Registration Districts change: South Sligo area

Government Registration Districts (and/or Poor Law Unions) appear to have changed — between the 1860s and the 1920 time frame — and the Mayo – Sligo border changed in 1888  making it difficult to “track” and/or research the area records.

Anyone living, residing, or farming in these South Sligo areas records would have changed due to this. This might be a serious impediment to research and finding clear dates when the changes happened is proved difficult. A

So some areas were transferred from Co. Mayo to Co. Sligo and vice-versa!

 It appears an Ancestor’s death in the 1860s is registered in Ballina District records, when later, the same family in the same House in Kilmacteige, 1901 Census  in Kilmacteige Parish,  and are found in TUBBERCURRY registration district in the early 1900-1920 time frame. So, one must be aware of the History and changes to the way records were kept and if searching, make sure one searches all records (as no results could be because one is searching the wrong records as noted).