Bartholomew/Atty Kildun Tobercurry?
2/2/1852 John Cunnie/Mary O’Hara Pat Dempsey/Sarah O’Hara Culdalea
3/25/1852 James James Brett/Brid Goldrick Jn Goldrick/Ann Brett Glenavoo
6/11/1852 John Pat Gentry/Mary Quinn John & Catherine Quinn Kilmacteige
6/11/1852 Margaret James McAlister/Mary Quinn Mrtn Cath Quinn Carrowreagh
6/22/1852 Thomas Patrick Cunnie/Mary Freney Austin Eln Quinn Kilmacteige
9/28/1852 Michael Antny Goldrick/Mary Deehan Mrtn Deehan/Brid Goldrick Castlerock
10/3/1852 Michael Bryan Maye/Nancy O’Brien or O’Hara Austin O’Hara/Atty Maye Currouglbouy
11/20/1852 Anne Jas Goldrick/Mary Conning- Cannig Micl Stephens/Anne Finlan Belclare

1/4/1852 Pat Luke Kilmartin/Cath Maye John Kilcoyne-or Kilmartin/Attty Walsh Eskaugh
1/14/1852 John Pat O’Connor/Mary Deehan *Jn Mary Deehan-changed from James by priest Lauvane-Or Laurwane
2/5/1852 Pat Micl Ruane/Cath Cawley Tms Ruane/Nancy McDonaugh Tavniana
3/27/1852 Edward Pat Kilmartin/Mary Carroll Batty?/Brid Walsh Tullanaglug
4/27/1852 Catherine Wlm Golden/Brid Quinn Richard Golden/Nelly Quinn Drimina
6/5/1852 Margaret Jn Deehan/Mary Grogan Pat Margaret-Mary* Deehan Larvane

6/6/1853 Michael Pat Gentry/Mary Quinn Luke Quinn/Brid Maye Kilmacteige
6/11/1853 Michael Antny O’Donnel/Mary Goldrick Tms Carr/Cath Quinn Mt Taffe
6/11/1853 James Pat Mullen/Mary Dempsey John & Mary Ruane Mt Taffe
6/12/1853 John Jas Leonard/Brid Quinn Andrew Leonard/M Seery Drimina
6/25/1853 James Mrtn Quinn/Mary Walsh Antny Ruddy/Brid Hurst-Hunt Gorterslien
6/26/1853 Michael Peter Mulloy/Eln Kilmartin Pat Walsh/Mary Mulloy Culdalea
7/9/1853 James Dudley?/Elizabeth O’Connor Cath MacManus Tavniana
7/16/1853 Michael Micl Kirvane-Cunnane/Honor Gilvey Bryan Catheine Gilvey Annagh
7/30/1853 Anne Jn Goldrick/Cath O’Brien Peter Mary Goldrick Taunigraphy
8/1/1853 John Micl Cunnie/Brid Walsh Pat Walsh/Bridge Reid? Knockahoney
8/1/1853 Mary Jas Kilmartin/Atty Cawley John Cawley/Bridget Walsh Knockahoney
8/1/1853 Mary Michael Battle/Anne McNulty Jn & Mary Goldrick(Nee Battle?) Larawane- Laura-wan
8/1/1853 Honor John Goldrick/Bridget Hegarty Mathw McDonagh/Brid Goldrick Glenavoo
8/12/1853 Atty Jn Quinn/Brid Gurvy/Garvey/Gentry John & Atty Quinn Clurhy
8/12/1853 Atty John Quinn/Bridget Garvey John & Atty Quinn Clurhy
8/13/1853 Mary Tony Hegarty?/Nancy Cawly James & Bridget Goldrick Tavnagraffy
8/29/1853 Bridget Anthony & Bridget Cunnie Jn Goldrick/Nelly Cunnie Glenavoo
9/10/1853 Anne Tms Ronghneen?/Cath Cunnie John Battle/Sabina Roghneen Culdalea
9/16/1853 Mary Jn Flynn/Brid Loftus Pat & Mary Flynn Cloonbarry
10/9/1853 Mary Micl Kildun/Brid Higgins Pat Kennedy/Brid Golden Clooneen
10/9/1853 Margaret Pat Walsh/Brid Kildun Jas Goldrick/Mary Kildun Tobercurry
10/9/1853 Patrick Jas Cunnane/Betty Brennen Ned Mary Morahan/Inishow?* Banada
10/15/1853 Patrick Tms Kilmartin/Mary Brett Jas Gallagher/Nellie Neary Eskeagh
10/12/1853 Daniel Stephen Cunnie/Sarah Neils Pat Cunnie/Cath Neils Culdulea
10/27/1853 Mary Micl Cunnane/Mary O’Hara Michael & Ellen Cunnie Claddagh
12/4/1853 Anthony Jas Goldrick/Mary Narey Mrtn Narie/Ellie McNulty Gortesluin
12/10/1853 Mary Tms Ruane/Ann McDonagh Richard-Robert & Brid Ruane Glenavoo
12/26/1853 James Michael & Anne Goldrick James & Mary Goldrick Glenavoo

