Ship “Aeolus” from Sligo – Lord Palmerston’s clearing of His Sligo Estate, 2 November 1847.


Ship “Aeolus” from Sligo, Ireland


Lord Palmerston’s clearing of His Sligo Estate, 2 November 1847



that Departed Sligo, Arrived 1 Nov. 1847, in ST. JOHNS (New Brunswick), Canada.

Saint John is a city on the Bay of Fundy, in New Brunswick, Canada. It’s known for the Reversing Rapids, a phenomenon caused by bay tides colliding with the Saint John River.

Lord Palmerson’s Estate, in Sligo, Ireland was cleared to avoid Poor Law Union Charges. This was a tax to support/feed those starving from the “Great Hunger” An Gorta Mor (1845-1850) in Ireland. People were dying every day from no food. They were starving. Instead of helping, this Man (and We use that term loosely) just fooled them – and hired a “coffin ship” to take them elsewhere (Canada) to rid himself of these Human Beings so He did not have to pay a “tax” on them (as that is the way the then Authorities dealt with the Starvation — and it is really sickening) as He obviously valued Money over Human Life !

Coffin Ships

So Palmerson chartered the Ship and “asked” all His Tenants to “leave to a better place” – many on the ship did not even have enough clothing to “cover their nakedness” —


AEOLUS Article

Pauper Emigrants – The Common Council have appointed a Committee to make arrangements with the Master of the ship Æolus, respecting the unfortunate emigrants on board that vessel, sent out by Lord Palmerston, of whom every care will be taken consistent with public safety. The Quarantine Establishment on Partridge Island was broken up this week, and the emigrants removed to the Alms House Hospital, except a very few, who were too ill to be removed with safety. These remain under charge of a medical man, and are awaited upon by McGowan, the Steward, who with his wife, remains on the Island. – New Bruns

1847 Sligo New Brunswick (St. John)
Government Emigration Office, St. John,

2 November 1847.


I have to report the arrival of the ship “Aeolus” from Sligo, with 428 passengers, for which vessel a ship return is enclosed.


I have not as yet received any information of the sailing of this vessel from Sligo, and so soon as I learned that she was off the harbour with passengers, I went down to her, and was present with the health officer at the inspection.


It appeared that eight of the passengers and one of the crew had died on the  voyage, and 16 passengers and six of the crew lay ill with fever;  several of the passengers who were able to come on deck exhibited strong  symptoms of  the fever.


The whole of the passengers by this vessel (except six) have been cottiers on the estate of Lord Palmerston, near Sligo, and have been sent out at his Lordship’s expense.


There are many aged persons of both sexes on board, and a large proportion of women and children, the whole in the most abject state of poverty and destitution, with barely sufficient rags upon their persons to cover their nakedness; none of the younger portion of the inhabitants have either shoes or stockings; there is a great deficiency both of petticoats and trousers, and one boy about ten years of age was actually brought on deck stark naked.


The arrival at this unusually late period of so large number of destitute and naked emigrants is deeply to be regretted. The vessel has been placed in quarantine; but before these people are allowed to land, they must be provided with sufficient clothing to protect them from the inclemency of the season , or they will perish. A very large proportion are unable to support themselves even if they could procure labour, and these must become a public charge at the present time, with the probability of their becoming so permanantly.


I have, Sc

(Signed)       M. H. Perley,

H. M. Emigration Officer.

          The Honourable, John S. Saunders,

              Prov. Secretary, &c. &c. &c.

This was the second voyage of the Aeolus that arrived November 1 with 428 passengers sent out by Lord Palmerston.

Passenger List:


Arrival of Sligo’s Famine Immigrants at St.

Coffin Ships, Sligo Ireland —




an excerpt from Poor Ignorant Children by Peter D. Murphy: ‘On 1 November, the very day the Saint John quarantine station was due to close for the season, the Aeolus arrived from Sligo with more than four hundred of the most disease racked passengers ever to arrive in the city, all but six of them former tenants of the British Foreign Secretary, Viscount Palmerston. Among them were large numbers of children “with barely sufficient rags upon their persons to cover their nakedness.” Many of the passengers were old, enfeebled and sick from starvation.

When ordered to report on the circumstances surrounding the arrival of the Aeolus, Moses Perley declared that in five years as Government Emigration Officer for the Port of St. John he had never seen greater misery and destitution: ninety nine out of every hundred would have to be supported by public charity.”

