SouthSligo Walking Festival



The area of the Walking Festival is close to the Sligo Way (which is one of the several walking/hiking routes through Ireland for Trekking):


A Map of the Walking/Hiking Route is below:

The Walking Routes are generally open year round, but CAUTION must be taken as it is remote area – the Main Walking Festival is held during the Beginning of May during the Bank Holiday (May 1-10 usually, check the dates as it varies every year) and is the BEST way to experience the remote areas and includes a guide and many other trekking along — it is generally NOT a good idea to attempt this alone as if you are hurt help is not able to be summoned easily as even cell signals are dodgy in the Ox Mountain areas.


Ox Mountain Development Company Ltd., is a small community group based in South Sligo, just 6 miles from Tubbercurry.