1/8/1854 Bridget Thomas Gavelll/Bridget Quinn Pat & Honoria Quinn Letterbrone-or Carroll
1/20/1854 James Michael Griffin/Bridget Goldrick Michael & Mary Morgan Clurhy
1/22/1854 Patrick Jn Higgins/Brid Kinnane-Cunnane Michael Walsh/Mary Quinn Gortermone
1/23/1854 Michael Ptr O’Hara/Honor Moralon(Moran?) Micl Honor Maye Banada
1/23/1854 Bridget Pat Cunnie/Brid Durcan Pat & Anne Durcan Carane
2/16/1854 Mary Pat Kildun/Mary Gentry Micl Gentry/Mary Kildun Carrowreagh
2/21/1854 Catherine Dennis Murtagh/Mary Cunnie Micl Conway/Brid Cunnie Lisled?
3/1/1854 Mary Pat Roddy/Mary Quinn Pat Roddy/Mary Walsh Clurhy
3/4/1854 Mary Pat Kerrane/Cath Quinn Pat Kerrane/Margaret Quinn Gortermone
3/11/1854 Patrick James Brett/Brid Goldrick Tms Murray/Kitty Goldrick Clurhy
3/29/1854 Mary Pat Kirrane/Cath Quinn Pat Kirrane/Margaret Quinn Gortermone
4/22/1854 John James Goldrick/Brid Walsh Micl Walsh/Mary Klimor-Kilvane Clurhy
6/4/1854 Thady Thady Moran/Atty Kilmartin Pat Brennen/Brid Gallagher Mt Taffe
6/12/1854 James Mrtn Quinn/Brid Kennedy Pat & Anne Kennedy Arnaugh
6/12/1854 James Mrtn Quinn/Brid Kennedy William & Mary Durcan Dauuvris-clear spelling
6/12/1854 Winifred Antny McNulty/Brid Deehan Pat McNulty/Mary Deehan/Quinn Larvane
7/18/1854 Maritn Pat Cunnie/Mary Lyene/Freyne Micl Cunnie/Mary Clarke Kilmactiege
7/18/1854 Mary Pat Rochford/Brid Cunnie Pat Cunnie/Mary Dearcy Culdalea
7/18/1854 Michael Jn Cunnie/Mary O’Hara Pat & Mary Cunnie Culdalea
7/28/1854 Ellen Peter Goldrick/Brid Kennedy Tms Kennedy/Brid Walsh Carroreagh
7/28/1854 Margaret Tms Gallagher/Cath Quinn Luke Quinn/Nancy Morgan Aclare
7/28/1854 Mary Luke Kilmartin/Cath Maye Jn Stenson/Cath Foley Eskaugh
8/2/1854 John Jas Moran/Mary Cunnie John & Mary Cunnie Claddagh
8/5/1854 Atty Antny/Nancy Goldrick John & Bridget Goldrick Mt Taffe
9/11/1854 James Micl Goldrick/Winifred Hegarty Jn Reiley/Mary Stevens Beleclare
9/13/1854 Annie &Atty Pat Maye/Kitty Fleming Lawrence Kitty Maye Corroughboy
9/30/1854 Michael Micl Walsh/Mary Maye Pat Maye/Cath Brett Corroughboy
10/20/1854 Winifred Pat Gentry/Mary Quinn Micl Toher or Tower/Brid Gentry Kilmacteige
10/26/1854 Pat Jas Walsh/Nancy Battle Micl Walsh/Cath Battle Kilmactiege
11/1/1854 Mary Jn Deehan/Mary Grogan Mrtn or Mry Grogan/Biddy Deehan Glenavoo
11/11/1854 Edward Andrew McCoy/Brid Quinn Ned & Bridget McCoy Dauvris
11/18/1854 Patrick Micl O’Dowel/Cath Quinn Dennis & Bridget O’Dowel Mt Taffe
11/18/1854 Patrick Micl Dowd/Cath Quinn Dennis Brid Dowd Mt Taffe
11/20/1854 James Pat McNiff/?Eln Goldrick Antny Goldrick/Winifred McNiff Glenavoo
11/25/1854 John Jn Cunnane/Mary Garvey Pat Cunnane/Mary Durcan-Duncan Tullinagulug
12/2/1854 Annie Mrtn Cunnie/Mary Gallagher Brid Commins-Commons Swineford
12/16/1854 Winifred Jn Quinn/Brid Gorry* Bridget Griffin Clurhy
12/16/1854 Winifred Jn Quinn/Brid Gorry* Michael & Bridget Griffin-Quinn? Clurhy
12/27/1854 Catherine Micl Battle/Nancy McNulty Micl Goldrick/Margaret McNulty Glenavoo
12/28/1854 Patrick Jas O’Donnel/Ann Cunnie Mark Cunnie/Brid O’Donnel Culdalea
12/30/1854 Mary Jn Connel/Alice Goldrick Anthony Connel/Eln? Gortesluin

1/16/1855 Bridget Micl Kinnane/Mary Quinn Jas Kinnane/Margaret Quinn Gortermone
1/20/1855 Anne Jas Christy/Catheine Quinn Martin & Margaret Quinn Culleens
1/22/1855 Catherine Larry McIntire/Mary Goldrick Pat McIntire/Brid Stevens Aclare
1/26/1855 Austin Austin Cunnie/Mary Fleming Pat Fleming/Margaretaget Lundy Kincullew
1/27/1855 Patrick Tms Goldrick/Mary Deehan Mrtn & Mary Deehan Lauravane or Castlerock
1/27/1855 Patrick Anthony Goldrick/Mry Deehan Mrtn & Mary Deehan Castlerock
1/30/1855 Patrick Jas McAlister/Mary Quinn Pat & Bridget Moran Carrowreagh
2/6/1855 John Pat Brennen/Brid Maye Jas Sweeney/Atty Foley Eskaugh
2/10/1855 Mary Austin Rope/Brid Battle John & Bridget Battle Oughavale
2/11/1855 John Jas Goldrick/Mary Cunny Thomas Godrick/Brid Cunny Belclare
2/20/1855 John* Anthony Goldrick/Mary Deehan Martin & Mary Deehan Castlerock
2/26/1855 Patrick*Twins? Anthony Goldrick/Mary Deehan Tms Carr/Margaret/Mary Deehan Castlerock
3/3/1855 Patrick Jn Cunnane/Cath Gallagher Edwrd Cunnane/Eln Gallagher Rhue
3/6/1855 Patrick Mrtn Maye/Brid Cunnane Thomas & Atty Stenson Tullinaglug-may be Tullymoy
3/10/1855 Catherine Tms Carr/Brid Goldrick Tms Moran/Brid Goldrick Castlerock
3/22/1855 Patrick Pat McNulty/Brid Goldrick Owen Mary-Margaret Goldrick Castlerock
3/24/1855 Mary Jn Flynn/Brid Loftus Micl Loftus/Cath Neary Cloonbarry
4/4/1855 Patrick Pat Kivanne/Cath Quinn Micl Quinn/Cath Nolan Gort-Galway
4/24/1855 John Wlm Golden/Brid Quinn Pat Quinn/Brid Walsh Drimina
5/19/1855 James Jas Leonard/Brid Quinn Tms Brennan/M Leonard Drimina
6/17/1855 Anne Jn Cunnie/Mary Clarke Jn Cunnine/Mary Freeny Claddagh
7/17/1855 Patrick Pat Mullen/Mary Dempsey Anthony & Bridget Cobry Tavniana
7/26/1855 John Tms Loftus/Eln O’Hara Tms Loftus/Brid Judge Aclare
7/27/1855 John Micl Griffin/Brid Goldrick James & Mary Griffin Clurhy
8/6/1855 James Micl Ruane/Cath Cawley Phil Cauley/Winifred Scanlin? Tavniana
8/6/1855 Patrick Pat & Bridget Kildun Jn Rose Kildun Tubberoddy
8/11/1855 Bridget Bryan Maye/Nancy O’Hara Micl Margaret-Mary O’Hara Corroughboy
8/30/1855 Patrick __Quinn/Judith Mullaney ? Annagh
9/28/1855 Michael Antny Goldrick/Mary Deehan Mrtn Deehan/Brid Goldrick Castleivor-or Castlerock?
9/29/1855 Bridget Jas Goldrick/Brid Walsh John Goldrick/Mary Walsh Clurhy
10/6/1855 James Jas Gallagher/Cath Ruane James & Bridget Brennen Drimina
10/27/1855 John Micl Maye/Honor Waters Pat & Bridget Stevenson Banada
11/1/1855 Martin Tms Ruane/Anne McDonaugh Owen Ruane/Winifred McDonaugh Clurhy-clear
11/3/1855 Martin*** Pat Lynch/Winifred Quinn Michael & Mary Quinn Cloonbarry
11/3/1855 Thomas*** Pat Lynch/Winifred Quinn Michael & Mary Quinn Cloonbarry
11/4/1855 Martin Jas Grogan/Eln McNulty Mrtn Grogan/Mary McNulty Glenavoo
11/10/1855 Catherine Tms Rochford/Catty Cunny Domonick & Mary Rochford Culddalea
11/14/1855 Thomas Micl Walsh/Mary Maye Tms Mary Maye Corroughboy
11/26/1855 Patrick Pat O’Connor/Mary Deehan Jas Brid Deehan Laurwane
12/2/1855 Thomas Thady Howley/Brid Kildun Tms Mary Kildun Carrowreagh
12/8/1855 Thomas Jn Cunnie/Honor Gilvey Jn Cath McVey Drimina
Father of ***Martin and ***Thomas may have been Jn Cunnane
12/9/1855 Thomas John Goldrick/Bridget Hegarty Pat Hegarty/Mary Roddy Clurhy
12/16/1855 Mary Michael Maye/Cath Higgins Wlm Gorry/Mary Maye Corroughboy