At an emergency meeting on 10 November, the members of City Council failed to arrive at a means for the community to shelter and support such an “unheard of mass of misery.” The only option, they thought, was to compel those “recently landed from the Aeolus, and others already in the city begging from door to door,” to return to Ireland.

Lord Palmerston of Classiebawn Castle, Mullaghmore, Co. Sligo

The Lieutenant Governor was shocked by the council’s proposal, and promptly informed the mayor that the government would play no part in providing return passages to Ireland.’

The Aeolus was only one of the many coffin ships that left Ireland in the 19th century. The human tragedy described above was multiplied a hundred fold by the passages of many others.

Letters written by the landlord classes in the early 1900s document their dismay at the shift in economic and political power away from them. They regarded the resurgence of nationalism as nothing more than sedition and disloyalty and bemoaned the ineffectiveness of the government response. Increasing costs of management and the disappearance of peasant rents made it impossible for these English landowning classes in Ireland to make ends meet. Through the centuries it seemed like the sun would never set on their fortunes — but after the First World War most disappeared like spring snow.
Some descendants of these Planters may still be found living in much reduced circumstances in ‘big houses’ here and there in the countryside.

William Bulfin once observed a group of the ascendancy attending a regatta and summed them up thus:
‘Most of them showed breeding both in feature and carriage.  Yet they saddened me.  They impressed me as being hopelessly aloof from their country and their time.  There was nothing about them to show that they regarded themselves as Irish people.  In dress, accent, social conventions and amenities they had fashioned themselves by English models…  Standish O’Grady, one of themselves, and one of the best of them, told them the truth when he said that they were going, going — “rotting from the land without one brave deed, without one brave word.”’

Bulfin, William, Rambles in Eirinn, p57


On Google Scholar is the Book:

Names of Irish Passengers to America with Dates, Ports & ships

Names of Irish Passengers to America: With Dates, Ports & Ship Names : from …

By Michael C. O’Laughlin




July 10 1847; Saint John New Brunswick Courier — The following is a return of passengers who died in Hospital on Partridge Island (St. John) from 7th May to 2nd July with their ages and the names of the vessels from which they landed:
From Brig “Midas” from Galway – John SHAUGHNESSY, age 30; Martin WALSH, age 18.
From Brig “Thorney” from Donegal – Barbara PRESTON, age 65; Mary TUMMANY, 26; Andrew TAIT, 35; James LYNCH, 40; Bernard HIGGINS, 25; Michael MAHIR, 26; Ellen CATTEN, 28.
From Barque “Aldebaran” from Sligo – Andrew DEVITT, 50; Michael GILLAN, 18; John McCALEE, 32; Philip FORD, 20; Mary KELLY, 27; James KILMARTIN, 40; John McMANUS, 33; William RAFTER, 50; Mary HARRINGTON, 8; John DOUGAN, 60; Conly TUMMANY, 23; Larky McCUE, 25; Bartley MANTAN, 30; John MURRAY, 26; Patrick CULGIN, 28; Honora BRAY, 26; Barbara PRESTON, 60; Mary GUNNING, 9 mos.; Bernard KELLEY, 30; Thomas RAFTER, 30; Mary SHEA, 2; Peter COOPER, 35; Sarah BRANNAN, 25; Charles LAYMAN, 30; Mary McGEE, 30; Patrick MALONEY, 20; Mary MACK, 8; Michael MULLANEY, 20; Con. CORRAGAN,10; Thomas JUDGE, 40; Mary MALONEY, 25; Catherine FOX, 20; Margaret MORRISON, 25; Michael KENNON, 20; Peggy SULLIVAN, 1 1/2; Mary MANN, 25; James DYER, 27; Michael LAHEY, 30; Jerry CRONIN, 27; Martin CLARKE, 22; Mary MORRISEY, 25; Patrick McDERMOTE, 10; John RAFTER, 30; Ann BOYCE, 6; Unity GRAY, 23; Jerry McMANUS, 4; Mary LEAREY, 3; Mary HARRINGTON, 30; Catherine RAFTER, 25; John MARTIN, 15; Mary OPERAN, 9; Mary HARRINGTON, 9; Jerry SULLIVAN, 10; Winny CONLEY, 40; Michael CLIFFORD, 23; Bridget DOHERTY, 23; James McGEE, 4; John GREEN, 22; Patrick CONLEY, 40; Honora McGEE, 25; Bridget COIL, 18; Henry DOGAN, 18; Catherine ALLAN, 12; Lawrence MORIN, 30; Thomas DOUGAN, 13; Francis GILLESPIE, 13; John MORRISON, 23; Charles FLYNN, 24; Owen COUGHLIN, 10; Rody McMORRISY, 33; Ann GILL, 36;
From Barque “Mary Harrington” from Donegal – Patrick KERIGAN, 20.
From Barque “Marchioness of Clydesdale” from Londonderry – Charles DUFFY, age 40.
From Barque “Amazon” from Liverpool – Winfred CUMMIDY, age46; Briget MARVEN, 25; Ann DUGGAN, 2 1/2; Mary HOBIN, 27; Rachel GYPSUM, 22; Norry SULLIVAN, 30; Charles McGUIRE, 8; James GIBSON, 30; Patrick McDONAGH, 25; Patrick McDONOUGH, 20; Catherine CURRYAN, 16; Martin AIKIN, 16; John COFFEE, 40; Catherine OWEN, 56; Thomas McGRAUGH, 30; Bernard MORIN, 4; William KENNEDY, 50; James GILL, 4; Joseph MARTIN, 2; Margaret CRAIG, 40; William KENNEDY, 35; Margaret McDONOUGH, 3 mos.; Margaret LOW, 50; John MORAN, 50; George CORR, 33; Francis W. MULLIN, 45; Alexander TAYLOR, 38; William BARRET, 31; Ellen KENNEDY, 60.
From Barque “Pallas” from Cork – Peter RYAN, 22; Jerry CRONIN, 30; Jerry CRUMMINS, 25; Timothy CRUMMINS, 25; Margaret CARTY, 25; Mary CARTY, 20; Mary HICKEY, 25; Mary HARRISON, 54; Mary HARRINGTON, 50; Andrew MANNIAN, 40; Capt. HALL, 45; Daniel LINEHAN, 25; Catherine DONAHOUGH, 39; Jerry HARRIGAN, 60; Mary CLANCE, 20; Patrick KEEFE, 25.
From Barque “Governor Douglas” from Cork – James McGINNIS,25; Margaret HALEY, 5; Hurly SULLIVAN, 35; John NEIL, 34; Mary NICKOLSON, 30; Patrick RANNEY, 42; John QUINN, 22; Daniel LYNCH 22; Mary McNEELY, 26.
From Ship “AEolus” from Sligo – Sally TOHER, 18; David HENRY, 55; Unity BURNS, 11; Patrick CRADE, 7; Biddy KILBRIDE, 15; Mary HARTT, 25; Mary McLOUGHLIN, 40.
From Brig “Inconstant” from Cork – Ellen McCARTY, 20; Catherine HENNISAY, 25; Ellen McCARTY, 25.
From Brig “Dealy” from Bantry – Bridget CONNY, age 10; Catherine COLLINS, age 20; Ellen HALEY, 17.
From Brig “Preserverance” from Cork – Robert HUES, 60; John McCARTY, 40; Catherine O’HARRIN, 55; Catherine O’HERRIN, 50; Daniel AHERRIN, 53; Ellen MORRISON, 15; Patrick MURRAY, 40; John CRAIG, 19; John LINESA, 33; Constantia BRESLIN, 20.
From Brig “Mary” from Cork – Michael CRONIN, 28; Thomas FORD, 30; Johanna LEARY, 12; Bridget HURLY, 16; James LYNCH, 36.
From Brig “Ocean” from Cork – Mary RAFTER, 32.
From Ship “Sir Charles Napier” from Londonderry – John MITCHEL, 18; Hugh BOYCE, 60.
From Barque “Malvina” from Baltimore, Ireland – James CARNEY, 26.
From Brig “Friends” from Waterford via St. John’s, Nfld. – William CONNER, 25.
From Schr. “Mary” from Cork – Margaret COUGHLIN, 25.
From Brigatine “Caledonia” from Cork – Anne McMANUS, 50.
From Brig “Hannah” from Sligo – John FOLEY, 23; John McCUGLE, 32.
From Vessel not named, Peter FINNIGAN, 30.

