MAP SOUTH SLIGO (including Kilmacteige) AND Genealogy in South Sligo, Ireland-(Records, Research).


Transport yourself to Kilmacteige  Parish by clicking the GOOGLE MAPS Link below

Kilmacteige Church (in front of you) in Google Maps

You will be looking at (or facing) Kilmacteige’s Holy Rosary Church, in Kilmactigue, Kilmacteige, Sligo, Ireland.

You can “grab” the Photo (or use the directional controls) to  “virtually” navigate the Google Maps Street View to any place in Kilmactigue(or anywhere for that matter).

If you turn around 180 degrees (looking behind you)  you will be at the Kilmacteige Community Center which was newly RE-Built recently.


Genealogy from Kilmacteige (Parish), County Sligo, Ireland. Kilmacteige, County Sligo, Ireland is a very Ancient Land, inhabited for many thousands of Years, possibly before the Pyramids in Eygpt.

The Civil Parish records of Kilmacteige closely follows the (Diocese-Church) Parish of Kilmactigue, from which the 1901 Irish Census was organized by Townlands, including Knockbrack, Stonepark, Claddagh, Tourlestrane, Corbally, Lislea, Tulanglug, Carrowreagh, and many more.

An overview Map of the area – mainly South Sligo County and some of County Mayo:



FOR LARGER MAP CLICK THE SOURCE:  “John the Map” — County Sligo





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