Tourlestrane/Kilmacteige, Sligo, (Ireland GenWeb)


Tourlestrane/Kilmacteige, Sligo, Ireland GenWeb

Toorlestraun or Tourlestrane is a village in County Sligo, Ireland.

Ireland GenWeb listing was done by a Man named Deehan and another was done by a Man named Loftus, not sure if they are still around or passed, but their Transcriptions have been listed for several years — THESE ARE EXTRACTS and NOT THE ENTIRE MICROFILM contents (we have the images, they require painstaking work by a HUMAN, because they are images of the pages of the Birth, Marriage, and Death records). We tried for years to get a group to work on transcribing the entire records, some 750 images,( which we have in a zip file here), and were never able to do so — many go through them interested only in their own targeted SURNAMES and hence, it was never FULLY SEARCHABLE BY COMPUTER.

So again, be careful that these ARE NOT ALL THE RECORDS. If your ancestors are listed, great. If not you will have to go to the Microfiche films and spend time looking yourself. WE REALLY WISHED WE WERE ABLE TO GET IT DONE, BUT IT WOULD REQUIRE HOURS AND HOURS OF WORK WITH NO RETURN — SO NO ONE HAS DONE IT as of March, 2017. The same Church records are online, as images, e.g. NO INDEX, NOT SEARCHABLE.


Begin Tourlestrane/Kilmacteige Marriages
Date Names Witnesess Location

Dec Michael Goldrick/Winifred Hegarty-Healy? Walter Durkan/Attracta McDermot Belane
25/Jun James Battle/Mary-Margaret Roddy John Deighan/Bridget Roddy ?
25/Jun Cormick Conroy/Atty Brennen Austin Cunny/Catherine Brennen Culdalea
28/Jun Michael Kirran/Mary Quinn John Higgins/Pat Fleming Gortermone

26/Jan James Goldrick/Maria McDonnel John McDonnel/Pat Hegarty Tobercurry?
27/Jan Mark Cunney/Mary O’Hara Peter Leonard/Ellen Lahing Claddagh
13/Dec Michael Battle Ann McNulty John Deehan/Mary Grogan Lauvane

28/Jan Pat Cunny Bridget Durkan Edwrd Durkan/James Walsh Cavan?
17/Feb John O’Donnel Mary Cunny Mark Cunny/Jane O’Donahue ?

27/Jan Mark-Michael Cunny/Mary Finlan? Peter Leonard ?
17/Feb John Leonard?/Mary Cunny Michael or Mark Cunney ?
6/Mar Martin Healy/Catherine May John May ?
11/Apr John Cunny/Mary Clarke ? Claddagh?
8/Nov Luke May? Catherine Seere? Austin Leonard/Walter Leonare ?
11/Nov John Cunny/Mary Clarke James Clarke/Sarah Collins Claddagh
12/Nov Pat Quinn/Atty Naughten John Nareen/Bridget Naughten Tourlestrane

12/Feb James Moran/Catherine Cunny Thomas Judge/Mary Phillips Lisaniska?*
(baptisms noted in Claddagh)
14/Feb *John Deehan/Catherine Quinn** Matt Doyle/John Mullarkey ?
They could be related to Greatgrandfather James Deehan, as the husband’s name was *John: Grandmother’s brother named for him?. **Bridgete’s name was Catherine Quinn-a tie to grandfather’s side** Could she be the same Catherine Quinn who married James Loftus? Need to find out what was the last year that John Deehan and Catherine Quinn had a child, as James Loftus and Catherine Quinn(Cunney) were married in 1869
29/Aug Michael Meag?/Ann Carty? Reverend or Thomas/John Meagh?/Matt Gallagher ?
13/Oct Thomas Ruane-Rawani/Mary Quinn Thomas Meay/Mary Phillips ?

9/Jan Pat Gentry/Mary Quinn Thomas Gentry/Mary Phillips ?
(surname may be Ginty-not Gentry)
7/Feb Thomas Carr/Bridget Goldrick Thomas Meay/Mary Phillips Castlerock
8/Feb Pat Loftus/Bridget Gentry-Ginty Michael Nilan/Catherine Horan? ?
9/Feb Michael Cunnane/Mary O’Hara Ann Conol Claddagh
12/Feb Bryan May/Anne O’Hara Pat May/Michael Kildun ?
28/Feb Anthony Deehan/Durkin/Bridget Leonard Thomas Brennen ?
17/Mar Michael Conway/Eleanor Cunny Daniel Murtagh/Bart Conway ?
17/Mar Thomas Carrol/Bridget Quinn Pat Quinn/Michael Conway Tourlestrane
17/Mar Austin Roper/Bridget Battle John Brennen Aughavale

Tourlestrane/Kilmacteige Marriages
Date Names Witnesess Location

18/Mar *Thomas Keenan/Atty May Catherine May* Cavan
(See Below, Thomas Quinn-which one was I refering to? I stated that grandmother and Thomas Keenan were not cousins becuase a Keenan married a Deehan or a Maye, as Thomas Keenan’s mother’s maiden name was Hughes: It is quite possible that this *Thomas had son Pat who m. Mary Hughes ca.1872, and their son was Thomas-gm’s cousin. Note the witness is Catherine May- greatgrandmother Catherine said she was 45 on the 1901 Census which puts her birth date ca.1856-she would have been about 4 in 1851: Perhaps her mother?
26/Mar Michael Cunny/Bridget Walsh James Walsh/Pat Cunny Cavan
Mar Anthony & Mary Connor Thomas Meay ?
3/May John Flynn/Bridget Loftus Thomas Flynn/Ann Deehan? Glenavoo or Letterbrone
4/May John Goldrick/Anne Brett or McDermott Mark Goldrick/Mary Jennings Glenavoo*
(*or Letterbrone)
15/May James Brett/Bridget Goldrick Pat Brett Cloonbarry
22/May Pat Goldrick/Catherine McNulty James Kennedy Carroreagh?
21/Jun Michael Rowane/Catherine Cobney Pat Cobney/Thomas Rouane ?
15/Sept James Sweeney/Cisley Meay John Kilmartin/John Kildunne ?
15/Oct James Goldrick/Bridget Brennen Pat Leyden ?
23/Dec John Quinn/Mary Gallagher Owen Gallagher ?
23/Dec John Deehan/Mary Grogan James Deehan/Owen-Pat Gallagher Glenavoo
ca.1851* Antny Goldrick/Mary Deehan ? Glenavoo?
(First child Michael was b. 1852-conceived ca.1851*)

23/Jan Pat Kirrane/Catherine Quinn ? ?
23/Jan John Quinn/Mary Gallagher Owen Gallagher Tourlestrane
23/Feb John Deehan/Mary Grogan James Deehan/Owen Gallagher Glenavoo*
(*Probably Glenavoo as that is the location noted on all their children’s baptisims)
27/Feb Pat Rochford/Bridget Cunny John McIntire/John Rochford* Culdalea
(*godparents may have been James Rochford and Pat O’Hara)
13/Jun Pat Kilmartin/Mary Goldrick ? ?

2/Jan James Goldrick/Bridget Walsh Arthur Dunne/Thomas Garvey Cluryhy*
(*or Glenavoo)
14/Jan Thomas Cunny/Mary O’Hara Dennis Pat O’Hara Culdalea
30/Jan John Connel/Eleanor Goldrick John Brennen/Pat Higgins Gortesluin?
6/Feb Martin Quinn/Bridget MaColey ? ?
6/Feb Martin Quinn/Bridget Kennedy Martin Maye Annagh?
7/Feb James Goldrick/Mary Varee Pat Durcan/Pat Roddy Gortesluin?
7/Feb Michael Griffin/Bridget Goldrick Pat Stenson/Pat Brennen Clurhy?
14/Feb Pat Roddy/Margaret Quinn Martin Quinn ?
19/Dec Michael Walsh/Mary Maye Thomas Maye/Mary Harmon ?

4/Jan Martin Maye/Bridget Cunnane Martin Stenson/Michael Keef Tourlestrane
(*Note: This Is Another Variation Of Quinn/Cunny/Cunney)
9/Feb Michael Maye/Mary Gallagher Martin Maye/William Ginty* ?
16/Feb John Cunnane/Mary Garvey James McIntire Tullmoy?*
(*Or Tullinaglug?)

Tourlestrane/Kilmacteige Marriages
Date Names Witnesess Location

17/Feb Thomas Maye/Mary Walsh Martin Walsh/Lawrence Neary ?
21/Feb Thomas Goldrick/Mary Deehan James Kennedy/Pat Goldrick Glenavoo?
24/Feb John Goldrick/Bridget Murray John Donnel/James Faire Glenavoo
24/Feb James Donnel/Ann Cunny John Donnel ?
26/Feb Martin Cunny/Mary Fleming Michael Gaughan/John Cunny Kincuillew?
13/Mar John Horan/Ellen Cunny ? Aclare?
24/Jun Michael Roddy/Maria May Bridgida & Catherine Judge ?
21/Jul Jacobus Jennings/Catherine Kilmartin Maria McIntire Tourlestrane?

19/Jan Jacobus Gallagher/Margareta Quinn Pat Quinn/Margareta Gallagher* ?
(*may be Pat Gallagher)
27/Jan Jacobus Cunny/Maria Barlow Pat Murphy/Martinis Howley ?
31/Jan Guliclmus Kilmartin/Maria Stenson Pat Stenson/Jacobus Kilmartin Eskeaugh?
1/Feb Pat Goldrick/Ann McKensie Jacobus Goldrick/Joanus McNulty ?
4/Feb Jacobus Conor/Bridget Quinn Martinus Quinn ?
23/Feb Johannus Maye/Bridget Marion ? ?
Feb Patricus Flynn/Margarerita Quinn Joannus Honoria Quinn ?
Feb ____Maye/Bridget Gentry ? ?
Feb Pat Walsh/Margareta Cunnane Maria Feely Rhue?

19/Jan Thomas Curcan/Honor Maye Pat Curcan ?
23/Jan Jacobus Hart/Attracta Maye Michael Howley/Joannus Hart ?
26/Jan Pat Cunnane/Honoria Burke ? ?
3/Feb Michael Kilroy/Honoria Quinn Patricus/Attracta Quinn ?
5/Feb Thomas Maria Goldrick Antny Murray/Jacobus O’Brien Glenavoo?
11/Feb Timothy Quinn/Bridget Walsh Pat Walsh/Attracta O’Hara ?
17/Feb Martin Deehan/Bridget Goldrick *Antny/Mary Goldrick (nee Deehan) Glenavoo?
(In 1852 Martin Deehan and Bridget Goldrick were Godparents to Michael, son of Anthony Goldrick and Mary Deehan–Now four years later Antny and Mary Godrick (nee Deehan) are witnesses to the marriage of Martin and Bridget: No doubt Bridget and Anthony Goldrick were siblings as were Martin and Mary Goldrick (nee Deehan-*2nd record has Antonius and Michael Goldrick as witnesses. Mary Godrick (Godmother) was probably Bridget’s sister)
6/Apr James Battle/Bridgetgida McDonnel Martin Battle/Joannus Brennen ?

10/Jan* Patrick Murtagh/Anna Maye Thomas Maye/Pat Murtagh ?
6/Feb Rogerius Battle/Marie Walsh Martin Thomas Walsh ?
17/Feb Pat & Maria O’Connor Michael Quinn ?
17/Feb Pat Barley/Maria Cunny Thomas Rochford/Antonius Cunny ?
19/Feb Edwrd Madden/Margarita Quinn Michael Quinn/Jacobus Christy ?
3/Mar Carlos Goldrick/Catherine Mcyntire Michael Goldrick/Pat Mcyntire ?
18/Apr Pat Roddy/Maria Battle Michael Roddy/Jacobus Battle ?
20/Apr Johanus Leonard/Attracta Quinn Pat Quinn/Jacobus Leonard ?
24/Oct Pat Kennedy/Maria Maye Michael Maye ?

Tourlestrane/Kilmacteige Marriages
Date Names Witnesess Location

11/Jan Joannus & Anna Goldrick Pat Catherine Smith Gortesluin?
Jan Michael Walsh/Atty Maye ? ?
Jan Pat Kildun/Attracta Maye Johanus Walsh/Thomas Ruane ?
Jan Pat McNulty/Bridgetgida Ginty Pat Ginty/Bartholomew McNulty ?
Jan Martin Grogan/Margaret Clark Jacobus Clark/Pat Smith ?
5/Feb Pat Goldrick/Bridgetgida Finlan Hugho Finlan/Pat Cunifee ?
8/Feb Thomas Naree/Catherine Cunney Pat & Maria Cunney Claddagh
11/Feb Michael & Maria Goldrick Pat & Maria Golcrick Glenavoo?
13/Feb Michael Kilmartin/Anna Ruane Richard Ruane/Honoria Donahue ?
Feb Johanus Henigan/Maria Goldrick Jacobus Goldrick/Bridgetgida Finlan ?
Feb Johanus Walsh/Bridget Quinn Michael Quinn ?
26/May James Clark/Bessy Durcan James Clark ?
4/Sept Thomas___?/Alice Quinn ? ?

12/Jan Pat Clark/Mary Goldrick John Carr/Bridget Goldrick Castlerock?
14/Jan Michael Walsh/Mary Goldrick James Howley/Mary Goldrick ?
8/Feb Pat Walsh/Bridget Cunny Thomas & Bridget Walsh ?
12/Feb Michael Goldrick/Ann Jennings Pat Smith/Catherine Howley ?
13/Feb Michael Ruane/Catherine Quinn Pat Griffin/Atty Quinn ?
4/Mar Hugh Battle/Atty Christi John Mitchell ?
7/Mar Pat Loftus/Mary Conin Thomas Rohan/Atty Brothel ?
17/Feb Pat Hart/Bridget May John Hart/Bridget Feely Tourlestrane
7/Apr Pat Loftus/Mary Conin or Colin Thomas Rohan/Atty Brothel Tourlestrane
17/May Pat Cunny/Bridget Durcan? James Calahan Lavane?
29/Jun Michael Quinn/Bridget Mullins John Quinn ?

10/Jan Pat Jordan/Ellen Cunny Mary Cunny ?
11/Jan Pat Deehan/Rose Kildun Martin Deehan Glenavoo*
(*or Larawane)
7/Jan Michael Leonard/Atty Goldrick John Kennedy/Biddy Goldrick Castlerock?
12/Jan James Gallagher/Margaret Cunney ? ?
11/Feb Lawrence O’Hara/Margaret Goldrick Austin O’Hara ?
21/Feb John Cunnane/Bridget Henry Pat Gawley/Mary Burke Rhue?
9/Mar Thomas Loftus/Bridget Collear James Rojan Tourlestrane

12/Jul James Goldrick/Kate O’Hara Pat & Anne Keefe Gortermone?

27/Jan Thomas Hanan/Bridget Rouane James Rouane ?
2/Feb Pat Loftus/Bridget Mullarkey William Loftus Tourlestrane

Feb James Monahan/Mary Goldrick Michael Quinn/Mary Goldrick ?
16/Feb Thomas Durcan/Anne Goldrick William Loftus/Catherine Goldrick ?
12/Feb Michael Connors/Bridget Cunney William Flynn/Mary Maye ?
27/Feb Edwrd Cunnane/Nancy Heagerty John & Bridget Deeghan ?
27/Feb John Quinn/Mary Harris William Hennigan/Mary Duncan ?

Tourlestrane/Kilmacteige Marriages

Date Names Witnesess Location
15/Jan Pat____?/_____? Quinn ? ?
7/Feb Mark Quinn/Honor O’Hara ? ?
12/Feb William Flynn/Mary Maye ? ?
21/Feb Pat Dunnigan/Ellen Quinn ? ?
25/Feb John Quinn/Mary Harrow ? ?
18/Apr John Kildun/Catherine Kilmartin John Horan/Eliza Quinn Cavan?

7/Jan John Cunny/Mary Lundy Ausin Cunny/Mary McCormick ?
2/Feb Dom O’Donnel/Catherine Maye Thomas Moran Dauvis
4/Feb James Goldrick/Ann Connel James Goldrick/Mary Connel Gortesluin
6/Feb John Loftus/Catherine McHale Michael Loftus ?
12/Feb Michael Cunnane/Bridget Carney William Naughton ?
17/Feb Martin Cunny/Mary O’Hara John Mulligan ?
24/Feb William Loftus/Bridget Walsh ? Tourlestrane
26/Feb Pat Payton/Mary Battle Pat Connors/Bridget Kilmartin? Oughaval?
26/Feb Pat Battle/Mary Payton ? ?
3/Mar Pat Doorins/Bridget Goldrick ? ?
18/Apr John Kildun/Catherine Kilmartin Thomas Horan/Eliza Quinn Cavan?
Jul Martin Quinn or Cunny/Margaret Sweeney Austin Conway/Catherine McDermot? ?

14/Jan Michael Mullarkey/Honor Quinn Kitty Quinn Mt Taffe*
(*Probably Mt Taffe as all of their children were born there)
17/Jan John O’Brien?/Mary Cunny Pat O’Brien/Bridget Kilmartin ?
20/Jan Pat & Caterine Cunny Bridget Cunny Culdalee
1/Feb Thomas & Mary Cunny Martin Cunny/Honor O’Hara Culdalea
23/Feb James May/Bridget__? ? ?

13/Jan Edward Hughes/Mary Goldrick Pat Quinn/Mary Murray? ?
20/Feb John Kilmartin/__Grivey Catherine Neary ?
24/Feb Timothy Quinn/Ellen Bridget ? Curauglate?
25/Feb Pat Fleming/Catherine Cunny James Horan/Mary Cunny Claddagh?
Feb Patrick Loftus/Bridget Curry(Cunny?) Michael O’Brien/Ann Dempsey ?
11/Mar John Reinargart?/? Anthony Reinargart?/Catherine Cunny ?
15/Mar James Mullarkey/Mary Kildun James Loftus/Attracta Kildun ?
8/Sept Michael Pat & Mary Maye Correglboy*
(*Or Compbloy- Could this be great-grandmother Catherine Maye’s father–Michael Maye/Meaghy?*Probably a Baptism as names listed as Mr. and Mrs. Michael m. Mary Connel in 1910)
Feb Pat Loftus/Bridget Cunny or Curry? Michael O’Brien/Ann Dempsey ?*
(I don’t know where this couple were from or where they were married)

2/Jan Martin Battle/Mary Broderick John Rochford/Bridget Broderick ?
3/Feb Thomas Quinn/Mary Walsh Pat Gallagher/Bridget Walsh ?
6/Mar Pat Quinn/Mary Durcan John O’Hara Cloonbarry?

Tourlestrane/Kilmacteige Marriages

Date Names Witnesess Location
29/Jan James Quinn/Attracta Walsh Mary Walsh ?
18/Feb Michael Goldrick/Bridget Gilligan Pat & Mary Goldrick ?
17/Mar John & Ellen Quinn James Battle/Winfred Quinn Tobercurry?
Mar Thomas Loftus/Mary Egan Pat Cobney/Maria Killoran Pebbane*
(*This could possibly be the location, or Bonniconlon: See same couple? in Kilgarvin Records)
Nov Pat Quinn/Bridget Cook ? ?

13/Jan John Walsh/Alice May ? Tourlestrane
16/Jan John Quinn/Bridget Brennan Thomas Walsh/Mary Murtagh Cloonbarry?*
(*Or Tourlestrane)
18/Jan Jacobus Quinn/Catheriney Limdy ? Tobercurry*
(*Or Tourlestrane)
20/Jan James May/Mary____? ? Tourlestrane
9/Feb James Murtagh/Attracta Cunnane ? ?
Feb Peter Gallagher/Mary Deighan Michael Gallagher/Bridget Walsh ?

Feb James May/Bridget Walsh ? Tourlestrane

20/Feb Martin May/Atty Neville Thomas Kilmartin Tourlestrane
17/Mar James *Meay-May/Catherine Cunney-Conroy John *Meay-May/Mary Conway Tourlestrane 13/Oct Michael Loftus/Maria Naughton John Loftus Curry
(*Even thought it’s spelled Meay probably still pronouned May as in Meaghy and “Mar” in Meagher)

25/Jan John & Ann Quinn Edward Quinn/Mary Galasly Tourlestrane
31/Jan Martin McNulty/Winifred Quinn Michael O’Hara/Bridget Quinn Tourlestrane
10/Feb James Leonard/Attracta Cunny Pat Leonard/Mary Cunny Claddagh?
20/Mar Michael Maye/Bridget Burke John Meay/Catherine Moffit Tourlestrane

27/Jan John McNulty/Atty Quinn James McNulty/Mary Leonard Glenavoo*
(*More than likely this is Glenavoo, as a John McNulty and Atty or Attracta Quinn had children there from 1877-1893)
4/Feb Michael Quinn/Ellen Gentry James Higgins/May Gentry ?
2/Mar James Durcan/Mary Cunny Peter Gallagher/Mary Cunny Coolrecuill?
11/Mar Michael Cobey/Bridget Cunny John Cobey/Mary Cunny ?
12/Aug John Brett/Ann Cunny Luke Cunnane/Mary Gallagher ?

14/Jan Michael Cunny/Bridget O’Hara John Brennen/Mary O’Hara Culdalee?
26/Jan Michael Kilmartin/Mary Connors Thomas Brennen/Mary O’Hara Tullinaglug?
13/Feb William Loftus/Margaret Howley/Hawley Pat Loftus/Anne Howley Tourlestrane
26/Feb Pat Kennedy/Mary Kilmartin Thomas Kennedy/Bridget Kilmartin Carroreagh?
24/Apr Pat Cunnane/Mary Finne Pat Mary McGuiness ?

1/Feb John or William/Bridget Goldrick Thomas Catherine Goldrick Glenavoo?

Tourlestrane/Kilmacteige Marriages
Date Names Witnesess Location
5/Feb James Deghan/Catherine Howley James Battle/Bridget Kennedy ?
5/Feb James Deehan and Catherine Maye James Battle/Bridget Kennedy Kilmactigue*
(*Chapel: Tourlestrane Parish. Other Wittness: P. Durcan. Fathers: Pat Deehan and Michael Maye(Meaghy)
11/Mar Pat Mulligan/ Mulryun?/Margaret Goldrick Pat Goldrick/Mary McNulty Glenavoo
19/Mar Austin O’Hara/Mary Cunny Hugh O’Hara/Catherine Gallagher ?
22/Mar Pat Cunnane/Anne Dyer Antny O’Dowell/Mary Gavell ?
8/Apr Pat Rouane/Bridget Kilmartin Pat Hurst/Mary Walsh Carraine?

29/Jan Pat Quinn/Mary_____? ? ?
11/Feb Patrick Maye/Bridget Sweeney ? ?

6/Jan Pat O’Connor/Mary Cunny Michael & Catherine Walsh Gortesluin?
15/Jan Michael Goldrick/Ellen McDonnel James Goldrick(father) Belrane
(or Belclare)
19/Jan Luke Kileyne/Mary Cunnane Michael Curcan/Mary Cunnane Courghboy
16/Feb Richard Moffit/Catherine Quinn ? ?
22/Feb John Durcan/Mary Cunnane John Cunney/Mary Brett Curry
29/Mar Pat Cunny/Catherine Murphy Anthony O’Donnel/Winifred O’Brien Claddagh
16/Apr Michael Dooney/Ellen Goldrick James Mullarkey Castleblane*
(or Castleview?)
18/Oct Pat Loftus/Beety Heneghan Pat Curly/Mary Lealy Gortermone

8/May Pat Corley/Ann Cunny John Corley/Mary Cunny Mt Taffe

5/Feb Michael Hegarty/Bridget Goldrick Pat Hegarty/Margaret Goldrick Belclare
19/Feb Pat Loftus/Mary Stenson Michael Brennen/Ann Walsh Cloonbarry
1/Mar James Gallagher/Margaret-Mary Quinn Pat Gallagher/Mary McCoy Gortermone

16/Feb John Durcan/Catherine Goldrick Bridget Quinn Curry

1/Feb Pat Goldrick/Mary Gentry/Ginty Thomas Brett Mary O’Grady Belclare
17/Feb Thomas Ruane/Mary Durcan Pat Kilmartin/Ellen Dinne Tallinfly?
2/Aug Dennis Cunleen/Bridget Goldrick Dennis Cunleen/Mary Goldrick Cloonacool

1/Apr Pat Deehan/Ann Brennan ? Culleens*
*(Up by Dromore West If this is the same Pat Deehan born to Pat Deehan and Bridget Battle in 1847 he would have been about 38 when he married: Remember that it wasn’t unusual for men to marry that late in life )

16/Feb John & Mary Cunny John Mary Murtagh Culdalee
Tourlestrane/Kilmacteige Marriages
Date Names Witnesess Location
9/Mar Thomas Ginty/Mary Goldrick Michael Tansey/Bridget Roddy Kilmactiege
26/Mar Brnrd Kilvinee/Mary Deighan Michael Colrey/Mary Goldrick Glenavoo

17/Jan Martin Kennedy/Bridget Cunny Thomas Kennedy/Mary McDermott Glenavoo
21/Feb Michael Dempsey/Ellen Ginty Michael Dowd/Bridget O’Brien Oughaval
2/Mar Michael Maye/Maria____? ? ?
4/Mar Anthony Dempsey/Mary Cunny John Durcan/Kate Loftus Dunabontha?
6/Mar Austin O’Hara/Bridget O’Connor Pat O’Malley/Mary Deahan* Killure
(*Note Flemish spelling)
24/Apr John Maye/Atty Monlegh Mary Quinn Banada

30/Jan Thomas Kennedy/Atty Quinn Timothy Kennedy/Mary Fleming Carrowreagh*
*(Several Carrowreaghs. Following are the Civil Parishes and Poor Law Uninons: Cloonoghill, Tobercurry–Toomour, Boyle–Kilmacteige, Tobercurry–Skreen, Dromore West–Kilmacallan, Sligo–Achonry, Tobercurry. Found a Carrowreagh just north of Tobercurry on the survey map)

31/Jan James Goldrick/Bridget McGuiness Michael Howley/Bridget Roddy Glenavoo
11/Feb Michael Maye/Anne Duffey ? Tourlestrane
11/Feb Michael McNulty/Mary Cunny Martin Walsh/Bridget Cunny Foxford
8/Mar John & Bridget Cunny Matthew Murtagh/Brdget Cuuny Carrowreagh?
24/Mar John Durcan/Margaret Cunny Matthew Murtagh/Fannie Durcan Coolrecuill

24/Feb Michael O’Hara/Onnie Quinn Bryan Mary O’Hara Stonepark
14/Mar James Maye/Catherine Higgins Pat Maye/Sarah McGoldrick Curraghbine
2/Jun James Leonard/Ellen Cunny Thomas Hillis?/Catherine Howley Glenavoo
12/Oct Michael Mulligan/Mary Goldrick Antny Goldrick/Catherine Horan Glenavoo

29/Jan Austin Cunny/Mary Brennen Pat Cunny/Mary Gaughan Glenavoo
6/Mar John Deighan/Ellen Roddy James Durcan/Eliza Mullarkey Gortesluin
21/Apr Pat Quinn/Catherine Goldrick Pat Ellen Goldrick Castlerock

24/Jan Dan Deighan/Bridget Goldrick John Ann McNulty Gortesluin?
5/Feb Michael Loftus/Mary-Atty Quinn Pat Moyler/Anne Moulry Attymass
7/Feb Antny Goldrick/Catherine McNulty Antny Connell/Catherine McNulty Gortesluin
15/Feb Lawrence Commons/Catherine Cunney Peter Browne/Maggie Kennedy Belclare
4/Apr James Henry/Mary Quinn John Ginty/Mary McDermott Cloonacool
30/Apr Thomas Waters/Bridget Cunnane James Connaly/Maria Henry Cunnigkmon?
14/May Pat Cunny/Bridget Walsh Pat Cunny/Bridget Smith Cashel

24/Feb Thomas Henry/Ann Quinn James Gaughan/Onnie Walsh Rue
24/Nov Pat Conneaghton/Mary Goldrick Anthony & Mary Connell Glenavoo

Tourlestrane/Kilmacteige Marriages
Date Names Witnesess Location
17/Feb Thomas Maye/Anne Walsh Pat Maye/Anne Kilmartin Curraghbine
7/Mar Pat Horan/Bridget Battle Michael Neary/Kate Maye Glenavoo
12/Mar Jacobus Maye/Bridget Walsh ? Cunaghboy
(Sandy Hill)
4/Apr Martin Quinn/Catherine Conor William Colby/Catherine Neary Towniana?
20/May John & Mary Deehan** Pat & Bridget Deehan Glenavoo
20/May Pat & Mary Deehan Pat & Bridget Deehan* Glenavoo*
(I think this **John/Mary Deehan is incorrect, as I have a Pat/Mary Deehan married same day with the same witntesses, and have the record from Kilmacteige for Pat/Mary but not John and Mary-Wait until I go through hand notes before I change: I checked the hard copy, and did find John/Mary Deehan on the same date–may be two couples. I have a marriage certificate for Pat/Mary, but none for John/Mary–*Nee Battle?) *(1276-What is this number? Remarks: Cousins, Disp: Prior to 1917 dispensation was required all the way to 3rd cousins; so Pat/Mary Deehan could have been 1st. 2nd or 3rd cousins. Also their names were spelled Deahan in this record. This Pat and Mary Deehan were Alfie’s grandparents…Note:See the end of this file for possible conclusions)
14/Oct Michael Curnew/Bridget Quinn Edwrd Martin & Ellen Quinn Aclare

4/Jan Pat McNulty/Sarah Cunny James O’Hara/Winnie Leheny Claddagh?
22/Feb Michael Casey/Mary Maye ? G.Park?
2/Apr Pat Deehan/Catherine Horan/Haran Michael & Bridget O’Hara Glenavoo

3/Feb Pat Dempsey/Mary Gaughan John O’Hara/Ellen Kelly Attymass
23Feb Pat Cunney/Anne O’Hara Brnrd Loeheny/Bridget Quinn Claddagh
10/Mar John Quinn/Maria Gallagher Michael Quinn/Catherine Brennen Annagh
23/Mar Pat Quinn(Cunney)/Mary Maye James Hurst/Ellie Walsh Curry
13/Apr Michael Deehan/Bridget Smith John Goldrick/Bridget Smith Glenavoo
18/Apr James O’Hara/Catherine Goldrick Brnrd Leheny/Mary Keeghan Kilmactiege
April Pat Loftus/Sarah Shuran Jacques Loftus Foxford (Kilvinee or Knockganny?)
12/Feb Patricus Quinn/Francis Gallagher Not Noted Tobercurry 2/Mar Johanus Quinn/Catherineerina Orman Not Noted Tobercurry (Clooneen) 21/Mar Edwrd/Bridget Quinn Pat Cunningham/Catherine Quinn Sessue*
(*and Cloonbarry/Cloonacool–priest noted where groom and Bridgete lived-groom noted first)
12/Apr Thomas O’Donnel/Mary Ruane Michael Gallagher Cloonacool*
(*and Glenavoo)
10/May Thomas Mullarkey/Ellen Quinn** James Corley/Bridget Quinn Clooncaght*
(*and Annagh)
10/May Frncs Mullarkey/Ellen Quinn** Bridget Quinn Clooncagl
(**same persons?and Arnagh)
27/Nov Thomas Berne/Ann Cunny Pat & Mary Cunny Knockbrack*
(*and Claddagh)

7/Feb John Carrol/Mary Kilmartin Luke Walsh/Celia Quinn Rue*
(*and Eskaugh)
23/Oct John Collery/Catherine Deehan/Meehan James Kennedy/Mary Howley Banada*
(*and Gortermone)

Tourlestrane/Kilmacteige Marriages
Date Names Witnesess Location
30/Apr John Fleming/Catherine Maye Pat Maye/Catherine Healy Charlsestown*
(*and Corroughboy)

17/Jan Pat McNulty/Bridget Quinn Michael Gaughan/Kate Christy Beleclare
9/Feb Thomas Horan/Winnie Goldrick Bridget Cunny Killasser*
(*and Claddagh)
12/Feb Pat Connor/Mary Calvey Luke Neary/Anne Calvey Glenavoo*
(*and Kilcuillew)
10/Apr Pat Deehan/Meehan/Ann Kelly Thomas Howley/Mary Gaughan Gortermone
17/Apr Daniel Neary/Mary Ellen Quinn Ellen Quinn Tobercurry*
(Note: John Neary/Bridget Battle were Godparents to grandmother’s sister Bridget/1879–*RJC?)

7/Jan Thomas Ginley/Celia Quinn James Payton/Catherine Quinn Ellemountain*
(*And Rue–Ellemountain is in Kilgarvan Parish)
31/Jan Thomas Cunnane/Kate Miller Michael Garvey/Bridget Miller Tullinaglug
17/Feb Patt Harte/Kate Maye John Harte/Bridget Lundy Cloogoonaght*
(*and Cuilrecuill…or Cloony and Cuileve)

29/Jan Anthony Goldrick/Maria Neary Anthony Connel/Catherine Mullighan Gortesluin
27/Feb Brnrd Maye/Anne McDermott ? Tourlestrane

28/Jan Pat O’Hara/Catherine Quinn Pat O’Hara/Mary McCormick Barane*
(*may be Carane and Cloonbarry)
30/Jan Michael Maye/Margareta Murtagh Not Noted Tobercurry 3/Feb Michael Walsh/Bridget Cunny Martin Walsh/Bridget Cunny Castlerock*
(*and Claddagh)
9/Feb Michael Walsh/Ellen Loftus* Martin/Marie Loftus** Kiltmagh (Rochevillage or Viuoilimaskeagh?*Could this be gf’s sister–Remember there was a** Marie Loftus as godmother to one of grandfather’s siblings!) 11/Feb John Cunnane/Conors?/Maria Fleming Thomas Leonard/Rose Fleming Claddagh
24/Feb Pat Mageever/Maria Cunny John Conway/Bridget Cunnie Killaser*
(*and Culdalee)
24/Feb Bernard Maye/Catherine Bremman ? Ballincurry
8/Mar John Goldrick/Bridget Gaughan Pat Goldrick/Atty Howley Glenavoo*
(*and Kilmactiege/Ballincurry)

21/Jan John Quinn/Kate Feely John Stenson/Ellen/Feeney Rue
22/Jan Michael Connor/Bridget Galty? James Neary/Winnie Howley Largan*
(*and Kincuillew)
28/Feb James Gallagher/Bridget Quinn Bridget Horan Drimina*
(*and Annagh)
10/Mar James & Bridget Cunny Pat O’Hara/Catherine Cunny Culdalee
17/Mar Pat O’Hara/Mary Cunny Pat Walsh/Ann Cunny Letterbrone*
(*and Culdalee)

Tourlestrane/Kilmacteige Marriages
Date Names Witnesess Location
30/Sept Thomas McLettinch/Anna Quinn Not Noted Tobercurry
15/Feb Michael/Mary Goldrick James Goldrick/Anne McNulty Gortesluin
29/Feb Michael Quinn/Margaret-Mary Mcintyre Joseph Quinn/Mary Walsh Gortermone*
(*and Annagh)
5/Mar John Loftus/Catherine Kelly Thomas & Maggie Walsh Kiltmagh (Kuve or Ruaskeagh?) 6/Jun Thomas Quinn/Catherine Leonard Ann Leonard Cloonacool*
(*and Castlerock)
5/Sept Pat Cunningham/Maria Quinn Not Noted Tobercurry (Sessue) 12/Sep Michael O’Hara/Bridget Cunny Pat Spellman/Mary Walsh Letterbrone*
(*and Culdalee)
13/Nov Michael Deeghan?/Catherine Durkan Pat Payton/Maggie Walsh Cloonacool*
(*and Drimina)

28/Feb Thomas Quinn/Anna Rosen-Roben Michael Killlgalan/Anne O’Hara Largan*
(*and Canarea)…Largan and Carava) 2/Apr Thomas Maye/Bridget Neary/Teany John Harte/Sarah Neary Curry*
(*and Claddagh)
26/Apr Pat O’Connor/Anna Scanlon Bernrad O’Connor/Kate Fawell Glasshill?*
(*and Rue)

7/Feb Michael Bremman/Bridget Quinn Pat Bremman/Marie Cavanaugh Kiltmagh 16/Feb Micahel McNulty/Sarah Cunny? Martin Ginty Claddagh
6/Mar Thomas Durcan/Catherine Goldrick Anne Goldrick Gortesluin
10/May Martin Cunnane/Bridget Walsh Martin Duffy/Catherine Walsh Curry*
(*and Tullinaglug)
27/May Pat Goldrick/Bridget Egan Pat Ginty/Mary Price Castlerock

23/May William Goldrick/Kate Carney Ellen O’Dowd/ Cloonacool*
(*and Mt Taffe)

7/Feb Edward Quinn/Winnie Brennan Peter Quinn/Bridget Murray Drimina
1/Mar Luke Walsh/Margaret Quinn Thomas Walsh/Ellen Leonard Tullinaglug*
(*and Cloonbarry)
12/Apr Pat___? /Ellen Quinn William Quinn/Bridget O’Donnel Tobercurry 7/May Frncs Walsh/Margaret Quinn** Mary Quinn Achonry*
*(And Rue)
10/May William Quinn/Bridget McNichols James Quinn/Annie McDonaugh Kiltmagh (Laragos or Telvaferagh) 27/May Frncs Walsh/Mary Quinn** Michael Neary/Bridget Walsh Anchonry
(*and Rue–**Probably same couple)
18/June John J. Quinn/Mry Wyinne James Quinn/Agnes Wyine Tobercurry (Maccuglin)
Tourlestrane/Kilmacteige Marriages
Date Names Witnesess Location
24/June Johanus Mullaney/Maria Quinn Not Noted Tobercurry 24/June John Mullaney/Mry Quinn Not Noted Tobercurry 1908 James McNulty/Ann Leonard ? ?
1908 Michael Ruane/Mary Cabrey(b. Mt Taffe) ? Newark NJ

6/Feb Thomas Loftus/Mary Neary James Hennigan/Mary McDowell Glenree*
(*And Careagh: John Neary and Bridget Battle were Godparents to grandmother’s sister Bridget/1879: Could Mary be his daughter?)
12/Apr Jacobus Jordan/Ellenora Quinn Not Noted Tobercurry 19/Apr Thomas Loftus/Julia Bremman Francis Quinn/Maria? Tobercurry 1909 John Connors(b Annagh)/Ellen Gallagher ? Massachussets
1909 Pat Goldrick/Margaret Cunnane ? ?