Johnson 11:2455; August 7 1847; Saint John New Brunswick Courier — A List of Passengers who have died in Hospital on Partridge Island (St. John) with their names and ages and the names of vessels in which they arrived at Quarantine during the month of July 1847.
From Barque “Amazon” from Liverpool – Thomas MORAN, 5; Mary COSTELLO, 26; Mary CORRYAN, 32; John CORRIGAN, 16; Cath HAUTAGAN, 22; Jane PARTAN, 20; Pat. McCARLAN, 28; Edward McMULLAN, 5 mos.; James LOONEY, 20; Owen CORRIGAN, 52; John CRAIG, 14; John JOHNSTONE, 25; Razo BALIN, seaman, 21; Margaret MULLIN, 24; James ROONEY, 15; Patrick LAUSAY, 45; Mick McGRATH, 30; Timothy CONNOR, 25.
From Barque “Aldebaran” from Sligo – Nona McMANUS, 40; Thomas PARAT, 60; Winney PARAT, 13; John McLYNN, 50; Martha JOLLY, 22; Hugh DUGAN, 33; Thomas DUGAN, 19; Ann COLEMAN, 5.
From Ship “Ambassadress” from Liverpool – Sarah CASSIDY, age 20; Martin SPEED, 4; Daniel McDOUGAL, 25; Edward LOONEY, 24; Mick SULLIVAN, 5; Margaret ROONEY, 26; Ellen GARR, 24.
From Brig “Bache McEvers” from Cork- Mick McCARTY, 24; Mary KELLY 21; Eliza NOONAN, 65; Margaret McCARTY, 21; Mary HOGAN, 26; Pat CONNOR, 56; Carty SULLIVAN, 14.
From Brig “Blanch” from Donegal – Francis McCARTHUR, 28.
From Brig “Caledonia” from Cork – Ellen WISEMAN, 25; Will LIGAM, 4; James LUNNEY, 28.
From Brig “Dealey” from Bantry – Rachael KINGSTON, 33.
From Brig “Friends” from Waterford – Jane REARDON, 32; Winfred KENNEDY, 14.
From Brig “Garland” from Cork – George HISAN, 21.
From Barque “Governor Douglas” from Castletown, Beerhaven – John NICHOLSON, 60; Will DANNER, 50; Mary SHANNON, 3; Mary NICHOLSON, 45; Charles CORAM, 21; Jerry HOLLIN, 5.
From Brig “Gem” from Galway – Thos BARKER, 30.
From Brig “Hannah” from Sligo – Michael BARAN, 45; Mary McGOWAN, 28; Martin MALONEY, 50; Daniel GARNET, 28; Catherine DOWD, 35; John PORTHAN, 38.
From Ship “John Clarke” from Londonderry – Pat. DOHERTY, 25; Betsey JOHNSTON, 31; Sarah CALVIN, 10.
From Brig “Kingston” from Cork – Mary SULLIVAN, 5.
From Brig “Mary” from Cork – Ellen DONAGHUE, 27.
From Barque “Malvina” from Baltimore – Ellen RYAN, 21.
From Barque “Perserverance” from Cork – Daniel O’HARRAN, 10; Mary DRRIGAN, 30; Jerry OLMAN, 40; Mrs. KEEFE, 26; Francis MANN, 31; Michael SAVAGE, 40; Betsy MURRAY, 20.
From Barque “Pallas” from Cork – Mary HARRIGAN, 60; Mary MARRYGAN 49; Will GILLESPIE, 54; Thos. O’CONNOR, 15; James POWER, 25; Thomas CLARKE, 54; Daniel SULLIVAN, 23; Jerry HARRINGTON, 57; Margaret GLANCY, 16, Mary RYAN 21.
From Brig “Ruby” from Sligo – Pat KENNEDY, 40; Mary LONG, 59.
From Barque “Royal Mint” from Liverpool – Mick CALLAGHAN, 20; Jim MURPHY,40; Nich CARREL, 26; John FORD, 13; William CHERRY,seaman,50.
From Schr. “Sally” from Cork – John QUINN, 37; Mary COCHRANE, 30.
From Ship “Sir Charles Napier” from Londonderry – Thos BOYER, 12; Will BOYER, 6.
From Brig “Seraph” from Cork – John TREAGH, 50; Thos. BLACKSON, 26; Will PINE, 30.
From Schr. “Very Rev. Theobald Matthew” from Galway – Will KAIN, 23; Patrick QUINN, 26.
From Brig “Thorney Close” from Sligo – John McSHANNON, 24; Edward McGINESS, 20; Charles COTTON, 21; Patk. CAMPBELL, 15; Eleanor KARAN, 23; Ann McGRATH, 25.
From Brig “Trafalgar” from Cork – John MAHONY, 15 mos.; John BRYAN, 26; Ellen BRYAN, 50; John LANE, 30; Robert DRISCOLL,24; John LAND, 50; Honor FITZGERALD, 24; Thos. STUBS, seaman, 20.
The following deaths occured among the passengers on Partridge Island (St. John) since July 31st.
“Royal Mint” – John IRVING, 36;
“Gem” – John BURKE, 30;
“Magnes” – Patrick WALLACE, 50; Andrew GWYNN, 30;
“Ambassadress” – John BURNS, 21; Catherine RYAN, 40;
“Ward Chipman” – John CROWLEY, 70; James DAHY, 3; Daniel BUCKLEY, 19; John QUIN, 25; Catherine RYAN, 25;
“Blanch” – Mary MAHON, 30;
“Aldebaran” – John GILLESPIE, 14;
“Bache McEvers” – Eliza LATTA, 30;
“Trafalgar” Eliza LEAN, 18;
“Seraph” – Daniel CLARK, 32; John MAGUIRE, 26;
“Caledonia” – Dennis HONLAHAN, 3.