1/1/1856 Anne Thomas Carroll/Bridget Quinn Mark & Bridget Carroll Letterbrone
1/5/1856 John Pat Flynn/Mary Quinn Jn Quinn/Mary Flynn Tullnaglug
1/11/1856 James Bryan Maye/Brid Gentry Micl Slake-or Pat Maye?/Cath Leonard Banada
1/18/1856 Anthony Pat Ruddy/Margaret Quinn Antny Ruddy/Mary Quinn Clurhy
1/20/1856 James Michael Cunnie/Mary O’Hara John/Catherine Cunnie Claddagh
1/26/1856 Patrick Thomas Cunnie/Mary O’Hara John & Mary Quinn-Cunnie Culdalea
1/30/1856 Patrick James McAlister/Mary Quinn Pat Brid Moran Carrowreagh or Carrowleagh
2/1/1856 Catherine Anthony & Bridget Cunnie Jn Horan/Brid McIntyre Clurhy
2/3/1856 James John Goldrick/Atty McDermot Tms Goldrick/Brid McDermot Beleclare
2/9/1856 Michael Michael Cunnie/Brid Walsh John Walsh/Catherine Reid Carane
2/10/1856 Bridget Thomas Gallagher/Cath Quinn ? Kincullew
2/10/1856 Bridget Michael Kilroy/Honor Quinn Pat Kilroy/Mary Gentry Carrowreagh
2/16/1856 Bridget James Kildun/Brid Kennedy Tms Durcan/Margaret Heneglen Tullymoy
2/28/1856 Atty John Quinn/Brid Gurry Pat & Atty Flynn Clurhy
3/1/1856 ? Dennis Murtagh/Mary Cunnie Michael & Mary Murtagh Tubberroddy
3/8/1856 Patrick Mrtn Quinn/Winifred Brennen John & Mary Lundy Coolrecull
3/11/1856 Michael Jn Maye/Brid Moran/Marren Pat Maye/Cath Moran/Marren Tullinaglug
3/14/1856 Patrick Andy McLeary/Brid Quinn Dennis Margaret McGory Dauvrin or Daurvis
3/17/1856 James Jas Cunnane/Elizabeth Brennen Peter Leydon/Atty Brennen Banada
3/28/1856 Anne Pat Brennen/Brid Maye Dom Brennen/Eln Maye Easkaugh
4/5/1856 Patrick Pat Kirrane or Kivanne/Cath Quinn Micl Quinn/Cath Nilan-Nolan Gortermone-or Gort–Galway)
4/12/1856 John Tms Goldrick/Mary Deehan Pat Deehan/Brid Battle Larvane
4/19/1856 Bridget Micl O’Dowd/O’Dowell/Cath Quinn Pat Mary Quinn Mt Taffe
5/8/1856 Michael Martin & Katty Maye Micl Walsh/Nancy O’Hara Corroughboy
5/10/1856 Anne Jas Gallagher/Margaret Quinn Tms Lundy/Mary Harmon Cloongoonah
5/10/1856 Mary Pat Cunnie/Brid Durcan/Duncan Jn Magaret Walsh Carane
5/16/1856 Margaret Micl Kirrane/Cath May Pat Brid May Annagh
5/17/1856 Dennis Pat Gentry/Mary Quinn Thaddeus Atty Quinn Kilmacteige
5/17/1856 Owen John Deehan/Mary Grogan Owen Nancy Goldrick Glenavoo
5/17/1856 Anne Michael & Anne Goldrick Eln Goldrick Clurhy
5/28/1856 Catherine Stephen Cunnie/Sarah Nelis Cornac Cunnie/Cath Niles Culdalea
6/2/1856 Patrick Jas Christy/Cath Quinn Michael & Catherine Quinn Culleens
6/27/1856 Catherine Jas Leonard/Brid Quinn Michael Quinn/Atty Brennan Drimina
7/5/1856 Bridget Henry Mullaney/Anne Kilmartin Pat Mullaney/Mary Kilmartin Curroy
7/17/1856 Bridget Peter Goldrick/Brid Kennedy Pat Mary Kennedy Carrowreagh
7/18/1856 Bridget John Flynn/Bridget Loftus Jn Seevy/Mary Foley Cloonbarry
7/19/1856 John Jn McHugh/Mary Maye Lawrence Eln McHugh Corroughboy
7/28/1856 James Wlm Golden/Brid Quinn ? Drimina
8/2/1856 Margaret Micl Roddy/Mary Maye Jas Roddy/Cath Maye Corroughboy
8/2/1856 Winifred Antny Goldrick/Brid McVeagh Antny Goldrick/Cath McVeagh Elnagua?
8/9/1856 Margaret Antny Goldrick/Mary Deehan Pat & Margaret Deehan Glenavoo or Castlerock?
8/16/1856 Thomas Pat Goldrick/Mary MacDonaugh Jas MacDonaugh/Mary Goldrick Gortesluin
8/27/1856 Michael Jas Goldrick/Mary Convey/Conley Mrtn Margaret Convey/Conley Belclare
8/28/1856 Bernard Tms Loftus/Eln O’Hara Jas Devine/Eln Durcan Aclare
8/30/1856 Mary Jn Dyer/Brid Kilmartin Jn Kilmartin/Brid Dyer Carane
8/30/1856 Patrick Micl Quinn/Judy Mullarkey Pat Mullarkey/Brid Gallagher Annugh
9/3/1856 Mary Jn Cunnane/Mary Garvey/Clarvey Micl Kildun/Anne Battle? Tullinaglug
9/5/1856 Michael Jas Wynne/Brid Cunnie Pat & Catherine Wynne Kilmactiege
9/16/1856 Ellen Pat Cunnie/Mary Finney Wlm Brett/Brid Howley Kilmactiege
9/28/1856 Catherine Pat Kilmartin/Margaret Cahill Austin Walsh/Atty Gawley Tullnaploy
10/5/1856 James Tms Kilmartin/Mary Brett Jn Kilmartin/Winifred Brett Easkeagh
10/6/1856 Michael Jas O’Connor/Brid Quinn John & Anne Quinn Glenavoo
10/11/1856 Bridget Jn Cunnane/Anne-Brid Kennedy* Mark Margaret Kennedy Carnappal-Cavnapapal?
10/11/1856 Anne Luke Kilmartin/Cath Maye Jas Brennen?Mary Walsh Eskaugh
10/18/1856 Margaret Antny McNulty/Brid Quinn Martin & Catherine Quinn Glenavoo
10/18/1856 Margaret Antny McNulty/Brid Deehan Martin & Catherine Deehan Glenavoo
10/19/1856 Peter Micl Goldrick/Winifred Hegarty or Tms &Pat Lundy Winifred Henry Beleclare
10/24/1856 Bridget Pat Flynn/Mary Quinn Michael & Catherine Quinn Tullnaglag
11/8/1856 Honoria Pat Higgins/Anne Goldrick Tms Gallagher/Mary Keaarany Gortesluin
11/15/1856 Thomas Thomas Duncan/Honoria Maye ? Teeymoy
12/13/1856 Honoria Pat Maye/Mary Gorry James Leary/Brid Hurst Corroughboy
12/20/1856 Anthony John Connell/Ellen Goldrick James Keel/Anne Goldrick Gortesluin
12/28/1856 Thomas John & Mary Goldrick Pat & Mary Goldrick Clurhy