1910 Michael Maye/Mary Connel ? ?
30Mar Joseph J Quinn/Ann O’Hara P.J. Murphy(Pastor) Tobercurry (Cloonacool) 1911 23/Mar Michael Nealni/Mry May Not Noted Tobercurry (Skreen) 1912 7/Mar Martin Quinn/Bridget Kelly Not Noted Tobercurry 21/Nov Michael Murtagh/Alice Quinn Not Noted Tobercurry (Philadelphia) 1914 4/May Pat Benson/Anne Quinn Not Noted Tobercurry 1918 3/Apr John Calvey/Agnes Quinn John Quinn/Mary Meade Tobercurry (End Tourlestrane Marriages…maybe!!!!!)

Begin Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910(Note:Some records have the page and volume number added)
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
18/Jan James Lawrence & Mary Kilmartin Michael Neville/Mary Mullarkey Dinmartin
18/May Pat James Lundy/Bridget May ? Currorglboy
14/Jun Thomas Daniel Cunnie/Bridget Roddy Dominick Catherine Cunnie Culdalee
30/Jun John John Dempsey/Mary Harvan? Hugh O’Hara/Mary Gallagher Cloongoonagh
28/Jul Thomas Bryan Slache/Noney Quinn John & Mary Durcan Tobercurry
26/Oct Bridget Pat Cunnie/Mary Freney John & Mary Cunnie Kilmactiege
20/Nov Catherine* Pat Cunnie/Mary Kilmartin Austin Conway/Bridget Walsh Brane*
(* Or Carane: James Loftus and Catherine Quinn/Cunney married 7/Mar/1869 at Kilmacteige Chapel. Fathers: James Loftus and Patrick Cunney Witnesses: James Mularkey and Margaret Cunney. Ages: James 35 and Catherine 21. James was from Crowhill and Catherine from Culdalee. *Catherine would have been born ca.1848 according to the age she gave,and 1845 is only off by three years, so this is possibly her! Another branch to research: Kilmartin)
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
4/Dec Mary Michael Kinnane/Catherine May ? Cavane
28/Dec Mary *Pat Ford/Bridget Cobney Michael McHugh/Bridget Cobney Mt Taffe
(any relation to Mr. Ford who raised Alfie?)

18/Jan Margaret Owen Cunnane/Honoria Feely John Walsh/Sally Brennen Annagh*
23/Jan Mary Owen Cunnane/Honoria Feeley Micheal Roddy/Bridget Clarke Castlerock*
(*Probably same couple with dates off-Margaret and Mary twins)
2/Mar Catherine John Kilmartin/Atty Commons Pat Cunnie/Margaret Stenson Knockahoney
4/Mar Richard Richard Ruane/Mary McKensie James Flynne/Mary Wynne Mt Taffe
15/Mar Pat Pat McNulty/Bridget Goldrick Pat & Anne Goldrick Castlerock
20/Mar Pat Pat Kildun/Nancy Gallagher John & Catherine Gallagher Kincullen
8/Apr Thomas Thomas Cunnie/Mary Kilmartin Daniel Cunnie/Jane Peyton/Leyton Oughavale
14/Apr Mary Anthony & Bridget Cunnie Pat & Ellen Cunnie Glenavoo
16/Apr Thomas Pat Kildun/Mary Ginty/Gentry Michael Gentry/Bridget Honnby Carroreagh
23/Apr Michael Martin Maye/Anne Gallagher James May/Bridget McHugh Carane
(*Or Barrane)
10/May James Michael McNulty/Margaret Leonard John McNulty/Atty Leonard Claddagh
25/May Margaret* Pat Goldrick/Ann Gallagher Thomas Goldrick/Margaret Gallagher Glenavoo
(*may be Mary)
11/Jun John Michael Kildun/Bridget Higgins Pat Goldrick/Catherine McDonaugh Clooneen
27/Jun John John & Mary Goldrick Pat Leadon/Catherine Heneghan* Gortesluin
(*Could be Pat Leyton/Catherine Higgins)
27/Jun John Andy Conway/Bridget May Michael May/Bridget Keane Dunmathin
29/Jun John Pat Goldrick/Mary Connell Cormack Connel/Bridget Goldrick Carroreagh
1/Jul Mary John Dempsey/Ellen Crane James Crane/Bridget Dunleary Mt Taffe
6/Jul John Michael Goldrick/Bridget Carney *Antny & Catherine Goldrick Gortelsin
(*Same Antny that married a Mary Deehan?)
17/Jul Pat Michael Grogan/Mary Law James Law/Bridget Roddy Belclare
16/Aug James Pat O’Hara/Mary Quinn Michael O’Hara/Catherine Quinn Arnagh
30/Aug John Martin Conway/Mary Loftus Michael Conway/Bridget Loftus Culdalea*
(*Believe this is the correct spelling, but on map has as Culdaly- just a few miles east of Kilmactiege)
10/Sept Michael Pat/Peter Goldrick/Ann Connel Pat Goldrick/Mary McNulty Carroreagh
10/Sept John Pat Goldrick/Ann Connel Pat Goldrick/Mary McNulty Carroreagh
(or Peter-triplets?)
20/Sept Michael Martin Cunnie/Ann Kilmartin Thomas Hegarty/Mary Cunnie Culdalea
27/Sept Michael Thomas Gallagher/Mary Loftus Rev Thomas Judge/Mary Gallagher Cloonbarry*
(*Or Cloongoneen)
2/Oct John Cormak Cunnie/Mary O’Dowd* Pat Bridget O’Donald Culdalea
(*Or O’Donla)
2/Oct John __Cunnie/Mary O’Donell* Pat & Bridget O’Donell Culdalea
(May be same couple)
4/Oct Michael John Goldrick/Catherine O’Bryrne John Goldrick/Mary Roddy Tavnagraffy
10/Oct Mary James/Bridget Goldrick Pat & Ellen Goldrick Gortesluin
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
18/Oct Bridget James Grogan/Ellen McNulty Pat Hegarty/Catherine Muldaring Larvane
20/Nov Mary Pat Goldrick/Mary Gilvey Pat Leonard/Bridget Shiel Gortelsin
11/Dec Bridget Michael Cavanagh/Margaret Quinn ? Cloonbarry
13/Dec Bridget Pat Harte/Bridget Egan Walter & Bridget Rouane Letterbrone
28/Dec Anne Thomas Cunnie/Atty Muldering Thomas Rochford/Winifred Deay Culdalea

2/Feb Ellen Pat McNulty/Anne Cunnie Michael Cunnie/Mary McIntyre Claddagh
15/Feb Michael Pat Maye/Ann Gentry Bryan Maye/Bridget Gentry Corroughboy
17/Feb Martin Anthony McNulty/Bridget Deehan James Mary Deehan Larvane
(Lavane?*This James Deehan cannot be greatgrandfather as he was b. ca. 1851–His namesake? Note the first appearance of a *James Deehan –not great-grandfather **Larvane: This is the area of Lough Talt that Alfie thought my grandmother was born-the house where Father McGloughlin lives–Father McGloughlin said she was born down the hill in the area called Castlerock*)
18/Apr William Pat Lynd/Winifred Quinn Pat Quinn/Mary Brett Cloonbarry
2/Mar Atty Bryan Cunnane/Catherine Carroll John Lawrence/Mary Kilmartin Rhue
2/Apr Mary Daniel Cunnie/Bridget Roddy Thomas Rochford/Anne Roddy Culdalea
14/Apr Catherine Michael Cunnie/Catherine Gallagher John Cunnie/Atty Gaughan/Gaveghan Culdalea
26/Apr Pat James & Mary Goldrick Pat Goldrick/Catherine Byrne/Byonne Gortesluin
10/May Patrick Pat Deehan/Bridget Battle James Battle/Mary Deehan Larvane
(Record shows Larvane-could be Glenavoo-these are great, great, grandparents-parents of James Deehan. In record priest spelled Deehan as Dihen…I noticed from the births recorded in the District of Tobercurry-in the safe-that either the mother or the father was usually the informant. I don’t know if it was Irish tradition that the first born was always registered this way or not…but if so then James Battle is Bridget’s father and Mary Deehan was Pat’s mother!!! This also fits as the second son was named for the mother’s greatgrandfather James Deehan was he named for this James Battle? Possible as his brother Pat could have been named for their father and keeping with Irish traditon James would have been named for his mother’s father who is quite possibly this James Battle!!!!!)
18/May Mary Martin & Catherine Maye Bryan Maye/Mary Cunny Tourlestrane
1/Jul Mary John Quinn/Bridget Cunny Michael Kennedy/Bridget Goldrick Cleery
1/Jul Mary John Quinn/Bridget Lowrey Michael Kennedy/Bridget Eldirct Clerry?
28/Jul Margaret John Cunnie/Mary O’Hara Martin/Mary Commons-Gormon Culdalea
11/Aug Bridget* Thomas Maye/Mary Loftus Thomas Stenson/Catherine Heneghan Banada
13/Aug James * Thomas Maye/Mary Loftus Thomas & Bridget Judge Birreencarrack
(Probably same couple, with Bridget and James twins)
13/Aug James Goldrick Thomas May/Mary Loftus (In this place it has Rev Thomas Judge, and then it has Thomas Judge/Bridget Goldrick Location as Bireen-Cannek)? (This one is screwed up somewhere, as I copied it exactly out of the book- probably same as one before,and James and Bridget Goldrick ovelapped) Copied once again-note change of name for godmother Bridget):
13/Aug James Thomas Maye/Mary Loftus Thomas Judge/Bridget Goldrick* Bireencarrack
(*May have been Thomas & Bridget Judge)
13/Aug John Antny Goldrick/Mary Deehan Thomas Judge/Bridget Goldrick Castlerock
18/Aug Eileen Martin Quinn/Mary Walsh Pete Kennedy/Ellen Gilligan Gortesluin
20/Aug Austin Austin Cunnie/Honor Mulligan Stephen & Bridget Cunnie Carane*
(*Or Barane)
17/Sep Margaret John Dempsey/Bridget Mulloy Pat Mulloy/Anne Fahey Culdalea
18/Sep Ellen Martin Quinn/Mary Walsh Pete Kennedy/Ellen Gallagher Gortesluin
(*Child’s name may have been Eileen and godmother Ellen Gilligan)

Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
20/Nov Atty Thomas Maye/Catherine Walsh Thomas Brennen/Mary Walsh Dawros
(*Or Daurris?)
21/Nov Pat Michael Cunnane/Mary Gallagher Pat & Bridget Cavanaugh? Claddagh

18/Feb James Michael Kildun/Ellen O’Hara James O’Hara/Catherine Ginty? Glenree?
6/Mar Mary John Cunnie/Attie O’Hara James Mary O’Hara Claddagh
21/Mar Pat Pat Cunnie/Mary Feeney John Cunnie/Ellen Gauaghan Kilmactiege
2/May Thomas Daniel Cunnie/Mary Hegarty Daniel Cunnie/Mary Hegarty Oughavale
7/Apr Bridget Pat O’Connor/Mary Deehan Michael Battle/Catherine O’Connor Larvane
(This Mary Deehan is probably related to Pat Deehan my great, great, grandfather who m. Bridget Battle*)
30/Jun Atty John Goldrick/Bridget Hegarty Pat Roddy/Winifred McDonagh Glenavoo
2/Jul Pat Pat O’Hara/Mary Quinn Mary Quinn/H Keanny Annagh
8/Jul Mary Pat McNulty/Bridget Goldrick James & Catherine Goldrick Castlerock
13/Aug Mary James Battle/Margaret Roddy Antny Battle/Bridget Roddy Glenavoo*
(In 2nd reading godparents listed as John Deighan and Bridget Roddy)
13/Aug Mary John Goldrick/Catherine O’Brien Anne Goldrick Gortesluin
11/Sept Thomas Peter Goldrick/Bridget Kennedy Thomas & Mary Walsh Carrowreagh
28/Sept Rose Stephen Cunnie/Sarah Niles Daniel Cunnie/Mary Niles Culdalea
29/Sep Bridget James Cunny/Catherine McDonnell John & Mary Durcan Carins
10/Nov Mary Martin Battle/Mary Stenson Pat & Mary McNulty Stone Park
25/Nov Bridget Pat Kilmartin/Mary Cahill John Durcan/Bridget Brennen Tullinaglug
10/Dec Mary Martin Battle/Mary Stenson Pat McNulty Stonepark
12/Dec Thomas Thomas Rochford/Catherine Cunnie Thomas Battle/Mary McNulty Culdalea

7/Jan Bridget Michael Cunnie/Mary O’Hara James O’Hara/Mary Cunnie Claddagh
9/Jan Mary James Goldrick/Honor Marren/Ivanna? Michael Marran/Mary Higgins Stone Park
28/Jan Thadeus Edwrd Mullarkey/Mary Leonard Dan Mullarkey/Ellen Leonard Castlerock
(Only copied last one because of Castlerock)
29/Mar Pat Michael Quinn/Nellie Brennan Luke Quinn/Betsy Brenan Kilmacteige
13/Apr Mary Pat Goldrick/Margaret McDonaugh Antny Hegarty/Anne Roddy Tavnagraffy
17/Apr Lawrence Pac Connors/Mary McNulty Austin Roper/Mary Connors Beleclare
21/May Michael Richard Ruane/Mary McKensie Thomas Ruane/Bridget Lynch Mt Taffe
28/May Bridget Martin Cunnie/Anne Kilmartin Thomas Kilmartin/Mary Loftus Culdalea
3/Jun James Cormack Cunnie/Atty Brennen Pat & Mary Cunnie Culdalea
25/Jun James Pat Quinn/Anne Dunleary Dan Duncan/Margaret* McIntire
(*May be Mary)
19/Jul Martin Martin Quinn/Mary Walsh Thomas Higgins/Nan Gallager Gortesluin
20/Jul Martin Martin Quinn/Mary Walsh Thomas Higgins/Nancy Gallagher Gortesluin
(probably same persons)
25/Jul James Pat Quinn/Anne Dunleary Daniel Durcan/Mary* McIntyre Annagh
(*May be Margaret)
4/Sept James Pat Maye/Nancy Limdy Pat McHugh/Atty May* Corroughboy
(*Same Atty May who married Thomas Keenan in 1851?)

Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
4/Oct Michael Michael Goldrick/Winifred Hegearty Tony__?/Catherine Neary Belclare
4/Oct Anne Thomas Gallagher/Catherine Quinn John & Mary Quinn Aclare
20/Oct James Pat Kildun/Mary Gentry James & Mary Leonard Carroreagh
27/Oct Bridget Michael Quinn/Margaret Roddy John Sweeney/Anne Stinson? Knockahoney
28/Oct Honoria John Quinn/Bridget Lowry Pat & Mary Quinn Clevry
28/Oct Honoria John Quinn/Bridget Gurry? Michael Shiel/Mary Neary Clery
1/Nov Pat & Anne Thomas Loftus/Ellen O’Hara Pat & Anne Durcan? Aclare
(or Catherine?)
11/Nov Mary Pat Lynch/Winifred Quinn Daniel & Bridget Meelick* Cloonbarry
(*or Mullarkey)
22/Nov John Dennis Murtagh/Mary Cunnie Pat & Ellen Quinn Lislea
26/Nov Martin John Quinn/Mary O’Hara Pat Quinn/Mary Kildun Culdalea
26/Nov Martin John Cunnie/Mary O’Hara Pat Cunnie/Mary Kildun Culdalea
(Probably same couple: One in Anglo and other in Irish)
9/Dec John James McAlister/Mary Quinn Michael & Catherine Quinn Kilmacteige
12/Dec Thomas Thomas Murtagh/Mary Cunnie Thomas & Bridget Murtagh Canaugh
(or Eanaugh?)
17/Dec Thomas Thomas Maye?/Eliza Mullaney Antny Hegarthy/Catherine Harmon Ougbrale

31/Jan Bridget John Cunnie/Mary Clarke James Clarke/Ellen Quinn Claddaugh
18/Feb John Pat Cunnie/Bridget Durcan William Durcan/Bridget Cunnie Carane
(or Barane)
5/Mar Bridget John Goldrick/Catherine O’Brien John & Mary Goldrick Tavinigraffy
26/Jun Antny John Davett/Mary Battle Hugh Davett/Mary Devaney Mt Taffe
5/Jul Austin Pat Cunnie/Mary Freney/Finney James Moran/Catherine Cunnie Lisaniska
8/Jul Catherine Pat O’Connor/Mary Deehan Pat Deehan/Catherine Mullingan Larvane
15/Jul Michael Pat McGriff?/Mary Goldrick Michael Law? Cro-Mass?
15/Sept Henry Michael McDonell/Ellen Higgins John & Ellen Cunnie Kilmactiege
28/Sept Bridget John Goldrick/Bridget Hegarty John & Bridget Goldrick Cleery
14/Oct Antny* Pat McNulty/Bridget Goldrick John Goldrick/Catherine Meaghy* Castlerock
(Or Meeny*More than likely this Antny named for Pat’s broher-married a Deehan?)
24/Oct James John Cunnie/Catherine Gallagher John Gallagher/Mary Cunnie Rhue
28/Oct James John Cunnane/Catherine Gallager John Gallagher/Margaret Cunnane Rhue
(same couple?)
17/Nov Ellen Michael & Ann Goldrick Thomas Goldrick/Catherine O’Brien Cleery
4/Dec Bridget Antny Gallagher/Ann Goldrick Anthony & Catherine Gallagher Gortesluin
15/Dec Thomas John Clynisk?/Mary Finan James Finan/Bridget Battle Cloonbarry
(Note that Cloonbarry is off the Ballina road and close to Tourlestrane-Bridget could be great, greatgrandmother)
20/Dec Bridget Larry Smith/Ann Goldrick John Kilmartin/Mary Higgins Gortesluin
(Good possiblity that just as with the Deehans there were two or more Goldrick families)

Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
6/Jan Pat Martin/Catherine Maye* Pat & Atty Maye Corroughboy
(*Greatgrandmother Catherine Maye was born ca. 1854-could she have been mistaken about her father’s name-perhaps it was Michael Martin or Martin Michael-and note this mother’s name!)
17/Feb Bridget Luke Kilmartin/Catherine Maye Thomas Cecelia Maye Eskaugh
15/Mar Owen Pat Kilmartin/Margaret Cahill John Walsh/Atty Kildun Tullinaglug
6/Apr Michael James Moran/Mary Cunnie John Cunnie/Ellen Gallagher Carrowreagh*
(correct spelling-found in Towns Sligo)
17/Apr Mary Pat Mullen/Mary Dempsey Owen Muller/Kit O’Connor Kuckmaddigan?
26/Apr Pat Stephen Cunnie/Sarah Niles Pat Cunnie/Sabina Richford Culdalea
26/Apr Winifred Pat Quinn/Nancy Dunleary Pat & Bridget Quinn Annagh
13/May Mary Dan Quinn/Mary McIntire Michael Durcan/Mary O’Hara Annagh
26/May James Michael Battle/Nancy McNulty Thomas & Bridget Murray Larvane
27/May Mary Thomas Carroll/Bridget Quinn Martin & Winifred Carrol Letterbrone
(may be 27/Dec)
Ca.1851 James Pat Deehan/Bridget Battle? ? Glenavoo?

12/Jan Thomas Pat Walsh/Bridget Kildun Bartholomew & Atty Kildun* Tobercurry?
(I noted *Kildun as there was a Deehan who married one)
2/Feb John John Cunnie/Mary O’Hara Pat Dempsey/Sarah O’Hara Culdalea
25/Mar James James Brett/Bridget Goldrick John Goldrick/Ann Brett Glenavoo
11/Jun John Pat Gentry/Mary Quinn John & Catherine Quinn Kilmacteige
11/Jun Margaret James McAlister/Mary Quinn Martin & Catherine Quinn Carrowreagh
22/Jun Thomas Pat Cunnie/Mary Freney Austin & Ellen Quinn Kilmacteige
28/Sep Michael Antny Goldrick/Mary Deehan* Martin Deehan/Bridget Goldrick Castlerock
(My guess is this Mary Deehan was sister to Martin Deehan: See the marriage of Martin Deehan/Bridget Goldrick above)
3/Oct Michael Bryan Maye/Nancy O’Brien Austin O’Hara/Atty Maye Currouglbouy
(mother’s name may have been O’Hara)
20/Nov Anne James Goldrick/Mary Conning- Cannig Michael Stephens/Anne Finlan Belclare

4/Jan Pat Luke Kilmartin/Catherine Maye John Kilcoyne*/Attty Walsh Eskaugh
14/Jan John Pat O’Connor/Mary Deehan *James & Mary Deehan** Lauvane**
(**Or Laurwane..looks as though priest had *James and changed to John: Note John Deehan/Mary Grogan below:5/ Jun-in baptisms mother used maiden name-this **Mary Deehan is probably is Mary Grogan, and *James is probably John-one more Mary Deehan out of the way!)
5/Feb Pat Michael Ruane/Catherine Cawley Thomas Ruane/Nancy McDonaugh Tavniana
27/Mar Edwrd Pat Kilmartin/Mary Carroll Batty? & Bridget Walsh Tullanaglug
27/Apr Catherine William Golden/Bridget Quinn Richard Golden/Nelly Quinn Drimina
5/Jun Margaret John Deehan/Mary Grogan Pat Margaret-Mary* Deehan Larvane
(John Deehan/Mary Grogan m. 1852. Witnesses: James Deehan/Owen Gallager. If the Pat b. 1847 (to Pat Deehan/Bridget Battle) was my great-grandfather’s brother (James ca.1851), and now this Margaret was b. 1853 that puts all three close to the same age group: Pat Jr./1847 James/1851and Margaret/1853) *Her name may have been Margaret Mary?
Pat (Pat Sr.) was possibly John’s brother as he and John having children about the same time frame. Can see there are at least 3 Mary Deehans:

1) m. to Antny Goldrick, 2) m. to Pat O’Connor, and 3)Godmother to Pat O’Connor/Mary Deehan–Last Mary is the one I have to figure out who she is, as well as James Deehan/Godfather–Also below Mary Deehan/Godmother for John Deehan and Mary Grogan) I am guessing that Mary Deehan (Godmother to Pat Jr. and Martin 1847) was the same Mary who married Anthony Goldrick, and was the sister of Martin Deehan. Since she was also the Godmother of Pat Jr./1847 (Father,Pat) as well as Martin 1847 (Mother, Bridget) she was probably their sister. I think the James who was Godfather to Martin/1847 was also Mary’s brother, and possibly the one who married Catherine Goldrick: So I have Mary, Pat, Martin, Bridget, and James Deehan as possibly one family of Deehans. My guess again is that James, Pat, Martin and John were all brothers along with at least one Mary and perhaps a Margaret and Bridget as sisters

Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
6/Jun Michael Pat Gentry/Mary Quinn Luke Quinn/Bridget Maye Kilmacteige
11/Jun Michael Antny O’Donnel/Mary Goldrick Thomas Carr/Catherine Quinn Mt Taffe
11/Jun James Pat Mullen/Mary Dempsey John & Mary Ruane Mt Taffe
12/Jun John James Leonard/Bridget Quinn Andrew Leonard/M Seery Drimina
25/Jun James Martin Quinn/Mary Walsh Antny Ruddy/Bridget Hurst-Hunt Gorterslien
26/Jun Michael Peter Mulloy/Ellen Kilmartin Pat Walsh/Mary Mulloy Culdalea
9/Jul James Dudley? & Elizabeth O’Connor Catherine & MacManus Tavniana
(Following had Michael Cunnane and changed to Kirvane)
16/Jul Michael Michael Kirvane/Honor Gilvey Bryan & Catherine Gilvey Annagh
30/Jul Anne John Goldrick/Catherine O’Brien Peter & Mary Goldrick Taunigraphy
1/Aug John Michael Cunnie/Bridget Walsh Pat Walsh/Bridgetge Reid? Knockahoney
1/Aug Mary James Kilmartin/Atty Cawley John Cawley/Bridget Walsh Knockahoney
1/Aug Mary Michael Battle/Anne McNulty John & *Mary Goldrick Larawane
(There’s the connection between Battles and Goldricks: As Martin Deehan married a Goldrick and my great, greatgrandfather Pat married a Battle-cousins? *Mary Goldrick nee Battle? -Also note* this is the loction pronounced Laura-wan-not Lavane, etc.)
1/Aug Honor John Goldrick/Bridget Hegarty Matthew McDonagh/Brid Goldrick Glenavoo
12/Aug Atty John Quinn/Bridget Gurvy/Garvey/Gentry John & Atty Quinn Clurhy
(Following had Michael Cunnane and changed to Kirvane)
12/Aug Atty John Quinn/Bridget Garvey* John & Atty Quinn Clurhy
(*looked like Gentry this time around in film)
13/Aug Mary Tony Hegarty?/Nancy Cawly James & Bridget Goldrick Tavnagraffy
29/Aug Bridget Anthony & Bridget Cunnie John Goldrick/Nelly Cunnie Glenavoo
(Cunny-Goldrick connection)
10/Sept Anne Thomas Ronghneen?/Catherine Cunnie John Battle/Sabina Roghneen Culdalea
(Cunnie-Battle connection)
16/Sept Mary John Flynn/Bridget Loftus Pat & Mary Flynn Cloonbarry
9/Oct Mary Michael Kildun/Bridget Higgins Pat Kennedy/Bridget Golden Clooneen
9/Oct Margaret Pat Walsh/Bridget Kildun James Goldrick/Mary Kildun Tobercurry
9/Oct Pat James Cunnane/Betty Brennen Ned & Mary Morahan/Inishow?* Banada
(*Inishow sounds more like a location)
15/Oct Pat Thomas Kilmartin/Mary Brett James Gallagher/Nellie Neary Eskeagh
12/Oct Daniel Stephen Cunnie/Sarah Neils Pat Cunnie/Catherine Neils Culdulea
27/Oct Mary Michael Cunnane/Mary O’Hara Michael & Ellen Cunnie Claddagh
(note how father’s name is Cunnane, and godparents is Cunnie-also note Michael Cunnie/Mary O’Hara below)
4/Dec Antny James Goldrick/Mary Narey Martin Narie/Ellie McNulty Gortesluin
10/Dec Mary Thomas Ruane/Ann McDonagh Richard-Robert & Bridget Ruane Glenavoo
(Catherine Loftus m. Thomas Ruane,18/Feb/1904-she was born 1885-this Thomas could be her father in law-mother’s name may have been McDonagel)
26/Dec James Michael & Anne Goldrick James & Mary Goldrick Glenavoo
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
8/Jan Bridget Thomas *Garvell/Bridget Quinn Pat & Honoria Quinn Letterbrone
(*or Carroll)
20/Jan James Michael Griffin/Bridget Goldrick Michael & Mary Morgan Clurhy
22/Jan Pat John Higgins/Bridget Kinnane* Michael Walsh/Mary Quinn Gortermone
(*Another cross out in next-from Bridget Cunnane to Kinnane)
23/Jan Michael Peter O’Hara/Honor Moralon(Moran?) Michael & Honor Maye Banada
23/Jan Bridget Pat Cunnie/Bridget Durcan Pat & Anne Durcan Carane
16/Feb Mary Pat Kildun/Mary Gentry Michael Gentry/Mary Kildun Carrowreagh
21/Feb Catherine Dennis Murtagh/Mary Cunnie Michael Conway/Bridget Cunnie Lisled?
1/Mar Mary Pat Roddy/Mary Quinn Pat Roddy/Mary Walsh Clurhy
4/Mar Mary Pat Kerrane/Catherine Quinn Pat Kerrane/Margaret Quinn Gortermone
11/Mar Pat James Brett/Bridget Goldrick Thomas Murray/Kitty Goldrick Clurhy
29/Mar Mary Pat Kirrane/Catherine Quinn Pat Kirrane/Margaret Quinn Gortermone
22/Apr John James Goldrick/Bridget Walsh Michael Walsh/Mary Klimor-Kilvane Clurhy
4/Jun Thady Thady Moran/Atty Kilmartin Pat Brennen/Bridget Gallagher Mt Taffe
12/Jun James Martin Quinn/Bridget Kennedy Pat & Anne Kennedy Arnaugh
12/Jun James Martin Quinn/Bridget Kennedy William & Mary Durcan Dauuvris*
(*clear spelling-these may be different couples as note godparents and locations not the same)
12/Jun Winifred Anthony McNulty/Bridget Deehan Pat McNulty/Mary Deehan/Quinn Larvane
(For *Winifred I am positive I coped the godmother correctly-hope so as one less Mary Deehan to look at-also have records of McNultys with Quinns as godparents)
18/Jul Maritn Pat Cunnie/Mary Lyene/Freyne Michael Cunnie/Mary Clarke Kilmactiege
18/Jul Mary Pat Rochford/Bridget Cunnie Pat Cunnie/Mary Dearcy Culdalea
18/Jul Michael John Cunnie/Mary O’Hara Pat & Mary Cunnie Culdalea
28/Jul Ellen Peter Goldrick/Bridget Kennedy Thomas Kennedy/Bridget Walsh Carroreagh
28/Jul Margaret Thomas Gallagher/Catherine Quinn Luke Quinn/Nancy Morgan Aclare
28/Jul Mary Luke Kilmartin/Catherine Maye John Stenson/Catherine Foley Eskaugh
2/Aug John James Moran/Mary Cunnie John & Mary Cunnie Claddagh
5/Aug Atty Anthony & Nancy Goldrick John & Bridget Goldrick Mt Taffe
(think there was a twin-name?)
11/Sep James Michael Goldrick/Winifred Hegarty John Reiley/Mary Stevens Beleclare
13/Sep Annie &Atty Pat Maye/Kitty Fleming Lawrence & Kitty Maye Corroughboy
30/Sep Michael Michael Walsh/Mary Maye Pat Maye/Catherine Brett Corroughboy
20/Oct Winifred Pat Gentry/Mary Quinn Michael Toher or Tower/Bridget Gentry Kilmacteige
26/Oct Pat James Walsh/Nancy Battle Michael Walsh/Catherine Battle Kilmactiege
1/Nov Mary John Deehan/Mary Grogan *Martin Grogan/Biddy Deehan Glenavoo
(*May have been Mary Grogan…James/Biddy Deehan were Godparents in 1866 to Edward Connor (Pat Conor/Mary Deehan)–Only time she shows up.(Was I talking about the only time Biddy shows up?) Also note a Biddy/1859 born to Thomas Goldrick/Mary Deehan–Godmother, Mary Goldrick
11/Nov Edward Andrew McCoy/Bridget Quinn Ned & Bridget McCoy Dauvris
18/Nov Patrick* Michael O’Dowel/Catherine Quinn Dennis & Bridget O’Dowel Mt Taffe
18/Nov Patrick* Michael Dowd/Catherine Quinn Dennis & Bridget Dowd Mt Taffe
(*Same couple?)
20 Nov James Pat McNiff/?Ellen Goldrick Antny Goldrick/Winifred McNiff Glenavoo
25/Nov John John Cunnane/Mary Garvey Pat Cunnane/Mary Durcan-Duncan Tullinagulug
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
2/Dec Annie Martin Cunnie/Mary Gallagher Bridget Commins-Commons Swineford
16/Dec Winifred John Quinn/Bridget Gorry* Bridget Griffin Clurhy
16/Dec Winifred John Quinn/Bridget Gorry* Michael & Bridget Griffin* Clurhy
(probably same couple, and note *Griffin was substituted for Quinn as godparents name)
27/Dec Catherine Michael Battle/Nancy McNulty Michael Goldrick/Margaret McNulty Glenavoo
28/Dec Pat James O’Donnel/Ann Cunnie Mark Cunnie/Bridget O’Donnel Culdalea
30/Dec Mary John Connel/Alice Goldrick Antny Connel/Ellen? Gortesluin

