The history of Saint Patrick, Ireland’s patron Saint,  is credited by myth and Legends with bringing Christianity to Ireland, then a thought to be a pagan Land (despite a earlier Christian expedition by the Palladii who were reckoned among the noblest families of France and several of them held high rank in the Church of Gaul.[1] Palladius was the son of Exuperantius of Poitiers and was sent to Ireland prior to St. Patrick.

St. Patrick’s Birth-name is Maewyn Succat,  born  between 387 and 390 in at Banwen in Wales (location not known today), then Roman Britain. His Death date is remembered around the World as March 17.

Maewyn Succat was kidnapped in Roman Britain and brought to Ireland where He spent six (6) Years as a slave  for His (alleged) “owner” Niall Noigiallach  (of the Connachta and Uí Néill  dynasty), where St, Patrick Herded sheep and pigs on Slemish mountain in County Antrim (now Northern Ireland) close to what is now Ballymena (bæliˈmiːnə/ from Irish: an Baile Meánach, meaning “the middle townland”), and While He was a Shepherd-Slave Patrick noted (later) in His Writing that He spent much of his time praying — Prayers that would bed answered when he made His escape and was able to stowaway aboard a small “ship” going from Ireland to Britan and would reunite with His Parents, a Roman Bishop (although M

Patrick not only knew the language of his British parents but studied and understood Latin. Just how much Latin would have been used in Ireland (so far away from Rome) by that time is uncertain, but in St. Patrick’s own writing (Confession) there is evidence that he was well read in both secular writing and the Scriptures.

And in addition to the language of his British parents, and the Latin he learned as a priest, Patrick would have had to speak Irish to communicate God’s message to the people of Ireland so He would have been fluent in three (3) Languages.

Nial of the 9 Hostages was kidnapped young Maewyn Succat,  who was  born at Banwen in Wales (location not known today),  and was taken to Ireland as a slave around age 16 by raiders from Ireland.