1/10/1857 Margaret James O’Hara John & Mary Maye Gortermone
1/13/1857 John Mrtn Maye/Brid Cunnane Pat Kennedy/Mary Flynn Tullymoy
1/26/1857 Patrick Tms Carroll/Brid Quinn Micl Brennen/Anne Lavall Letterbrone
2/10/1857 Bridget Micl Kilroy/Honor Quinn Pat Kilroy/Mary Gentry Carrowreagh
2/13/1857 Mary Micl O’Dowell/Cath Quinn John Quinn/Mary O’Dowell Mt Taffee
2/20/1857 Patrick Mrtn Deehan/Brid Goldrick Mic & Cath Goldrick(nee Deehan) Glenaagua-probably Glenavoo
2/21/1857 Mary Pat Walsh/Margaret Cunnie Jn Walsh/Anne Cunnane Rhue
2/28/1857 Atty John Quinn/Bridget Gurry Pat Flyn/Atty Quinn Clurhy
2/28/1857 Patrick James Feely/Brid Cunnane Edward Cunnane/Mary Feely Rhue
2/28/1857 Anne James Moran/Mary Cunny Pat Anne Gevahan-Moran? Claddagh
3/4/1857 Dillian James Brett/Brid Goldrick John & Mary Brett Cloonbarry
3/7/1857 Patrick Pat Roddy/Margaret Quinn Mrtn Quinn/Baby Loftus Glenavoo
3/13/1857 Patrick John Cunny/Mary O’Hara Wlm Duffy/Anne Kilmartin Culdalea
3/14/1857 John John Cunny/Mary Clark Michae &l Mary Cunny Claddagh
3/14/1857 Patrick Andrew McCory-McLeary/Brid Quinn Dennis Margaret McGory Daurvis or Dauvrin
3/19/1857 Patrick James O’Connor/Brid Quinn Pat Quinn/Mary Hegeary Glenavoo
3/21/1857 Patrick Anthony & Anne Goldrick Pat Goldrick/Cath Neville Mt Taffe
4/12/1857 John Anthony/Bridget Cunny John & Kate Cunny Clurhy
4/16/1857 John Pat Cunniffe/Eln Goldrick Charles Goldrick/Katy McIntire Clurhy
4/16/1857 Mary John Deehan/Mary Grogan James Deehan/Mary McNulty Glenavoo
4/19/1857 Luke Pat Cunnane/Honor Brett Wlm Brett/Mary Henry Tullymoy
4/24/1857 Mary John Leonard/Atty Quinn Jas Leonard/Honoria Quinn Castlerock
5/2/1857 John Micl Kirvane/Mary Quinn Pat Mary-Marg Quinn Gortermone
5/9/1857 Margaret or Mary James Goldrick/Mary Neary Pat Higgins/Brid Goldrick Gortesluin
5/16/1857 Margaret Micl Kinnane-Kirrane/Cath Maye Pat & Bridget Maye Annagh
6/6/1857 John Michael Walsh/Mary Kildun Bartley Winifred Kildun Tubberoddy
6/11/1857 Mary Thomas Cunnie/Mary O’Hara James O’Hara/Mary Kelly Culdalea
6/18/1857 Atty Austin Roper/Brid Battle John Brennen/Mary Roper Aughavale
6/20/1857 John Pat McNulty/Brid Goldrick John O’Boyne/Mary Goldrick Casttlerock
6/22/1857 Patrick James Christy/Cath Quinn Michael & Catherine Quinn Culleens
6/27/1857 Patrick Pat Kildrun/Mary Henry Tms Mary Durcan Rhue
6/27/1857 Catherine James Leonard/Brid Quinn Micl Quinn/Atty Brennen Drimina
7/5/1857 Sarah Martin Battle/Brid Mullarkey Jas Mullarkey/Honor Battle Aclare
7/6/1857 Katy James Gallagher/Peggy Quinn Pat Gallagher/Atty Quinn Cloongoon
7/8/1857 Bridget Andrew Gallagher/Nancy Cunnie Andrew Neary/Mary Gallagher Clurhy
7/18/1857 Bridget John Flynn/Bridget Loftus Jn Seevy/Mary Foley Cloonbarry
7/19/1857 Honoria Pat Walsh/Mary Maye Luke Kilmartin/Cath Maye Rhue
7/28/1857 Michael Michael Griffin/Brid Goldrick Jn Quinn/Honor Loftus Clurhy
8/15/1857 Mary Michael Quinn/Julia Mullanhey Pat Quinn/Brid Mullhaney Gortermone
8/16/1857 Mary Cormac Cunnie/Atty Brennen Tms Gauahan/Brid Brennen Stonepark
8/28/1857 Bernard Thomas Loftus/Ellen O’Hara Jas Devine/Eln Durcan Aclare
8/28/1857 Mary John Goldrick/Brid Murray Jn Murray/Cath Goldrick Glenavoo
9/24/1857 Thomas Pat Connor/Mary Deehan Frank Mulligan/Peggy McNulty Glenavoo
10/16/1857 Bernard Jas Gallagher/Cath Ruane Jn Flynn/Anne Ruane Drimina
10/16/1857 James Bryan Maye/Anne O’Hara Luke & Bridget Mary Corroughboy
10/24/1857 Bridget Pat Flynn/Mary Quinn Micl/Cath Quinn Tullanaglug
11/10/1857 John Bryan Maye/Brid Ginty/Gentry Micl McHugh/Eln Ginty/Gentry Banada
11/16/1857 Bridget Pat Murtagh/Anne Maye Micl Golby/Atty O’Hara Eskaugh
11/17/1857 Martin John Horan/Anne Cunnie Jn Eln Cunnie Claddagh
11/21/1857 Thomas Anthony Murray/Brid Goldrick James & Anne Goldrick Gortesluin
12/5/1857 Richard Michael Ruane/Cath Cawley John & Honoria Heneghan Tavniana
12/6/1857 Bridget Michael Goldrick/Anne McIntyre Pat & Kitty Goldrick Claddagh
12/9/1857 Thomas Thomas Goldrick/Mary Deehan Jn-Jas Sweeney/Mary Deehan Laurvane
12/12/1857 Thomas Michael Kilroy/Honor Quinn Pat & Bridget Quinn Carrowreagh