16/Jan Bridget Michael Kinnane/Mary Quinn James Kinnane/Margaret Quinn Gortermone
20/Jan Anne James Christy/Catherine Quinn Martin & Margaret Quinn Culleens
22/Jan Catherine Larry McIntire/Mary Goldrick Pat McIntire/Bridget Stevens Aclare
26/Jan Austin Austin Cunnie/Mary Fleming Pat Fleming/Margaretaget Lundy Kincullew
27/Jan Pat* Thomas Goldrick/Mary Deehan Martin & Mary Deehan Lauravane*
27/Jan Patrick* Anthony Goldrick/Mary Deehan Martin & Mary Deehan Castlerock (*Laura-wan-maybe Castlerock…*Same couple???) Note Martin Deehan as godfather to his sister’s (Mary) child Pat-Mary Deehan godmothr again-same as one above?
(I know absolutely this record is correct-but note Antny Goldrick below, and similarities-namely Martin/Mary Deehan. Will have to wait until I go through entire film as they could be two different couples-problem is it adds an additonal Mary Deehan! I have this somewhere else in this mess, but again:
1)Thomas/Mary Deehan show up 1855 twice-20/Feb/Pat and 12/Apr/John(something incorrect here as not enough time between births: Then Biddy in 1859.
2)Antny/Mary Deehan show up 1855: 20/Feb/Pat and in Sept/Michael..which is only 7 months between births**But also in 1852 with another Michael! (Also there is no Antny Goldrick on Griffith’s, and as yet I have not found a marriage record between him and a Mary Deehan-but there he is reconfirmed below!!!!)
30/Jan Pat James McAlister/Mary Quinn Pat & Bridget Moran Carrowreagh
6/Feb John Pat Brennen/Bridget Maye James Sweeney/Atty Foley Eskaugh
10/Feb Mary Austin Rope/Bridget Battle John & Bridget Battle Oughavale
11/Feb John James Goldrick/Mary Cunny Thomas Godrick/Bridget Cunny Belclare
20/Feb** John Antny Goldrick/Mary Deehan Martin & Mary Deehan Castlerock
26/Feb Pat Antny Goldrick/Mary Deehan Thomas Carr/Margaret/Mary Deehan Castlerock
(**Twins-dates probably off)
3/Mar Pat John Cunnane/Catherine Gallagher Edwrd Cunnane/Ellen Gallagher Rhue
6/Mar Pat Martin Maye/Bridget Cunnane Thomas & Atty Stenson Tullinaglug*
(*may be Tullymoy)
10/Mar Catherine Thomas Carr/Bridget Goldrick Thomas Moran/Bridget Goldrick Castlerock
22/Mar Pat Pat McNulty/Bridget Goldrick Owen & Mary-Margaret Goldrick Castlerock
24/Mar Mary John Flynn/Bridget Loftus Michael Loftus/Catherine Neary Cloonbarry
4/Apr Patrick Pat Kivanne/Catherine Quinn Michael Quinn/Catherine Nolan Gort*
24/Apr John William Golden/Bridget Quinn Pat Quinn/Bridget Walsh Drimina
19/May James James Leonard/Bridget Quinn Thomas Brennan/M Leonard Drimina
17/Jun Anne John Cunnie/Mary Clarke John Cunnine/Mary Freeny Claddagh
17/Jul Pat Pat Mullen/Mary Dempsey Anthony & Bridget Cobry Tavniana
26/Jul John Thomas Loftus/Ellen O’Hara Thomas Loftus/Bridget Judge Aclare
27/Jul John Michael Griffin/Bridget Goldrick James & Mary Griffin Clurhy
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
6/Aug James Michael Ruane/Catherine Cawley Phil Cauley/Winifred Scanlin? Tavniana
6/Aug Pat Pat & Bridget Kildun John & Rose Kildun Tubberoddy
11/Aug Bridget Bryan Maye/Nancy O’Hara Michael & Margaret-Mary O’Hara Corroughboy
30/Aug Patrick __Quinn/Judith Mullaney ? Annagh
28/Sept Michael* Antny Goldrick/Mary Deehan* Martin Deehan/Bridget Goldrick Castleivor*
(*Castlerock?) (**This could have been 27/January-except on that date the names were Thomas Goldrick/Mary Deehan: And the son’s name was Pat and the godparents were Martin and Mary Deehan-remember Martin married Bridget-not Mary-Deehan.*There is something wrong here as Antny Goldrick/Mary Deehan had a Michael in 1852, another Michael here in 1855: and according to these records a **Pat born 7 months prior in Feb-have to get these corrected)
29/Sep Bridget James Goldrick/Bridget Walsh John Goldrick/Mary Walsh Clurhy
6/Oct James James Gallagher/Catherine Ruane James & Bridget Brennen Drimina
27/Oct John Michael Maye/Honor Waters Pat & Bridget Stevenson Banada
1/Nov Martin Thomas Ruane/Anne McDonaugh Owen Ruane/Winifred McDonaugh Clurhy*
3/Nov Martin* Pat Lynch/Winifred Quinn Michael & Mary Quinn Cloonbarry
3/Nov Thomas* Pat Lynch/Winifred Quinn Michael & Mary Quinn Cloonbarry
4/Nov Martin James Grogan/Ellen McNulty Martin Grogan/Mary McNulty Glenavoo
10/Nov Catherine Thomas Rochford/Catty Cunny Domonick & Mary Rochford Culddalea
14/Nov Thomas Michael Walsh/Mary Maye Thomas & Mary Maye Corroughboy
26/Nov Pat* Pat O’Connor/Mary Deehan James & Bridget Deehan Laurwane
2/Dec Thomas Thady Howley/Bridget Kildun Thomas & Mary Kildun Carrowreagh
8/Dec Thomas John Cunnie/Honor Gilvey John & Catherine McVey Drimina
(*father’s name may be John Cunnane)
9/Dec Thomas John Goldrick/Bridget Hegarty Pat Hegarty/Mary Roddy Clurhy
16/Dec Mary Michael Maye/Catherine Higgins William Gorry/Mary Maye Corroughboy

1/Jan Anne Thomas Carroll/Bridget Quinn Mark & Bridget Carroll Letterbrone
5/Jan Thomas Pat Flynn/Mary Quinn John Quinn/Mary Flynn Tullnaglug
11/Jan James Bryan Maye/Bridget Gentry *Michael Slake/Catherine Leonard Banada
(*Godfather may have been Pat Maye)
18/Jan Antny Pat Ruddy/Margaret Quinn Antny Ruddy/Mary Quinn Clurhy
20/Jan James Michael Cunnie/Mary O’Hara John & Catherine Cunnie Claddagh
26/Jan Pat Thomas Cunnie/Mary O’Hara John & Mary Quinn* Culdalea
(Godparents may have been John Mary Cunnie)
30/Jan Pat James McAlister/Mary Quinn Pat & Bridget Moran Carrowreagh
(Carrowreeagh–Believe this may be Carrowleagh which is just above Glenree or Carrownaglogh on the map) 1/Feb Catherine Antny & Bridget Cunnie John Horan/Bridget McIntyre Clurhy
3Feb James Thomas Goldrick/Atty McDermot Thomas Goldrick/Bridget McDermot Beleclare
9Feb Michael Michael Cunnie/Bridget Walsh John Walsh/Catherine Reid Carane
10/Feb Bridget Thomas Gallagher/Catherine Quinn ? Kincullew
10/Feb Bridget Michael Kilroy/Honor Quinn Pat Kilroy/Mary Gentry Carrowreagh
16/Feb Bridget James Kildun/Bridget Kennedy Thomas Durcan/Margaret Heneglen Tullymoy
28/Feb Atty John Quinn/Bridget Gurry Pat & Atty Flynn Clurhy
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
1/Mar ? Dennis Murtagh/Mary Cunnie Michael & Mary Murtagh Tubberroddy
8/Mar Pat Martin Quinn/Winifred Brennen John & Mary Lundy Coolrecull
11/Mar Michael Thomas Maye/Bridget Moran/Marren Pat Maye/Catherine Moran/Marren Tullinaglug
14/Mar Pat Andy McLeary/Bridget Quinn Dennis & Margaret McGory Dauvrin*
(name may be McGory-and location Daurvis)
17/Mar James James Cunnane/Elizabeth Brennen Peter Leydon/Atty Brennen Banada
28/Mar Anne Pat Brennen/Bridget Maye Domonick Brennen/Ellen Maye Easkaugh
5/Apr Pat Pat Kirrane-Kivanne/Catherine Quinn Michael Quinn/Catherine Nilan-Nolan Gortermone
( Or Gort–Galway) 12/Apr John Thomas Goldrick/Mary Deehan Pat Deehan/Bridget Battle Larvane
(Larvane* This is possibly Largan: The area on Lough Talt where the school and post office are-not Laurawan. On the map. Remember that this Mary Deehan was Martin Deehan’s sister….Pat was probably her brother as well as Martin’s…who was this Bridget Battle?..Probably not the Bridget who was married to Pat Deehan and had son Pat in 1847) 19/Apr Bridget Michael O’Dowd-O’Dowell/Catherine Quinn Pat Mary Quinn Mt Taffe
8/May Michael Martin & Katty Maye Michael Walsh/Nancy O’Hara Corroughboy
10/May Anne James Gallagher/Margaret Quinn Thomas Lundy/Mary Harmon Cloongoonah
10/May Mary Pat Cunnie/Bridget Durcan-Duncan John & Magaret Walsh Carane
16/May Margaret Michael Kirrane/Catherine May Pat & Bridget May Annagh
17/May Dennis Pat Gentry/Mary Quinn Thaddeus & Atty Quinn Kilmacteige
17/May Owen John Deehan/Mary Grogan Owen & Nancy Goldrick Glenavoo
(Nancy Goldrick could have been a Deehan or a Grogan) *(See below: John Goldrick and Mary McNulty/1877 **Witness at John Deehan’s marriage was Owen Gallagher..could be who this Owen was named for?)
17/May Anne Michael & Anne Goldrick Ellen Goldrick Clurhy
28/May Catherine Stephen Cunnie/Sarah Nelis Cornac Cunnie/Catherine Niles Culdalea
2/Jun Pat James Christy/Catherine Quinn Michael & Catherine Quinn Culleens
27/Jun Catherine James Leonard/Bridget Quinn Michael Quinn/Atty Brennan Drimina
5/Jul Bridget Henry Mullaney/Anne Kilmartin Pat Mullaney/Mary Kilmartin Curroy
17/Jul Bridget Peter Goldrick/Bridget Kennedy Pat & Mary Kennedy Carrowreagh
18/Jul Bridget John Flynn/Bridget Loftus John Seevy/Mary Foley Cloonbarry
19/Jul John John McHugh/Mary Maye Lawrence & Ellen McHugh Corroughboy
28Jul James William Golden/Bridget Quinn ? Drimina
2/Aug Margaret Michael Roddy/Mary Maye James Roddy/Catherine Maye Corroughboy
2/Aug Winifred Anthony Goldrick/Bridget McVeagh Anthony Goldrick/Catherine McVeagh Ellenagua?
9/Aug Margaret Anthony Goldrick/Mary Deehan Pat & *Margaret Deehan Glenavoo
(*Castlerock?) (**This could have been 27/January-except on that date the names were Thomas Goldrick/Mary Deehan: And the son’s name was Pat and the godparents were Martin and Mary Deehan-remember Martin married Bridget-not Mary-Deehan.*There is something wrong here as Antny Goldrick/Mary Deehan had a Michael in 1852, another Michael here in 1855, and according to these records a **Pat born 7 months prior in Feb-have to get these corrected)
16/Aug Thomas Pat Goldrick/Mary MacDonaugh James MacDonaugh/Mary Goldrick Gortesluin
27/Aug Michael James Goldrick/Mary Convey-Conley Martin Margaret Convey-Conley Belclare
28/Aug Brnrd Thomas Loftus/Ellen O’Hara James Devine/Ellen Durcan Aclare
30/Aug Mary John Dyer/Bridget Kilmartin John Kilmartin/Bridget Dyer Carane
30/Aug Pat Michael Quinn/Judy Mullarkey Pat Mullarkey/Bridget Gallagher Annugh
3/Sept Mary John Cunnane/Mary Garvey/Clarvey Michael Kildun/Anne Battle? Tullinaglug
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
5/Sept Michael James Wynne/Bridget Cunnie Pat & Catherine Wynne Kilmactiege
16/Sept Ellen Pat Cunnie/Mary Finney William Brett/Bridget Howley Kilmactiege
28/Sept Catherine Pat Kilmartin/Margaret Cahill Austin Walsh/Atty Gawley Tullnaploy
5/Oct James Thomas Kilmartin/Mary Brett John Kilmartin/Winifred Brett Easkeagh
6/Oct Michael James O’Connor/Bridget Quinn John & Anne Quinn Glenavoo
11/Oct Bridget John Cunnane/Anne Kennedy* Mark & Margaret Kennedy Carnappal**
(*Mother’s name may have been Bridget-**Cavnapapal?)
11/Oct Anne Luke Kilmartin/Catherine Maye James Brennen?Mary Walsh Eskaugh
18/Oct Margaret Anthony McNulty/Bridget Quinn Martin & Catherine Quinn Glenavoo
18/Oct Margaret Anthony McNulty/Bridget Deehan Martin & Catherine Deehan Glenavoo
19/Oct Peter Michael Goldrick/Winifred Hegarty Pat Lundy/Winifred Henry Beleclare
(Godparetns may have been Thomas Nancy Finlan)
24/Oct Bridget Pat Flynn/Mary Quinn Michael & Catherine Quinn Tullnaglag
8/Nov Honoria Pat Higgins/Anne Goldrick Thomas Gallagher/Mary Keaarany Gortesluin
15/Nov Thomas Thomas Duncan/Honoria Maye ? Teeymoy
13/Dec Honoria Pat Maye/Mary Gorry James Leary/Bridget Hurst Corroughboy
20/Dec Anthony John Connell/Ellen Goldrick James Keel/Anne Goldrick Gortesluin
28/Dec Thomas John & Mary Goldrick Pat & Mary Goldrick Clurhy

1857 John
10/Jan Margaret James O’Hara John & Mary Maye Gortermone
13/Jan John Martin Maye/Bridget Cunnane Pat Kennedy/Mary Flynn Tullymoy
26/Jan Pat Thomas Carroll/Bridget Quinn Michael Brennen/Anne Lavall Letterbrone
10/Feb Bridget Michael Kilroy/Honor Quinn Pat Kilroy/Mary Gentry Carrowreagh
13/Feb Mary Michael O’Dowell/Catherine Quinn John Quinn/Mary O’Dowell Mt Taffee
20/Feb Pat Martin Deehan/Bridget Goldrick Michael & Catherine Goldrick* Glenaagua**
(*nee Deehan ** probably Glenavoo…Martin Deehan/Bridget Goldrick m. 17/Feb./1856/Larvane)
21/Feb Mary Pat Walsh/Margaret Cunnie John Walsh/Anne Cunnane Rhue
28/Feb Atty John Quinn/Bridget Gurry Pat Flyn/Atty Quinn Clurhy
28/Feb Pat James Feely/Bridget Cunnane Edward Cunnane/Mary Feely Rhue
28/Feb Anne James Moran/Mary Cunny Pat Anne Gevahan* Claddagh
4/Mar Dillian James Brett/Bridget Goldrick John & Mary Brett Cloonbarry
7/Mar Pat Pat Roddy/Margaret Quinn Martin Quinn/Baby Loftus Glenavoo
13/Mar Pat John Cunny/Mary O’Hara William Duffy/Anne Kilmartin Culdalea
14/Mar John John Cunny/Mary Clark Michael & Mary Cunny Claddagh
14/Mar Pat Andrew McCory*/Bridget Quinn Dennis & Margaret McGory Daurvis
(name may be McLeary-and location Dauvrin)
19/Mar Patrick James O’Connor/Bridget Quinn Pat Quinn/Mary Hegeary Glenavoo
21/Mar Pat Anthony & Anne Goldrick Pat Goldrick/Catherine Neville Mt Taffe
12/Apr John Anthony & Bridget Cunny John & Kate Cunny Clurhy
16/Apr John Pat Cunniffe/Ellen Goldrick Charles Goldrick/Katy McIntire Clurhy
16/Apr Mary John Deehan/Mary Grogan James Deehan/Mary McNulty Glenavoo
19/Apr Luke Pat Cunnane/Honor Brett William Brett/Mary Henry Tullymoy
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
24/Apr Mary John Leonard/Atty Quinn James Leonard/Honoria Quinn Castlerock
2/May John Michael Kirvane/Mary Quinn Pat & Mary-Marg Quinn Gortermone
9/May Margaret* James Goldrick/Mary Neary Pat Higgins/Bridget Goldrick Gortesluin
(*may be Mary)
16/May Margaret Michael Kinnane/Catherine Maye Pat & Bridget Maye Annagh
(may be Kirrane)
6/Jun John Michael Walsh/Mary Kildun Bartley & Winifred Kildun Tubberoddy
11/Jun Mary Thomas Cunnie/Mary O’Hara James O’Hara/Mary Kelly Culdalea
18/Jun Atty Austin Roper/Bridget Battle John Brennen/Mary Roper Aughavale
20/Jun John Pat McNulty/Bridget Goldrick John O’Boyne/Mary Goldrick Casttlerock
22/Jun Pat James Christy/Catherine Quinn Michael & Catherine Quinn Culleens
27/Jun Pat Pat Kildrun/Mary Henry Thomas & Mary Durcan Rhue
27/Jun Catherine James Leonard/Bridget Quinn Michael Quinn/Atty Brennen Drimina
5/Jul Sarah Martin Battle/Bridget Mullarkey James Mullarkey/Honor Battle Aclare
6/Jul Katy James Gallagher/Peggy Quinn Pat Gallagher/Atty Quinn Cloongoon
8/Jul Bridget Andrew Gallagher/Nancy Cunnie Andrew Neary/Mary Gallagher Clurhy
18/Jul Bridget John Flynn/Bridget Loftus John Seevy/Mary Foley Cloonbarry
19/Jul Honoria Pat Walsh/Mary Maye Luke Kilmartin/Catherine Maye Rhue
28/Jul Michael Michael Griffin/Bridget Goldrick John Quinn/Honor Loftus Clurhy
15/Aug Mary Michael Quinn/Julia Mullanhey Pat Quinn/Bridget Mullhaney Gortermone
16/Aug Mary Cormac Cunnie/Atty Brennen Thomas Gauahan/Bridget Brennen Stonepark
28/Aug Brnrd Thomas Loftus/Ellen O’Hara James Devine/Ellen Durcan Aclare
28/Aug Mary John Goldrick/Bridget Murray John Murray/Catherine Goldrick Glenavoo
24/Sept Thomas Pat Connor/Mary Deehan Frank Mulligan/Peggy McNulty Glenavoo
16/Oct Brnrd James Gallagher/Catherine Ruane John Flynn/Anne Ruane Drimina
16/Oct James Bryan Maye/Anne O’Hara Luke & Bridget Mary Corroughboy
24/Oct Bridget Pat Flynn/Mary Quinn Michael & Catherine Quinn Tullanaglug
10/Nov John Bryan Maye/Bridget Ginty/Gentry Michael McHugh/Ellen Ginty/Gentry Banada
16/Nov Bridget Pat Murtagh/Anne Maye Michael Golby/Atty O’Hara Eskaugh
17/Nov Martin John Horan/Anne Cunnie John & Ellen Cunnie Claddagh
21/Nov Thomas Antny Murray/Bridget Goldrick James & Anne Goldrick Gortesluin
5/Dec Richard Michael Ruane/Catherine Cawley John Honoria Heneghan Tavniana
6/Dec Bridget Michael Goldrick/Anne McIntyre Pat & Kitty Goldrick Claddagh
9/Dec Thomas Thomas Goldrick/Mary Deehan John-James Sweeney/Mary Deehan Laurvane
12/Dec Thomas Michael Kilroy/Honor Quinn Pat & Bridget Quinn Carrowreagh

6/Jan Mary Michael Walsh/Atty May Thomas & Bridget Walsh Coolrerecuil
6/Jan Bridget Thomas Carr/Bridget Goldrick Thomas & Atty Goldrcik Castlerock
16/Jan Thomas John Kilmartin/Mary Harrington Thomas & Mary Kilmartin Eskaugh
26/Jan Pat Thomas Carroll/Bridget Quinn Michael Brennen/Anne Lavall Letterbrone
27/Jan Pat Thomas Ruane/Anne McDonaugh James & Bridget Goldrick Glenavoo
(mother.s name may have been McDonagel)
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
27/Jan Luke John Dyer/Bridget Kilmartin ? Carane
30/Jan Bridget John Cunnane/Catherine Gallagher Pat Garvey/Bridget Gallagher Rhue
13/Feb Mary *Michael O’Dowd/Catherine Quinn John Quinn/Mary O’Donnel* Mt Taffe
(surname may be O’Dowell)
13/Feb Michael James Harte/Atty Maye Pat Maye/Margaret Harte Gortermone
18/Feb Mary John Cunnane/Anne Kennedy Pat Kennedy/Anne Henegan Carnapapal?
6/Mar Mary Pat Mullen/Mary Ruane Anthony & Anne Ruane Mt Taffe
6/Mar Pat Pat Roddy/Margaret Quinn *Martin & Baby Loftus Glenavoo
(*May have been Martin Quinn & Baby Loftus)
19/Mar Pat James O’Connor/Bridget Quinn Pat Quinn/Mary Hegerty/Hegeary Glenavoo
27/Mar Mary John Maye/Bridget Marren** Michael Marren/Mary Maye Tullanaglug
(**mother’s name may have been Moran)
30/Mar Pat Michael Cunnie/Bridget Walsh John Nealin/Mary Murtagh*** Carane
(***godparents may have been Michael Walsh & Bridget Cunnie)
9/Apr Atty Pat Farwell/Bridget Dempsey Pat & Atty Reid Cloonca
10/Apr Mary John Deehan/Mary Grogan **James Deehan/Mary McNulty Glenavoo
(Note following: Mary 1853 and here in 1858. Mary born 1853 possibly died, and 2nd Mary born 1858/1859 possibly named for her. Godmother Mary Deehan could possibly have been nee Grogan? And Nancy Goldrick was possibly either a Deehan or a Grogan)**Possibly the James Deehan who married Catherineerin Goldrik..possibly John’s brother
{1/Nov/1853 Mary John Deehan/Mary Grogan Martin Grogan/Biddy Deehan Glenavoo}
{5/Jun/1855 Marg John Deehan/Mary Grogan Pat & Mary Deehan Lauvane}
{16/Apr/1858 Mary John Deehan/Mary Grogan James Deehan/Mary McNulty Glenavoo}
{17/May/1857 Owen John Deehan/Mary Grogan Owen & Nancy Goldrick Glenavoo}
14/Apr Mary Pat Cunnane/Margaret Doyle Martin Doyle/Catherine Mullarkey Gortermone
17/Apr Mary Dennis Murtagh/Mary Cunnie Austin & Mary Cunnie Tubberoddy
24/Apr Mary John Leonard/Atty Quinn James Leonard/Honoria Quinn Castlerock
2/May John Michael Kirvane/Mary Quinn Pat & Margaret-Mary Quinn Gortermone
7/May Michael Michael Cunny/Mary Walsh Tom & Kitty Fahy ?
23/May Kitty John Goldrick/Bridget Hegarty Michael & Mary Goldrick Glenavoo
Jun Mary James Goldrick/Bridget Walsh Pat & Margaret Devine Clurhy
15/Jun Mary Martin Deehan/Bridget Goldrick Antny Goldrick/Margaret-Mary Deehan** Larvane
(**See Anthony Goldrick and Mary Deehan 1855 above)
18/Jun James Martin Quinn/Bridget Kennedy Thomas Kennedy* Arnaugh
(* Witnesses may have been Pat McArole/Catherine Neary?)
3/Jul Catherine Michael Maye/Catherine Higgins Bernard Maye/Margaret Higgins Corroughboy
6/Jul Kitty/Katy James Gallagher/Peggy Quinn Pat Gallagher/Atty Quinn Cloongonagh
(Or Cloongoon)
26/Jul Bridget John Cunnane/Mary Garvey Thomas Kennedy/Catherine Duffey Tulanaglug
15/Aug Mary Michael Quinn/Julia Mullarkey* Pat Quinn/Bridget Mullarkey* Gortermone
(*surname may be Mullanhey)
29/Aug Winifred Michael O’Dowell/Catherine Quinn Pat & Mary Quinn Mountain
10/Sept Mary John Leonard/Bridget Quinn Thomas Quinn/Bridget Leonard* Drimina
(* Or Thomas&Bridget Leonard)
12/Sept James *Johanus Goldrick/Mary Commins John & Mary Goldrick Beleclare
(*2nd time read record had father’s name as James)

Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
26/Sept Thomas Pat Connor/Mary Deehan* Frank Mulligan/Peggy Mcnulty Glenavoo
(This couple had son Michael who married Anne Loftus) 12/Oct Mary John Calvey/Mary Ruane Pat Kelly/Sally Ruane Kincullen
14/Nov Bridget Pat Kennedy/Winifred Maye Martin Maye/Bridget Higgins Daurvis
16/Nov Bridget Pat & Bridget Goldrick Michael Nevlin/Catherine Goldrick Castlerock
21/Nov Thomas Peter & Bridget Goldrick* Thomas Goldrick/Anne Finlan Gortesluin
(*Father’s name may have been Pat…Bridget and Thomas twins?)
6/Dec Mary Dan Mulligan/Bridget Goldrick Michael & Catherine Garty Cloonca
12/Dec Thomas Michael Kilroy/Honor Quinn Pat & Bridget Quinn Carrowreagh*
(*Or Carrouncagh) 26/Dec Michael John Cunny/Mary Clarke Michael & Bridget Cunny Claddagh
26Dec Ellen Thomas Neary/Kitty Cunny Michael & Ellen Cunny Claddagh
26/Dec Anne William Gouldin/Bridget Quinn Pat & Kate Brennen Drimina

16/Jan Pat Matthew/Mary Battle Martin Horan/John Mullarkey Aclare
22/Jan Bridget Thomas Ruane/Anne McDonagh* Owen & Bridget Ginty/Gentry Glenavoo
(*mother’s name may have been McDonagel)
1/Feb Michael James Christy/Catherine Quinn Antny Mealie/Atty Christy Culleens
1/Feb Mary Michael Roddy/Mary Maye Martin Healy/Bridget Stevenson Cloonbarry
5/Feb Mary Martin & Margaret Grogan James & Bridget Clarke Lauravane
24/Feb Biddy Thomas Goldrick/Mary Deehan Pat Deehan/Mary Goldrick(Nee Deehan?*) Laravane*
(Or Larvane*)
8/Mar ? Thomas Carr/Bridget Goldstien Michael Carr/Mary Goldrick Castlerock
10/Mar Bridget Pat Walsh/Margaret Cunnane Edward Cunnane/Mary Feely Rhue
20/Mar Pat Pat Walsh/Anne Kildun James Goldrick/Mary O’Hara Tobberrody
5/Jun Peter Pat Cunniffe/Ellen Goldrick Martin Kennedy/Bridget Cunnane Glenavoo
18/Jun James Martin Quinn/Bridget Kennedy Pat McArole/Catherine Neary?* Annagh
(Witness may have been Thomas Kennedy & Mary McVey)
21/Jun Pat James Goldrick/Patty Walsh* Pat Walsh/Bridget Kildun Glenavoo
(*mother’s name may have been Kitty)
1/Jul Atty Pat Murtagh/Nannie Maye Pat Murtagh/Nannie Bradhal Bradhal
28/Aug Winifred Michael O’Dowd-O’Dowell/Cath Quinn Pat & Mary Quinn Mountain
29/Aug Luke Martin & Bridget Maye John Cunnane/Mary Clurhy-Garvey? Tubberoddy
10/Sept Mary James or John Leonard/Bridget Quinn Thomas & Bridget Leonard* Drimina
(*May be Thomas Quinn.Bridget Leonard)
27/Sept ? Anthony Murray/Bridget Goldrick John Murray/Ann Roddy Gortesluin
22/Oct Michael James & Mary Goldrick James Roddy Mary Higgins Gortesluin
29/Oct Michael Martin Deehan/Mary Goldrick* Pat & Mary Deehan Glenavoo
(*I believe that this is incorrect: Should be Bridget Goldrick. Note Mary Goldrick above: Copied same name again 2nd time I looked at film and has Mary:Priest may have made error)
30/Oct Mary John & Anne Goldrick John Miller/Atty Brennen Banada

Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
30/Oct James James & Bridget Goldrick *Pat Goldrick/Mary Roddy Gortesluin
(*godfather’s name may have been Peter -not Pat)
22/Dec John John Godrick/Bridget Kennedy Anthony Murray/Bridget Goldrick Glenavoo
26/Dec Thomas John Harte/Bridget Maye James & Kate Maye Cloongoonagh
26/Dec Anne William Golding/Bridget Quinn ? Drimina
27/Dec Mary Peter Goldrick/Bridget Finlan James & Mary Finlan Gortesluin
30/Dec Mary Michael Kildun/Bridget Cunnie Bartly Quinn Mt Taffe
31/Dec ? Thomas Walsh/Bridget Kildun Dennis O’Hara/Margaret Kildun Drimina

8/Jan Michael Pat Mullen/MaryRuane Michael Ruane/Margaret Murray Mt Taffe
14/Jan Bridget John Dyer/Bridget Kilmartin Hugh Dyer/Mary Kilmartin Lavane
14/Jan Bridget Pat Loftus/Mary Boyle/Coyne Bernard Bryan/Winifred Parhohall?* Gortermone
(*godmother name may have been Broadhall)
22/Jan Antny Michael/Anne Goldrick Pat Goldrick/Peggy Neary Glenavoo
22/Jan Honoria Thomas/Mary Gavahan Owen & Mary Cunnie Claddagh
28/Jan Pat Ned Cunnane/Sarah Vesey Pat Walsh/Alice Vesey Rhue
16/Feb Mary James Walsh/Anne Battle Pat & Mary Battle Clooneen
18/Feb Mary John Heneghan/May Quinn John Quinn/Mary Heneghan Tavniana*
(*or Launiena)
29/Feb Thomas Thomas Carroll/Bridget Quinn Terrence & Winifred Carroll Letterbrone
3/Mar Mary Pat Clarke/Mary Goldrick Michael Kirrane/Bridget Goldrick Castlerock
6/Mar Mary Thomas Neary/Mary Cunnie Pat Neary/Mary Cunnie Claddagh
10/Mar Pat* John Deehan/Mary Grogan Martin Deehan Glenavoo
(This Pat Deehan cannot be great-grandfather James Deehan’s father as his first son was born in 1847..this is probably John Deehan and Mary Grogan-see above–also note Martin Deehan as Godfather, which possibly means Pat and Martin were brothers, as well as James Deehan: See above) 10/Mar Pat John & Mary Deehan(or May) Martin Deehan/Bridget Lawley-Lowrey Glenavoo
17/Mar Kate John Kilmartin/Mary Harrington Thomas Kildun/Atty O’Hara Easkaugh
29/Apr James Pat & Mary Cunnie Pat Brodhall/Mary Cunnie Belclare
19/May John James Kilmartin/Atty Cawley Anthony Cawley/Bridget Brennen Knockahoney
27/May Bridget Michael Walsh/Atty Maye James Durcan/Anne Dempsey Caulrcuill
2/Jun Mary Pat Walsh/Anne Kildun Bartly & Winifred Kildun Tubberoddy
4/Jun Mary* John Quinn/Mary O’Hara Pat Dempsey/Mary O’Hara Culdalea
(*and William?)
10/Jun Thomas Michael Cunnie/Bridget Walsh John Walsh/Bridget Cawley Carrane
(*Or Barrane)
17/Jun Anne Michael Ruane/Kate Carroll Anthony Henry/Anne Cawley Glenavoo
27/Jun Bridget John Leonard/Atty Quinn Pat & Bridget Leonard Kincullew*
*(Kincullew: Kilmacteige(Civil Parish) Tobercurry(Poor Law Union) Or Kinkillew: Ballynakill (Civil Parish–Sligo (PLU)(Kinculllew is near Cloonbarry/Kilmactiege/Claddagh)
27/Jun Pat Anthony &Bridget Cunny Antny Brody/Sarah McQuinn(Meliunn?) Clurly
6/Jul Margaret John Cunnane/Kate Gallagher John Garvey/Bessy Hess Rhue
9/Jul ? James O’Hara/Anne Cunnie Pat Horan/Elizabeth O’Hara Claddagh
14/Jul John Michael Quinn/Judy Mullarkey Anthony Mullarkey/Ann Dunleary Annagh
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
18/Jul Margaret* James Gallagher/Mary Quinn James Lundy/Bridget Higgins Cloongoonagh
(*and William?)
29/Jul Mary John &Anne Goldrick John Roddy/Bridget Goldrick Gortesluin
29/Jul Mary Thomas Kilmartin/Mary Brett John Kilmartin/Mary Heneglan Easkaugh
4/Aug Andrew Michael Goldrick/Winifred Hegarty James Hegarty/Bridget Crommy Belclare
11/Aug Bridget John Maye/Bridget Moran* Mark & Margaret Moran* Tullanaglug
(*name may have been Marren)
19Aug John Michael Quinn/Bridget Mullen Martin & Mary Quinn Laviane*
*(Possibly Laurvane/Larvane in Lough Talt. Reread film: Has it as Taviana)
25/Aug Michael John & Mary Goldrick Dan Roddy/Kate Goldrick Glenavoo
25/Aug Anne Anthony Maye/Bridget Hayden Peter Brennen/Phobe Maye Rhue
26/Aug Mary Peter Harte/Ann Jordan Michael & Margaret Harte Cloongoonagh
27/Aug Michael Anthony O’Donnel/Mary Goldrick Pat Kivlehan/Bridget Goldrick Mt Taffe
28/Aug Mary John Walsh/Bridget Quinn Thomas Walsh/Judy Mullarkey Annagh*
*(Near Tobercurry)
1/Sept James Thomas Dunne/Alice Quinn Michael Haynes/Margaret Reiley Cloongoonagh*
(*Or Clooninagh) 12/Sept Pat & Bridget Martin Grogan//Margaret Clarke John Deehan/Peggy Grogan Glenavoo
20/Sept Mary** Pat Mullen/Mary Dempsey Michael Quinn/Bridget Dempsey Annagh*
(*or Taviana)
22/Sept Michael** Pat Mullen/Mary Dempsey Andy & Peggy Ruane Taviana
(**Mary and Michael were probably twins)
17/Oct Eliza Michael May/Mry Gorman Not Noted Not Noted 22/Oct Mary James O’Hara/Atty Kildun Hugh & Rose Kildun Aclare
1/Nov ? John Niland/Bridget Kilmartin John Murtagh/Mary Leonard Coolrecunll
16/Dec Biddy James Goldrick/Mary Quinn John & Ellen Goldrick Castlerock
16/Dec Thomas James Goldrick/Mary Quinn Pat & Bridget Quinn Castlerock
(Thomas and Biddy apparently twins-note that priest changed Pat Quinn from John Quinn)
28/Dec Anne John Goldrick/Kate Walsh John & Kate Walsh Glenavoo
29/Dec Bridget John Goldrick/Ann-Atty McDermott Thomas & Ann McDermott Letterbrone
30/Dec Bessy Thomas Stenson/Mary Goldrick John & Ann Goldrick Gortesluin
30/Dec Mary John Stenson/Bridget Kildun Pat Kildun/Atty Stenson Eskaugh

5/Jan Bridget John O’Donnell/Mary Maye John Mullarke/Mary Maye Castlerock
13/Jan Thomas Michael Goldrick/Anne Jennings Pat Walsh/Mary Jennings Banada
20/Jan Pat Andy McIntire/Margaret Quinn* Michael Carty/Honor McIntire Annagh
20/Jan ? Pat McIntire/Mary Quinn* ? Annagh
(*These could be the same couple)
3/Feb Mary Pat Flynn/Mary Quinn John & Anne Quinn Tullnaglug*
*(Kilmacteige (Civil Parish)–Tobercurry (PLU)
3/Feb Honor John Cunnane/Honor Gilvey John & Kate Gilvey Drimina
3/Feb Kate Pat Cunny/Bridget Durcan Michael & Bridget Walsh Lavane*
(*may be Carane)
23/Feb Mary James Goldrick/Mary Conway *Martin Conway/Mary Goldrick Beleclare
3/Mar Pat Michael Kildun/Bridget Higgins Henry & Mary Higgins Clooneen
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
3/Mar Katie Pat Roddy/Peggy Quinn Martin & Anne Quinn Glenavoo
9/Mar Dan Martin Deehan/Bridget Goldrick+ Pat Deehan/Mary Goldrick** Larvane
(*Nee Deehan, Martin’s sister who married Anthony Goldrick?) (Apparently *Tom Goldrick, **Mary Goldrick, and and Bridget Goldrick were siblings: I am assuming the Pat Deehan (Godfather to Michael/1859 and Dan/1861) was Martin’s brother: One more bit of evidence that he was. Hopefully this Pat is great-grandfather’s father, which would make Martin Deehan great-grandfather’s uncle, and first cousin to the children of Martin Deehan/Bridget Goldrick–It follows that since Martin Deehan was Godfather to Pat/1860 then John Deehan was his brother: John, Martin, and Pat Deehan, as well as Mary Deehan (married to Antny Goldrick) were all siblings…also remember James, Margaret and Bridget Deehan who were godparents way back when) If this is correct then Alfie and I are fourth cousins

