Stonepark Townland, Co. Sligo Ireland – O’HARA, O’DONNEL, and “Black Paddy” O’Hara


Stonepark Townland, Co. Sligo Ireland

Stonepark is a townland in the Far South Sligo County, next to the Mayo Border and situated between the Village of Aclare, Sligo, and the Town of Swinford, Mayo. It was much larger (population wise) before the Irish Potato “Famine.”

The Road Plaque is on the third right exit road on the Aclare to Swinford Rd. (heading from Aclare to Swinford).

Below are three Google Road view’s of the Plaque:


Stonepark, Co. Sligo, Ireland,-8.912035,3a,30y,343.39h,72.13t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1s76T2ifYhAEawscbv7sxm5A!2e0,-8.912035,3a,75y,310.69h,74.27t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sFrrNgQg2K8dAqfoAhumwXQ!2e0,-8.912035,3a,75y,319.32h,75.97t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1s76T2ifYhAEawscbv7sxm5A!2e0


MUCH research has been done in this Townland and the people from and In it – however, much work needs to be done, particularly of the O’Hara’s from Stonepark, Knockbrack and other areas. Below is a photo from the 18?? and We are trying to identify the Children, of the HOWLEY and O’HARA Clans











Back (L to R) – Bridget Howley (m. of Joe Howley), Joe Howley, Charlie O’Hara, Kathleen Howley (wife of Joe – nee O’Hara),

Front: (L to R) Black Paddy O’Hara (Brother of your Bridget Murphy {nee O’Hara}), Bridget O’Hara (nee O’Donnell – mother of Charlie), Kate O’Donnell.


Bridget Howley (Mthr. of Joe Howley),

Joe Howley,

Charlie O’Hara,

Kathleen O’Hara (nee Howley)


— Black Paddy O’HARA,

Bridget O’Hara (nee O’Donnel, Mthr. of Charlie O’Hara) ,

Kate Howley —

THE children unknown at this time –

Child on Black Paddy’s Lap (Child #1)

Children LEFT on Bridget O’Hara (nee O’Donnel) LAP (Child #2)

Children RIGHT on Bridget O’Hara (nee O’Donnel) LAP (Child #3)

cHILD ON Kate O’Donnell LAP (Child #4)



IF ANYONE KNOWS THE ID OF THE CHILDREN, Please contact owner at kilmacteige dot com