1/6/1858 Mary Michael Walsh/Atty May Thomas & Bridget Walsh Coolrerecuil
1/6/1858 Bridget Thomas Carr/Bridget Goldrick Thomas & Atty Goldrcik Castlerock
1/16/1858 Thomas John Kilmartin/Mary Harrington Tms Mary Kilmartin Eskaugh
1/26/1858 Patrick Thomas Carroll/Bridget Quinn Micl Brennen/Anne Lavall Letterbrone
1/27/1858 Patrick Tms Ruane/Anne McDonaugh-McDonagel James & Bridget Goldrick Glenavoo
1/27/1858 Luke John Dyer/Bridget Kilmartin ? Carane
1/30/1858 Bridget John Cunnane/Catherine Gallagher Pat Garvey/Brid Gallagher Rhue
2/13/1858 Mary Micl O’Dowd/Cath Quinn Jn Quinn/Mary O’Donnel-O’Dowell Mt Taffe
2/13/1858 Micl James Harte/Atty Maye Pat Maye/Margaret Harte Gortermone
2/18/1858 Mary John Cunnane/Anne Kennedy Pat Kennedy/Anne Henegan Carnapapal?
3/6/1858 Mary Pat Mullen/Mary Ruane Anthony & Anne Ruane Mt Taffe
3/6/1858 Patrick Pat Roddy/Margaret Quinn Mrtn Quinn(or Loftus) & Baby Loftus Glenavoo
3/19/1858 Patrick James O’Connor/Brid Quinn Pat Quinn/Mary Hegerty/Hegeary Glenavoo
3/27/1858 Mary John Maye/Brid Marren or Moran Micl Marren/Mary Maye Tullanaglug
3/30/1858 Patrick Micl Cunnie/Brid Walsh Jn Nealin/Mary Murtagh or Micl Walsh & Brid CunCarane
4/9/1858 Atty Pat Farwell/Brid Dempsey Pat Atty Reid Cloonca
4/10/1858 Mary John Deehan/Mary Grogan Jas Deehan/Mary McNulty Glenavoo
4/14/1858 Mary Pat Cunnane/Margaret Doyle Mrtn Doyle/Cath Mullarkey Gortermone
4/17/1858 Mary Dennis Murtagh/Mary Cunnie Austin Mary Cunnie Tubberoddy
4/24/1858 Mary John Leonard/Atty Quinn Jas Leonard/Honoria Quinn Castlerock
5/2/1858 John Michael Kirvane/Mary Quinn Pat Margaret-Mary Quinn Gortermone
5/7/1858 Michael Michael Cunny/Mary Walsh Tom & Kitty Fahy ?
5/23/1858 Kitty John Goldrick/Brid Hegarty Michael & Mary Goldrick Glenavoo
Jun/1858 Mary James Goldrick/Brid Walsh Pat Margaret Devine Clurhy
6/15/1858 Mary Martin Deehan/Bridget Goldrick Antny Goldrick/Margaret-Mary Deehan** Larvane
6/18/1858 James Martin Quinn/Brid Kennedy Tms Kennedy-or Pat McArole/Cath Neary?) Arnaugh
7/3/1858 Catherine Michael Maye/Cath Higgins Brnrd Maye/Margaret Higgins Corroughboy
7/6/1858 Kitty/Katy James Gallagher/Peggy Quinn Pat Gallagher/Atty Quinn Cloongonagh-or Cloongoon
7/26/1858 Bridget John Cunnane/Mary Garvey Tms Kennedy/Cath Duffey Tulanaglug
8/15/1858 Mary Micl Quinn/Julia Mullarkey* Pat Quinn/Brid Mullarkey-Mullanhey Gortermone
8/29/1858 Winifred Micl O’Dowell/Catherine Quinn Patrick & Mary Quinn Mountain
9/10/1858 Mary John Leonard/Bridget Quinn Tms Quinn(Leonard?)/Brid Leonard* Drimina
9/12/1858 James Johanus Goldrick/Mary Commins John & Mary Goldrick Beleclare
9/26/1858 Thomas Pat Connor/Mary Deehan Frank Mulligan/Peggy Mcnulty Glenavoo
10/12/1858 Mary John Calvey/Mary Ruane Pat Kelly/Sally Ruane Kincullen
11/14/1858 Bridget** Patrick Kennedy/Winifred Maye Mrtn Maye/Brid Higgins Daurvis
11/16/1858 Bridget** Patrick/Brid Goldrick Micl Nevlin/Cath Goldrick Castlerock
11/21/1858 Thomas**Twins? Peter-Pat/Brid Goldrick Thomas Goldrick/Anne Finlan Gortesluin
12/6/1858 Mary Dan Mulligan/Brid Goldrick Michael & Catherine Garty Cloonca
12/12/1858 Thomas Michael Kilroy/Honor Quinn Patrick & Bridget Quinn Carrowreagh or Carrouncagh
12/26/1858 Michael John Cunny/Mary Clarke Michael & Bridget Cunny Claddagh
12/26/1858 Ellen Thomas Neary/Kitty Cunny Michael & Ellen Cunny Claddagh
12/26/1858 Anne William Gouldin/Bridget Quinn Patrick & Kate Brennen Drimina