15/Mar John Martin Battle/Kate Brett John Brennen/Bridget Battle Stonepark
24/Mar Kate Michael Dowd/Kate Quinn John & Bridget Dowd Mt Taffe
31Mar Mary Thomas & Bridget Goldrick James & Margaret/Mary Goldrick Gortesluin
14/Apr Anne John Flynn/Bridget Loftus Pat Flynn/Bridget Heneghen Cloonbarry
14/Apr Mary Bryan Maye/Anne O’Hara Pat Maye/Mary Garvey Corroughboy
28/Apr Thomas Michael Walsh/Mary Kildun Pat Walsh/Anne Heneghan Tubberrody
4/May Mary Pat Gentry/Mary Quinn* Edward & Bridget Quinn Kilmactiege
4/May Atty Pat Gentry/Mary Quinn* Michael O’Hara/Atty Kildun Kilmactiege
(*Could be the same couple; Mary and Atty are twins, and different godparents for each child?)
12/May ? Anthony Cadry/Mary Kildun Michael Cadry/Mary Kelly Mt Taffe
26/May Mary Thomas Carr/Bridget Goldrick Anthony & Cecelia Leone Castlerock
4/Jun Mary Michael Griffin/Bridget Goldrick James & Bridget Morgan Clurhy
6/Jun Mary James Goldrick/Bridget Walsh Michael Walsh/Mary Kildun* Glenavoo
(*may be Pat Margaret Divine)
12/Jul Attracta Michael Kilroy/Honoria Quinn Pat Gallagher/Ann Kelley Carrowreagh
(*Or Carrnnegh) 21/Jul Michael Bryan May/Bridget Ginty James & Mary May Banada
21/Jul John Andy McCoy/Bridget Quinn Andy McCoy/Kate Stenson Dauvris
28/Jul Mary James Walsh/Bridget Maye Martin & Mary Walsh Tourlestrane
11/Aug John Pat McNulty/Bridget Goldrick Nell Clarke/Margaret Goldrick Castlerock
15/Aug Thomas Pat Murtagh/Anne Maye James Murtagh/Ellen Maye Easkeagh
18/Aug Anne Peter Goldrick/Bridget Finlan James & Mary Finlan Gortesluin
25/Aug James James Christy/Kate Quinn John Quinn/Anne Brennen Annagh*
(*or maybe Culleens)
1/Sept Bridget John Connell/Ellen Goldrick Pat McNulty/Bridget Connel Gortesluin
1/Sept Mary Michael Walsh/Mary Maye John & Mary Walsh Corroughboy
8/Sept James Pat Walsh/Bridget Kildun Pat Deehan/Mary Kildun Tubberoddy
8/Sept Bridget James Conor-O’Conor/Bridget Quinn Thomas O’Conor/Ellen Quinn Lauravane*
(*Or Fauvauane?)
15/Sept Anne Cormac Brennen/Mary Maye John/Anne_? Lorlvecrrill
18/Sept John Michael Kildun/Bridget Connell Anthony Connel/Margaret Kildun Mt Taffe
22/Sept Winifred Michael Roddy/Mary Maye Michael & Mary Finan Cloonbarry
23/Sept Martin James Battle/Anne Fleming Nick Lundy/Honoria Battle Corroughboy

Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
2/Oct Catherine Thomas Neary/Kate Cunnie James Moran/Mary Leonard Claddagh
6/Oct Catherine Martin Quinn/Bridget Kennedy Michael Burke/Mary Quinn Annagh
20/Oct Anne Michael Kirvane/Mary Quinn John Rodgers/Bridget Kirvane Gortermone
9/Nov Margaret Martin Maye/Bridget Durcan Bryan Maye/Margaret Kennedy Coolrecuill
17/Nov James Pat Maye/Bridget Duffy James Harte/Atty Maye Tullinaglug
17/Nov Pat Michael Walsh/Atty Maye John & Mary Walsh Coolrecuill
17/Nov Kate Luke Maye/Bridget Higgins Michael & Bridget Maye Corroughboy
17/Nov Anne Michael Maye/Kate Higgins John Walsh/Kate Harte Corroughboy
1/Dec Anne John Cunnane/Mary Garvey Thomas & Anne Garvey Tullymoy
1/Dec Mary James Walsh/Bridget Kildun James Kildun/Mary Cahill Tullanaglug
1/Dec Mary *Michael & Mary Goldrick John & Bridget Goldrick Glenavoo
(*father’s name may have been Michael May)
21/Dec Thomas John & Honora Goldrick Michael & Mary Goldrick Glenavoo
29/Dec Mary John Kennedy/Kate Quinn Martin & Mary Quinn Gortermone
29/Dec Atty John Cunnane/Kate Kilmartin Mary Kilmartin Carnagupal*
(*or Cavnagupal)

12/Jan Bridget Michael Leonard/Atty Goldrick Thomas Carr/Bridget Goldrick Castlerock
16/Jan John Anthony Murray/Bridget Goldrkck Pat & Kate Goldrick Taunigraphy
2/Feb Attracta John Cunnane/Bridget Henry Pat & Mary Henry Rhue
2/Feb Mary Pat Connor/Mary Deehan James Deehan/Mary McNulty Lauravane
6/Feb Thomas John Goldrick/Bridget Murray Thomas Murray/Mary Goldrick Glenavoo
6/Feb Rose John O’Donnel/Mary Maye John Mullarkey/Mary Killoran Castlerock?
16/Feb Bridget James Leonard/Bridget Quinn Frank Quinn/Ann Howley? Drimina
20/Feb Bridget John Kildun/Mary Walsh Luke Walsh/Winifred Dunne Lislea
22/Feb Kate Anthony McNulty/Bridget Deehan James Griffin/Mary Maye Laurvane
23/Feb Pat Pat Cunnane/Honoria Brett James Brennen/Mary-Margaret Rooney Tullymoy
13/Mar Pat John Cunnie-Cunny/Margaret Gallagher* Pat Cunnie/Anne Gallagher Claddagh
(*Could be Mary)
13/Mar Anthony Pat McNiffe/Ellen Goldrick John Goldrick/Bridget Ginry Glenavoo
16/Mar Anthony Pat Mullen/Mary Ruane John Ruane/Ellen Mullen Mt Taffe
20/Apr Pat* John Harte/Bridget Maye Pat & Mary Harte Cloongoonagh
(*child’s name may have been Peter-or twins?)
25/Apr Maria James Goldrick/Mary Quinn Owen Goldrick/Mary McVean Castlerock
14/May Biddy&William William & Bridget Quinn ? Clurhy?
29/May John Michael Kirrane/Kate Maye Pat Reid/Mary Farrell Annagh
22/Jun Margaret James O’Hara/Atty Kildun Pat Kildun/Winifred Howby Aclare
22/Jun John Thomas Kildun/Alice Quinn Dan O’Hara/Mary Gallagher Drimatrin*
(*or Cloongoonagh)
22/Jun Mary James O’Brien/Annie Rafferty John & Mary Goldrick Gortesluin
29Jun Margaret John McGoldrick/Mary Sweeny John McQuinn/Kate Harte Tourlestrane
6/Jul ? Pat Clarke/Mary Goldrick Pat Regan/Atty Kirrane Castlerock

Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
10/Jul Michael Michael Quinn/Bridget Mullen-Muller Peter Garley-Corley/Ellen Quinn Tavniana*
(*Or Favniane?)
12/Jul ? James Jennings/Kate Kilmartin Luke & Bridget Brennen Curroy
31/Aug Luke Pat Maye/Bridget Duffey Mark Carrol/Winifred Stenson* Eskaugh**
(*godparents may have been Pat Kennedy & Atty Duffy-and location **Tullinaglug)
6/Sept Pat John & Mary Goldrick William Roddy/Bridget Goldrick Glenavoo
16/Sept Michael John Goldrick/Kate McIntyre Pat & Bridget Kensy Claddagh
19/Sept Austin Thomas Cunnie/Mary O’Hara Austin Cunnie/Winifred Dearsy Culdalea
30/Sept James Pat Cunnie/Pat Ferain* Pat McDonnel/Peggy Conway Kilmactiege
2/Oct Hugh John Kilmartin/Mary Harrington Michael Gauaglan/Atty Kilmartin Easkaugh
5/Oct Bridget Michael Quinn/Judy Mullarkey John Neary/Bridget Quinn Annagh
5/Oct Michael John Heneghan/Mary Quinn James & Peggy(Mary?) Quinn Fauniana*
(*Or Tavniana)
20/Oct Mary Thomas Stevenson/Mary Goldrick James & Kate Goldrick Gortelsin
19/Nov William John Cunnie/Mary O’Hara Thomas & Kate Cunnie Culdalea
21/Nov James John Deehan/Mary Grogan James McNulty/Peggy Clarke Glenavoo
(Could this John Deehan be possibly related to greatgrandfather James Deehan: His uncle?)
30/Nov James Michael Goldrick Anne Jennings Thomas Goldrick/Mary Walsh Banada
21/Dec Bridget Michael Cunnie/Bridget Walsh Pat Cunnie/Bridget Ducan Carane*
(*Or Favane)

6/Jan ? Thomas Sweeny/Bridget Kilmartin Pat Kilmartin/Bridget Brennen Cloonbarry
6/Jan John John Stenston/Bridget Kildun Bartly Kildun/Ellen O’Hara Easkaugh
5/Feb Michael Michael Cunnie/Mary O’Hara Michael & Sarah O’Hara Claddagh
8/Feb Bridget Andrew McIntyre/Margaret Quinn James Quinn/Mary Henry Annagh
15/Feb Magaret James Goldrick/Mary Conway Peter-Pat Goldrick/Peggy Conway Beleclare
22Feb Mary John Kilmartin/Ann Walsh Michael Kneefey/Mary Walsh Carrowreagh
25/Feb Pat James Kilmartin/Atty Cawley John Harte/Bridget Maye Knockahoney
1/Mar Pat Pat Kennedy-Keenan/Mary Maye Thomas & Kate Maye Banada
1/Mar Ellen Thomas & Bridget Goldrick John & Ellen Goldrick Gortesluin
15/Mar Honoria Pat Loftus/Mary Boyne/Coyne Martin Brodhal/Anne Neary Gortermone
17/Mar Pat Michael Neary/Bridget Goldrick Charles O’Rouke/Anne McHugh Castlerock
5/Apr Bridget Pat Roddy/Mary Quinn Pat Quinn/Mary Higgins Glenavoo
10/Apr Atty Thomas Carroll/Bridget Quinn William Moran/Mary Carrol Letterbrone
20/Apr Pat Pat Deehan/Rose Kildun* John & Bridget Deehan Laravane
(Is this the same *Pat born to Pat Deehan and Bridget Battle on 10/May/1847…My great, great, grandparents? (Godparents: James Battle/Mary Deehan Glenavoo) he would have been about 16-and about 30 when his last child Martin was born in 1877 (see below). It’s within the realm of possibilities that he could have been a father at that early age. Recheck the 1901 Census and see what year he put down as his birth date..Note that his first son was named Pat..and according Irish tradition the first son was named for the father’s father–could be the Pat who married Catherine Horan in 1894….also *See 4/May/1861: Michael O’Hara/Atty Kildun Kilmactiege and 22/Jun/1862 Thomas Kildun/Alice Quinn Drimatrin)
20/Apr Antny John Goldrik/Bridget Murray Antny Murray/Mary Goldrick Glenavoo
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
3/May John Luke Maye/Bridget Higgins John & Kate Higgins Corroughboy
3/May Atty Thomas Maye/Mary Stenson Pat Murtagh/Mary Brennen Eskaugh
5/Jun James James Goldrick/Bridget Walsh John & Mary Walsh Clurhy
12/Jun Pat John Kildun/Mary Walsh Bartly & Atty Quinn Lislea
15/Jun John Pat Gentry/Mary Quinn Michael Gentry/Atty Quinn Kilmacteige
28/Jun Margaret John Kennedy/Kate Quinn John Kennedy/Margaret Quinn** Gortermone*
(**Or James/Ellen Carby and *Tauniana…location could be Carreagh)
12/Jul John Pat Goldrick/Mary McGarrik James O’Brien/Bridget Goldrick Gortesluin
19/Jul James Pat Walsh/Bridget Cunnie Joseph Walsh/Bridget Brennen Drimina
26/Jul Anthony Martin Deehan/Bridget Goldrick James & Mary Goldrick Laurawane*
(*or Larvane)
16/Aug Mary James Battle/Anne Flemming Michael McHugh/Kate Battle Corroughboy
23/Aug Luke John Walsh/Bridget Quinn John Kelly/Bridget Walsh Annagh*
(*Near Tobercurry)
13/Sept John John Cunnie-Cunnane/Bridget Henry Hugh & Anne Henry Rhue
27/Sept Mary Michael Walsh/Mary Kildun James Goldrick/Bridget Walsh Tubberroddy
27/Sept ? Thomas Neary/Kate Cunnie Michael Dunne/Mary Cunnie Claddagh
11/Oct John John Dyer/Bridget Kilmartin ? Gilligan/Mary Gallagher Lavane
1/Nov Bridget James Walsh/Bridget Kildun John Walsh/Bridget Murtagh Tullinaglug
1/Nov John John Flynn/Bridget Loftus Michael Loftus/Bridget Battle Cloonbarry*
*(Note: Annagh, Cloonbarry, Drimina, and Gortermone are just off the road to Tobercurry, and close to it)
4/Nov Edward John O’Donnel/Mary Maye John & Bridget Egan Castlerock
15/Nov Mary James Goldrick/Kate O’Hara John Dooney/Ann Kelly Gortermone
22/Nov Anne Michael Walsh/Atty Maye Pat & Mary Walsh Coolrecuill

20/Feb Catherine Pat & Catherine Goldrick John & Atty Goldrick Gortesluin
1/Mar Michael Michael Quinn/Bridget Gallagher Roger McCarrik/Ellen O’Connor Tourlestrane
1/Apr Anne Michael Quinn/Bridget Mullen-Muller Mary Heneghan Tavniana*
(*Or Lavniana)
1/May James Michael Leonard/Atty Goldrick Thomas Goldrick/Libby-Sibby Leonard Castlerock
3/May John John Cunnane/Mary Garvey Michael Garvey/Peggy Durcan Tullinaglug
3/May Michael Martin Quinn/Bridget Kennedy Michael Kennedy/Mary-Margaret Quinn Annagh
(* Or Culvalee) (**This James Deehan cannot be great-grandfather as his father’s name was Pat-not James, and in 1877 when great, grandfather married, this James Deehan would have been about 13. Also are these the same persons–if so why different towns? Is Culvalee close to Glenavoo, or perhaps it is Glenavoo but the hadndwriting by the PP was not clear?) 18/Jul James* Michael & Mary Goldrick John & Bridget Goldrick Glenavoo
17/Jul James** James Deehan/Catherine Goldrick Pat Deehan/Mary McNulty Glenavoo*
(*Culvalee–Culdaly?-Pronounced Cul-dal-ee)
Jul Michael* Michael & Mary Goldrick John & Bridget Goldrick Glenavoo
20/Jul Ellen John Stenson/Bridget Kildun Matt Stenson/Mary Kilcoyne Eskaugh
20/Jul Bridget Thomas Carr/Bridget Goldrick Michael Catherine Carr Castlerock
26/Jul Anne Brian Maye/Nancy O’Hara Pat & Mary Maye Corroughboy
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
3/Aug Michael Pat Clark/Mary Goldrick Thomas Murray/Bridget Goldrick Castlerock
10/Aug Michael Thady Howley/Bridget Kildrun John & Anne Kildun Carrowreagh
17/Sept Bartly Thomas Kildun/Bridget Bewoy John Bewoy/Bridget Leonard Carrowreagh
18/Sept Michael Michael Quinn/Judith Mularkey John Quinn/Nelly McArrick Annagh*
(Co Monagham?)
1/Oct Ellen James Christy/Catherine Quinn Martin Quinn/Ellen Brennan Culleens
1/Oct Michael Martin Grogan/Margaret Clarke Michael & Margaret Clarke Glenavoo
20/Oct Annie James Leonard/Bridget Quinn Thomas & Catherine Quinn Drimina*
30/Oct John Pat Murtagh/Annie Maye Michael Murtagh/Nancy Foley Eskaugh
1/Nov Mary Martin Kildun/Judith Foy Michael Dunne/Mary Neary Claddagh
1/Nov John James & Mary Goldrick-Gouldrick Anthony McNulty/Katty Goldrick Castlerock
21/Nov Pat John Horan/Ellen Cunny Pat Neary/Margaret Gallagher Aclare*
(*or Belane)
4/Dec Catherine Thomas Stenson/Mary Goldrick John & Catherine Stenson Gortesluin
5/Dec Anthony John & Mary Goldrick Pat & Catherine Goldrick Glenavoo
(could be Pat Gallagher and Catherine Goldrick)

1/Jan Pat James Walsh/Bridget Kildun John & Bridget Kilmartin Tullinaglug
14/Jan James John Goldrick/Honor Walsh James Goldrick/Nancy Horan-Moran Glenavoo
14/Jan Pat* John Cunny/Peggy Gallagher Thomas Neary/Mary Leonard Claddagh
14/Jan Bridget* John Cunny/Peggy Gallagher Thomas & Bridget Cunny Claddagh
15/Jan Michael Martin Deehan/Bridget Goldrick Pat Deehan/Bridget Goldrick Glenavoo
20/Jan Bridget Thomas Sweeney/Bridget Kilmartin Thomas Gallagher/Catherine Kilmartin Cloonbarry
29/Jan Anthony Pat Loftus/Mary Laying James Feely/Mary Quinn Gortermone*
*(Gortermone: Kilmacteige (Civil Parish)–Tobercurry (PLU)
3/Feb Pat Thomas & Mary Cunney Pat & Mary Cunney Culdalee
5/Feb Thomas Pat Cunny/Mary Clarke Ned Clarke/Winnie Cunny Claddagh
(could be John Cunny-note next couple)
5/Feb Thomas John Cunny/Mary Clarke Ned Clarke/Winny Cunny Claddagh
20/Feb Catherine Thomas Goldrick/Mary Lundy Peter Goldrick/Catherine Lundy Kilmactiege
25/Feb Bridget John Goldrick/Bridget Murray Antny Murray/Catherine Farrell Glenavoo
1/Mar Joseph James Kildun/Mary Durcan John & Alice Durcan Tullymoy
7/Mar Pat Daniel Calvey/Atty Loftus John Normaly/Nelly Calvy Kincullew*
11/Mar Anne Timothy& Mary Quinn Pat & Bridget Quinn Cloondiveen*
(Or Cloonduieen*)
12/Mar Martin Martin Quinn/Mary Giligan John Giligan/Mary Brett Mt Taffee
12/Mar Martin John Deehan/Mary Grogan *James Grogan/Mary Deehan Glenavoo
(*Was James Grogan Mry’s brother or father?) 25/Mar Pat James Jennings/Catherine Kilmartin Pat & Margaret Jennings Tourlestrane
3/Apr Martin Martin Quinn/Mary Giligan John Giligan/Mary Brett Mt Taffee
16/Apr James John Kildunne/Mary Walsh John & Biddy Walsh Lislea
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
22/May Margaret Michael Kilroy/Honor Quinn Pat Gallagher/Mary Carrol Carraneagh
(or Carreagh/Carrowreagh?)
25/Jun Anne Pat Cunnane/Honor Brett William & Ann Brett Tullymoy
25/Jun Anne Pat Cunny/Mary Franey Bartly Conway/Mary Cunney Kilmactiege
17/July Dan Patrick Deighan/Mary Battle Tobercurry 14/231
(Dromore West?: Could this Patrick be greatgrandfather’s brother who was born in 1847-he would be about 18 in 1865-Note Bridgete’s name was also Battle, same as great-great-grandmother Bridget Battle..also note they named the boy Dan the same as one of Martin Deehan’s son!)
28/Jul Thomas Bryan Slache/Noney Quinn John & Mary Durcan Tobercurry
(possibly 1845?)
12/Aug Pat Luke Maye/Bridget Higgins Pat & Anne Maye Corroughboy
12/Aug Catherine Thomas May/Mary Stenson Martin & Mary Stenson Eskevagh*
(or Keragh?*)
14/Aug Catherine Michael Cunny/Mary O’Hara Pat & Mary Cunny* Claddaagh
(*godparents coul have been Pat Mary O’Hara)
20/Aug John Thomas Carroll/Bridget Quinne Michael Kilroy-Kilvey/Honor Quinn Letterbrone
27/Aug Anne Thomas Neary/Catherine Cunny Pat O’Hara/Mary McNulty Claddagh
27/Aug Mary Michael Neary/Biddy Goldrick James Goldrick/Honor McEvan Castlerock
10/Sept William John Kilmartin/Mary Harrington Thaddy Moran/Biddy Stenson Eskevvagh
10/Sep Bridget Michael Kildun/Bridget Connel Pat & Mary Connel Glenavoo
16/Sept Margaret Pat Flynn/Margaret Quinn Pat Moran/Mary Rogers Tullinaglug*
*(Tullanaglug: Kilmacteige (Civil Parish)–Tobercurry (PLU)
16/Sept Mary William Gouldin/Bridget Quinn ? Drimina
2/Oct Michael Pat & Catherine Goldrick Thomas & Mary Goldrick* Glenavoo
{5/Feb/1856 Thomas & Maria Goldrick* Antny Murray/Jacobus O’Brien Glenavoo?}
(*Same couple?)
9/Oct Matthew Dennis Murtagh/Mary Cunney John Murtagh/Ellen Cunney Lislea
16/Oct John Martin Maye/Bridget Durcan Pat Maye/Catherine Durcan Coolrecuill
16/Oct Michael John Walsh/Bridget Quinn Michael & Nancy Quinn Annagh
8/Nov Michael Thomas & Bridget Goldrick Michael & Ellen Goldrick Gunthursling*
(*probably Gortesluin)
8/Nov John James Battle/Ann Flemming James & Catherine Fleming Corroughboy
17/Nov Anne Pat Dunigan/Nelly Quinn Michael Dunigan/Mary Walsh Tobercurry
(*or Tavniana/Townana/ Livniana)
18/Nov Sarah John Cally/Mary Ruane Thady Howley/Sally Ruane Kincuillew
18/Nov Thomas Pat Connor/Ellen Maye Michael Scully/Mary Brennen Tavnana
(or Townana)
19/Nov Anne Pat Dunnigan/Nelly Quinn Michael Dunnigan/Mary Walsh Tavniana*
(*Both of these were very clear, and note the difference in spelling)
20/Nov Michael Michael Walsh/Mary Kildun Michael & Mary Walsh Tubberroddy*
(*Very clear)
4/Dec Mary Michael Kinnane/Catherine May ? Cavan
(*Year may have been 1845)
6/Dec Bridget Michael Quinne/Bridget Gallagher Pat Quinn Kilmacteige
21/Dec John Pat Dooney/Bridget Goldrick John Dooney/Mary Goldrick Castlerock

Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
2/Jan Edward Pat Connor/Mary Deehan James & Biddy Deehan Laurvane*
(Phonetic pronunciation is Laura-wan: As in the woman’s name and “wand” without the “d”)
7/Jan John John O’Dowell/Mary May James May/Mary Fleming Castlerock
8/Jan Bridget Edward Quinne/Mary Gallagher John Gallagher/Winny Ginty Kincuillew*
(*Kincuillew: This is near Cloonbarry/Kilmactiege/Claddagh: Civil Parish is Kilmactiege, Superintenden Registrar’s Office is Tobercurry) 10/Jan Ellen Martin Quinn/Anne Durcan Thomas Durcan/Catherine O’Hara Clooneen
12/Jan Atty John Quinn/Mary Horan James & Honor Moran Carrowreagh
13/Jan Bridget Michael Quinn/Bridget Gallagher Pat Quinn/Ellen Brennen Kilmacteige
13/Jan Margaret James Goldrick/Bridget Walsh Michael & Atty Lundy* Glenavoo
(*could be Mary Walsh)
25/Jan Ellen Martin Quinn/Anne Durcan Thomas Durcan/Catherine O’Hara Clooneen
10/Feb John John O’Donnel/Mary Maye James May/Mary Fleming Catlercok
11/Feb Bridget Edwrd Quinn/Mary Gallagher John Gallagher/Winny Ginty Kincullew*
(*Kinculllew is near Cloonbarry/Kilmactiege/Claddagh:Civil Parish , Kilmacteige, Superintendent Registrar’s Offiice, Tobercurry)
12/Feb Atty John Quinn/Mary Horan ? Carraugh*?
*(This could be Carraun or Carrowreagh: Achonry, Kilmacteige, Castleconor*(Civil Parishes)–Tobercurry, Dromore West (PLUS)-Three locations for this name—or could be Carrowreagh)
13/Feb James John Deighan/Winnifred Murray Tobercurry Dromore West*
16/Feb John *Pat Deehan/Rose Dunne/Kildunne Bartly & Winny Dunne Larvaun
(4/616*Larvaum-*Pat Deehan son of Pat Deehan/Bridget Battle b.1847-Could this be him at about age 19? 4/616*) 17/Feb Atty John Quinn/Mary Horan James & Honor Moran Carrowreagh
1/Mar Pat &Anne Andrew Gallagher/Nancy Cunny? Michael Bridget-Honor Gallagher* Glenavoo
(*also Bridget Cunny)
11/Mar Pat John Leonard/Attracta Quinn Pat & Honor Quinn Castlereagh*
(*Castlerock also indicated)
20/Mar Thomas Austin Roper/Bridget Battle Pat Peyton/Mary Battle Oughval
25/Mar Martin James Goldrick/Catherine O’Hara John Neary/Kate Quinn Castlerock
8/Apr Pat Michael Quinn/Bridget Mullen Martin Grogan/Ellen Quinn Laurvane*
(Taviniana also indicated)
21/Apr John James & Catherine Deeghan John & Attracta Goldrick Glenavoo
(Note this spelling, as same except for added “g” John Deehan who married Mary Grogan ahd first chid Margaret in 1853 so cannot be him)
12/May Michael Thomas Walsh/Bridget Kildun Pat Kildun/Mary Walsh Drimina
22/May Mary Mark Cunny/Honor O’Hara John & Mary O’Hara Culdalee
3/Jun Mary Thomas Goldrick/Mary Lundy John Goldrick/Mary Gallagher Kilmactiege
19/Jun John James Deehan/Catherine Goldrick ? Aclare
(Or Tobercurry…9/532)
16/Jul Mary John Goldrick/*Honor Walsh Pat Walsh/*Biddy McHale Glenavoo
(*Mother’s or Godmother’s name may have been Mary*)
18/Jul Michael Michael Walsh/Attracta Maye Michael & Mary Walsh Coolrecull
29/Jul James Michael Quinn/Julia Mullarkey Not Noted Annagh 16/Aug John Andrew Conway/Bridget May Michael May/Bridget Keane Dunmathin
16/Aug James Pat O’Hara/Mary Quinn Michael O’Hara/Catherine Quinn Annagh

Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
30/Aug John Martin Conway/Mary Loftus Michael Conway/Bridget Loftus Culdalea
(*year may have been 1846..this may be Culdayly pronounced Culdalee)
1/Sept* Ellen Thomas Stenson/Mary Goldrick Pat Goldrick/Bridget Roper Gortesluin
(*see 4/Dec below)
27/Sept Michael Thomas Gallagher/Mary Loftus Rev Thomas Judge/Mary Gallagher Cloonbarry
(*year may have been 1846)
20/Sep Winifred Charles Goldrick/Catherine Mcintyre Ned Morgan/Bridget Mcintyre Claddagh
20/Sept Michael* James Goldrick/Anne Connel Pat Conel/Bridget Hegarty Gortesluin
20/Sept John* James Goldrick/Anne Connel John Goldrick/Honor Mullaney Gortesluin
30/Sept Mary Thomas Ruane/Anne McDonnell Anthony Gallager/Bridget Cunny Glenavoo
2/Oct Mary Daniel Calvey/Atty Loftus Thaddy Howley/Mary Loftus* Kincullew
(*may be Margaret Loftus..or Kincullen)
8/Oct Catherine Thomas Gallagher/Catherine Quinn Austin & Catherine O’Hara Aclare
16/Oct Bridget Martin Deehan/Bridget Goldrick Pat Gavle-Cooke/Mary Goldrick* Glenavoo
(*or Margaret)
26/Oct Anne Thomas Neary/Catherine Cunny Luke Leonard/Ellen Cunny Claddagh
10/Nov Anne Bartly Kilbride/Mary Ruane Antny McNulty/Ann Ruane Culdalee
25/Nov Anne Pat Kilmartin/Mary Lundy Thomas Sweeny/Nelly Lundy Knockahoney
28/Nov Bridget Pat Maye/Bridget Duffey Pat Flynn/Catherine Walsh Tullinaglug
29/Nov Ellen Michael & Anne Goldrick Pat Henegan/Bridget Walsh Banada
4/Dec Ellen Thomas Stenson/Mary Goldrick Pat Goldrick/Anne Rafter-Roper Gortesluin
9/Dec Thomas James Battle/Mary Peyton John Byne/Kitty O’Hara Knockbrack
11/Dec Bridget Michael Cavanagh/Margaret Quinn ? Cloonbarry
25/Dec Michael Peter Goldrick/Bridget Finlan Charley Goldrick/Bridget Finlan* Gortesluin
(*May be Anne Connors-or godparents may have been Thomas Ellen Spelman)

27/Jan Antny Michael & Mary Goldrick James & Atty Goldrick Glenavoo
30/Jan James Edwrd John Keenan/Maria Noone Owen Rogers/Maria Connor Aclare
30/Jan Frncs Edwrd John Keenan/Maria Noone ? Aclare
2/Feb John John & Kitty Kildun Parley Kildun/Margaret Hennigan Tavniana
24/Mar Thomas* John Kildun/Mary Walsh Bartly & Bridget Kildun Lislea
24/Mar Winifred* John Kildun/Mary Walsh Thomas Walsh/Bridget Slack Lislea
25/Apr Anne John Cunney/Margaret Gallagher John Cunney/Ann Gallagher Claddagh
16/Jun Pat Antny Curley/Mary Quinn Michael & Mary Curley Glenavoo
16/Jun Pat Anthony Calvey/Mary Quinn ? Glenavoo
14/Jul James Michael Quinne/Bridget Gallagher Kitty Quinne Aclare?
23/Jul James Michael Quinn/Bridget Gallagher Thomas Gallagher/Kitty Quinn Kilmacteige
15/Jul Michael Pat Donegan/Ellen Quinne Michael Quinn/Mary Donigan Tavniana
17/Jul Bridget Pat May/Mary Fleming Martin May/Catherine Fleming Coolrecull
23/Jul James Michael Quinn/Bridget Gallagher Thomas Gallagher/Kitty Quinn Kilmacteige
26/Jul Catherine Austin Roper/Bridget Battle Pat Commons/Alice Mullaney* Oughaval
(*May be Pat and Alice Conor)
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
8/Aug William James Christy/Catherine Quinn ? Culleens
12/Aug John John & Mary Goldrick Antny Roddy/Bridget Goldrick Glenavoo
22/Aug Michael Pat Donegan/Ellen Quinn Michael Quinn/Mary Donegan Tavniana?
18/Aug William James Christy/Catherine Quinn Michael & Mary Durcan Culleens
25/Aug Bridget Pat Maye/Mary Fleming Martin Maye/Catherine Fleming Coolrecull
26/Aug Mary Martin Quinn/Mary Sweeney Joseph & Bridget Henry Aclare
Sept William James Christy/Catherine Quinne ? Culleens
22/Sept John James Goldrick/Bridget Walsh Michael Walsh/Mary Roddy Glenavoo
Sept Bridget John Goldrick/Mary McNulty Anthony & Mary McNulty Gortesluin
2/Oct Bridget Michael Griffin/Bridget Goldrick Thomas & Bridget Griffin* Glenavoo
(*Godparents may have been James Bridget Griffin)
5/Oct Mary Teresa John Calvey/Mary Ruane Bryan Ginly/Sarah Ruane Kincuillew
6/Oct Mary Martin Meay/Bridget Durcan Michael & Mary Walsh Coolrecull
13/Oct Michael John Dyer/Bridget Kilmartin John & Catherine Carroll Carrane
1/Nov Pat James Leonard/Bridget Quinn Thomas Quinn/Mary Leonard Drimina
3/Nov Martin John Walsh/Bridget Quinn James & Winifred Quinn Annagh
8/Nov Peter Pat Goldrick/Catherine Gallagher John & Mary Goldrick Glenavoo
8/Nov Martin Pat Peyton/Mary Battle James Battle/Atty Commons Oughaval
10/Nov Martin John Kilcoyne/Nancy Maye James Walsh/Mary Neary Tullinaglug
16/Nov Martin James Goldrick/Mary Convy Pat Goldrick/Ann Convy Beleclare
20/Nov Thomas Thomas Ruane/Nancy McDonnel Richard Ruane/Mary McKensie Glenavoo
1/Dec Bridget John & Anne Goldrick Pat & Catherine Goldrick Gortesluin
8/Dec Bridget John Stenson/Bridget Kildunne Hugh Atty Kildunne Eskaugh
8/Dec Michael John O’Donnel/Mary Maye Pat Maye/Sally O’Berine Castlerock
8/Dec Pat James Goldrick/Mary Quinn Thomas & Judy Goldrick Castlerock*
(*or maybe Castlereagh/Castlereach?…could the last name be Golank?)
10/Dec Anne Michael Kilroy/Honor Quinn Pat Ginley/Anne Kilroy Carrowreagh
(Annagh or Cannaugh?-this may be spelled Carrareagh)
15/Dec Anne Mark Cunny/Honor O’Hara Pat & Anne O’Hara Culdalee
(may be Beleclare or Annagh)
23/Dec Thomas John Kilmartin/Honor Walsh Martin & Catherine Walsh Tourlestrane
29/Dec Mary Martin Quinn/Bridget Kelley James McQuinn/Bridget Kennedy Annagh
(or Cannaugh?)
? Catherine Deighan ? Dromore West
? Michael Deighan ? Dromore West

12/Jan ? Jospeh Burke/Bridget Maye William & Bridget Higgins Cloongoonagh
15/Jan Pat Thomas Mullen/Bridget May* Pat Brennen/Mary Mullen Drimina**
15/Jan Pat Thomas & Bridget May* ? Drimina**
(*same couple…**Or Denniene)
23/Jan Attracta Michael Walsh/Attracta May Martin May/Bridget Durcan-Duncan Caslvonnell*
*(or Coolrecull)
9/Feb Bridget Thomas Goldrick/Mary Lundy John Goldrick/Bridget Lundy Kilmactiege
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
19/Feb Bridget Pat Walsh/Bridget Cunny? Michael Conway/Ellen Cunny ?
1/Mar Mary Tim & Mary Quinn John & Anne Cunny Cloonbarry
7/Mar Martin Pat & Catherine Cunny Thomas & Mary Cunny Culdalee
8/Mar Mary James Goldrick/Anne Connel Thomas Goldrick/Maria Mulligan Gortesluin
17/Mar Bridget James Goldrick/Catherine O’Hara Michael Nary/*Mary Mullarkey Casterock
(*May have been Margaret)
23/Mar Mary Pat Loftus/Mary Horan Thomas & Ellen Higgins Gortermone
4/Apr Mary James & Mary Quinn ? Cloonbarry
5/Apr Martin Michael Quinn/Bridget Mullen John Quinn/Margaret Mullen Tourleserane
5/Apr Catherine Pat Dooney/Bridget Goldrick James Dooney/Margaret Mullen Castlerock
6/Apr Anne John Kennedy/Catherine Quinn James Doyle/Bridget Horan Castlemore*
*(This could be Castleore (possibly Gortermone): Killerry (Civil Parish)–Sligo (PLU: Closest thing in Ryan’s is Killerry-RC Killanummery, Co. Leitrim–Eastern portion of Sligo Borders Leitrm and Roscommon )
12/Apr Catherine Thomas & Bridget Goldrick John & Catherine Goldrick Gortesluin
26/Apr James Luke Meaghy/Bridget Higgins James & Mary Meaghy Curroghboy
9/May Bridget Thomas & Mary Cunny John or James & Catherine Cunny* Culdalee
*(this may be Thomas and Catherine Cunny)
10/May Thomas James Meaghy/Bridget O’Donnel Michael O’Donnel/Catherine Meaghy Dauvis
10/May John Michael Neary/Bridget Goldrick James Neary/Catherine O’Hara Castlerock
13/May Mary Pat Loftus/Mary Lavin ? ?
11/Jun John Michael Commons/Bridget Cunny John Commons/Mary Cunny Belclare
15/Jun Mary James Kilmartin/Atty Cawley Thomas Cawley/Bridget Walsh Knockahoney
20/Jun Bridget Pat Cunnane/Honor Brett Luke Cunnane/Mary Brennen Tullymoy
21/Jun Pat James Deehan/Catherine Goldrick James Bridget Battle* Glenavoo
(*This is interesting as Greatgreatgrandfather Pat Deehan married a Battle, and Battles were godparents to greatgrandfather James Deehan’s children-this James Deehan is probably related to greatgrandfather*14/566..This location may have been Glenagh or Glenree…or Tobercurry)
26Jun Martin John Kilgallan/Catherine Kilmartin Edwrd Cunnane?/Catherine Killgallan Cavan?
26Jun Atty John Goldrick/Honor Walsh ? Glenavoo
26Jun Atty James Kilmartin/Atty Cawley Thomas Cawley/Bridget Walsh Knockahoney
10/Jul John Michael Commons/Bridget Cunny John Commons/Mary Cunny Belclare
12/Jul John Michael Cunny/Mary O’Hara Michael Kerns/Bridget Cunny Claddagh
19/Jul Michael John Kean/Bridget Goldrick Thomas Kean/Mary Healy Mt Taffe
2/Aug James Pat Deehan/Rose Kildunne* Pat & Margaret Deehan Glenavoo
(*Kiltunays or Kilvinee?) 2/Aug Ellen John Horan/Ellen Cunny Mary Mullaney Aclare
13/Aug Catherine Thomas Carrol/Bridget Quinne Bridget Quinne Letterbrone
16/Aug Catherine Michael Leonard/Atty Goldrick Peggy McNulty Castlerock
20/Aug Bridget Pat Kilmartin/Mary Lundy Austin Walsh/Bridget Kilmartin Knockbrack
20/Aug Francis Michael Quinn/Judy Mularkey James Neary/Honor Kirrane Annagh
6/Sept Luke Andrew McCoy/Bridget Quinn John Carrol/Celia Stenson Dauvis*
(*Or Dounnes?) 6/Sep Ellen/Eilllen Pat Quinn/Bridget McGinness Edwrd & Atty McGuiness Annagh
Sept Michael Pat Neary/Mary Maye* James Durcan/Mary Maye Corroughboy
8/Sep Michael Pat & Mary Meay* James Durcan/Mary Meay Corroughboy
(*Same Couple?…or Correglboy?)
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
8/Sept Bridget Thomas Neary/Kitty Cunney Michael Quinn/Anne McNulty* Carrowreagh
(*may be John or James Cunny/Mary Leonard, and location Claddagh)
1/Nov James Anthony Murray/Bridget Goldrick John & Mary Goldrick Gortesluin
18/Nov Austin Austin Roper/Biddy Battle John Brennen/Mary Stenson Oughaval
29/Nov Antny Dan Calvey/Atty Loftus William Loftus/Mary Howley Kincuillew*
(*Or Kincullen/Kimcullen?)
29/Nov Mary Ned Clarke/Mary Cunny James Clarke/Ellen Cunny Castlerock
1/Dec Mary Michael Mullarkey/Honor Quinn John Quinn/Bridget Godfrey? Mt Taffee
21/Dec Mary Dick Kennedy/Bridget Cunny Bartly Conway/Catherine Kennedy Aclare