Johnson 11:2532; August 28 1847; Saint John New Brunswick Courier — List of Persons who have died in the hospital on Partridge Island (St. John) with their names and ages and names of vessels in which they arrived from 6th to 20th instant.
From ship “Ambassadress” from Liverpool – Joseph REAL, 20; Jane KILLADY, 21.
From barque “Amazon” from Liverpool – Ann CORYGEN, 13; Margaret KENNEDY, 14; Margaret HARTIGAN, 16; James CURRAN, 26; Catherine CORRIGAN, 11.
From ship “British Merchant” from Cork – Mary MAHONY, 35; Curley DRISCOLL, 30; Bridget DEVIN, 48; Moses KEEFE, 40; Michael COMNEY, 2; John CRESLAN, 6 mos.; Charles DUGAN, 46; Michael MAURICEY, 46; Catherine MAURICEY, 9; Mary COFFE, 10; James DESMOND, 5; Daniel McCARTHY, 60; Edward SWEENEY, 4 mos.; Margaret MARSHALL, 25; Dennis CANNON, 50; Timothy SULLIVAN, 17.
From barque “Envoy” from Londonderry – James DUNBAR, 2 mos.
From brig “Hannah” from Sligo – Barney MULLIN, 10; Mary HANNAH, 1.
From barque “John S. Dewolfe” from Killala – Mary KENNEDY, 60; Lucinda STANTON, 36; Patrick WELSH, 4.
From brig “Leviathan” from Baltimore, Ireland – Daniel HOLLAND, 40; Patrick SMELLIE, 31; Arthur LACEY, 23; Bridget BURKE, 6 mos.
From brig “Malvina” from Baltimore, Ireland – Stephen HICKEY, 28.
From brig “Mary” from Cork – John ELLIS, 20.
From brig “Magnes” from Galway – Michael CARRY, 37.
From barque “Royal Mint” from Liverpool – Mary GRIFFITH, 18.
From ship “Sir Charles Napier” from Londonderry – Jane BOYCE, 37.
From brig “Trafalgar” from Cork – John HOONY (or John BOONY), 30.
From barque “Ward Chipman” from Cork – Mary SLERAN, 7; Joanna COLLINS, 35; Ellen QUICK, 6 mos.; Ann BARLOW, 3; Pat McAFFE, 35; Moses CLIO, 40; Jerry SULLIVAN, 8; Mary CANNON, 10; Margaret CRAWLEY, 25; Michael KELLY, 2.
Return of deaths at Partridge Island (St. John) from 20th to27th August 1847 with names of vessels in which deceased were passangers:
“Magnes” from Galway – Mary HAYNES, 25; Mary BUTIN, 30; Norah HEALEY, 6; Catherine GILLIGAN, 8.
“Ward Chipman” from Cork – Pat. BOURKE, 3; Mary ROACH, 35; Timothy BOURKE, 55; John LEAHY, 1; Timothy LACY, 60; Dennis COLLINS, 27; Judy SULLIVAN, 22; William SULLIVAN, 2; Mary SULLIVAN, 60.
“Bache McEvers” from Cork – William CAMPBELL, 53, Catherine HEALY, 1; Daniel KELLY, 50.
“Hannah” from Sligo – Mary McCANN, 23.
“Aldebaran” from Sligo – John JENNINGS, 15
“British Merchant” from Cork – Michael McCARTHY, 3; John CAMERON, 38; James HEALEY, 20; Peggy COLEMAN, 25; John SMITH, 25; Lawrence COONEY, 30; Catherine TUOMEY, 26; Mary DONOVAN, 36; Teddy CRONON, 17; Dennis DWYER, 17; Catherine CLARKE, 19; John WHOLEBY, 25; John SWEENEY, 32.
“Seraph” from Cork – Corley DONAGHEY, 25.
“Yeoman” from Sligo – Dennis McCAULEY, 40; Luke KELLY, 4.
“Trafalgar” from Cork – Norah McGILLICUDELY, 2.
“Ambassadress” from Liverpool – James FITZPATRICK, 4; Charles CORRIGAN, 25; Thady DEARBE –
“Thorney Close” from Donegal – Pat CAMPBELL, 40.
“John S. DeWolfe” from Killala – John COLLINS, 7; Michael MULLALY, 8; Biddy TEAGUE, 4.
“Amazon” from Liverpool – Matthew MOORE, 21.
“Leviathan” from Baltimore – Elinor WHEELAN, 33.
“Envoy” from Londonderry – James BOURKE, 3 .
“Alice” from Galway – John LOWREY, 7.