1/16/1859 Pat Matthew/Mary Battle Mrtn Horan/Jn Mullarkey Aclare
1/22/1859 Bridget Tms Ruane/Anne McDonagh-McDonagel Owen & Bridget Ginty/Gentry Glenavoo
2/1/1859 Michael James Christy/Cath Quinn Antny Mealie/Atty Christy Culleens
2/1/1859 Mary Micl Roddy/Mary Maye Mrtn Healy/Brid Stevenson Cloonbarry
2/5/1859 Mary Martin & Margaret Grogan James & Bridget Clarke Lauravane
2/24/1859 Biddy Tms Goldrick/Mary Deehan Pat Deehan/Mary Goldrick(Nee Deehan?*) Laravane or Larvane
3/8/1859 ? Tms Carr/Brid Goldstien Micl Carr/Mary Goldrick Castlerock
3/10/1859 Bridget Pat Walsh/Margaret Cunnane Edwrd Cunnane/Mary Feely Rhue
3/20/1859 Patrick Pat Walsh/Anne Kildun Jas Goldrick/Mary O’Hara Tobberrody
6/5/1859 Peter Pat Cunniffe/Eln Goldrick Mrtn Kennedy/Brid Cunnane Glenavoo
6/18/1859 James Martin Quinn/Bridget Kennedy Pat McArole/Cath Neary?* Annagh
*Pat McArole/Cath Neary? or Tms Kennedy & Mary McVey
6/21/1859 Patrick Jas Goldrick/Patty or Kitty Walsh* Pat Walsh/Brid Kildun Glenavoo
7/1/1859 Atty Pat Murtagh/Nannie Maye Pat Murtagh/Nannie Bradhal Bradhal
8/28/1859 Winifred Micl O’Dowd-O’Dowell/Cath Quinn Pat & Mary Quinn Mountain
8/29/1859 Luke Martin & Bridget Maye Jn Cunnane/Mary Clurhy-Garvey? Tubberoddy
9/10/1859 Mary Jas or Jn Leonard/Brid Quinn Tms & Brid Leonard-may have been* Drimina
*Tms & Brid Leonard-may have been Tms Quinn and Brid Leonard
9/27/1859 ? Antny Murray/Brid Goldrick Jn Murray/Ann Roddy Gortesluin
10/22/1859 Michael James & Mary Goldrick Jas Roddy Mary Higgins Gortesluin
10/29/1859 Michael Martin Deehan/Mary Goldrick Pat Mary Deehan Glenavoo
10/30/1859 Mary John & Anne Goldrick John Miller/Atty Brennen Banada
10/30/1859 James James & Bridget Goldrick Pat/Peter Goldrick/Mary Roddy Gortesluin
12/22/1859 John John Godrick/Brid Kennedy Anthony Murray/Bridget Goldrick Glenavoo
12/26/1859 Thomas John Harte/Brid Maye James & Kate Maye Cloongoonagh
12/26/1859 Anne Wlm Golding/Brid Quinn ? Drimina
12/27/1859 Mary Peter Goldrick/Brid Finlan James & Mary Finlan Gortesluin
12/30/1859 Mary Michael Kildun/Brid Cunnie Bartly Quinn Mt Taffee
12/31/1859 ? Thomas Walsh/Bridget Kildun Dennis O’Hara/Margaret Kildun Drimina

1/8/1860 Michael Pat Mullen/MaryRuane Micl Ruane/Margaret Murray Mt Taffe
1/14/1860 Bridget John Dyer/Bridget Kilmartin Hugh Dyer/Mary Kilmartin Lavane
1/14/1860 Bridget Pat Loftus/Mary Boyle/Coyne Brnrd Bryan/Wini Parhohall-Broadhall? Gortermone
1/22/1860 Anthony Michael & Anne Goldrick Pat Goldrick/Peggy Neary Glenavoo
1/22/1860 Honoria Tms & Mary Gavahan Owen & Mary Cunnie Claddagh
1/28/1860 Patrick Ned Cunnane/Sarah Vesey Pat Walsh/Alice Vesey Rhue
2/16/1860 Mary Jas Walsh/Anne Battle Pat & Mary Battle Clooneen
2/18/1860 Mary Jn Heneghan/May Quinn Jn Quinn/Mary Heneghan Tavniana-or Launiena
29/Feb/1860 Thomas Tms Carroll/Brid Quinn Terrence Winifred Carroll Letterbrone
3/3/1860 Mary Pat Clarke/Mary Goldrick Micl Kirrane/Brid Goldrick Castlerock
3/6/1860 Mary Tms Neary/Mary Cunnie Pat Neary/Mary Cunnie Claddagh
3/10/1860 Patrick Jn Deehan/Mary Grogan Martin Deehan Glenavoo
3/10/1860 Patrick John & Mary Deehan(or May) Mrtn Deehan/Brid Lawley/Lowrey Glenavoo
3/17/1860 Kate Jn Kilmartin/Mary Harrington Tms Kildun/Atty O’Hara Easkaugh
4/29/1860 James Pat & Mary Cunnie Pat Brodhall/Mary Cunnie Belclare
5/19/1860 John Jas Kilmartin/Atty Cawley Antny Cawley/Brid Brennen Knockahoney
5/27/1860 Bridget Micl Walsh/Atty Maye Jas Durcan/Anne Dempsey Caulrcuill
6/2/1860 Mary Pat Walsh/Anne Kildun Bartly Winifred Kildun Tubberoddy
6/4/1860 Mary & William? Jn Quinn/Mary O’Hara Pat Dempsey/Mary O’Hara Culdalea
6/10/1860 Thomas Micl Cunnie/Brid Walsh Jn Walsh/Brid Cawley Carrane-or Barrane
6/17/1860 Anne Micl Ruane/Kate Carroll Antny Henry/Anne Cawley Glenavoo
6/27/1860 Bridget Jn Leonard/Atty Quinn Patrick & Bridget Leonard Kincullew-Kinculllew is near Cloonbar
6/27/1860 Patrick Anthony & Bridget Cunny Antny Brody/Sarah McQuinn(Meliunn?) Clurly
7/6/1860 Margaret Jn Cunnane/Kate Gallagher Jn Garvey/Bessy Hess Rhue
7/9/1860 ? Jas O’Hara/Anne Cunnie Pat Horan/Elizabeth O’Hara Claddagh
7/14/1860 John Micl Quinn/Judy Mullarkey Antny Mullarkey/Ann Dunleary Annagh
7/18/1860 Margaret & William? Jas Gallagher/Mary Quinn Jas Lundy/Brid Higgins Cloongoonagh
7/29/1860 Mary John & Anne Goldrick Jn Roddy/Brid Goldrick Gortesluin
7/29/1860 Mary Tms Kilmartin/Mary Brett Jn Kilmartin/Mary Heneglan Easkaugh
8/4/1860 Andrew Micl Goldrick/Winifred Hegarty Jas Hegarty/Brid Crommy Belclare
8/11/1860 Bridget John Maye/Bridget Moran Mark Margaret Moran-Marren Tullanaglug
8/19/1860 John Micl Quinn/Brid Mullen Mrtn Mary Quinn Laviane-Possibly Laurvane/Larvane
8/25/1860 Michael John & Mary Goldrick Dan Roddy/Kate Goldrick Glenavoo
8/25/1860 Anne Anthony Maye/Brid Hayden Peter Brennen/Phobe Maye Rhue
8/26/1860 Mary Peter Harte/Ann Jordan Michael & Margaret Harte Cloongoonagh
8/27/1860 Michael Antny O’Donnel/Mary Goldrick Pat Kivlehan/Brid Goldrick Mt Taffe
8/28/1860 Mary John Walsh/Bridget Quinn Tms Walsh/Judy Mullarkey Annagh-near Tobercurry
9/1/1860 James Tms Dunne/Alice Quinn Micl Haynes/Margaret Reiley Cloongoonagh-or Clooninagh)
9/12/1860 Pat & Bridget Mrtn Grogan//Margaret Clarke John Deehan/Peggy Grogan Glenavoo
9/20/1860 Mary** Pat Mullen/Mary Dempsey Michael Quinn/Bridget Dempsey Annagh-or Taviana
9/22/1860 Michael** Twins? Pat Mullen/Mary Dempsey Andy & Peggy Ruane Taviana
10/17/1860 Eliza Micl May/Mry Gorman Not Noted Not Noted
10/22/1860 Mary James O’Hara/Atty Kildun Hugh & Rose Kildun Aclare
11/1/1860 ? John Niland/Brid Kilmartin Jn Murtagh/Mary Leonard Coolrecunll
12/16/1860 Biddy* James Goldrick/Mary Quinn John & Ellen Goldrick Castlerock
12/16/1860 Thomas*Twins? James Goldrick/Mary Quinn Pat-John & Bridget Quinn Castlerock
12/28/1860 Anne John Goldrick/Kate Walsh John & Kate Walsh Glenavoo
12/29/1860 Bridget Jn Goldrick/Ann-Atty McDermott Thomas & Ann McDermott Letterbrone
12/30/1860 Bessy Thomas Stenson/Mary Goldrick John & Ann Goldrick Gortesluin
12/30/1860 Mary John Stenson/Brid Kildun Pat Kildun & Atty Stenson Eskaugh