7/Feb Bridget Martin Quinn/Mary Sweeney Pat & Ellen Henry Aclare
25/Feb Anne Michael Keane/Mary Quinn Pat & Bridget Higgins Gustimone
22/Feb Bridget Martin Quinne/Mary Sweeney ? Aclare
6/Mar Bridget Pat Donegan/Ellen Quinn John Quinne/Ellen Gallagher?* Kilmactiege
(or Tavneana?)(*godparents may have been Martin Kennedy/Mary Donegan)
16/Mar Mary Pat Fleming/Mary Cunny Pat & Mary Leonard Claddagh
3/Apr Bridget Pat & Catherine Cunny Larry Deary/Mary Cunny Culdalee
11/Apr John Pat & Mary Meay John Fleming/Mary Walsh Coolrecull
18/Apr James Martin Grogan/Mary Clarke James Grogan Glenavoo
20/May Austin Michael Cunny/Bridget Walsh John & Mary Cunny Cavan
27/May Pat Pat Flynn/Mary Quinn John Durcan/Ellen Quinn Tullnaglug
30/May Thomas Thomas Armstrong/Ann Quinn* Thomas & Bridget Gilasby Mt Taffee
30/May Thomas Francis Armstrong/Ann Quinn* ? Mt Taffee
(*same couple?)
7/Jun John Michael Quinne/Bridget Gallagher John Quinne/Ellen Gallagher Kilmacteige
8/Jun Antny *Antny Curley/Mary Quinne Pat Gentry/Nelly Quinne Tavneana
(*may be Calvey)
9/Jun Mary Edwrd Quinne/Mary Gallagher James Gallagher/Ellen Quinne Kincuillew
12/Jun Attracta James Sweeney/Bridget Kilmartin Austin Walsh/Bridget Sweeney Knockahoney
13/Jun John Pat Meay/Bridget Duffy Luke & Ann Duffy Tullinaglug
19/Jun Antny Antny Calvey/Margaret Quinn Pat Ginty/Nelly Quinn Tavniana
21/Jun Mary Edward Quinn/Mary Gallagher John Gallagher/Ellen Quinn Kincuillew
8/Jul James Thomas Cunny/Mary O’Hara John & Kitty Cunny Culdalea
8/Jul Mary John Walsh/Ellen Meagher Luke & Mary Walsh Castlerock
12/Jul Anne Thomas Stenson/Mary Glodrick Antny & *Bridget Goldrick Casterock
(*May be Biddy)
13/Jul John Michael Goldrick/Ann Jennings John Jennings/Bridget Brennen Gortesluin
25/Jul Thomas Martin Meay/Bridget Durcan Martin Meay/*Mary Kennedy Coolrecull
(*May be Margaret)
25/Jul Anne James Cunny/Bridget McIntyre** Michael Moran/Bridget Murray Mt Taffe*
(*In records spelled as Mountaffe-all one word**Or McIntire)
28/Jul Mary-Marg Pat Cunny/Bridget Durcan Jack Cunny/Catherine Walsh Cavan
15/Aug Catherine Michael Walsh/Attracta Meay John Walsh/Catherine Clarke Coolrecull
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
22/Aug Michael Ned & Anne Cunnane Michael Foley/Mary Naughton Rhue
26/Sept Michael James Goldrick/Ann Connel John Goldrick/Bridget Connel Gortesluin
27/Sept Atty Michael/Mary Goldrick James McDonnel/Catherine Goldrick Glenavoo
Sept Mary Anne John Killgalan/Catherine Kilmartin James O’Hara/Catherine Dyer Cavan
5/Oct John Timothy & Mary Quinn Pat Goldrick/Annie Quinn Cloondiveen
8/Oct Catherine Mark Cunny/Honor O’Hara Hegarty & Mary O’Hara Culdalee
16/Oct Anne Andy McIntyre/Margaret Quinn John & Catherine Quinn Annagh
21/Nov Catherine William Gallagher/Ellen Quinn Hugh Gallagher/Mary Goldren Cloonbarry
27/Nov Catherine John Goldrick/Honor Walsh Thomas Hegarty/Catherine Walsh Glenavoo
5/Dec Mary Dom O’Donell/Catherine Meay Luke Kilcoyne/Margaret O’Donell Dauvis
16/Dec Bridget Michael Cunny/Honor O’Hara Honor Cunny Culdalee
23/Dec Bridget Pat Quinn/Mary Durcan Phil & Atty Durcan Cloonbarry
26/Dec Mary John & Mary Goldrick John & Margaret Goldrick Gortesluin
28/Dec John Michael Moran/Mary Quinn John Quinn/Ellen Moran Mt Taffee
28/Dec John Thomas Goldrick/Mary Lundy James & Mary Goldrick Kilmactiege
1/Jan Thomas James Goldrick/Bridget Walsh William & Catherine Roddy Glenavoo
2/Jan Mary Pat Dooney/Bridget Goldrick Thady & Mary Mullarkey Castlerock
6/Jan John John & Honor Kilmartin Martin & Ann Walsh Castlerock
19/Jan Pat James Battle/Ann Fleming John Battle/Betty Higgins Corroughboy
29/Jan Pat James Thomas McCabe/Bridget Meay Martin & Catherine Meay Derginlough
3/Mar Pat Richard Kennedy/Bridget Cunny Pat Kennedy/Mary Cunny Belclare*
(*may be Aclare)
6/Mar Mary James O’Hara/Atty Kildunne Pat & Mary O’Hara Aclare
9/Mar Sarah Michael Cunny/Mary O’Hara John Leonard/Ellen Cunny Claddagh
13/Mar Pat John Keane/Bridget Goldrick Bartly & Mary Keane Mt Taffe
19/Mar Pat James Battle/Anne Flemming John Battle/Betty Higgins Corroughboy
19/Mar Pat John O’Donnel/Mary Meay Bridget Murray Castlerock
10/Apr Catherine Thomas & Mary Cunny Pat & Mary Cunny Culdalee
13/Apr Catherine James Christy/Catherine Quinn Michael Quinn/Bridget Gallagher Culleens
13/Apr Mary James Meay/Bridget O’Donnel John Harte/Mary O’Donnel Dauvis
1/May Sarah Thomas Neary/Catherine Cunny Pat Neary/Ellen Cunny Claddagh
15/May Ellen James Goldrick/Mary Quinn Pat McNulty/*Mary Goldrick Castlerock
*(may be Margaret)
29/May Bridget John Kennedy/Catherine Quinn Luke Walsh/Honor McIntire Gortermone
12/Jun Mary Francis Armstrong/Ann Quinn Ellen Quinn Mt Taffe
18/Jun John Pat Quinn/Bridget McGiness James McGiness/Winifred Quinn Annagh
18/Jun Attracta John Leonard/Atty Quinn Pat & Bridget Leonard Castlerock
3/Jul Mary Michael Quinn/Bridget Mullen James & Catherine Mullen Taunana
23/Jul Andrew Michael Quinn/Julia Mularkey Bridget Quinn Annagh
7/Aug Bridget John Harte/Bridget Meay Dennis & Bridget O’Donnel Cloongoonagh
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
13/Aug Luke John Cunnane/Mary Garvey Luke Cunnane/Ann Garvey Tullinaglug
14/Aug Mary Pat Loftus/Mary Coyne/Boyne John Higgins/Mary Marren* Gortermone
(*godmother’s name may have been Broadhall or Marrow)
14/Aug John Pat Peyton/Mary Battle Hugh Peyton/Mary Battle Oughval
21Aug Mary John Kildunne/Catherine Hinnigan John & Mary Mullarkey Glenavoo
27/Aug Honoria Pat Cunnane/Honor Brett John Cunnane/Catherine Kildunne Tullymoy
4/Sept Ellen James & Catherine Goldrick Michael & Sarah Dooney Clooncagh
10/Sept Pat Charles Goldrick/Catherine McIntyre John Cunny/Biddy McIntyre/McIntire Claddagh
8/Oct Mary Pat & Catherine Cunney John & Mary Cunney Culdalee
9/Oct Mary John Kildune/Mary Walsh Michael & Mary Walsh Lislea
1/Nov Catherine Pat Meay/Mary Deeghan John Meay/Bridget Durcan Gortermone
2/Nov Mary Pat Deehan/Rose Kildune John & Margaret Deehan* Glenavoo
(*nee Grogan? May be Mary)
20/Nov Margaret Pat Devitt/Catherine Quinn John Devitt/Mary Quinn Mt Taffee
6/Dec Thomas Willie Goldrick/Bridget Quinn Dick Golden/Quinn Drimina
18/Dec Bridget Antny Murray/Bridget Goldrick Pat & Bridget Goldrick Gortesluin

15/Jan Anne Dan Calvey/Atty Loftus Thomas & Mary Howley Kincullew
18/Jan Bridget James Deehan/Catherine Goldrick Pat McNulty/Peggy Goldrick Glenavoo
21/Jan Anne John Leonard/Bridget Cunny James Leonard/Mary Cunny Claddagh
22/Jan Bridget Pat Fleming/Mary Cunny John & Bridget Cunny* Claddagh
(*may be James/John Fleming and Bridget Cunny)
22/Jan John Michael Mullarkey/Honor Quinn John & Ellen Quinn Mt Taffee
28/Jan Bridget Luke Meay/Bridget Higgins Thomas & Mary Meay Compbloy*
(*or Conaphboy)
12/Feb Margaret James Leonard/Bridget Quinn Pat & Catherine Brennen Drimina
12/Feb Pat Thomas & Bridget Goldrkck John & Mary Connel Gortesluin
13/Feb Margaret* Martin Quinn/Margaret Sweeney* James Lavin/Bridget Mullarkey Aclare
(*may be Mary)
16/Feb Bridget Martin Quinn/Alice O’Hara Thomas & Anne McDonnel Belclare
17/Feb Thomas James Kilmartin/Attracta Cawley Pat & Ann Mullaney Knockahoney
19/Feb Mary Michael Gaughan/Mary Cunney Thomas Gaughan/Mary Cunny Culdalee
10/Mar John ** Pat & Catherine Quinn ? Mt Taffee
(**John Devitt?)
12/Mar Margaret* Pat & Mary Meay Michael Meay/Catherine Fleming Coolrecull
(*and Mary-twins?)
23/Mar Thomas Michael Quinn/Bridget Gallagher Bernard Loftus/Mary McMorrow Kilmactiege
23/Mar John Austin Roper/Bridget Battle Pat & Mary Ginty Oughaval
9/Apr Edward Patrick O’Connor/Ellen Maye Pat & Ann Murtagh Tavneana
9/Apr Edward* Patrick & Ellen Maye ? Tannyana
(*Edward O’Connor-probbly same couple)
10/Aprl James Pat McNulty/Bridget Fleming ? ?
7/May Mary Anne Pat Ruane/Mary Kennedy Anthony Ruane/Ann Brennen Curoy

Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
May ? Thomas Durcan/Anne Goldrick* Michael & Mary Loftus Gortesluin
(*or Honor Maye)
28/Jun Bridget John Goldrick/Honor Walsh Thomas Walsh/Ellen McDermott Glenavoo
29/Jun Maria Pat Quinn/Mary Durcan John Quinn/Bridget Durcan Cloonbarry
29/Jun Antny James Goldrick*/Ann Connel Anthony & Catherine Mullarkey Gortesluin
( * I’m not absolutely sure priest wrote “Owen”-maybe Latin for senior?)
2/Jul Bridget Pat Dooney/Bridget Goldrick James Bridget Goldrick Castlerock
9/Jul Mary Pat Kildunne/Bridget Devitt Brian O’Hara/Mary Devitt Killure
9/Jul Bridget Edwrd Quinne/Mary Gallagher Pat & Bridget Quinne Kincuillew
19/Aug Eleanor* Frncs Armstrong/Ann Quinne **James & Sarah Battle Mt Taffee
(* May be Ellen**James Edwrd and Sarah Ann Battle-location may have been KIncuillew)
27/Aug Bridget Michael & Ann Goldrick Michael & Mary Jennings Banada
3/Sept Catherine Richard Kennedy/Bridget Cunny Thomas & Ellen Cunny Aclare
17/Sept Bridget Timothy & Mary Quinn Timothy Quinn/Catherine Golden Cloonbarry
23/Sept Michael John Cunny/Margaret Gallagher Pat Leonard Bridget Devine Claddagh
23/Sept Thomas John Cunny/Margaret Gallagher Michael & Bridget Kearns Claddagh
30/Sept Michael John Morgan/Anne Connor Pat Connor/Winifred Griffin Mt Taffe
22/Oct Michael Andrew McIntire/Margaret Quinn Luke Walsh/Mary Henry Annagh
12/Nov Catherine Martin & Bridget Meay Thomas & Mary Walsh Coolrecull
12/Nov James James Goldrick/Bridget Walsh Michael Griffin/Ellen Goldrick Glenavoo
17/Dec Mary Pat Kilmartin/Mary Lundy James Quinn/Bridget Stenson Knockahoney
24/Dec John Martin Grogan/Mary Clark James & Bridget Battle Glenavoo
25/Dec John John Flemming/Mary Cunney John & Ann Cunney Claddagh
27/Dec Mary Ellen Pat Keveny/Catherine Judge Martin & Ellen Judge Rhue
31/Dec Bridget Michael Mullarkey/Honor Quinn Pat Flynn/Atty Quinn Mt Taffee
? ? Michael & Mary Loftus ? Gortesluin
1871 Julia Deehan ? ? Tobercurry
1871 Owen Deehan ? ? Dromore West

2/Jan Marg/Mary Thomas & Mary Cunney Michael Cunney/Atty O’Degarty* Carrarea**
(*May be Hegarty—or even Kilroy? **Or Culdalee)
12/Jan Margaret? Michael Kilroy/Honor Quinne ? Carrowreagh
12/Jan Brnrd Michael Kilroy/Honor Quinn Pat Carrol/Bridget Kilroy Carrowreagh
21/Jan Catherine James Goldrick/Kitty O’Hara Michael Neary/Catherine Healy* Castlerock
(*May be Neary)
21/Jan Pat Thomas Neary/Catherine Cunney John Cunney/Bridget Kennedy Claddagh
28/Jan Bridget Thomas Cunny/Mary O’Hara Martin & Catherine Walsh Culdalee
8/Feb Anne Thomas Goldrick/Mary Lundy Pat Goldrick/Winifred Lundy Kilmactiege
10/Mar John Pat Devitt/Catherine Quinn Anthony & Bessy Devitt Mt Taffee
17/Mar Pat Mark Cunney/Honor O’Hara John O’Hara/Winifred Cunney Culdalee
26/Mar Catherine Dom O’Donnel/Catherine Meay Michael O’Donnel/Mary Kilcoyne Daurvis
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
26/Mar John James Meay/Bridget O’Donnel John Brennen/Mary Duncan Daurvis
23/Apr Margaret John Walsh/Bridget Quinn Pat Walsh/Mary Henegha Annagh
5/May James Thomas Carrol/Bridget Quinne Thomas & Honor Kilroy Letterbrone
5/May Margaret Pat Walsh/Margaret Cunnane Austin Stenson/Mary Harmon Rhue
8/May James William Gallagher/Ellen Quinn Honor Quinn/Winifred Gallagher Cloonbarry
8/May Joseph William Gallagher/Ellen Quinn Honor Quinn Cloonbarry
8/May Mary Michael Gaughan/Margaret* Cunny Martin Cunny Culdalee
(*may be Mary)
19/May John John Goldrick(Owen?*)/Mary McNulty John & Winifred McNulty Gortesluin
26/May John Michael Cunny/Mary O’Hara James & Bridget O’Hara Claddagh
26/May Sarah Michael Walsh/Atty Meay Thomas Walsh/Mary Cooke Coolrecull
7/Jun Mary John Leonard/Bridget Cunny Michael & Anne Cunney Claddagh
13/Jun James James & Ann Battle Thomas & Mary Garvey Corroughboy
17/Jun Margaret Martin Higgins/Mary Ruane* John & Catherine Ruane Stonepark
(*spelling may be Rowane)
18/Jul Mary Pat McNulty/Mary Goldrick James & Mary Goldrick Castlerock
21/Jul Mary Thomas Mullen/Bridget Meay James Meay/Mary Gallagher Corroughboy
4/Aug James John O’Donnel/Mary Meay John & Jane Gallagher Castlerock
4/Aug Pat Pat & Bridget Meay James McVan/Bridget Flynn Corroughboy
10/Aug Michael Pat Connor/Mary Deehan John & Margaret Deehan Glenavoo
25/Aug Ellen John Quinn/Maria Fordy Michael Fordy/Bridget Dunnighan Tavneana*
(*Or Taunenana) 7/Sept Catherine Michael Ruane/Catherine Cawley Pat Conor/Bridget Cawley Tavneana
15/Sept John Pat Cunnane/Honor Brett Thomas & Catherine Brett Tullymoy
13/Oct Patrick Pat May/Mary Fleming John? & Bridget Fleming Carnagrapple?
13/Oct Pat Pat May/Mary Fleming Winny Brennen/Thomas Smyth Cavagroper
27/Oct Mary Anne Pat Quinn/Bridget McGuinness Michael & Mary Quinn Annagh
27/Oct Catherine Michael & Catherine Quinn ? Tauneana
28/Oct Michael John Kildunne/Mary Walsh Michael Walsh/Mary Quinn Annagh*
(*location could be Lislea)
3/Nov Michael James Maye/Bridget McHugh James & Mary McHugh Knockahoney
10/Nov Mary Brian Meay/Bridget Ginty Thomas & Ellen Ginty Kilmactiege
17/Nov Pat Michael Moran/Margaret Quinn Pat Moran/Catherine Carney Mt Taffe
17/Nov Honor Pat Flynn/Margaret Quinn Pat Flynn/Margaret Quinn* Tullinaglug
(*May have been Winny Quinn)
1/Dec Michael John Quinn/Catherine McGuiness John & Mary McGuiness Aclare
1/Dec Pat John Cunny/Bridget Kildrunne Hugh Kildunne/Bridget Feely Aclare*
Oct Catherine Michael Quinne/?__ Mullarkey ? ?
(*Or Kilmactiege-see John Cunny/Bridget Dunn below-same couple as location is Kilmactiege?)

3/Jan Pat James Battle/Mary Peyton James Hegarty/Mary Connors* Knockbrack
(*Or Commons)

Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
5/Jan Patrick John Kennedy/Catherine Quinn Michael Stenson/Bridget Quinn Tobercurry*
(*could be Tubberody)
7/Jan John Thomas Stenson/Mary Goldrick Anthony Murray/Bridget Goldrick Castlerock
18/Jan Mary Michael McGloin/Catherine Quinn Mary Battle Balane?*
(*Could this possibly be Ballina–or Banada?)
31/Jan Rebecca Thomas Gorman/Anne Meagher Peter Lehany/Ellen Henry Carnes
8/Feb Pat Edward Quinne/Mary Gallagher Michael Quinne/Catherine Gallagher Kincuillew
11/Feb Bridget Frank Armstrong/Ann Quinn Thomas & Bridget O’Connor Mt Taffee
16/Feb Michael Pat Dooney/Bridget Goldrick Anthony Mullarkey/Bridget Dooney Castlerock
16/Feb Lawrence John Flynn/Honor Meay Thomas Durcan/Attracta Meay Tullymoy
22/Feb Michael Michael Quinn/Bridget Gallagher John & Catherine Quinn* Kilmacteige
(*godparents may have been Thomas & Catherine Quinn)
22/Feb John Pat Quinn/Mary Durcan William & Catherine Durcan Cloonbarry
24/Feb Ellen Dan Calvey/Mary Loftus Bridget O’Hara Kincullew
2/Mar John John Harte/Bridget May Henry Harte/Mary O’Hara Cloongoonagh
11/Mar John Richard Kennedy/Bridget Cunny Thomas Neary/Catherine Kennedy Aclare
22/Mar John Pat Quinn/Mary Durcan William & Catherine Durcan Cloonbarry
19/Apr John John Kilmartin/Mary Harrington Thomas Kilmartin/Maria Stenson Eskeaugh
20/Apr Mary Pat & Catherine Cunny James Barlow/Mary Dearsy* Culdalee
(*May be John/Mary McNulty)
5/May Catherine Pat Rouane/Mary Kennedy Pat Leonard Coroy
25/May James &Ellen Timothy & Mary Quinn James Quinn/Ellen Cooke* Cloonbarry
(*3rd. witness Winifred Brett)
1/Jun James James Goldrick/Mary Quinn Michael Goldrick/Mary McNulty Castlerock
8/Jun John James Quinn/Atty Walsh* Antny Goldrickl/Celia Leonard Castlerock
8/Jun John James Quinn/Attracta Walsh* Pat & Anne Kilmartin Rhue
(*Same couple?…perhapas one of the children’s name was different…such as James instead of John?)
8/Jun Cecelia Michael Leonard/Attracta Goldrick Antny Goldrick/Cecelia Leonard Castlerock
6/Jul Joseph Michael Quinn/Judy Mullarkey Peter & Bridget Mullarkey Annagh
30/Jul Margaret Antny Murray/Bridget Goldrick James & Bridget Goldrick Gortesluin
6/Aug Michael Mark Cunny/Honor O’Hara Michael Cunny/Mary O’Hara Culdalee
9/Aug Anna-Anne Thomas Goldrick/Mary Lundy Michael & Bridget Goldrick Kilmactiege
12/Aug Catherine Pat Cunnane/Honor Brett John & Catherine Brett Tullymoy
7/Sept James James Kilmartin/Atty Gawley Michael Gawley/Bridget Walsh Knockahoney
21/Sept Anne Michael Gaughan/Margaret Cunny Martin & Mary Cunny Culdalee
21/Sept Thomas Charles Goldrick/Catherine McIntyre Anthony & Atty Cunny Claddagh
11/Oct Eliza John Dillon/Catherine Goldrick Pat McCormack/Mary Goldrick Townagraphy
(or Ballingraphy)
12/Oct Thomas Thomas & Bridget Goldrick John & Catherine Goldrick Gortesluin
12/Oct Mary John Quinn/Peggy Calvey Michael & Honor Foley Gortesluin
25/Oct Michael Michael Roddy/Mary Meay Margaret Roddy Cloonbarry
22/Nov Catherine John Leonard/Atty Quinn Pat Leonard/Bridget Newley Castlerock

Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
28/Nov Thomas *Pat Fleming/Mary Cunny Pat & Ellen Cunny Claddagh
(*Father’s name may have been Pac)
30/Nov Honor Michael Mullarkey/Honor Quinn *John Flynn/Winifred Quinn Mt Taffee
(*may be John Quinn)
13/Dec Honor Andrew McIntire/Margaret Quinn Judy Mullarkey Annagh
21/Dec Bridget Pat McNulty/Margaret Goldrick John Heneghan/Mary Quinn Castlerock
25/Dec Ellen Dan Calvey/Mary Loftus Bridget O’Hara Kincullew
26/Dec Pat James Meay/Bridget McHugh Michael Meay/Catherine Henry Cavan
28/Dec Pat Michael Goldrick/Anne Jennings John Jennings/Anne Walsh Banada
Dec Pat Michael Commons/Bridget Cunny Michael & Anne Cunny Kilmactiege

18/Jan Margaret Michael McGloin/Catherine Quinn Pat Quinn/Bridget Naughton Banada
1/Feb Mary *M.E. & Mary Goldrick James & Catherine Battle Glenavoo
(*May have been M.A. Goldrick…this may not be correct:19/519)
8/Feb Pat Edwrd Quinn/Mary Gallagher Michael Quinne/Catherine Gallagher Kincuillew
8/Mar Martin Martin & Bridget Meay Anthony Gauaghan/Winifred Gallagher* Coolrecull
(*May be Brian Meay/Bridget Walsh)
17/Mar Pat Edward Quinn/Mary Gallagher Michael Quinn/Catherine Gallagher Kincuillew
1/Apr John Thomas Sweeney/Bridget Kilmartin Pat Sweeney/Bridget Kilmartin Knockahoney
19/Apr Catherine John Leonard/Bridget Cunny Michael & Ellen Cunny Claddagh
19/Apr Pat James Meay/Bridget O’Donnel Dom O’Donnel/Honor Walsh Dauvis
11/May Pat* James Goldrick/Catherine O’Hara Hugh McVan/Bridget Neary Castlerock
(*Pat married Margaret Cunnane/1909)
11/May Bridget Pat Walsh Jr/ Margaret Cunnane John & Bridget Walsh Rhue
21/May Anne John Goldrick/Honor Walsh John Goldrick Jr*/Mary Goldrick Glenavoo
(*or Sr?)
15/Jun Michael Pat Deehan/Rose Kildunne ? Glenavoo*
21/Jun John Pat Meaghy/Mary Fleming John Lundy/Catherine Moran-Morrow Coolrecull
1/Jul James Michael Walsh/Atty Meaghy Pat & Mary Meaghy Coolrecull
5/Jul John Dom O’Donnel/Catherine Meaghy James Meaghy/Bridget O’Donnel Dauvis
9/Jul Winifred Thomas Neary/Catherine Cunny Luke & Mary Dunne* Claddagh
Jul Winifred Thomas Meaghy/Catherine Cunny Luke & Mary Dunne* Claddagh
(*These may be the same couple, but when I read 2nd time Thomas Meaghy may have beeh Thomas Murphy)
12/Jul James Pat Connor/Ellen Meaghy John Gallagher/Ann Meaghy Tavneana
28/Aug Thomas James Battle/Ann Fleming James & Bridget Lundy Corroughboy
6/Sept Thomas John Kilgallan/Kitty Kilmartin Edward Conlon/Winifred Kigallon Cavane
13/Sept Pat Joseph John Cunny/Bridget Dunne* John Dunne/Bridget Cunny Kilmactiege
(*I have to take a close look at John Cunny/Bridget Kildunne as they may be one in the same as both records show Kimactiege as the location)
20/Sep Michael Michael Kelley/Honor Quinn* Pat Kelley/BridgetGalagher Carraneagh
20/Sept Michael Michael Kilroy/Honor Quinn* Pat Kilroy/Bridget Gallagher Carrowreagh*
(*or Carrarea..these may be the sam coupl as note Bridget Galllaher godmother both times)
30/Sep Mary* _Quinne/Catherine McGuiness Unknown Aclare

Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
30/Sep Mary Ellen John Quinn/Catherine McGuiness* Bernard McGuiness/Mary Lehany Aclare
(*Probably the same couple)
7/Nov Cecelia James Leonard/Bridget Quinn Thomas Quinn/Mary Walsh Drimina
8/Nov Ellen John Quinn/Maria Foley James & Honor Foley Tavniana*
(*Or Tauneana) 29/Dec Bridget John Cunny/*Bridget Murphy John & Catherine Murphy Culdalee
(*May have been Mary)
9/Nov Austin Thomas Cunny/Mary O’Hara Pat & Honor O’Hara Culdalee
15/Nov Michael Pat Quinn/Bridget McGuiness Michael Margaret Kirvane Annagh
19/Nov James John Smyth/Ester Goldrick John Goldrick/Bridget McNulty Glenavoo
28/Nov John James & Anne Goldrick Pat Connel/Bridget Goldrick Gorterslin
6/Dec Anne Pat Mullen/Mary Ruane Thomas Murray/Mary Ruane Mt Taffe
27/Dec Bridget John Cunny/Mary Murphy John & Catherine Murphy Culdalee

2/Jan Anne Thomas Gaughan/Catherine Cunny Michael & Bridget Durcan* Culdalee
(*godparents may have been Neal & Bridget Durcan)
15/Jan Anne Dan Calvy or Calvey/Atty Loftus Not Noted Kincuillew 10/Feb Anthony Pat Rowane/Mary Kennedy Pat Kennedy/Sarah Rowane* Curoy
(*Note different spelling from Ruane)
14/Feb Joseph Michael Quinn/Bridget Gallagher James Gavaghan/Ellen Galagher Aclare
21/Feb James Michael Quinn/Bridget Mullen John & Catherine Quinn Tavneana*
(*Laurvane also indicated)
21/Feb Catherine Pat Quinn/Mary Durcan Luke & Mary Durcan Cloonbarry
16/Mar Mary* James Battle/Mary Peyton John Peyton/Ellen McNulty Knockbrack
(*may have been Margaret)
4/Apr Pat Joseph Michael Meay/Bridget Cooke Thomas & Honor Cooke Corroughboy
11/Apr Margaret Pat Dooney/Bridget Goldrick John Bodel/Mary Dooney Castlerock
25/Apr Francis Francis Armstrong/Ann Quinn Michael Laying/Jane Jonston Mt Taffee
25/Apr John Mark Cunny/Honor O’Hara Dan Cunny/Anne Gallagher Culdalee
1/May Peter Michael McGloine/Catherine Quinn Dan & Anne McGloine Banada
2/May Michael Michael Moran/Mary Quinn John Mullarkey/Bridget Leonard Mt Taffee
20/May Mary John O’Donnel/Mary Meay Pat Garlane/Mary Flenming Castlerock
20/Jun Catherine Tim & Mary Quinn William Galagher/Catherine Murtagh Cloonbarry
3/Jul Honor Michael Mullarkey/Honor Quinn John Quinn/Bridget Flynn Mt Taffee
29/Aug Mary Thomas Stenson/Mary Goldrick Pat & Bridget Goldrick Castlerock
5/Sept John James Meay/Bridget McHugh Michael McHugh/Anne Ruane Knockahoney
12/Sept Peter John Harte/Bridget Meay Thomas & Mary Harte Cloongoonagh
12/Sept Anthony Pat Devitte/Catherine Quinn Pat Kildunne/Beety Devitt Mt Taffee
25/Sept Mary John Quinn/Bridget Bremman Peter & Celia Bremman Cloonbarry
26/Sept Thomas Pat & Catherine Cunny Pat Dearsy/Mary* Cunny Culdalee
(*may have been Margaret)
Sept Bridget Michael Gaughan/Margaret* Cunny Pat & Mary Cunny Culdalee
(*may have been Mary)
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
2/Oct Mary John Cunny/Catherine Gallagher Dom Gallagher/Catherine Cunny Culdalee
7/Oct Michael Joseph Richard Kennedy/Bridget Cunny James Howley/Bridget Kildunne Aclare
17/Oct Mary James Deehan/Catherine Goldrick Pat & Mary Deehan** Glenavoo
(**This Pat/Mary Deehan cannot be Alfie’s gps as they did not marry until 1893.but they were cousins so they had the same last name: Great-great-grandfather? Or James brother?)
7/Nov Pat James Quinn/Atty Walsh Mary Meay Rhue
20/Nov James Andy McIntire/Mary Quinn Pat & Bridget McIntire Annagh
19/Dec Catherine Martin Higgins/Mary Ruane Thomas Bynne/Anne Ruane Stonepark
21/Dec Catherine Austin Roper/Bridget Battle James Battle/Mary Roper Oughaval

Jan Margaret Pat Goldrick/Mary Preston Anthony Preston/Anne Goldrick Townagraphy
18/Jan Catherine Pat Kilmartin/Mary Lundy Michael Lundy/Mary Gallagher Knockahoney
18/Jan Bridget James Deehan/Catherine Goldrick Not Noted Glenavoo 30/Jan Catherine Pat McNulty/Mary Goldrick Antny Goldrick/Bridget Deehan Castlerock
30/Jan John Edward Quinne/Mary Gallagher John Bridget Quinne Kincullew
10/Feb Margaret* James Goldrick/Bridget Walsh Pat & Bridget Walsh Glenavoo
13/Feb Bridget* James Goldrick/Bridget Walsh Pat & Bridget Walsh Glenavoo
13/Feb Michael* James Goldrick/Bridget Walsh Pat & Bridget Walsh Glenavoo
(Could these be the same couple even though Margaret born on the 10th.–triplets??)
13/Feb Bridget James Goldrick/Mary Quinn Pat McNulty/Mary Goldrick Castlerock
27/Feb Anne James Goldrick Jr./Anne Goldrick Anthony & Mary Connell Gorterslin
27/Feb Pat Pat Fleming/Mary Cunny Michael McNulty/Bridget Fleming Claddagh
27/Feb Pat Pat Kennedy/Mary Cunny Michael McNulty Claddagh
1/Mar Pat John Leonard/Bridget Cunny James Leonard/Atty Cunny Claddagh
12/Mar Margaret Ann Pat Keveny/Catherine Judge Martin & Ann Judge Rhue
7/May Margaret Ann Michael & Anne Goldrick Thomas & Bridget Goldrick Tavnagraphy
21/May Mary John Cunny/Mary Murphy Thomas & Catherine Gauaghan Culdalee
7/Jun Brnrd* John Quinne/Catherine McGuiness Thomas & Atty McGuiness Aclare
(*could be Mary also)
7/Jun Ellen Michael Walsh/Atty May John & Bridget Walsh Coolrecull*
(*Or Goolneculle?) 17/Jun Margaret Thomas Sweeny/Bridget Kilmartin Pat Kilmartin/Bridget Gawley Cloonbarry
25/Jun Michael Michael Leonard/Attracta Goldrick James & Mary Goldrick Castlerock
6/Aug Mary John Cunny/Bridget Kildunne Pat Brett/Ellen Goldrick Kilmactiege
6/Aug Michael James Kilmartin/Attracta Cawley Pat Kennedy/Mary Walsh Knockahoney
6/Aug Anne John Leonard/Atty Quinn Pat Howley/Atty Leonard Castlereagh*
(*Two locations in Co. Mayo-could also be Castlereach)
13/Aug Ellen John Goldrick/Honor Walsh Mary Deegan-Durgan Glenavoo
27/Aug James Francis Armstrong/Ann Quinn Anthony & Jane Lange Mt Taffee
10/Sept Catherine James Meay/Bridget O’Donnel Luke Kilcoyne/Bridget Meay Dauvis
17/Sept Pat Joseph Pat Meaghy/Mary Fleming John Lundy/Bridget Walsh Coolrecull
20/Sept Patrick Pat & Mary Meay *Michael Killoran/Catherine Meay Krecurrane
(*godfather’s name may have been Kildunne)
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
30/Sept Mary John Quinne/Catherine McGuiness Thomas & Atty McGuiness Aclare
8/Oct Michael James GoldrickJr?/Kitty O’Hara Pat O’Kieff/Catherine Meay Castlerock
(*Last time I read film it had Betty O’Hara as the mother, and next to James Goldrick had “Pat”-Pat=Sr or Jr?)
15/Oct Bernard Martin Meaghy/Bridget Durcan Michael Walsh/Atty Meaghy Coolrecull
26/Nov Eliza Thomas Neary/Catherine Cunny Michael Neary Claddagh
2/Dec Mary Michael Killoran/Margaret Deeghan James Deeghan/Bridget Battle Annagh
10/Dec Michael Michael Quinn/Maria-Mona Foley James Quinn/Sarah Foley Tavneana*
(*may be Fauncana)
10/Dec James Pat Dooney/Bridget Goldrick Pat Keife/Mary Goldrick Castlerock
17/Dec Thomas Pat Kennedy/Mary Kilmartin Thomas Kennedy/Bridget Kilmartin Carroreagh
(For the years 1877 and 1879 I have included records from other locations other than Mayo and Sligo/Kilmctiege, etc. Did not include Registrar’s Office)
7/Jan Thomas Thomas Goldrick/Mary Lundy Michael Goldrick/Catherine Lundy Kilmactiege
4/Feb Bridget John McNulty/Atty Quinn Martin Leonard/Mary McNulty Glenavoo
25/Feb Mary Dom O’Donnell/Catherine May Michael & Catherine Kilcoyne Dauvris
4/Mar Mary Anne Michael McGloine/Catherine Quinn Andrew Stenson/Ann McVeagh Banada
11/Mar James James Meay/Bridget McHugh Michael McHugh/Catherine Meay Knockahoney
1/Apr Martin Pat Deehan/Rose Kildunne John & Winifred McNulty Glenavoo
13/Apr James Mark Cunny/Honor O’Hara Michael & Nancy McDonnell Culdalee
22/Apr Pat Pat Quinn/Mary Durcan Pat & Bridget Durcan Cloonbarry
22/Apr Margaret Michael Moran/Margaret Quinn John & Ellen Moran Mt Taffe
27/Apr Catherine Edwrd Quinn/Mary Sharket ? Liggian
10/May Catherine Thomas Quinn/Bridget Burke ? Dunnaeruna*
12/May Thomas William Quinn/Mary Mullens ? Secloon
12/May Bridget James Quinn/Mary Noonan ? Dunnaeruna*
12/May Thomas William Quinn/Bridget Grogan ? Garrafeanes
15/May Honoria Pat Quinn/Catherine Cloen ? Caherongue
24/May Catherine Thomas Loftus/Margaret Maughan Mary Cunnagh* Ballina
(Another version of Cunny/Cunney/Cunneagh/Cunnea?)
10/Jun Pat Timothy & Mary Quinn Thomas Flynn/Anne Goldrick Cloonbarry
17/Jun Eliza John Loftus/Eliza Brannon Bridget Loftus Kiltulla*
18/Jun Pat Tim & Mary Quinne Anne Quinne Cloondiveen
20/Jun William Anthony Loftus/Margaret Philbrin ? Cunloon
27/Jun Andrew Timothy Loftus/Mary Carney Biddy Carney Gross
7/Aug Michael James Loftus/Bridget Regan Graffy 28/Jun Peter Thomas Cuny-Curry/Bridget Gavin ? Glenree*
(*Or Gregareee/Grejaree)
29/Jun Patrick Pat Quinn/Mary Garvey ? Mahanagh
29/Jun Ellen Pat Quinn/Catherine Doyle ? Polynoon*
(*Co Galway) 1/Jul James Pat Connor/Ellen Meay? James & Margaret Mullarkey Tavyana
8/Jul James Frncs Michael Meay/Bridget Cooke James & Ann Cooke Corroughboy
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
8/Jul Pat Pat Keenan/Anne Garvey Bridget Garvey Spurstown
12/Jul Macdara? Thomas Quinn/Bridget Beaty ? Leskeen
14/Jul Ellen Pat Quinn/Judy Larpy ? Cloonuiagh*
15/Jul Eliza Andy Stenson/Ellen Quinn John Millar/Catherine McGlone Banada
15/Jul Mary Pat Reynolds/Bridget Kilmartin? ? Shannon
17/Jul Bridget Nicholas Quinn/Sabina Curly ? Cloonuiagh
17/Jul Margaret Michael Quinn/Mary Mullens ? Secloon
18/Jul Bridget Pat Quinn/Bridget McGuinnes* Thomas McGuinnes/Anne Howley Annagh
(*Possibly McGinnes)
18/Jul James Michael Quinn/Mary Tracey ? Cashel*
(*Cashel is in County Mayo)
18/Jul Pat Pat Keenan/Bridget Conway ? Kilavil
21/Jul James Michael Loftus/Mary Foxx Catherine Foxx Ballina
23/Jul Bridget Richard Quinn/Bridget Dunne ? Rosselturn?
24/Jul Mary Michael Quinn/Anne Burke Mary Burke Carrinlough*
(*Clare Morris) 24/Jul Mary Martin Quinn/Mary Fahy John Fahy Tanea*
(*Co Galway) 26/Jul Anne Martin Quinn/Honor Walsh ? Derrylorgh?
28/Jul Patrick James Loftus/Bridget Morrow ? Ballyeaskin
28/Jul Peter John Loftus/Catherine Burnes ? Carrokeel
29/Jul Bridget* Peter Quinn/Mary Keighrey ? Normangrove
(*And Mary-Galway)
30/Jul Thomas Joseph Thomas Quinn/Bridget Hughes ? Spisatavu
(*Or Seisatavu/Sisatava: Superintendant Registrar’s District: Ballinasloe, (Co Galway) Reg District Hollymount)
July/? John John Quinn/Catherine Galgin-Culkin? ? Curley
1/Aug Honor James Maye/Catherine Conroy/Conway ? Carrowrile
1/Aug Pat James Quinn/Mary Glynn ? Cloubrusk
2/Aug James Antny Cunny/Anne O’Hara Pat & Ellen Cunny Glenavoo
2/Aug Andrew James Keenan/Bridget Walsh ? Cloonlaheen
5/Aug Anne Martin Quinn/Sabina Mechins ? Muckroe
6/August Michael Peter Loftus/Rose McGinness ? Glenree
7/Aug Bridget Michael Quinn/Sally Raftery ? Kinkelly
8/Aug Austin John Cunny/Mary Murphy John & Bridget Murphy Culdalee
8/Aug Owen Pat Loftus/Honor Gevark ? Barnacogga
9/Aug Michael James Battle/Anne Fleming John Battle/Mary Garvey Corroughboy
11/Aug Edwrd Thomas Loftus/Mary Armstrong Ellen McDonaugh Murerogh
19/Aug Catherine Pat & Catherine Cunny Thomas Cunny/Mary Rowley Culdalee
23/Aug Catherine Andrew Quinn/Honor Carty? ? Kahaska
27/Aug Antny Pat McNultyJr/Mary Goldrick* Michael McNulty/Catherine Goldrick Castlerock
(*mother’s name may be Margaret)
27/Aug John James Loftus/Catherine Dogheerty Honor Loftus Curronen*
(*Or Curroner)
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
28/Aug John Michael Quinn/Catherine Berrue ? Polynoon
August Catherine Michael O’Donnell/Maria Loftus ? Glanduff
1/Sept Catherine James Goldrick Jr/Anne Connel Anthony & Catherine Connel Gortesluin
1/Sept Mary William Loftus/Bridget Riely ? Bunahowna
8/Sept Andrew Edward Quinn/Jane Morris ? Kiltulla
10/Sept Mary Thomas Quinn/Mary McDonaugh ? Claddegth?*
(*Probably Claddagh–Co Galway) 14/Sept Mary Andrew Quinn/Anne Morris Julia Morris Mullaglunore*
(*Co Galway) 14/Sept Mary James Quinn/Atty Walsh* *Thomas & Mary Kilmartin Rhue
(*or Attracta Walsh, and godfather may have been James)(Registrar’s District:Tobercurry/Sligo–Father’s Occupation, Farmer)
16/Sept Mary Martin Loftus/Mary McHue ? Oldenerry
16/Sept Margaret John Quinn/Bridget Bremman Michael Moran/Margaret Quinn Cloonbarry
Sept Mary John Quinn/Bridget Brennan Michael Moran/Margaret Quinn Cloonbarry
(*possibly twins)
22/Sept Thomas Richard Kennedy/Bridget Cunny Peter Brett/Mary Cunny Aclare
7/Oct Thomas Thomas Mullen/Bridget Meay/May James Murtagh/Anne Maye Corroy*
(*possibly Corroughboy or Carroy)
7/Oct James James Mullen/Bridget May James & Mary Kilmartin Corroy
7/Oct John & Martin Pat Roper/Mary Cunny James & Mary Goldrick Oughaval
(other godparent may have been Thomas Roper)
16/Oct Martin Martin Higgins/Mary Ruane John & Catherine Ruane Stonepark
25/Oct James *James Cunny/Catherine Gallagher Michael & Mary Cunny Culdalee
(*father’s name may have been John)
6/Nov Martin James Goldrick/Catherine O’Hara Pat Dooney*/Catherine Healy Castlerock
(*May be Devany)
7/Nov Catherine *Thomas Walsh/Mary Meay Michael & Anne Meagy? Corroughboy
7/Nov Catherine *Thomas Walsh/Atty Meaghy? Michael & Catherine Meaghy? Corroughboy?
(*not sure of the parents or godparent’s names)
14/Nov Michael John Loftus/Celia Walsh ? Derrowel 24/Nov Mary Anne Michael Meaghy*/Bridget Healy Bridget Meaghy Corroughboy
(*I believe Catherine Maye’s father’s name was Michael-it could be him as James Deehan and Catherine Maye had Bridget in 1879)
25/Nov James *John Cunny/Catherine Gallagher Michael & Mary Cunny Culdalee
(*father’s name may have been James)
Nov Maria Jacques Loftus/Catherine Dempsey ? Cashel
9/Dec James John Quinn/Maria Folley John & Ellen Folley Towngana/Townyana
23/Dec Anne James Armstrong/Anne Quinn Anthony Lang/Catherine Kennedy Mt Taffee
30/Dec Bridget Pat Ruane/Mary Kennedy Thomas Attracta Kennedy Curroy
Dec Thomas Pat May/Annie Murtagh ? Tourlestrane
Dec Maria Johanus Dempsey/Helena Loftus Jacques & Bridget Loftus Cashel
1877 James Deehan ? ? Tobercurry*
(9/517*Dromore West)

Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
1/Jan Honoria James Deehan/Catherine Murphy ? Tourlestrane
1/Jan Honoria James Deehan/Bridget Goldrick ? Tobercurry
(Note Honoria/1878 born to James Deehan/Catherine Murphy above : Possibility exists that I copied information incorrectly, and James Deehan/Catherine Murphy were the Godpatents to James Deehan/Bridget Goldrick as they had a daughter named Honoria on the same date…4/537)
1/Jan Honoria James Deehan/Catherine Meaghy? ? Glenavoo?
(This may be quite a find as grandmother may have had an additional sibling! James Deehan and Catherine Maye were married 5/Feb/1877-Honoria born 11 months after they married-and remember Catherine Maye’s father gave his name as Michael Meaghy! Note on August 1 1877 an Honor was born to James and Catherine Maye(nee Conway) in Carrowrile District of Tobercurry…James Maye/Father was the informant. Where did I find this record of Honoria to James Deehan and Catherine Meaghy?) I may have “assumed” they were the parents of Honoria Deehan noted next….
1878 Honoria Deehan Unknown Tobercurry 4/537
(These are probably the same as above, but will be worth looking at to see if there was an error, and who the godparents were)
8/Jan Pat John & Bridget Goldrick Michael Ginty/Bridget Brennan Glenavoo*
(*Or Kilmactiege as that’s the location noted for their child Bridget Ann)
8/Jan Pat John Goldrick/Mary Ginty Bridget Goldrick Glenavoo?
(1884 Anne Michael Goldrick/Ellen McDonnel John Goldrick/Mary Gentry* Beleclare)
(This is probably the correct names(Gentry instead of Ginty) as I find no record for John Goldrick/Mary Ginty)
4/Feb Ellen James Battle/Mary Peyton Hugh Peyton/Mary Roper Knockbrack
11/Feb Mary Ellen Pat Kilmartin/Bridget Morgan Thomas & Bridget Sweeney Knockahoney
16/Feb Martin Michael Walsh/Atty Maye Mary Maye Cloonacool*
(*or Cloonecull?)
3/Mar Annie James O’Donnell/Mary Maye Pat Egan/Jane Gallagher Castlerock
3/Mar Maria James Christy/Catherine Quinn William Christy/Catherine Quinn Castlerock*
(*or Cloonacool, Culleens, Annagh)
9/Mar Pat Michael Gaughan/*Mary Cunny John Cunny Culdalle
(*possibly Margaret)
10/Mar Bridget Thomas & Bridget Goldrick Michael Neary/Ellen Goldrick Gortermone
31/Mar John Michael Leonard/Atty Goldrick Michael & Winifred Mullen Castlerock
31/Mar Ellen John Leonard/Bridget Cunny Michael Cunny/Mary O’Hara Claddagh
2/Jun John John Quinn/Catherine McGuiness Martin & Alice-Nellie Quinn Aclare
23/Jun Catherine Pat Ginty/Mary Cunny Martin Cunny Cloonrecull
29/Jun John Andrew Mcintire/Margaret Quinn James Cooke/Honor Walsh Annagh
28/Jul Michael James Michael & Anne Goldrick James Bridget Goldrick Gorterslin
29/Jul Thomas Michael Quinn/Bridget Mullen-Muller John & Catherine Mullarkey Townyana
18/Aug Mary Anne Michael Cunny/Mary Hyland Pat Walsh/Julia Conway Tubberroddy
1/Sept Pat Michael Killoran/Mary Deehan Pat & Atty Murtagh Annagh*
(According to the “Estate Records” I have this is spelled Aghanagh)
2/Sept Mary Michael Quinn/Bridget Galagher Anthjony Loftus/Maria Leeole Kilmacteige
15/Sept Bridget Michael Kilmartin/Mary Commons Pat Walsh/Atty Commons Tullinaglug
16/Sept Michael Michael Mularkey/Honor Quinn John Down/Mary Henry Mt Taffee
20/Sept Michael John McNulty/Attracta Quinn Catherine McNulty Glenavoo
21/Sept Thomas Thomas Walsh/Honor Quinn ? Tourlestrane
21/Sep Bridget Anne John Cunny/Bridget Kildunne Pat Kildunne/Anne Morgan Kilmactiege
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
2/Oct Catherine Edward Quinn/Mary Gallagher James Quinn/Bridget* Gallagher Kincuillew
(*may be Mary…Kinculen?)
5/Oct Margaret James Meaghy/Bridget O’Donnel Pat Durcan/Bridget Marren Dauvis
9/Oct Anne Pat Kennedy/Mary Kilmartin Tim Kennedy/Atty Cawley* Carroreagh
(*may be Thomas Ruane and Atty Cunny)
13/Oct Michael Frncs Pat Goldrick/Mary Preston Michael & Mary Preston Gorterslin
13/Oct Joseph James Meaghy/Bridget McHugh* Michael Meaghy/Bridget Cooke Knockahoney
(*There are several records of James Maye or Meay and Bridget McHugh in either Knockahnoey or Barrane/Carrane/Cavan–these are probably all the same couple)
26/Nov Pat John O’Connor/Mary Devitt Pat & Bridget O’Connor Mt Taffe
12/Dec Antny Michael Quinn/Judith Mularkey James & Anne Mullarkey Annagh
14/Dec John John Goldrick/Honor Walsh Anthony Goldrick/Catherine Walsh Glenavoo
15/Dec Thomas John Cunny/Mary Murphy Thomas Mary Cunny Culdalee*
(*Or Belclare)
20/Dec Thomas Andrew-Andy Stenson/Ellen Quinn Thomas Quinn/Mary Mullen/Muller Banada
12/Dec Anthony Michael Quinn/Judith Mularkey James & Anne Mullarkey Annagh
Dec Mary Matthew Cunnie/Catherine Brennen Owen & Mary Cunnie ?
25/Jun/1845 Cormack Conroy/Atty Brennen Austin Cunny/Catherine Brennen* Culdalea
(* Location could be Culdalea/Culdalee as note Catherine Brennen as godmother) (1879-1881 in Charlestown is unreadable)

11/Jan Bridget James Deehan/Catherine Maye John Neary/Bridget Battle Glenavoo
(1879 Michael Joseph* ?–Born in Tobercurry– Pg/Vol: 4/490) *( I placed this here because: 26/Jan/1899 Michael Joseph– Dan Deehan/Bridget Goldrick, Gorterslin)
9/Feb James John Dempsey/Catherine Brennan John & Catherine Brennen Rhue
25/Feb Patrick Michael Lundy-Lindy/Catherine Quinn Michael Mary Lundy-Limdy Corroughboy
2/Mar Ellen Thomas Neary/Catherine Cunny James Mary Cunny Claddagh
9/Apr Ellen John Gallagher/Oney Murphy ? Annagh
(Ellen m. John Connors 1909 in Massachussetts)
29/Apr Mary Michael Cabrey*/Bridget Cunny Pat & Ellen Cunny Mt Taffe
(*surname may have been Garvey)
3/May Daniel Francis Armstrong/Annie Quinn John Gallagher/Mary Marren Mt Taffee
12/May Winifred Thomas Cunny/Winfred Durcan James Cunny Culdalee
29/May Michael Michael Loftus/Maria Naughten ? Curry 15/Jun Anne Michael Moran/Margaret Quinn Pat Moran/Catherine Nealy Mt Taffee
22/Jun Ellen Anthony Loftus/Maria Deele/Leeche ? Aclare
22/Jun Anne Thomas Ruane/Beesy O’Dowd Rich Ruane/Mary McKinney Mt Taffe
22/Jun Thomas Mark Cunny/Honor O’Hara John O’Hara/Mary Hegarty Culdalee
22/Jun Thomas Frank Cunny/Mary O’Hara Mary Neary Aclare
26/June Michael John Loftus/Mary Walsh ? Ballyremane 12/Jul Ellen Antny Loftus/Maria Leeche Thomas & Kate Leeche Aclare
17/Jul Winifred Michael McGlone/Catherine Quinn Pat McGlone/Mary McGlouglin Banada

Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
25/July Michael James Loftus/Anne Millany ? Carrihubank 1/Aug Michael Pat Quinn/Mary Durcan Michael & Catherine Durcan Cloonbarry
2/Aug John Pat Ryan/Mary Goldrick John Goldrick/Bridget McNulty Glenavoo
10/Aug Edwrd Pat Quinn/Bridget McGinness Edward McGinness/Honor Ryan Annagh
27/Aug Anne Dom O’Donnel/Catherine Maye Pat & Mary Garvin? Daurs*
(*or Dauvris)
29/Aug Mary Michael Garvey/Bridget Cunny Pat & Ellen Cunny Mt Taffe
30/Aug Rose Dan Calvey-Colvey/Attracta Loftus Pat Mary/Winifred Calvey-Colvey Kincullew
(*Kilculillew is just above, or north of Kilmactiege)
31/Aug Ellen Richard Kennedy/Bridget Cunny James & Mary Cunny Aclare
6/Sept Pat John Howley/Catherine Cunny Frank Ginty/Bridget Howley Kilmactiege
9/Sept Pat Michael Quinn/Honor Burke ? Caninlough
(Union & District Of Ballina, Claremorris Mayo)
12/Sept Michael Thomas Loftus/Sarah Hallman ? Suallun 14/Sept Sarah Pat Dooney/Bridget Goldrick John Harrey?/Mary Clarke Castlerock
16/Sep Edwrd Michael James Loftus/Margaret Walsh ? Culeens
20/Sept Anne John Quinn/Catherine Culkin ? Curley
(Foxford Union Swineford, Co Mayo)
28/Sept James James Goldrick/Cecelia O’Hara* John Dempsey/Mary Goldrick Castlerock
28/Sep James James Goldrick/Catherine O’Hara* John Dooney/Mary Goldrick Castlerock
(*Same couple?)
29/Sept Mary John Loftus/Ellen McDonald Thomas Loftus Ballinrobe*
(*or Baninsuitty?)
1/Oct Margaret Pat Quinn/Margaret Dempsey* ? Ballina
(*Grandfather’s sister Bridget married Martin Dempsey in 1882)
1/Oct Edward Edward Quinn/Mary Sharkey ? Castlereagh
2/Oct Mary Ann Charles Keenan/Bridget Burke ? Carrandongan
6/Oct Beesy-Beety-Busy? John Quinn/Bridget Bremman John Quinn/Winifred Brennan Cloonbarry
8/Oct Honoria Thomas Keenan/Ellen Burke ? Belwell?
9/Oct Margaret Pat Quinn/Bridget Murphy ? Glenraduff?*
(*Possinly Glanduff…Foxford Parish)
9/Oct Thomas Michael Loftus/Mary Kelley ? Larganbey
(Ballyhaunnis District/Claremorris Union)
9/Oct Mary/Margaret? Michael Quinn/Mary Flemming ? Springlaron?
(*Mountbellow District & Union Co Galway)
11/Oct William James Loftus/Bridget McHugh Mary Loftus Curley
(Foxford Swineford Mayo)
14/Oct Anne Pat Quinn/Catherine Convee Catherine Quinn Faheens
(District/Union Swineford Mayo)
16/Oct Winifred Thaddy Quinn/Winifred Lenahan ? Cahemmorris
(Or Casremorris? Tuam Union-Co Galway)
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
16/Oct Mary Bryan Loftus/Bridget Conway ? Cunirrus?
(Westport Union-Co Mayo)
19/Oct John John Quinn/Ellen Davrnee? ? Corkes?
21/Oct Winifred Pat Hunt/Bridget Brennen ? Carrarea
(Aclare District/Tobercurry Union-Co Sligo-Same District grandmother & sibs were baptized)
24/Oct John Thomas Keenan/Busy Henry ? Spurstown
(*Gurteen District/Boyle Union)
1/Nov Bridget John Loftus/Ellen Roland ? Castlebar
2/Nov Catherine Michael May?/Annie Marron ? Carrowred?
(Tobercurry District & Union- Sligo)
2/Nov Bridget John Quinn/Bridget Brennen ? Cloonbarry
3/Nov Anne John Quinn/Johanna Shea ? Ballingown
4/Nov Martin Martin Quinn/Mary Dunlop ? Slate*
(*Or maybe Cluddliann? Ballycastle District/Killala Union Co Mayo- Ballycastle near Dromore West) 7/Nov Anne Thomas Loftus/Anne Conley-Convey Bridget Loftus Castlebarnagh
(District/Union Swineford)
8/Nov John Edwrd Loftus/Anne Maughan ? Cluddhaus?
(*Or maybe Cluddliann? Ballycastle District/Killala Union Co Mayo-Ballycastle near Dromore West)
8/Nov Martin Gregory Quinn/Mary Kelley ? Crushre?
(Gort, Co Galway)
8/Nov Bridget Martin Quinn/Mary Fahey ? Lanae?
9/Nov Bridget Michael Maye/Bridget Healy James Battle/Mary Durcan Corroughboy
10/Nov Honor Peter Quinn/Bridget Riely ? Cloonenagh?
11/Nov Bridget John Loftus/Ellen Roland ? Cloughbrack
(Castlebar District/Mayo Union)
15/Nov Catherine Pat Quinn/Mary Kilcoyne Jack Stenson/Catherine Kilcoyne Banada
15/Nov Luke Michael Quinn/Catherine Flemming ? Cloonmore
15/Nov James Martin Maye/Bridget Durcan Michael Higgins/Mary Harte Coolrecull
16/Nov Martin&Pat Martin Loftus/Margaret Bunch ? Scarriff
(Mt Shannon District, Co Galway)
20/Nov Anne Austin Quinn/Honor Walsh ? Derryeassh?*
(*Westport District-Co Mayo)
1/Dec Michael John Loftus/Ellen Larkea? Busy Loftus Ballinakila
5/Dec Anne Thomas Walsh/Mary Maye John Walsh/Bridget Higgins Corroughboy
24/Dec Anne James Keenan/Anne MacNamara Eliza Lynch Cloulohan

Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
1879 Michael Deehan ? ? Tobercurry
(This is interesting as grandmother’s sister Bridget was born in the same year: Definetly want to look at this one)
4/Jan Catherine James Battle/Ann Fleming Thomas & Mary Garvey Corroughboy*
(*or Carreagh)
4/Jan Thomas Thomas Sweeney/Bridget Kilmartin Pat Kilmartin/Bridget Mullen Cloonbarry
8/Feb Pat John Cunny/Catherine Gallagher Thomas Gallagher/Catherine Rochford Culdalee
13/Feb Mary Ellen Pat Meay/Catherine Toley* Michael & Mary Toley Banada
Feb Mary Ellen Pat Meay/Catherine Feely* Jack & Margaret Feely Belclare
(*probably not the same couple as godparents, surnames, and locations different)
14/Mar Mary Peter Goldrick/Bridget Mulligan Dom Hegherty/Mary Goldrick Belclare
14/Mar Anne Pat & Catherine Cunny Pat & Mary Cunny Culdalee
21/Mar Pat O’Hara/Mary Ann Cunny* ? Culdalee
{19/Mar/1877 Austin O’Hara/Mary Cunny* Hugh O’Hara/Catherine Gallagher ?
(*quite possible these are the same couple)
8/May John John Leonard/Bridget Cunny Hugh Leonard/Catherine Gavaghan* Claddagh
(this may be Michael Leonard and Catherine Gallagher)
22/May Mary Anthony Goldrick/Biddy Neary James & Margaret Goldrick Castlerock*
(*or Gortesluin)
13/Jun Thomas John Quinn/Catherine McGuiness Thomas McGuiness/Honor Durcan Aclare
20/Jun James James Battle/Mary Peyton Hugh Peyton/Bridget Byrne Knockbrack
21/Jun John *John Calvey/Mary May Winifred May Mt Taffee
(*father’s name may have been Cobry)
10/Jul John Frncs James Maye/Bridget McHugh* William McHugh/Mary Mulligan Knokahoney
10/Jul John Thomas James Maye/Bridget McHugh* Michael McHugh/Mary Mullarkey Knockahoney
10/Jul John Frncs James Maye/Bridget McHugh Bridget McHugh* Knokahoney
(*godparents may have been William McHugh/Mary Mulligan) (*godparents for John Frncs may have been: James McHugh/Mary Mullarkey, for John Thomas: Bridget McHugh, with location of Kilmactiege. Knockahoney is in the civil parish of Kilmacteige and Tobercurry is the PLU)
22/Jul Brnrd Pat Rouane/Bridget Kilmartin James Gallagher/Ann Rouane Garrane
25/Jul Fanny? ___?/Mary Quinn* ? Cloonbarry
(*this could possibly be Tim and Mary Quinn)
31/Jul Thomas James Christy/Catherine Quinn ? Culleens
9/Aug Mary Michael Dieghan/Ann O’Hara Pat Howley/Bridget O’Hara Lislea
16/Aug Michael Michael Neary/Bridget Goldrick Bridget Goldrick Castlerock
18/Aug Daniel Michael Quinn/Bridget Gallagher James & Honor Gallagher Aclare
24/Aug Ellen Michael Maye/Bridget Mullroy Peter Mullroy/Mary Foley Culdalee
29/Aug Anne John O’Connor/Mary Devitt Anthony Goldrick/Ann O’Hara Mt Taffe
12/Sep James John Cunny/Mary Lavin Unkown Tourlestrane?
17/Sept John Thomas Mullen/Bridget Maye ? Curry
26/Sept Catherine Michael Limdy/Catherine Quinn ? ?

Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
26/Sept Catherine John McHugh/Atty Quinn* ? Glenavoo
(*Note same couple below)
28/Sept Michael Pat Cunny/Catherine Murphy John & Mary Murphy Claddagh
10/Oct Thomas Michael Maye/Bridget Cooke Pat & Mary Maye Corroughboy
10/Oct Mary Michael Goldrick/Ellen McDonnel ? Beleclare
14/Oct John James & Bridget Goldrick James Goldrick/Winifred McNulty Glenavoo
7/Nov Thomas Michael Leonard/Atty Goldrick Pat Goldrick? Castlerock
11/Nov Anne* John McHugh/Atty Quinn ? Glenavoo
(*Note the same couple above…date may have been off and Catherine and Anne were twins)
15/Dec Pat Thomas Goldrick/Bridget McNulty Pat Goldrick Glenavoo

3/Jan Honoria James Quinn/Atty Walsh Thomas Quinn/Bridget Walsh Rhue
12/Feb John Michael Killoran/Margaret Deehan ? Annagh
14/Feb ? Antny Loftus/Maria Lynch ? Aclare?
(Or perhaps Tourlestrane)
12/Mar Catherine William & Mary Cunny Dennis & Ellen O’Hara ?
29/Apr Andrew Andrew Stenson/Ellen Quinn ? Banada
1/Mar Andrew & Eliza Andrew Stenson/EllenQuinn Peter & Mary McGloin* Banada
(*Other godparents were Pat Leonard/Mary Blake)
8/May Thomas James Goldrick/Catherine O’Hara James Dorety Cloonacool?
26/Jun Bridget Michael McGlogin/Catherine Quinn ? Banada
29/Jun Bridget James Loftus/Catherine Launnis ? Tourlestrane
29/Jun Bridget Mark Cunny/Honor O’Hara James Loftus/Catherine Quinn Culdalee
23/Jul Mary Pat Quinn/Mary Klegove? ? Tourlestrane
14/Aug Ellen Pat McNulty/Mary*Goldrick John Battle Castlerock?
(*could be Margaret)
(Note the information after Attracta/1890 as well as discusssion at the end of this file)
4/Sept Margaret *James Deehan/Catherine Maye *Pat Deehan/Mary Battle Glenavoo
(*one record has it spelled Deighan)

? Bridget Deehan ? ? Tobercurry
Jan Bridget John Cunny/Winny O’Donnel Thomas Walsh/Catherine Gallagher Culdalee
Jan Bridget John Cunny/Catherine Gallagher Thomas Walsh Claddagh*
(*either Claddagh or Culdalee as that is the location in other records for this couple)
1/Feb Thomas Joseph James Maye/Bridget McHugh Pat McHugh Knockahoney
3/Feb Patrick John Quinn/Catherine McGinness Edward Margaret McGuiness Aclare
4/Feb Winifred Dom O’Donnel/Catherine Maye Thomas & Mary Hart Dhoras*
16/Feb John Thomas Goldrick/Bridget McNulty Austin & Bridget Cunny Glenavoo
17/Feb Francis* Michael Quinn/Bridget Gallagher James Quinn/Alice O’Hara Kilmacteige
17/Feb Charles* Michael Quinn/Bridget Gallagher James Quinn/Alice O’Hara Kilmactiege
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
25/Feb Michael *Pat Forde/Honoria Smyth Pat & Mary May? Mt Taffe
(*Related to Alfie’s Ford?)
Mar Sarah Austin Roper/Bridget Battle Thomas Battle Oughaval
29/Apr Edwrd Michael Noonan/MaryQuinn John & Bridget Quinn Mt Taffee
Jul Anthony John & Bridget Goldrick John & Anny McNulty Glenavoo
7/Aug Bridget Michael Goldrick/Ellen McDonnel* John Brett Aclare*
(*or McDermott-location possibly Belclare)
15/Aug Ann* Edwrd Quinn/Mary Gallagher James & Ellen Gavahan Kincullew
15/Aug Ellen* Edwrd Quinn/Mary Gallagher James & Ellen Gavahan Kincullew
17/Aug John John McNultyAtty Quinn Martin & Mary McNulty Glenavoo
6/Aug Bridget James Battle/Mary Peyton Austin & Bridget Roper Knockbrack
(or Stone Park)
6/Sept Thomas Pat Quinn/Mary Stenson Thomas Quinn/Ann Walsh Knockahoney
17/Sept John James Gallagher/Mary Quinn Martin & Bridget Quinn Gortermone*
*(Kilmacteige (Civil Parish)–Tobercurry (PLU)
1/Oct Thomas James Quinn/Atty Walsh James Mary Neary-Nary Rhue
14/Oct John John Cunny/Bridget Dunne/Kildunne Pat Burke/Catherine O’Hara Kilmactiege
(or Lislea)
8/Nov Margaret? Michael Leonard/Atty Goldrick Pat & Mary Leonard Castlerock
2/Dec Catherine Michael Goldrick/Catherine Walsh James & Mary Roper Tullinaglug
Dec Richard Richard Kennedy/Bridget Cunny Pat Kennedy/Mary O’Hara Aclare
Dec Mary Dan & Mary Cunny Michael McDermott ?