1/5/1861 Bridget John O’Donnell/Mary Maye John Mullarke/Mary Maye Castlerock
1/13/1861 Thomas Michael Goldrick/Anne Jennings Pat Walsh/Mary Jennings Banada
1/20/1861 Patrick Andy McIntire/Margaret Quinn* Micl Carty/Honor McIntire Annagh
1/20/1861 ? Pat McIntire/Mary Quinn* ? Annagh
2/3/1861 Mary Pat Flynn/Mary Quinn John & Anne Quinn Tullnaglug-Kilmacteige Civil Parish
2/3/1861 Honor John Cunnane/Honor Gilvey John & Kate Gilvey Drimina
2/3/1861 Kate Pat Cunny/Bridget Durcan Michael & Bridget Walsh Lavane-may be Carane
2/23/1861 Mary James Goldrick/Mary Conway Mrtn Conway/Mary Goldrick Beleclare
3/3/1861 Patrick Micl Kildun/Brid Higgins Henry & Mary Higgins Clooneen
3/3/1861 Katie Pat Roddy/Peggy Quinn Martin & Anne Quinn Glenavoo
3/9/1861 Daniel Martin Deehan/Bridget Goldrick Pat Deehan/Mary Goldrick Larvane
3/15/1861 John Martin Battle/Kate Brett John Brennen/Bridget Battle Stonepark
3/24/1861 Kate Michael Dowd/Kate Quinn John & Bridget Dowd Mt Taffe
3/31/1861 Mary Thomas & Bridget Goldrick James & Margaret-Mary Goldrick Gortesluin
4/14/1861 Anne John Flynn/Bridget Loftus Pat Flynn/Brid Heneghen Cloonbarry
4/14/1861 Mary Bryan Maye/Anne O’Hara Pat Maye/Mary Garvey Corroughboy
4/28/1861 Thomas Michael Walsh/Mary Kildun Pat Walsh/Anne Heneghan Tubberrody
5/4/1861 Mary Pat Gentry/Mary Quinn* Edwrd Brid Quinn Kilmactiege
5/4/1861 Atty Pat Gentry/Mary Quinn* Micl O’Hara/Atty Kildun Kilmactiege
5/12/1861 ? Antny Cadry/Mary Kildun Micl Cadry/Mary Kelly Mt Taffe
5/26/1861 Mary Tms Carr/Brid Goldrick Antny Cecelia Leone Castlerock
6/4/1861 Mary Micl Griffin/Brid Goldrick Jas Brid Morgan Clurhy
6/6/1861 Mary Jas Goldrick/Brid Walsh Micl Walsh/Mary Kildun** Glenavoo
**Godparents may have been Pat & Margaret Divine
7/12/1861 Attracta Micl Kilroy/Honoria Quinn Pat Gallagher/Ann Kelley Carrowreagh-or Carrnnegh
7/21/1861 Michael Bryan May/Brid Ginty James & Mary May Banada
7/21/1861 John Andy McCoy/Brid Quinn Andy McCoy/Kate Stenson Dauvris
7/28/1861 Mary Jas Walsh/Brid Maye Martin & Mary Walsh Tourlestrane
8/11/1861 John Pat McNulty/Bridget Goldrick Nell Clarke/Margaret Goldrick Castlerock
8/15/1861 Thomas Pat Murtagh/Anne Maye Jas Murtagh/Eln Maye Easkeagh
8/18/1861 Anne Peter Goldrick/Brid Finlan James & Mary Finlan Gortesluin
8/25/1861 James James Christy/Kate Quinn John Quinn/Anne Brennen Annagh-or maybe Culleens
9/1/1861 Bridget John Connell/Ellen Goldrick Pat McNulty/Brid Connel Gortesluin
9/1/1861 Mary Micl Walsh/Mary Maye Jn Mary Walsh Corroughboy
9/8/1861 James Pat Walsh/Brid Kildun Pat Deehan/Mary Kildun Tubberoddy
9/8/1861 Bridget Jas Conor-O’Conor/Brid Quinn Thomas O’Conor/Ellen Quinn Lauravane-or Fauvauane?
9/15/1861 Anne Cormac Brennen/Mary Maye Jn/Anne_? Lorlvecrrill
9/18/1861 John Micl Kildun/Brid Connell Antny Connel/Margaret Kildun Mt Taffe
9/22/1861 Winifred Micl Roddy/Mary Maye Michael & Mary Finan Cloonbarry
9/23/1861 Martin James Battle/Anne Fleming Nick Lundy/Honoria Battle Corroughboy
10/2/1861 Catheine Thomas Neary/Kate Cunnie James Moran/Mary Leonard Claddagh
10/6/1861 Catheine Martin Quinn/Brid Kennedy Michael Burke/Mary Quinn Annagh
10/20/1861 Anne Michael Kirvane/Mary Quinn John Rodgers/Bridget Kirvane Gortermone
11/9/1861 Margaret Martin Maye/Bridget Durcan Bryan Maye/Margaret Kennedy Coolrecuill
11/17/1861 James Pat Maye/Brid Duffy James Harte/Atty Maye Tullinaglug
11/17/1861 Patrick Michael Walsh/Atty Maye John & Mary Walsh Coolrecuill
11/17/1861 Kate Luke Maye/Bridget Higgins Michael & Bridget Maye Corroughboy
11/17/1861 Anne Michael Maye/Kate Higgins John Walsh/Kate Harte Corroughboy
12/1/1861 Anne John Cunnane/Mary Garvey Thomas & Anne Garvey Tullymoy
12/1/1861 Mary James Walsh/Bridget Kildun James Kildun/Mary Cahill Tullanaglug
12/1/1861 Mary Micl(Maye?) & Mary Goldrick John & Bridget Goldrick Glenavoo
12/21/1861 Thomas John & Honora Goldrick Michae &l Mary Goldrick Glenavoo
12/29/1861 Mary John Kennedy/Kate Quinn Martin & Mary Quinn Gortermone
12/29/1861 Atty John Cunnane/Kate Kilmartin Mary Kilmartin Carnagupal-or Cavnagupal