13/Jan Joseph Michael Mularkey/Honor Quinn John Quinn/Mary Mularkey Mt Taffee
21/Jan Bridget William Hagerty/Ann Cunny Martin Margaret Goldrick Beleclare
10/Feb Catherine Pat Goldrick/Mary Preston James & Bridget Goldrick Tavnegraphy
26/Feb Patrick Anthony Loftus/Maria Lynch* Ellen Lynch Aclare
(*surname may have been Leech)
27/Feb Martin Pat Kennedy/Mary Kilmartin Pat Kennedy/Atty Kilmartin Carrowreagh
17/Mar Winny Pat & Catherine Cunny James & Catherine Cunny Culdalee
17/Mar Mark Mark Cunny/Anny* O’Hara William Cunny/Nancy Hughes Culdalee**
(*mother’s name may have been Onny, and location **Carnes)
19/Mar James Pat Fleming/Mary Cunny Peter McNulty/Catherine Gaughan Claddagh
19/May Pat Andrew Stenson/Ellen Quinn ? Tourlestrane*
(*or Banada)
11/Jun James Thomas Mullen/Bridget Maye Michael Mullen Curry*
(*or Conroy?)
24/Jun John Joseph Pat Quinn/Mary Kiloran ? Poenada
24/Jun Edwrd Thomas Goldrick/Bridget McNulty James & Catherine Goldrkck Glenavoo
5/Jul James James Maye/Bridget O’Donnel John & Mary Maye Conroy?*
(*or Drimina?)
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
24/Jul John John Cunny/Catherine Gallagher Thomas & Mary Cunny Claddagh
30/Jul Peter John McNulty/Atty Quinn Pat & Ellen McNulty Glenavoo
11/Aug Mary Thomas Ruane/Bridget O’Dowd Michael & Ann Gilmartin Mt Taffe
31/Aug Anne Michael Cunny/Onny O’Hara Michael & Bridget Walsh Culdalee
2/Sept Anne Michael Maye/Bridget Cooke James Maye/Ann McHugh Tourlestrane
23/Sep John James Goldrick/Catherine Horan James McEgan/Anne Kelly Castlerock
6/Oct Jane Tim & Mary Quinn Thomas Quinn/Catherine Gallagher Cloonbarry
26/Nov Thomas Pat Goldrick/Mary Gentry-Ginty John Atty Gentry-Ginty Belclare
2/Dec Cecelia? Michael Gaughan/Margaret Cunny John Neary/Honor Deehan? Culdalea
30/Dec Peter? John McNulty/Atty Quinn Pat & Ellen McNulty Glenavoo
? Bridget Deehan ? ? Tobercurry
(Only records for 1882-1883, except some Quinns/McNultys in Mt. Taffe and Glenavoo. Gm’s sis Mary Ellen born in 1884)

12/Jan William James Maye/Bridget McHugh Michael McHugh/Bridget Maye Knockahoney*
(could be Knockbrack)
14/Jan Attracta Pat Quinn/Mary Durcan/Duncan Pat & Bridget Durcan Cloonbarry
30/Jan Peter? John McNulty/Atty Quinn Pat & Ellen McNulty* Glenavoo
(*may be godparents)
9/Feb Anne Pat Ruane/Margaret Kilmartin Pat & Atty Kilmartin Carane*
2/Mar Joseph John Quinn/Catherine McGinness ? Aclare
4/Mar* Andrew Michael Quinn/Bridget Gallagher James Quinn* Touriuen
(*This may be 4/Apr, and the Godfather may have been Joseph-not James…Kilmactiege)
21/Mar Joseph John Quinn/Catherine McGuiness Michael O’Hara/Anne McGuiness Aclare
22/Mar John Michael Maye/Bridget Healy John & Mary Brett Conroy*
(*or Curry)
23/Mar Onnie? James Quinn/Atty Walsh ? Tourlestrane
29/Mar John John Cunny/Mary Murphy Pat & Margaret Gauaghan Culdalee
4/Apr Andrew Michael Quinn/Bridget Gallagher James-Joseph Quinn/Ellen Gauaghan Kilmacteige
21/Apr John John & Mary Cunny Pat Cunny/Ann Hughes Culdalee
30/Apr Anne Richard Ruane/Mary Mullen Thomas Ruane/Bridget O’Donnel Mt Taffe
26/Jun Pat Pat Cunny/Bridget Hagerty Thomas & Atty Hagerry Culdalee
6/Jul Anne Michael Goldrick/Ellen McDonnel John Goldrick/Mary Gentry Beleclare*
(*may be Gortesluin)
23/Aug Bridget Michael Goldrick/Mary Cunny? Michael Neary? Castlerock
30/Aug Atty John & Bridget Goldrick James & Mary Deehan Glenavoo
30/Aug Bridget James Gallagher/Margaret Quinn ? ?
7/Sep Anne James Battle/Ann Fleming Michael Mary Cunny? Curraghbine
19/Sept John Thomas Walsh/Mary Maye Pat & Mary Maye Curralhbine

Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
9/Nov Mary Ellen James Deehan/Catherine Maye Martin Maye/Bridget# Deehan** Glenavoo
(**In Charlestown has surname as Deighan again. # This Bridget could be Bridget Deehan (nee Battle)Greatgrandfather’s mother)
11/Dec Margaret William Hegarty/Anne Cunny Michael Anne Roper Beleclare

15/Jan Thomas John Cunny/Bridget Kildunne *Michael Kildunne/Catherine Cunny Kilmactiege
(*may have been James)
24/Jan Winifred John Quinn/Bridget Brennan James & Bridget Leonard Cloonbarry
7/Feb Catherine John Dempsey/Catherine Brennan John Dempsey/Bridget Feeny Rhue
14/Feb Hugh John O’Connor/Mary Devitt Hugh Devitt/ Bridget O’Connor Mount Taffe
25/Apr Margaret Thomas Goldrick/Bridget McKensie Pat McKensie/Barbra McIntyre Castlerock
30/May Thomas Michael Leonard/Atty Goldrick Pat & Catherine Leonard Catlerock
31/May Thomas Pat Quinn/Mary Kilcoyne/Kilconfine Luke & Ann Kilcoyne Benada
20/Jun Margaret* Thomas Goldrick/Mary Lundy Peter & Bridget Goldrick Kilmactiege
(*may have been Mary)
10/Jul Bridget Pat Cunny/Catherine Murphy John Brennen/Sarah Cunny Claddagh
19/Jul Catherine?* Thomas Goldrick/Bridget McNulty Pat McNulty/Mary Goldrick Glenavoo
(*or Matthew?)
Jul Thomas *John Cunny/Catherine Gallagher John Rochford/Bridget Finlan Culdalee
(father’s name may have been James*)
7/Sep Bridget Michael Cunny/Mary Hellon-Hyland? Pat Cunny/Bridget Walsh Tobercurry?
3/Oct Patrick Pat Quinn/Bridget Gunnell Michael & Mary Ellen Quinn Annagh
3/Oct Bridget Martin Maye/Bridget Durcan Thomas Maye/Catherine Walsh Castlecall*
(*or Coolrecuill)
7/Nov Bridget Pat Cobney/Anne Cunny Michael & Sarah Cobney Mt Taffee
12/Nov Thomas James Goldrick/Mary Slakey? Pat & Catherine Gallagher Coolrecuill*
(*or Gortesluin)
29/Nov Joseph Michael Moran/Mary Quinn John Quinn/Atty Leonard Mt Taffee
19/Dec Michael Pat Murray/Mary Forde Bartly Keane/Onnie Forde Mt Taffee
26/Dec Anne Pat Dooney/Bridget Goldrick Pat Catherine Dooney Castlerock
? John Deehan ? ? Tobercurry
? Thomas Deehan ? ? Tobercurry*

6/Jan Anne Pat Quinn/Mary Stenson Thomas Quinn Knockready
16/Jan Mary Pat Kilmartin/Mary Commons Thomas Walsh/Mary Brennen Tullinaglug
26/Jan Pat Pat Goldrick/Mary Preston Tom & Mary Stenson Gortesluin
7/Jan Catherine John & Atty Cunny* Mark Cunny Culdalee
28/Jan Catherine John & Elizabeth Cunny* Mark Cunny Culdalee?
(*same couple?)
14/Feb Michael Michael Gaughan/Margaret Cunny William Cunny/Catherine Loftus Culdalee*
(*may be Belclare)
2/Mar Rose Pat Fleming/Mary Cunny John Gaughan/Mary O’Hara Claddagh
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
13/Mar Pat Thomas Ruane/Bridget O’Dowd James O’Dowd/Anne Ruane Mt Taffee
16/Mar Honoria Michael Maye/Bridget Cook Pat & Bridget McHugh? Curraybrone*
(*Carrogblin?-child’s name may have been Mary or Maria)
27/Mar Anne Michael Oriely?/Bridget Cunny John Margaret Cunny? ?
28/Mar Mary Pat Quinn/Mary Durcan ? Cloonbarry
1/Apr Catherine* John Quinn/Catherine McGuines Pat & Bridget Quinn Aclare
(*Catherine Agnes)
1/Apr Agnes* John Quinn/Catherine McGinness Pat & Bridget Quinn Aclare
(*Not sure if there were twins, Catherine & Agnes, or one child named Catherine Agnes)
25/May Catherine John Quinn/Bridget Brennan Michael & Mary Moran Cloonbarry
8Jun James John Cunny/Mary Murphy Pat & Mary Cunny Culdalee*
(*may be Belclare?)
20/Jun Alice Michael Mullarkey/Honor Quinn John & Winifred Connell Mt Taffee
29/Jun John John & Bridget Goldrick Michael Griffin/Mary Corcoran Glenavoo
4/Jul Peter&Paul Michael Quinn/Bridget Gallagher Bernard & Mary Ellen Quinn* Kilmacteige
*Grandmother’s sister Mary Ellen was born 9/Nov/1884–this Mary Ellen could be who she was named for: Even though the parents were James Deehan/Catherine Maye, it’s apparent that all the familiesLoftus, Quinn, Deehan, Maye were friends or related
17/Jul John Thomas Goldrick/Bridget McKensie Thomas Maria Carr Castlerock
21/Jul John Pat Ruane/Bridget Kilmartin Pat & Atty Kilmartin Carane*
24/Jul Catherine Michael Maye/Bridget Healy Martin Healy Curroughbine?
(*check spelling)
10/Oct Martin Thomas Mullen/Bridget Maye James & Mary Meehan Curroy
Oct Michael Michael Cunny/Honor O’Hara Mary Walsh Culdalee
7/Nov Margaret Ann*Michael Goldrick/Ellen McDonnel Pat Goldrick Beleclare
(*may be Mary Ann)
? John Deehan ? ? Tobercurry*

2/Jan John John Cunny/Bridget Kildunne Pat Cunny Kilmactiege
8/Jan Pat Pat Goldrick/Mary Ferity* Michael Goldrick Beleclare
8/Jan Pat Pat Goldrick/Mary Ginty* Mary Goldrick Belclare
(*same persons?)
5/Mar Pat Joseph John Maye/Attie Murtagh Pat Murtagh/Honoria McCale Benada
6/Mar Pat Pat Quinn/Mary Kileoyne ? Banada
12/Mar Margaret Pat Forde/Onnie Smith John & Bridget Cabrey Mt Taffe
16/Mar Mary John O’Connor/Mary Devitt Thomas O’Connor/Mary Deehan Mt Taffe
7/May Margaret John Dempsey/Catherine Brennan John & Ellen Brennan Rhue
13/May John Pat Cunny/Catherine Murphy James & Mary Gaughan Claddagh
9/Jun Margaret Anthony Goldrick/Bridget Nary* James & Mary Leonard Castlerock
(*not Neary)

Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
8/Aug Austin* John Cunny/Mary Murphy John & Bridget Murphy Culdalee
(*see same birth in 1877)
12/Aug Thomas Richard Kennedy/Bridget Cunny Mary Cunny Aclare
16/Aug Catherine John Quinn/Catherine Gallagher ? ?
11/Aug Catherine Pat & Catherine Cunny Thomas Cunny Culdalee
4/Sep Michael Joseph James Muller/Ellen Quinn ? Banada
4/Oct John & Martin* Pat Roper/Mary Cunny James & Mary Goldrick Oughaval
(*see same births in 1877-other godfather may have been Thomas Roper)
13/Oct ? Thomas Goldrick/Ann O’Hara ? Coolerecull
10/Nov Martin John & Mary Cunny Pat & Mary Cunny Culdalee
30/Nov Mary John McNulty/Atty Quinn Mark Quinn/Mary Murphy Glenavoo
10/Dec Catherine* James Deehan/Catherine Maye Michael Deehan/Bridget Battle Glenavoo
(Great aunt Catherine married Pat Maye in Mar/1936 **Note that Martin Deehan’s son *Michael (brother of Alfie’s grandfather Pat) was born 1859, and by 1887 would have been about 28–this could be him, and probably cousin to greatgrandfather James Deehan)
11/Dec Bridget John & Bridget Goldrick *Thomas Goldrick/Catherine McNulty Glenavoo
(*godfather may have been John Goldrick)

17/Mar Pat Michael Dempsey/Ellen Ginty John & Catherine Goldrick Oughaval
28/Apr Bridget* Pat Quinn/Mary Stenson ? Knockahoney
(*Married John O’Malley 30/Jan/1925)
27May Mary Thomas Goldrick/Bridget McNulty James & Bridget Goldrick Glenavoo
2/Jul Pat Thomas Walsh/Mary Maye ? Carraghbuin
4/Sept Ellen Michael Gaughan/Mary Cunny Pat Murphy/Catherine Loftus Kilmactiege
Oct Mary Michael Mulligan/Mary Goldrick* Michael Mulligan/Maria Roddy Glenavoo
(mother’s name may have been Margaret)
4/Nov Martin Joseph Michael Goldrick/Elen McDonnel John Brett/Bridget McDonnel Beleclare
10/Dec Catherine James Deehan/Catherine Maye Michael Deehan/Bridget Battle+ Glenavoo
(This is probably 1888-not 1887)

19/Jan Ellen Agnes Michael McGloyne/Catherine Quinn ? Banada
10/Mar Austin John Cunny/Bridget Dunne Pat & Mary Cunny Kilmactiege
22/Mar Edwrd Frncs John Quinn/Catherine McGinness John & Honor McGuiness Aclare
21/Jul Bridget Michael Maye/Bridget Healy Thomas & Catherine Maye Carraghbuin
19/Jun Catherine John Durcan/Margaret Cunny John & Bridget Cunny Coolrecuill
20/Jun Mary Ellen Martin Harte/Mary O’Hara Martin & Bridget O’Hara Cloongoonagh
7/Jul Antny Anthony Goldrick/Bridget Neary John & Mary Cobney Castlerock
21/Jul Bridget Michael Maye/Bridget Healy Thomas & Catherine Maye Curraghbine*
(*correct spelling-look up other records with this location and correct if needed)
23/Jul James James Goldrick/Bridget McGuiness Pat Deighan/Mary Fleming Glenavoo
9/Sept Stephen Michael John Cunny/Catherine Gallagher Pat & Bridget Gallahger Culdalee
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
26/Jul Bridget James Maye/Bridget O’Donnel Bridget O’Donnel Huminis?*
(*or Dhorus?)
10/Aug Margaret Thomas Ruane/Bridget O’Dowd Michael O’Dowd/Maggie Mullen Mt Taffe
11/Aug Anne Pat Cobney/Anne Cunney Dennis Cobney Mt Taffe
11/Aug Mary Kate James Higgins/Honoria Culkin James Goldrick/Margaret Connor Largan
9/Nov Matthew John McNulty/Atty Quinn John & Anne Kennedy Glenavoo
14/Dec Michael John Michael Maye/Bridget Cooke Pat & Bridget McHugh Curraghbine*
(*correct spelling)
29/Dec Bridget John Maye/Atty Murtagh Pat Murtagh Banada*
(*or Benada)
? Marg Deighan ? ? Sligo*

18/Jan Winifred* Pat Quinn/Mary Durcan Pat Stenson/Winnie Durcan Cloonbarry
(*or Winny)
Jan Mary Ann Pat Cunny/Catherine Murphy *Ned & Catherine Cunny Claddagh
(*godfather’s name may have been Michael)
Jan Bridget John & Mary Cunny Michael & Bridget Cunny Culdalee
18/Feb Winifred Pat Quinn/Mary Durcan Pat Stenson/Winnie Durcan Cloonbarry
Feb Bridget* Michael Gaughan/Maggie Cunny William Cunny/Bridget Loftus Culdalee
(*and Winifred-twins?)
4/Mar Matthew Michael Leonard/Attie Goldrick Michael & Celia Leonard Castlerock
8/Mar Margaret Michael Mulligan/Anne Quinn* Pat Flynn/Julie Gilligan Mt Taffe
(*may be Michael Mularkey/Onnie Quinn)
12/Mar Mary Ellen Pat Quinn/Mary Stenson Austin & Winifred Stenson Knockahoney
3/Apr Bridget Anne* John & Bridget Goldrick John Goldrick/Bridget McDonnel Kilmactiege
15/Jun Bridget James Leonard/Ellen Cunny *Anthony Cunny/Atty Leonard Glenavoo
(*godfather’s name may have been Austin)
21/Jun Peter Thomas Loftus/Mary Walsh Pat Henegan/Ann Lighe Kilmactiege
3/Jul Mary Anne James Maye/Catherine Higgins Michael Higgins/Alice Quinn Curraghbine*
(*correct spelling)
18/July Pat Michael Mulligan/Mary Goldrick Pat & Mary Mulligan Glenavoo
31/July Attracta *James Deehan/Catherine Maye Michael & Mary Deehan Glenavoo
31/July Attracta James Deehan/Catherine Maye Michael & Mary Deehan Glenavoo

(Great-Grandparents James Deehan and Catherine Maye m. 5/Feb/1877 Witnesses: James Battle/Bridget Kennedy/P. Durcan Kilmactigue Chapel: Tourlestrane Parish. Fathers: Pat Deehan and Michael Maye(Meaghy) (Note the Godparents above: If great-grandfather was the brother of the Pat Deehan b. 1847 to Pat Deehan/Bridget Battle then this *Pat Deehan could have been either his brother or father. The **Bridget Deehan could have been his mother (nee Battle) or his sister. + I doubt that this Bridget Battle was great-grandfather’s mother using her maiden name: A James Battle was witness to great-grandparents marriage, and **Bridget Battle could have been his daughter)
(*In Charlestown records has James Diehan and Catherine May)
12/Aug Thomas Thomas Goldrick/Bridget McNulty Anthony & Mary Goldrcik Glenavoo
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
18/Sept Catherine Michael Quinn/Mary Goldrick ? Tourelestrane
28/Sept Honoria Michael Cunny/Honoria O’Hara Pat & Ellen O’Hara Culdalee
Sept Catherine Martin Kennedy/Mary Roddy Michael Quinn/Mary Goldrick ?
11/Oct Thomas John Deighan/Ellen Roddy Thomas & Catherine Roddy Gorterslin
18/Oct Anne John Quinn/Bridget Brennan Michael & Margaret Moran Cloonbarry
(Married James Brennan 20/Apr/1923)
28/Nov Anne James Goldrick/Bridget McGuiness John McGuiness/Bridget Goldrick Glenavoo
30/Nov Michael John & Bridget Cunney Pat & Bridget Durcan Carrane*
Nov Pat Austin Cunny/Mary Brennen Pat & Mary Brennen Glenavoo
Nov Michael Michael Goldrick/Ellen McDonald* John McDonald/Bridget Quinn Beleclare
(*mother’s surname may have been McDonnel)
3/Dec Michael John Quinn/Bridget Brennan ? Cloonbarry
(*may have been Bridget Agnes)
? Thomas Deehan ? ? Tobercurry*

13/Jan Bridget Agnes Andrew Stenson/Ellen Quinn James & Mary Nortler?* Banada
(*or James Mary Mullen-and locations as Benada)
14/Feb Kate* Pat Quinn/Mary Kilcoyne John & Mary Kilcoyne Banada
(*Married Thomas Mesiler Aug/1922-godmother may have been Margaret, and location Benada)
17/Feb Maria John Durcan/Margaret Cunny **John & Mary Leonard Coolrecuill*
(*clear-**and Godfather may have been James)
21/Feb Pat Luke Cunnie?/Bridget Walsh* Luke Brennen/Kate Walsh* Tullymoy
(*Father’s name may have been Cunane and Godfather James)
5/Apr Mary Jane Martin Harte/Maria O’Hara Dan & Susan O’Hara Cloongoonagh
25/May Pat James Kildun/Mary Loheny Rich Lehney/Ellen Stenson Aclare
28/May Anne Thomas Goldrick/Bridget McKensie Antny McKensie/*Mary Goldrick Castlerock
(*godmother’s name may have been Margaret)
Jun Catherine* Michael O’Hara/Honoria Quinn *Pat Lundy/Bridget O’Hara Stonepark
Jun Elizabeth* Michael O’Hara/Honor Quinn *Pat Lundy/Mary O’Hara Stonepark
(*twins-godfather’s name may have been Ginty)
Jul Margaret Bernard Loftus/Maria Ginne ? Toomor
2/Aug Ellen Agnes Michael Maye/Bridget Healy Martin Maye/Mary Brett Carraugh*
(*Or Curraghbine)
6/Aug John Thomas Kennedy/Atty Quinn Martin Kennedy/Mary Quinn Carraugh*
(*very clear)
23/Aug Teresa John Kildunne/Bridget Brennen Michael Gallagher/Bridget Kildunne Carnes
6/Sept John Thomas Kennedy/Atty Quinn Martin Kennedy/Mary Quinn Carrarugh
12/Sept Mary? John Kildunn/Bridget Ginty Pat & Rose Ginty Tullymoy
17/Sep Michael John O’Connor/Mary Devitt Hugh & Bridget Devitt Mt Taffe
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
24/Sept Bridget Anthony Goldrick/Bridget Nary* John Walsh/Catherine Nary* Castlerock
(*Apparently there is a Neary and a Nary surname)
11/Oct Jacobus Michael Maye/Anna Duffey ? Curry
17/Oct Margaret* Dan Deehan/Bridget Goldrick *Michael Deehan/Mary Goldrick Gorteslien
(*Mary?…Dan Deehan, son of Martin Deehan & Bridget Goldrick: First grandchild–This *Michael is probably his brother)
21/Oct Michael Michael Mulligan/Mary Goldrick Michael Mulligan/Mary Roddy Glenavoo
22/Oct Pat/Joseph Pat Quinn/Mary Durcan Michael Bridget McNulty Cloonbarry
1/Nov Margaret John & Mary Cunney James & *Mary Cunney Culdalea
(*maybe Margaret?)
5/Dec Michael Antny Goldrick/Catherine McNulty James Goldrick/Bridget McNulty Gorterslin

2/Jan Mary Agnes James Goldrick/Bridget McGuiness Michael & Mary Goldrick Glenavoo
17/Jan Bridget James Deehan/Catherine Kelly Curriganae
25/Jan Kate John NcNulty/Attie Quinn John & Kate Quinn Glenavoo
30/Jan Pat Pat Calvey/Anne Cunney John Cunney/Ann Mulligan Mt Taffe
(Father’s name may have been Cobney, godmother Onnie Mullarkey-and Pat married Bridget Cunney in 1922)
15/Feb Mary Ellen Pat Kennedy/Mary Kilmartin Pat Kennedy/Anne Kilmartin Carranea
3/Apr Pat Pat Ruane/Bridget Kilmartin John Kirrane/Attie Kilmartin Carane*
17/Apr Ellen Thomas Battle/Ellen Colleary* Fanny Kennedy Rhue
8/May Mary Margaret Martin Harte/Maria O’Hara Peter & Mary Harte Cloongoonagh
21/May Pat Joseph James McIntyre/Ellen McGoldrick James & Ellen McIntyre Tourlestrane
26/May Michael John Kinane/Attie Kilmartin Bernard Ruane/Mary O’Hara Gortermone
29/May Ellen James Maye/Bridget O’Donell Luke Kilcoyne Mary Meanea* Dhouras
(*or Mearren?)
31/Jul James Luke Cunnane/Bridget Walsh Matt Walsh/Anne Cunnane Tullamoy
31/Jul Bridget* John Durcan/Margaret Cunny Pat Walsh/Bridget Cunny Coolrecuill
(*may have been twins-Thomas?)
28/Aug Michael Thomas Goldrick/*Biddy McNulty Michael McNulty/Catherine Gallagher Glenavoo
(*may be Bridget)
2/Sept Anne John & Bridget Cunney James Durcan/Kate Cunny Carane
29/Oct Bridget Dan Deehan/Bridget Goldrick *Pat Deehan/Winnie Ryans Gortesluin
*(This Pat is probably Dan’s other brother)
12/Nov Margaret* James Leonard/Ellen Cunney James Leonard/Maria Roddy Glenavoo
(*may be Mary)
20/Nov Martin James Michael Maye/Bridget Healy Hugh & Bridget Healy Curraghbine
(*Or Curraghbuin/Carraghbuine -correct spelling.-in Kilgarvan Parish)
28/Nov James Michael Mullarkey*/Margaret Goldrick James Mullarkey Glenavoo
11/Dec Ellen Pat Cunny/Catherine Murphy Andrew & Mary McDonnel Claddagh
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
21/Dec Winifred Michael O’Hara/Honor Quinn Pat & Catherine Burns Knockbrack*
(or 1893 *Knoskhalif?)
? Mary Deehan ? ? Tobercurry*

4/Feb Bridget Agnes Antny Goldrick/Catherine McNulty Anthony Connel/Mary McNulty Gortesluin
11/Feb James Pat Thomas Henry/Anne Quinn John & Mary Quinn Rue
1/Mar Andrew & Eliza Andrew Stenson/Ellen Quinn Peter & Mary McGloin* Banada
(*Other godparents were Pat Leonard/Mary Blake)
2/Mar Pat Frncs Michael Goldrick/Ellen McDonnel Pat & Catherine McDonnel Beleclare
17/Mar Patrick John McNulty/Attie Quinn Michael McNulty/Honoria Gallager Glenavoo
(More McNultys,and notice Honor Gallagher)
9/May Michael James Thomas Goldrick/Bridget McKenzee James & Mary Goldrick Castlerock
26/Jun Mary Ann John Cunney/*Biddy Dunne Pat & Biddy Cunney Kilmactiege
(*may be Bridget)
30/Jun Antny John/Biddy-Bridget Goldrick James & Catherine Goldrick Kilmactiege
5/Aug Michael Frncs James Kelly/Anne Ruane Michael Connors/Mary Ruane Kincuillew
15/Aug James Austin Quinn/Anne Durkan James O’Hara/Mary Ann Connoly Aclare
25/Aug Michael John & Mary Cunney Mark & Catherine Cunney Culdalee
30Aug Michael Austin Cunney/Mary Brennen Pat & Bridget Ginty Glenavoo
14/Nov James Anthony Goldrick/Bridget Nary Michael Goldrick/Bridget Calvey* Castlerock
(*possibly Cobney)
25/Nov John Thomas Thomas Ruane/*Beety O’Dowd Thomas Henry/Mary Walsh Mt Taffe
(*or Busy-Bridget)
26/Nov Bridget Pat Goldrick/Mary Preston Michael & Honoria Murray Gorterslin*
(*or Tavnegraphy)
9/Dec Thomas James & Bridget Maye John Ginty/Bridget McHugh Corroughboy
23/Dec Thomas Pat Lynch/Bridget Quinn PJ & Ellen Quinn Tourlestrane
24/Dec Winifred Michael O’Hara/Honor Quinn Pat & Catherine Burns Knoskhalif*
(*or Knockbrack)
? Bridget Deehan ? ? Tobercurry*

15/Jan John Thomas Thomas Henry/Ann Quinn Pat Quinn Rue
9/Feb Mary Pat O’Hara/Ellen Kildunne Pat Catherine McNulty Claddagh
10/Feb Anne Martin Quinn/Catherine Connor James Connor/Bridget Quinn Lonnegew?*
(*2nd reading: Tavniana or Tavnigraphy? In Tourlestrane)
7/Mar Patrick Thomas Maye/Anne Walsh James & Kate Walsh Carane*
(*or Carnes?)
9/Mar Catherine John Bridget Cunny Tom & Mary Cunny Carrane*
*(or Carane-Carnes?-and godfather may have been John)

Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
16/Mar Michael John Maye/Atty Murtagh ? Banada*
(*Or Belclare?)
18/Mar James James Quinn/Mary Duffy William Duffy/Mary Durcan Tullinaglug
18/Mar Michael John Maye/Atty Murtagh ? Belclare?*
(*or Banada)
Mar Patrick Pat & Mary Deehan Michael & *Margaret Deehan Glenavoo
(Other son of Martin Deehan and Bridget Goldrick: Michael is probably his brother, but who is *Margaret?–my grandmother would have been about 13 in 1894, so probably not her. See Margaret Deehan above: 1853, 1868, and 1872. This Pat/Mary are Alfie’s grandparents)
24/May John* James Deehan/Catherine Maye Pat Killoran/Julia Killoran* Glenavoo
(*May be Julia Gilligan or Killigan) *There is a gap of almost 4 years between Attracta/1890 and John/1894-were there other children?…possibly yes as I found a James born to James Deehan Catherine May or Meaghy…don’t know where I put it )
10/Jun John Luke Cunnane/Bridget Walsh Pat Walsh/Catherine Heneghan Tullymoy*
(*Tullinaglug, or possibly Letterbrone? And godmother may have been Catherine Hughes )
16/Jun Mary Anne Antny Goldrick/Kate McNulty Pat & Mary Goldrick Gortesluin
1/Jul James Dan Deehan/Bridget Goldrick* John & Mary Goldrick Gortesluin*
7/Jul James Dan Deehan/Mary Goldrick* ? Gortesluin
(*These may be the same couple…possible error as Dan Deehan and Bridget Godrick had a son named John Matin in 1897)
12/Jul James John Kinnane/Atty Kilmartin Michael & Bridget Kilmartin Gortermone
13/Jul Anthony Tom Goldrick(John)*/Bridget McNulty Anthony McNulty/Bridget Goldrick Glenavoo
(*may be Jr.)
16/Jul James Pat Cunney/Catherine Murphy James Brennen/Ann Conney Claddagh
28/Nov Michael Joseph *Andreus Stenson/Ellen Quinn James & Mary Millar-Mullen Banada
(*Andreus is Latin for Andrew)
8/Dec Barbara Thomas Goldrick/*Busy McKensie John McKensie/Mary Golden Castlerock
(*or Bessy?)
8/Dec Kate Pat Kennedy/Mary Kilmartin Michael Kilmartin/Atty Kennedy Annagh
8/Dec Antny Michael Mullarkey/Mary Goldrick Michael Mulligan/Maria Gilligan Glenavoo
8/Dec Anthony Michael Mulligan/Mary Goldrick Michael & Maria Mullarkey Glenavoo*
(probably same couple)
13/Dec Thomas John O’Connor/Mary Devitt Bernard & Honor O’Connor Mt Taffe
23/Dec Thomas & Pat Michael Curneen/Bridget Quinn PJ & Ellen Quinn Kilmactiege

1/Jan Anthony Austin Cunney/Mary Brennen James & Atty Leonard Glenavoo
3/Feb Mary James Kilmartin/Bridget Cahil John Kilmartin/Bridget Murtagh Easkaugh
6/Feb Joseph James McNulty/Atty Quinn Peter O’Hara/Mary Quinn* Glenavoo
(*godparents may have been John and Ellen Ginty)
9/Feb Catherine Matthew Connors/Catherine Brennen John & Mary Gallagher ?

Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
22/Feb Margaret* Pat Deehan/Catherine Horan Bridget Deehan Glenavoo
(This is the first child born to this couple–Could this be the Pat born to Pat Deehan and Bridget Battle in 1847? He would have been about 48 in 1895, and 60 when his last child Margaret was born in 1907: Godparetns: James/Catherine McNulty, Glenavoo–Possible: Look at other births, and the names of the godparents: 1895/Bridget Deehan, 1898/Michael and Brdget Quinn, 1903/James Deehan, 1907/ James/Catherine McNulty.) Also: Pat Deehan/Catherine Horan m. 1894–Pat Deehan and Rose Kildunne had a son named Pat 20/April/1863–Pat Deehan (Catherine Horan) stated on the 1901 Census he was 36 which means he was born ca. 1865–Close to 1863: Could this Pat be the son of Pat Deehan and Rose Kildunne?)
28/Feb Mary* Pat Deehan/Catherine Horan Michael Horan/Bridget Deehan Glenavoo
22/Feb Margaret* Pat Deehan/Catherine Horan Bridget Deehan(nee Battle?) Glenavoo
(*may be Margaret-may be twins, and Bridget Deehan may be nee Battle, ggf James Deehan’s mother)
26/Apr Cecelia John Quinn/Bridget Lowrey? Cloonbarry
26/May Cecelia John Quinn/Bridget Brennen Pat Moran/Bridget McNulty Cloonbarry
May John Joseph Pat McNulty/Sarah Cunny James & Bridget McNulty Claddagh
27/May John W Austin Quinn/Ann Durcan Hugh O’Hara/Mary Durcan Aclare
9/Jun Michael Joseph Michael May/Bridget Healy Pat & Mary May Cloonbarry*
(*or Corroughboy-also child may have been Michael James)
26/Jun Ann Agnes Michael Goldrick/Ellen McDonnel Michael Anne McDonnel Beleclare
14/Jul Biddie James Goldrick/Bridget McGuiness Edward & Honoria McGuiness Glenavoo
14/Jul Anne James Leonard/Ellen Cunny Anthony Cunny Kincuillew*
(*or Glenavoo)
20/Jul James Michael Cunney/Honoria O’Hara Biddy O’Hara Culdalee
9/Aug Thomas Pat Ruane/Bridget Kilmartin Pat Gallagher/Atty Kirrane Carane*
15/Aug *Michael Joseph James Deehan/Catherine Kelly ? Currigane
15/Aug Francis* James Deehan Catherine Kelly ? Currigane**
(*Twins**May be Glenree)
29/Aug James* Anthony Goldrick/Catherine McNulty Martin & Catherine Neary Gorterslin
(*James Bartholmew-married a Deehan in 1930)
20/Sep Micl Joseph James May/Bridget Walsh James & Kate May Corroughboy
21/Sep Micl Joseph Martin Quinn/Kate Conor Thomas Quinn/Kate Conor* Tavneynana
(*or Thomas & Kate Quinn)
30/Sep Mary John Cunney Jr/Mary Cunney Thomas & Bridget Cunney Culdalee
10/Nov Martin John Thomas May/Annie Walsh John Ginty/*Beedy Walsh Corroughboy
(*Or Bessy Walsh with location Compbloy or Sensue)
22/Nov Honoria John Maye/Atty Murtagh Edward & Ann Price Banada
12/Dec Mary Pat Cunney/Anne O’Hara Michael & Bridget Cunney Claddagh
13/Dec John Pat Deehan/Catherine Horan Michael & Catherine Horan Glenavoo
30/Dec Pat William Curley/Mary Ginty Michael & Bridget Ginty Townana
? Mary Deehan ? ? Tobercurry*

2/Feb Bridget Michael Deehan/Bridget Smith Pat Deehan/Mary Nary Glenavoo
(Second son of Martin Deehan and Bridget Goldrick)

Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
1896 Bridget Deehan Unknown Tobercurry 4/412,413
(My guess is that this unknown Bridget Deehan is the same one born ot Michael Deehan and Bridget Smith above..don’t know for sure)
9/Feb Patrick Dan Deehan/Bridget Goldrick James & Mary Goldrick Gortersluin
8/Mar John John & Bridget Cunny Michael & Mary Durcan Carane*
16/Mar Pat Dan Deehan/Bridget Goldrick James & Mary Goldrick Gortersluin*
(Third son of Martin Deehan and Bridget Goldrick.. 4/415*)
3/Apr Margaret Mary Michael Mulligan/Mary Goldrick Dan & Maria O’Hara Glenavoo
4/Apr Mary Kate Luke Cunnane/Bridget Walsh John Durcan/Bridget Walsh Tullymoy
3/May Kate Pat Cobney/Anne Cunny Michael & Mary Cobney Mt Taffe*
(*or Annagh)
24/May Bridget Pat & Mary Deehan Dan & Margaret Deehan Glenavoo
12/Jun Thomas Thomas Henry/Ann Quinn James Quinn/Atty Walsh Rue
26/Jul Annie Thomas Mullee/Annie Loftus ? Rochsvillage
(Note: There were two Bridget Deehans born in 1896…don’t know which one applies to this page and volume number: 4/412,413)
21/Aug Michael* Pat Murtagh/Bridget Harte John & Mary Murtagh Eskaugh
(*married Bridget Henry 1934)
26/Aug Ellen Andrw Stenson/Ellen Quinn Pat Stenson/Bridget McGlone Banada
8/Sept Bartley John Cunney/Bridget Kildunne DJ Henry/Ellen Kennedy Kilmactiege
18/Sep Micl James Thomas Ruane/Bridget O’Dowd Richard & Mary Ruane Mt Taffe
4/Oct Michael Jacobus Henry/Maria Quinn Andreas Quinn Leitrim
Date? Ballitnes Jacobus Henry/Maria Quinn* Josephus Quinn/Maria? Tourlestrane
(I placed the last one here even though I didn’t know the date because the parents names were the same**)
10/Dec John Pat Kennedy/Mary Kilmartin Anthony & Bridget Ginty Carrareagh
31/Dec Thomas Pat Cunney/Catherine Murphy Richard Kennedy/Ellen Brennen Claddagh
? John Deehan ? ? Tobercurry*
? Pat Deehan ? ? Tobercurry*

1/Jan Michael James John Quinn/Catherine Brennan Julia Mullarkey Annagh
31/Jan Joseph Pat Quinn/Fanny Gallagher Joseph Quinn/Kate Gallagher Annagh
4/Feb Mary James May/Bridget Walsh James May/Sarah Brady Corroghboy
5/Feb Norah Luke Cunnane/Lizzy Walsh John & Catherine Durcan Tullymoy
12/Feb Pat John Durcan/Mary Cunny Celia Leonard Coolrecuill
16/Feb Mary E John Goldrick/Catherine Ruane Michael Ruane/Ann Goldrick Kilmactiege
21/Feb ? Anthony Goldrick/Catherine McNulty Hugh & Maggie Carr Gorterslin
15/Mar James Austin Cunney/Mary Brennen Pat & Mary Brennen Glenavoo
20/Mar Bridget Francis Mularkey/Ellen Quinn Edward & Bridget Quinn Cloonegal
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
31/May Kate Ann Pat O’Hara/Ellen Cunnane? Joseph & Bridget Brett Claddagh
12/Jun Pat Joseph *Pat Deehan Jr/Catherine Horan Pat & Mary Grogan Glenavoo
(*Greatgrandfather’s brother? Also this may be Pat and Joseph, and Joseph may be John….4/376,379?)
3/Jul Catherine Pat Ruane/Bridget Kilmartin William & Kate Maye Carane
8/Jul Atty John Maye/Atty Murtagh Edward Murtagh/Bridget Deehan? Carane?*
(*Or Tourlestrane)
18/Jul Joseph Thomas Goldrick(Jr)/Bridget McNulty Anthony Goldrick/Bridget McNulty Glenavoo
11/Aug Henry William Curley/Mary Ginty Michael & Bridget Ginty Townana
5/Sep Anne Michael Mulligan/Mary Goldrick John & Ellen Gallagher* Glenavoo
(*may be Gaughan)
18/Sept Michael Thomas Maye/Anne Walsh Thomas Maye/Ellen Walsh Corraglieun*
(*Or Corraghbane?) (*This Pat Deehan Jr may well be ggf’s brother-John Deehan m. a Grogan)
16/Oct John Martin Dan Deehan/Bridget Goldrick John Ryan/Mary Goldrick Gortesluin
20/Oct Margaret Mary Thomas Burne/Ann Cunney* Michael O’Hara/Catherine Commons Knockbrack
(*father’s name may be Bernie, and may be Margaret and Mary)
21/Oct Tms Martin* William Cunney/Mary Browne Pat-Peter & Ellen Browne Culdalee
(*married Margaret or Mary Melody 24/Oct/1936)
22/Oct Thomas Thomas Goldrick/Lizzie Mckenzie Thomas & Bridget Carr Castlerock
3/Nov Mary Michael Deeghan*/Bridget Smith Dan Deeghan/Mary Neary Glenavoo
(*or Deaghan….4/381?)

5/Jan Bridget Michael Goldrick/Ellen McDonnel John Brennen/Ellen McDonnel Beleclare
5/Feb Norah Luke Cunnane/Lizzy Walsh John & Catherine Durcan Tullymoy
17/Mar Mary Ellen Francis Mullarkey/Eillen Quinn* Pat Fleming/Kate Mullarkey Clooncuill
(These may be Thomas Mullarkey and Ellen Quinn…or children were Thomas & Ellen..not clear what I meant here)
20/Mar Anne James & Mary Cunney James & Bridget Cunney Culdalee
13/Apr Michael James Michael Curneen/Bridget Quinn* Michael & Bridget Quinn Kilmacteige
(*I also have this birth on 15 Aug 1895 at the same location & parents–don’t know which one is correct)
22/Apr Hugh Pat McNulty/Sarah Cunney Thomas & Bridget Cunney Claddagh
15/Jun James or John Pat & Mary Deeghan* James Deeghan/Bridget Dunne Glenavoo
(*or Deaghan…Tobercurry 4/372 or 4/361…possibly John was John Martin Martin)
? John Pat & Mary Deehan ? Tobercurry*
(*4/361…*(I have a John Martin born to Dan Deehan/Bridget Goldrick in 1897-Not 1898: Pat/Mary Deehan (Alfie’s grandparents) had this John in 1898–One of these must be him)
3/Jul Catherine Pat Ruane/Bridget Kilmartin William & Kate Maye Carane
2/Aug Michael Pat Deehan/Catherine Horan Michael & Bridget Horan Glenavoo
(2nd record copied has John Howley/Maggie Kelly as godparents and location as Conaregh? Also: *(This couple also had a son named Pat who may have been born 1898-1899: Pat may have been Michael’s twin- See the 1901 Census–Deehans)
20/Aug Mary Pat Murtagh/Bridget Harte James Harte/Mary Murtagh Eskaugh
29/Oct Maria Thomas Henry/Anne Quinn Thomas & Celia Quinn Rhue
11/Dec Margaret Pat Cobney/Anne Cunney John & Mary Ruane Mt Taffe

Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
? Mary Michael Deehan/Bridget Smith ? Glenavoo?
(Note: New P.P. Very Reverand Conor Loftus, Ballymote, 26/Dec/1899)

18/Jan Michael William Curley/Mary Ginty James & Bridget Kildune Townana
(*this may be spelled Towyana)
26/Jan Michael Joseph Dan Deehan/Bridget Goldrick Michael & *Margaret Goldrick Gortesluin
(*may be Mary…Tobercurry 4/367)
28/Jan Bridget James Kilmartin/Bridget Cahill Pat Cahill/Mary* Murtagh Easkaugh
(*or Wini)
16/Feb John Thomas John Maye/Atty Murtagh Michael Walsh/Bridget Murtagh Banada
4/Mar Mary John Fleming/Catherine Maye Anthony & Bridget Quinn** Corroughboy*
(*Or Annagh?**Godparents may have been Pat Mary Killoran)
16/Mar Pat Martin William Cunney/Mary Browne John Cunney/Bridget McKensie Culdalee
26/Mar Pat John Quinn/Catherine Brennen Anthony & Bridget Quinn Annagh
8/Apr Catherine Anthony Goldrick/Catherine McNulty Michael & Honoria Higgins Gorterslin
7/May Joseph Michael Mulligan/Mary Goldrick Thomas & Ann Gallagher* Glenavoo
(*may be Thomas and Ann Gaughan)
31/May Anne Catherine James Deehan/Catherine Kelly ? Currigane
16/Jul Pat James May/Bridget Walsh James McIntyre/Mary Brett Corroughboy*
(*or Eskaugh?)
30/Sept Catherine Antny Goldrick/Bridget Neary Pat & Winifred Gallagher* Castlerock
(*Or Pat Gillispie/Winifred Sceline?)
18/Oct Maria Thomas May/Ann Walsh James Maye/Honor Walsh Corroughboy
19/Oct Luke Luke Cunnane/Bridget Walsh Pat Cunnane/Mary Durcan Tullymoy
26/Dec Mary Ellen Pat McNulty/Bridget Quinn Martin Quinn/Ann Gaughan Beleclare*
(*or Belrane)
30/Dec James Edwrd *Pat Deehan/Catherine Horan Michael Horan/Anne McNulty Glenavoo
(*or Deeghan) *(See the 1901 Census–Deehans)

20/Jan Honoria John Durcan/Mary Cunny Cormac & Mary Brennen Culreecull*
(*clear-but also found it spelled Coolrecuill)
Jan Pat Joseph Pat Quinn/Mary Horan Pat Fleming/Ann Horan Annagh
(See below 23/Sep: Thomas Frncs Pat Quinn/Mary Horan-Karen *Andrew Quinn/Bridget Horan Annagh)
Feb Pat John Goldrick/Catherine Ruane Michael Ruane/Mary Goldrick Kilmactiege
29/Apr Mary Kate John Maye/Atty Murtagh Pat & Mary Murtagh Banada
5/May Michael *Dan O’Hara/Catherine Harte Charles & Bridget Gallagher Cloongoonagh?
(*Dan married Cecilia Butler at Our Lady of Annagh NY after former wife Mary Hennigan(?) died)
10/May James John James Maye/Bridget Walsh* Thomas Maye Corroughboy
10/Jun James John James Maye/Bridget Walsh* Pat Durcan Culeens
(*could be two different couples as the locations not the same)
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
11/Aug Mark John & Mary Cunney Thomas-John & Catherine Cunney Culdalee
15/Aug Patrick John Fleming/Catherine Maye John Walsh/Mary Maye Corroughboy
21/Aug Mary Michael Connor/Anne Loftus* Pat Bridget Loftus* Glenavoo
(*Grandfather’s sister Ann and her first child: Pat and Bridget may have been grandfather’s brother and sister)
3/Sept Catherine Michael Mulligan/Mary Goldrick James Catherine Mulligan Glenavoo
14/Sept Anne Thomas Henry/Anne Quinn Martin & Nora Quinn Rue
23/Sep Thomas Frncs Pat Quinn/Mary Horan-Karen *Andrew Quinn/Bridget Horan Annagh
(*2nd reading: Austin)
11/Oct Martin Dan Deehan/Bridget Goldrick Michael Likel?/Mary Goldrick Gortesluin
11/Oct Bridget Pat Flynn/Mary Quinn Pat Horan/Ellen Quinn Tulleregoy?
Oct Kate-Kath Agnes Martin Quinn/Catherine Conor Pat & Catherine Conor Townyana-Lounyana
25/Nov Mary Ellen John & Bridget Cunney Pat & Ann Cunney Carane
(married William Henry 1921)
Nov Michael Edwrd Thomas Berne/Ann Cunny Pat Cunny/Mary Battle Stonepark
1/Dec Margaret Agnes Antny Goldrick/Catherine McNulty John & Anne McNulty Gortesluin
18/Dec Mary Ellen Thomas Cunnane/Catherine Miller John Cunnane/Ellen Miller Tulligboy
19/Dec Norah Pat Murtagh/Mary Deighan Pat Walsh/Attracta McGlone Eskra
1900 James Deehan ? ? Tobercurry*

12/Jan Martin Pat & Mary Deehan *Bryan Dunne/Mary Deehan Glenavoo
(Make note of *Bryan Dunne)
31/Jan Mary Ellen William Cunney/Mary Brennen Pat Gaughan/Celia Brown Culdalee
25/Feb Ellen Mary Michael Curneen/Bridget Quinn James & Bridget Quinn** Kilmactiege*
*(13/Apr/1898: Michael James Michael Curneen/Bridget Quinn Michael/Bridget Quinn Kilmacteige) (**2nd record shows James Quinn/Ellen Gaughan)
8/Mar Alice A.* Pat McNulty/Bridget Quinn John Smith/Anne McNulty Beleclare
8/Mar Michael* Pat McNulty/Bridget Quinn Anne McNulty Beleclare
(*Alice and Michael twins)
21/Mar Mry Margaret John O’Hara/Anne Harte Martin & Catherine Harte Drimina
31/Mar Tms Joseph John Quinn/Kate Brennan Edward & Maggie Quinn Annagh
6/Apr Martin Michael Deehan/Bridget Smyth Anthony& Mary Leary?* Glenavoo
6/Apr Martin Michael Deehan/Bridget Lynch** Kate___?** Glenavoo*
(*Could be Antny& Mary or Margaret O’Leary…also possibly Michael Deehan/Bridget Smith–Alfie’s grand-uncle: I have another record showing a Kate(no last name) and **Lynch was possibly the last name of this Godmother… or it could have been Catherine Deehan (nee Maye) my greatgrandmother)
30/Apr Kate *Pat Deehan?/Anne Kelly Anthony Kelly/Ann Walsh Gortermone
(May have been Meehan)
24/Jun Bridget Pat Harte/Kate May Martinn May/James O’Hara* Cloongoonagh
(*or possibly Walsh)
24/Jun Bridget Agnes Thomas Goldrick/Bridget McNulty James Goldrick/Mary McNulty Glenavoo
26/Jun Bridget Richard Harte/Kate Maye Martin Maye Cloongoonagh
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
24/Jun ? Michael Goldrick/Ellen McDonnel Pat Cunney/Bridget Goldrick Beleclare
16/Aug Anne Luke Cunnane/Bridget Walsh Thomas Walsh/Mary Durcan Tullymoy
1/Sep Micl Joseph Michael Cunney/Catherine Neary William Roddy/Ann Neary Gortesluin?
16/Sep Mary Kate Thomas Cooke/Mary Devine(or Deehan?) Margaret Clarke Glenavoo
12/Oct Frncs Michael Mulligan/Mary Goldrick Pat & Mary Mulligan Glenavoo
Oct Brnrd Frncs Daniel Neary/Mary Quinn John Quinn Aclare
(John Neary was Godfather to Grandmother’s sister Bridget in 1879)
30/Dec Kate Ann John Goldrick/Catherine Ruane Michael Ruane/Bridget Durcan Kilmactiege

5/Jan ? Thomas O’Donnell/Mary Ruane Michael Durcan/Anne Ruane Tavniana
13/Jan Thomas Joseph Thomas Maye/Ann Walsh* James Maye/Sarah Brady Compbloy
(*note same couple below 30/Jul)
19/Jan Pat Joseph James Maye/Bridget Walsh John & Mary Walsh Compbloy
19/Jan Thomas Joseph Thomas Cunny/Ann-Annie Walsh James Maye/Sarah Brady Compbloy
21/Jan Mary Kate Pat Harte/Catherine Maye* Bridget Murray Cloongonagh
(*note same couple below 21/Oct)
25/Jan Ellen Kate Antny Goldrick?/Mary Neary? Antny O’Connel/Anne Goldrick Gortesluin
8/Feb Anne John Cunnane/Kate Gilis ? Tullinaglug
15/Feb Bridget Agnes Thomas Sterry/Anne Quinn Luke Walsh/Norah McGuinn Rhue*
(*or Tullinaglug)
20/Mar James Pat Quinn/Mary Stenson Michael Quinn Annagh
26/Mar John Pat Quinn/Mary Horan Michael & Ellen Quinn Annagh*
*(Found a Pat Quinn/Mary Horan in Cloonacool also, but that is the Parish-not the physical location)
26/Mar Mary Ann Dan Deehan/Bridget Goldrick John & Ellen Smyth* Gortesluin
(*May be Margaret-also note Smyth, as a Dan Deehan married a Smith-godparents may have been John and Ann Christy?)
14/May Mary Harriet Pat Cunney/Mary Leonard Hugh Leonard/Mary Ginty Clooneen
24/Jun Ellen Antny Goldrick/Catherine McNulty Michael & Mrs James Goldrick Gortesluin
27/Jun John Joseph Pat Connor/Maria Curley? Antny Curley/Bridget Connor Kincullew
27/Jun Mary Kate Thomas Horan/Fannie Goldrick* James & Bridget Horan Claddagh
(*mother’s name may be Winnie or Winifred as I found records of a Thomas Horan/Winnie Goldrick in Claddagh)
1/June William Joseph William Curley/Mary Ginty Pat & Kate Ginty Townyana
June Mary Kate Thomas Hassen?/Fannie Goldrick John & Bridget Hassen Claddagh
5/July Delia Martin Quinn/Kate Conor Pat Conor/Bridget Quinn Tavniana*
7/Jul John* John Quinn/Catherine Brennan Joseph Quinn/Mary Mulligan Annagh
(*John Frncs or John Thomas)
13/Jul James Michael O’Connor/Anne Loftus* Luke & Kate Loftus Glenavoo
(*This Is Grandfather’s Sister Anne as noted earlier: 21/Aug/1900 Mary– Michael Connor/Annie Loftus–Pat/Bridget Loftus Glenavoo. The child, James, was probably named for her father (my great-grandfather) James Loftus. Also note the Godmother for James was Kate Loftus-great aunt Mary refered to her Mother as Kate– So far have: Mary August/1900, James Jul/1902, Anne Kate October/1904, and James 13/Jul/1902: Also had “Sis” and Maggie, ca 1914 )

Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
18/Jul Pat Joseph John Durcan/Margaret Cunny* Michael Cunny/Kate Durcan Coolrecuill*
(*or Gortesluin)
20/Jul John Thomas Mulligan/Ellen Quinn Joseph Harte/Agnes Mulligan Cloongoonagh
27/Jul James John Durcan/Margaret Cunny* Pat & Katie Cunny Coolrecuill
(*probably same couple and Pat Joseph/James were twins-dates probably off)
30/Jul William? Thomas May/Anne Walsh* Margaret May? ?
(*note same couple above 13/Jan)
17/Aug Martin* Pat Deehan/Kate Horan Pat & Sarah Horan Glenavoo
(There’s *Martin again:According to Alfie there was a St. Martin)
21/Oct Kate Agnes Michael Goldrick/Ellen McDonnel Pat & Atty Goldrick Beleclare
21/Oct Mary Kate Pat Harte/Catherine Maye* Anthony & Bridget Cunny Cloongoonagh
(*Note same couple above 21/Jan)
Oct Richard Thomas Ruane/Bridget O’Dowd Mary Lewy Mt Taffe

11/Jan James John Fleming/Catherine Maye Pat Maye/Mary Fleming Corroughboy*
(*and Tourlestrane: James m. Mary Fennel 1918)
6/Feb Pat & Joe Michael? & Bridget Cunny* James Walsh/Mary Gallagher Cloongoonagh
6/Feb Pat Joseph Michael Cooke?/Bridget Cunny* Pat Cunny/Bridget Neary Castlerock
(*may be same couple)
8/Mar Josephine* Francis Mularkey/Ellen Quinn Martin Lawrence/Mary Fleming Cloonegil?**
(*Married M.K. Walsh, 2/Apr/1946 St Jeromes Bronx, NY**May be Cloonagh)
9/Mar John Charles Martin Battle/Maria McDonnel Charles Margaret McDonnel Stonepark*
Mar John Martin Battle/Maria McDonnel Thomas & Mary McDonnel Stonepark*
(*may be the same couple)
5/Apr Michael Pat O’Hara/Kate Quinn Michael & Ellen O’Hara Cloonbarry
5/Jul Mary Kate Pat Deehan/Kate Horan James & Catherine Deehan** Glenavoo
I wonder if this**James & Catherine Deehan were great- grandgrandparents? If so, who is this Pat Deehan-his cousin? Or brother born in 1847? This James Deehan could have been Bridget Ann’s husband(Alfie’s aunt). Also the year may have been 1902-not 1903. This Pat Deehan is not Alfie’s grandfather, as his wife’s name was Mary
30/Aug Pat Antny Goldrick/Bridget Neary Michael Goldrick/Mary Cobney Castlerock
13/Sep Jn Thomas* Pat Harte/Catherine Maye James & Bridget Maye Cloongoonagh
(*married Mary O’Hara 1942)
13/Sep Teresa Dan O’Hara/Catherine Harte James Fleming/Catherine Walsh Cloongoonagh
24/Sep Josua John Kilmartin/Ellen Price John Kilmartin/Nancy Price Glenree?
8/Nov Martin John & Mary Cunney Mark & Bridget Cunney Culdalee
8/Nov Mary Alice John Quinn/Catherine Teely Martin & Nora Quinn Magusill?
9/Nov John Pat Thomas Cunane/Catherine Miller John & Mary Miller Tullinaglug?
25/Nov Mary Kate Michael Connor/Bridget Howley? Pat Connor Largan*
28/Nov Mary Kate Michael Cunnane/Bridget Calvey Pat Cunnane Largan*
(*possibly same couple)
6/Dec Margaret Ann Pat Marren/Maria Connor Bernard & Mary O’Connor Castlerock
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
9/Jan Thomas James & Bridget Cunney Michael & Maggie Cunney Culdalee
10/Jan Pat James Cunnane?/Maria Feeney? Michael Cunane/Mary Feeney Rue
17/Jan Bernard James Gallagher/Bridget Quinn James Quinn Drimina
17/Jan Brnrd Joseph James Gallagher/Bridget Quinn Anthony & Mary O’Donnel* Drimina
(*Godfather may have been James Quinn)
17/Jan Brnrd Joseph Bernard Gallagher/Bridget Quinn Joseph Quinn/Ann Galagher Tourlestrane
20/Jan Anne John Goldrick/Bridget Gaughan James Murphy/Ann Roddy Glenavoo
22/Jan John John Cunney/Bridget Ruane John Cunney/Mary Ruane Culdalee
15/Feb Margaret John & Bridget Cunny Pat Cunny-Cobney Carane
4/Mar Pat Joseph Thomas-Bernie & Anne Cunney Pat & Bridget Bernie Stonepark
5/Mar Bridget Ann* James Feely/Ellen Cunny John Connel/Catherine Quinn Rue
(*married Michael Sweeney 1935)
17/Mar Pat Frncs Thomas Henry/Ann-Onnie Quinn John & Kate Walsh Rue
2/Apr Mary Ellen Pat O’Hara/Catherine Quinn Thomas & Mary Quinn Cloonbarry
22/Apr Anne Thomas Kilmartin/Mary Kiloran James Kilmartin/Anne Kiloran Rhue?
5/Jun Mary Ellen John Quinn/Catherine Brennen ? Annagh
10/Jun Bridget John Goldrick/Kate Ruane Thomas & Maggie Goldrick Kilmactiege
12/Jul James Pat Cunney/Mary Leonard Michael & Ann Gallagher Cainne?*
(*or Carnes?)
16/Jul John Francis Mullarkey/Ellen Quinn ? Clorncagh
21/Sept Katherine Pat Hart/Catherine Maye ? ?
31/Sep Ellen Kate Pat O’Hara/Mary Cunney Austin Cunney/Bridget O’Hara Letterbrone
13/Oct Ann Kate Michael O’Connor/Ann Loftus* Thomas Ruane/Catherine Loftus** Glenavoo
(**This is either grandfather’s sister or his mother…I lean towards his mother as Catherine married Thomas Ruane 18/Feb/1904…which was before Ann Kate was born, and she wouldn’t have used her maiden name. Catherine/greatgrandmother died in 1914?)
{21/Aug Mary Michael Connor/Annie Loftus Pat & Bridget Loftus Glenavoo}
*Ann Loftus/Glenree: 6/16/1875 Parents: James Loftus/Catherine Quinn(Cunney) Godparents: James Loftus & Ellen McLoughlin: Grandfather’s sister Ann-she was about 29 when she had Ann Kate.**Catherine Loftus was great-grandmother and great-grandfather James Loftus not a godfather as he was dead by 1900. Great-grandmother Catherine Loftus was head of household on the 1901 Census. Pat and Bridget Loftus were godparents to first child, Mary in 1900. Mary, Pat, and Bridget were the names of some of the children born to James Loftus & Catherine Cunney. They could be Ann’s brother and sister. Also note that according to the North Mayo Heritage Center Catherine Loftus(grandfather’s sister) married Thomas Ruane 18/Feb/1904, yet she is listed under her maiden name as godmother-record of marriage off? Or maybe this isn’t grandfather’s sister?
3/Dec Kate Agnes Michael Goldrick/Ellen McDonnel Michael & Mary Goldrick* Beleclare
(*3rd reading of film has John/James and Mary Goldrick as godparents)

1/Jan Bridget Ellen Pat Murtagh/Mary Deehan John Maye/Atty Murtagh Eskaugh
13/Jan John Pat Pat Cunney/Maria Gallagher Peter & Fanny Gallagher Claddagh

Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
22/Jan Bridget Anne William Curly/Mary Smith? James Quinn/Catherine Smith Townyana
22/Jan Pat Joseph Pat Quinn/Mary Horan ? Annagh
23/Jan Bridget Ann Thomas Horan/Winfred Goldrick Pat Cunney/Ann McDonnel Claddagh
27/Jan Thomas Alex Michael Battle/Maria McDonnel Thomas-James & Mary Battle Stonepark
31/Jan Catherine Mary Michael?*& Mary Goldrick James & Catherine Goldrick Gortesluin
(*maybe James)
17/Mar Catherine Pat O’Hara/Catherine Quinn Thomas O’Hara/Bridget Gawley* Cloonbarry
(*or Cawley,Cobney?)
26/Mar Mary Ellen Arthur Quinn/Sarah Tansley Mary Quinn Tourlestrane
26/Mar ? Michael Deehan/Bridget Smyth-Smith Bryan Mary O’Donnel* Glenavoo
(*or Bryan and Mary Dunne)
7/Apr Thomas Luke Cunnane/Bridget Walsh Pat Durcan/Catherine Kilmartin Tullmoy
26/May John Thomas John Quinn/Catherine Feehily/Leehily Atty Quinn Drimina
May Annie Margaret? Anthony Goldrick/Mary Neary Michael & Catherine Cuuny?* Gorterslin
(*may be John and Catherine Cunny-also note: Antny Goldrick married Maria Neary in Gortesluin 9/Jan/1901)
6/Jun Jane* James Goldrick/Catherine McNulty Ernest & Maria Roddy Gorterslin
(*may have been James-twins?)
19/Jul Mary Ellen Pat McNulty/Sarah Cunney* Thomas & Bridget Kildunne Carrarea
(*3rd reading has Michael O’Hara as godfather, and location as Claddagh)
30/Jul John James Galey/Ellen Cunny* John & Bridget Cunny Rhue
(*may have been James Foley/Ellen Cunane)
24/Aug Mary Ellen John Fleming/Catherine Maye ? Annagh*
(*or Compbloy/Corroughboy)
August Mary Jane* John Goldrick/Bridget Gaughan John Goldrick/Atty Howley Glenavoo
(*2nd reading has Attracta May-twins?)
24/Aug Margaret Ellen* John Kilmartin/Catherine Maye Pat May/Mary Deehan Curroghbile
(*may have been Mary Ellen)
3/Sep Bridget John O’Hara/Anne Harte James & Mary O’Hara Drimina
29/Sep Cath Agnes Thomas Cunnane/Catherine Millan Pat Millan? Compbloy*
(*check spelling: Godfather may have been Pat Walsh. Catherine m. Martin Walsh 1946)
29/Oct Anne James Cunney/Bridget Ruane Thomas Ruane/Mary Gaughan Culdalee
31/Oct James Pat O’Hara/Mary Cunny Pat & Ann Cunny Letterbrone
6/Nov Daniel Francis Mularkey/Ellen Quinn John & Delia Brennen Cloonbarry
(*2nd reading has father as Thomas Mullarkey) ) ** See Michael Walsh and Ellen Loftus above: 16/Nov/1902

20/Jan Pat Pat Cunney/Fanny Leonard* Anne Leonard* Clooneen
(*mother’s name may have been Mary, and godparent Andy Leonard)
6/Feb Mary Michael Quinn/Margaret McIntyre Joseph Quinn Annagh
(Godparents may have been John Katie Quinn and location Carane)
17/Feb John Pat Pat O’Connor/Maria Scanlon Thomas Fernell/Mary Scanlin Rue
17/Mar Mary Ellen Arthur Quinn/Sarah Tansley Mary Quinn Aclare
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
24/Apr James Thomas Cunny/Mary McNulty James Carr/Michael Walsh Castlerock
25/Jun Margaret Mary Martin Battle/Maria McDonnel Hugh & Jane Peyton Stonepark
2/Jul Bridget John Quinn/Catherine Brennan Andrew Quinn Annagh
4/Aug Ann Josephine Pat O’Hara/Catherine Quinn John & Mary Bernie Cloonbarry
9/Sept Mary Lizzie Pat Quinn/Mary Horan James & Catherine Horan* Cloonacool
(*could be Hillan or Neilan and location Coolrecuill)
16/Sep Margaret Anne Pat Cunney/Maria Gallagher Thomas Cunny/Margaret Gallagher Claddagh
29/Sept Ann* Dan Deehan/Bridget Goldrick Michael Goldrick/Anne Smith Gortesluin
(*Annie Jane: Married Michael Kennedy Mar/1940)
12/Nov Marg Attracta John Goldrick/Catherine Ruane Luke Goldrick/Catherine Quinn?* Beleclare
(*3rd reading has Peter Goldrick and Catherine Quinn)
9/Nov Bridget Agnes Michael Goldrick/Ellen McDonel Pat Goldrick/Kate McDonel Beleclare
25/Nov Pat Pat(Jr)/Kate Mullarkey Denis & Mary Mullarkey Mt Taffe
28/Nov Mark James Cunney/Bridget Quinn Michael Cunney/Mary Durcan Culdalee
1/Dec James Joseph Michael/Mary Goldrick James Mulligan/Annie Goldrick Gortesluin
7/Dec Luke Thomas Thomas May/Ann Walsh Martin & Maria Ginty Corrgoughboy
10/Dec Thomas* Pat Moran/Maria O’Connor John Gillispe/Ann Durcan Castlerock
(*married Saraa Kane 1944)
14/Dec Kate Agnes John Goldrick/Bridget Gaughan John Goldrick/Attracta Howley Glenavoo
27/Dec Margaret Anne Pat Deehan/Catherine Horan James & Catherine McNulty Glenavoo

6/Jan Fanney Antny Goldrick(Jr.)/Catherine McNulty Martin Kennedy/Catherine Gallagher Gortesluin
27/Jan Pat John Quinn/Catherine_? Martin Quinn Tourlestrane
12/Feb Ellen John & Mary Cunny Pat Hughes/Bridget Cunny Culdalee
12/Feb Mary Ann Thomas Durcan/Catherine Goldrick James & Mary Goldrick Glenavoo?
19/Feb James Pat Thomas Quinn/Maria Royner Austin Royner/Mary Quinn Tavniana
27/Feb John Peter* Dan O’Hara/Catherine Harte John & Bridget Harte Cloongoonagh
(*married Ann Mullin Tobbercurry 1946)
4/Mar Pat James O’Hara/Mary Quinn ? Letterbrone
13/Mar Norah Maria Pat O’Connor/Maria Scanlan Michael & Ann Walsh Rue
14/May John Frncs* Michael Connor/Anne Loftus Hugh Connor Glenavoo
(*This is probably who Uncle John was named for!-This is first time this record was found)
14/Jun Annie Kate Michael Quinn/Mary McIntyre* John Henry/Anne Walsh Annagh
(*mother’s name may have been Margaret)
23/Jun William Thomas Henry/Annie Quinn John Henry Rue
23/Jun Patrick Francis Mullarkey/Ellen Quinn Pat Quinn Cloongoonagh*?
28/Jun Catherine James Cunney/Bridget Ruane Pat Dempsey/Anne Gaughan Culdalee
*(or Cloonbarry?)
19/Jul Thomas James Thomas Cunnane/Catherine Miller Pat Brett/Ellen Miller Tullinaglug
6/Aug Ellen Attracta Luke Cunnane/Bridget Walsh John Cunnane/Bridget Durcan Tullymoy
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
27/Sep Sarah Kate Pat McNulty/Sarah Cunny John & Jane Horan Claddagh
*26/Oct John Edward John Durcan/Mary Cunny Michael & Ann Cunny Coolrecuill
(*child’s name may have been John Thomas and mother’s name Margaret)
30/Oct Mary Anne Martin Meagy-Henry?/Anne Moran Ann Moran/Catherine Kennedy Tourlestrane
5/Nov Margaret Cath Pat O’Hara/Catherine Quinn John Conley/Bridget Quinn Cloonbarry
9/Nov James Pat Pat Goldrick/Bridget Egan Henry Egan/Mary Brennen Castlerock
25/Nov James John & Catherine Quinn *Martin McNulty/Bridget Galagher Annagh
(may have been McVey)
9/Dec Thomas Thomas Horan/Winifred Goldrick James Cunny/Ann Goldrick Claddagh

7/Jan Catherine Daniel O’Hara/Catherine Maye ? Tourlestrane
8/Jan Peter Pat Cunny/Maria Gallagher Peter Gallagher/Mary Anne Cunny Claddagh
29/Jan Pat James Pat Horan/Maria O’Connor Pat O’Connor Castlerock
10/Jun Cath Agnes John Quinn/Catherine Filley* James Quinn/Bridget Walsh Drimina
(*may be Feely)
14/Jun Catherine Pat Quinn/Mary Horan or Harmon? Michael & Catherine Quinn Annagh
12/Jul Mary Agnes James Feeley/Ellen Cunny Thomas & Bridget Cunny Rue
18/Aug Margaret Ellen Thomas Durcan/Catherine Goldrick Pat Durcan/Catherine Mulligan Glenavoo
4/Oct James Michael Quinn/Maggy McIntyre Michael Quinn/Mary McVey Annagh
(*Godparents may have been Michael & Mary McVoy or McVey)
18/Oct Bridget Pat O’Hara/Mary Cunney Pat & Kate Cunney Letterbrone
25/Oct Joseph Frncs Thomas Cunnane/Catherine Miller *John Miller/Mary Murtagh Tullinaglug
(*may be James)
1/Nov Pat Martin James Cunney/Bridget Ruane Stephen Quinn/Bridget Gaughan Culdalee
16/Nov Winifred Dan Deehan/Bridget Goldrick Michael Goldrick/Winifred McNulty Gortesluin
23/Nov Margaret May Michael & Mary Goldrick Anthony Goldrick Gortesluin
15/Dec James Richard Ruane/Kate Gallagher John Kelly Mt Taffe
15/Dec Michael* Thomas Quinn/Mary Roper Michael & Lurrir Kilgannon Townyana
(*Michael Frncs: Married Jane Durcan on 18/Feb/1947)

8/Jan Bridget Teresa Michael Connor/Bridget Calvey* Edward Connor/Kate Quinn Townyana
(*may have been Howley)
10/Jan Margaret Thomas Mullarkey/Ellen Quinn Pat Dyer/Bridget Mullarkey Cloonecall*
(*or Claddagh-father’s name may have been Francis)
18/Jan John James Micl Deehan/Stenson?/Catherine Lundy Thomas Quinn/Mary Stenson Knockahoney
20/Jan Josephine* Antny Goldrick/Catherine McNulty Michael Mobley/Bridget Howley Gortesluin
(*may be Joanna, and godparents Michael & Bridget Howley)
3/Feb Catherine* John Kennedy/Catherine May ? Tourlestrane
(*Married John Walsh 18/Jul/1966)
7/Feb Bridget Pat O’Hara/Catherine Quinn Thomas O’Hara Tourlestrane
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
13/Feb Attracta John Fleming/Catherine May Thomas Fleming Compbloy
(*or Anngh, Charlestown, Courroughboy: Married John Walsh 1966)
Feb Mary Anne Pat Goldrick/Bridget Egan Bernard & Maggie Egan Castlerock
Feb Annie Pat O’Connor/Maria Scanlan John Scanlan Rhue
6/Mar Josephine Ellen Thomas Maye/Ann Walsh Thomas Maye/Bridget Walsh Corroughboy
28/Mar Mary Jane Thomas Carr/Mary McNulty Thomas & Kate Goldrick Castlerock
22/Apr Mary Kate James & Bridget Cunny Thomas & Bridget Cunny Culdalee
28/Apr Mary Eliz John Goldrick/Bridget Gaughan James Goldrick/Catherine Gallagher Glenavoo
5/Jun Micl Joseph Antny Cunny-Cunane/Bridget Smith Michael & Mary Ann Goldrick Gortesluin
5/Sept Micl Joseph* Thomas Henry/Anne Quinn James & Atty Quinn Rhue
(*married Kate Deehan(?) 1935)
12/Sept Lizzie* Luke Cunnane/Bridget Walsh Pat & Mary Kate Cunnane Tullymoy*
(*or Tullinaglug-married James Kilmartin/Kildun 1932)
20/Oct Attracta Josephne Pat & Mary Deehan Dan Deehan/Bridget Goldrick Glenavoo
(Married John Walsh in 1966–She was 57?)
23/Nov Michael Pat McIntyre/Bridget Cunny-Cobney Kate McIntyre Mt Taffe
29/Nov Martin John Kinane/Atty Kilmartin Andrew Mcoy/Mary Shannon Gortermone

2/Jan Dan Joseph Michael Shiel/Margaret Cunny John & Kate Shiel Aughaval
27/Mar Luke Thomas Cunnane/Catherine Miller Luke Cunnane/Ellen Miller Tullinaglug
27/Mar Danl Frncs* Dan O’Hara/Catherine Harte ? Cloongoonagh
(*married Ann Gasby Tobercurry 1944-probably Cloongoonagh )
6/Apr Mary Ellen Pat Cunney/Maria Gallagher Michael Goldrick/Catherine Conors* Claddagh
(*may be Commons)
7/Apr Terrence James Feehily/Ellen Cunny John & Mary Ellen Cunny Rhue
8/Apr Marg Mary Luke Goldrick(?)/Winnie Kildune James & Mary Clark Conroy
10/Apr Maggie Richard Ruane/Kate Gallagher Michael & Agnes Gallagher Mt Taffe
10/Apr Eliz Teresa *Pat O’Hara/Catherine Quinn Michael O’Hara/Kate Walsh Cloondiveen
(*might be Park or Pac)
10/Apr James Pat John Quinn/Catherine Feehely James Henry/Mary-Margaret Roddy Conjienfargh?
10/Apr Ann Attracta John Leonard/Mary Ruane John & Anne Howley Castlerock
17/Jul Mary Kate John Quinn/Catherine Brennan *Thomas Gallagher/Bridget Dyer Annagh
(*Could be James Gallagher and location Oughval)
17/Jul Mary Pat O’Connor/Mary Scanlan John Kelles? Rue
18/Jul Kate Michael O’Connor/Anne Loftus Austin & Bridget O’Hara Glenavoo
(Grandfather’s sister: Mary (1900), James (1902) Anne Kate (1904) James Francis(1907) Kate (1910 Maggie(1914) and “Sis”/ “Cis”(?)
7/Aug Parnell? James Feehily?/Ellen Cunny John & Mary Ellen Cunny Rhue
18/Aug Micl Joseph Thomas Durcan/Catherine Goldrick John & Anne Mullen Glenavoo
7/Sep Micl Joseph Anthony Cunny/Ellen Mullarkey James Mullarkey/Mary Gallagher Clurhy
8/Sept John Frncs Michael Quinn/Margaret Mcintyre Pat Quinn/Ann Campbell Annagh
13/Nov Michael Pat Goldrick/Bridget Egan* Martin Walsh Tullinaglug
Tourlestrane Baptisims 8/Apr/1845-1910
Date Name Parents Godparents Town
13/Nov Tms Martin Pat Goldrick/Bridget Egan* Pat & Ann Ginty Castlerock
(*Probably same couple-twins?)

1914? James Pat & Mary Deehan ? Glenavoo
(End Tourlestrane Baptisims)