1/12/1862 Bridget Michael Leonard/Atty Goldrick Thomas Carr/Bridget Goldrick Castlerock
1/16/1862 John Anthony Murray/Bridget Goldrkck Pat & Kate Goldrick Taunigraphy
2/2/1862 Attracta John Cunnane/Bridget Henry Pat & Mary Henry Rhue
2/2/1862 Mary Pat Connor/Mary Deehan James Deehan/Mary McNulty Lauravane
2/6/1862 Thomas John Goldrick/Brid Murray Tms Murray/Mary Goldrick Glenavoo
2/6/1862 Rose John O’Donnel/Mary Maye Jn Mullarkey/Mary Killoran Castlerock?
2/16/1862 Bridget James Leonard/Bridget Quinn Frank Quinn/Ann Howley? Drimina
2/20/1862 Bridget John Kildun/Mary Walsh Luke Walsh/Winifred Dunne Lislea
2/22/1862 Kate Antny McNulty/Bridget Deehan Jas Griffin/Mary Maye Laurvane
2/23/1862 Patrick Pat Cunnane/Honoria Brett Jas Brennen/Mary-Margaret Rooney Tullymoy
3/13/1862 Patrick Jn Cunnie-Cunny/Marg-Mry Gallagher* Pat Cunnie/Anne Gallagher Claddagh
3/13/1862 Antohny Pat McNiffe/Eln Goldrick John Goldrick/Brid Ginry Glenavoo
3/16/1862 Antohny Pat Mullen/Mary Ruane John Ruane/Ellen Mullen Mt Taffe
4/20/1862 Pat or Peter-twins? John Harte/Bridget Maye Pat & Mary Harte Cloongoonagh
4/25/1862 Maria James Goldrick/Mary Quinn Owen Goldrick/Mary McVean Castlerock
5/14/1862 Biddy & William William & Bridget Quinn ? Clurhy?
5/29/1862 John Michael Kirrane/Kate Maye Pat Reid/Mary Farrell Annagh
6/22/1862 Margaret James O’Hara/Atty Kildun Pat Kildun/Winifred Howby Aclare
6/22/1862 John Thomas Kildun/Alice Quinn Dan O’Hara/Mary Gallagher Drimatrin-or Cloongoonagh
6/22/1862 Mary James O’Brien/Annie Rafferty John & Mary Goldrick Gortesluin
6/29/1862 Margaret John McGoldrick/Mary Sweeny Jn McQuinn/Kate Harte Tourlestrane
7/6/1862 ? Pat Clarke/Mary Goldrick Pat Regan/Atty Kirrane Castlerock
7/10/1862 Michael Michael Quinn/Brid Mullen-Muller Peter Garley-Corley/Eln Quinn Tavniana-or Favniane?
7/12/1862 ? James Jennings/Kate Kilmartin Luke & Bridget Brennen Curroy
8/31/1862 Luke Pat Maye/Brid Duffey Mark Carrol/Winifred Stenson* Eskaugh**
(*godparents may have been Pat Kennedy & Atty Duffy-and location **Tullinaglug)
09/06/07 Patrick John & Mary Goldrick Wiliam Roddy/Brid Goldrick Glenavoo
9/16/1862 Michael John Goldrick/Kate McIntyre Pat & Bridget Kensy Claddagh
9/19/1862 Austin Thomas Cunnie/Mary O’Hara Austin Cunnie/Winifred Dearsy Culdalea
9/30/1862 James Pat Cunnie/Pat Ferain* Pat McDonnel/Peggy Conway Kilmactiege
10/2/1862 Hugh John Kilmartin/Mary Harrington Michael Gauaglan/Atty Kilmartin Easkaugh
10/5/1862 Bridget Michael Quinn/Judy Mullarkey John Neary/Brid Quinn Annagh
10/5/1862 Michael John Heneghan/Mary Quinn Jas Peggy(Mary?) Quinn Fauniana-or Tavniana
10/20/1862 Mary Thomas Stevenson/Mary Goldrick James & Kate Goldrick Gortelsin
11/19/1862 William John Cunnie/Mary O’Hara Thomas & Kate Cunnie Culdalea
11/21/1862 James John Deehan/Mary Grogan James McNulty/Peggy Clarke Glenavoo
11/30/1862 James Michael Goldrick/Anne Jennings Thomas Goldrick/Mary Walsh Banada
12/21/1862 Bridget Michael Cunnie/Bridget Walsh Pat Cunnie/Bridget Ducan Carane-or Favane



Kilmacteige Roman Catholic CHURCH RECORDS (BAPTISMS)


Roman Catholic CHURCHES South Sligo – Kilmacteige

 Roman Catholic CHURCHES South Sligo – Kilmacteige

Kilmacteige Roman Catholic CHURCHES 1800-1900s. Prior to this the Church is listed on Page #

Three (3) Church in the Diocese of Kilmacteige

1) St Attracta’s, Tourlestrane  (main Church where records were kept, PP recopied records from the 1800s to 1920 time frame in 1920, in neat hand written ledger)

2) Our Lady of The Rosary, Kilmactigue

3) The Lake Church, Loch Talt 

St Attracta's, Tourlestrane



Our Lady of The Rosary, Kilmactigue



The Lake Church, Loch Talt

St Attracta’s, Tourlestrane