Johnson 11:2556; September 4 1847; Saint John New Brunswick Courier — Return of deaths on Partridge Island (St. John) during the week ending 3rd Sept. 1847
“Aldebaran” from Sligo – Thomas MAGEE, 20; William BYRNE, 20
“British Merchant” from Cork – Johanna SWEENY, 32; Ellen BARTEN, 35; Morris MORRISEY, 32; Lawrence COONEY, 7; Johanna CROWLEY, 30.
“Amazon” from Sligo – Ellen COFFEY, 20.
“John S. DeWolfe” from Killala – Ann HEALY, 7; Patrick KAVANAGH, 37; Patrick KELLY, 18 mos.; Catherine KANE, 22.
“Ward Chipman” from Liverpool – Michael FITZGERALD, 40; Michael LACY, 60; Pat. DONEGHUE, 24; Thady BEGLEY, 28; Michael SCANLAN,27.
“Jane” from Limerick – Michael COSTELLO, 4; Bridget COSTELLO, 3.
“Yeoman” from Sligo – Hannah WALKER, 70; Patrick CARVAGH, 60; John FERNS, 30; James BRANNEN, 25.
“Thorney Close” from Donegal – Jas. CAMPBELL, 12.
“Magnes” from Galway – Patrick WALLACE, 12; William BEATTY,4; Peter LARKIN, 30; Michael COLCANNON, 3.
“Gowrie” from Cork – Mary PUNCH, 30.
“Bache McEvers” from Cork – Johanna McCARTY, 30.
“Trafalgar” from Cork – Dennis CAMPBELL.
“Malvina” from Cork – Mary DONOHUE
“Alice” from Galway – Bridget CONNOR, 4.
“Envoy” from Londonderry – Catherine McELROY, 7.
“Sea” from Liverpool – Thady LEAHY, 2.

Johnson 11:2596; September 18 1847; Saint John New Brunswick Courier — Return showing emigrants who have died on Partridge Island (St. John) during the week ending 11 Sept. 1847 with the names of vessels in which they were passangers.
“Amazon” from Sligo – John MOURNE, 15.
“Bethel” from Galway – Nancy VAUGHAN, 28; Joseph CONWAY, 29; Patrick WELSH, 22.
“British Merchant” from Cork – Ellen CLEARY, 15; Barney BROWN, 26; Thomas CARTHY, 26; Hanaway MAXLEY, 32.
“Magnes” from Galway – Judy WALLIS, 7; Thomas KEENAN, 25; Catherine CUNNINGHAM, 22.
“Ward Chipman” from Cork – Dennis CAIN, 60; Mary McCARTY, 40
“John S. DeWolf” from Killala – James CAVANAGH, 12; John BARRETT,60.
“Sea” from Liverpool – Michael MURRAY, 28
“Midas” from Galway – Mary CAMERON, 12; John KING, 5 mos.
“Yeoman” from Sligo – Catherine CUMMINS, 12; James MULROON,6; Biddy HANNIGAN, 21; Thos. McGITNELY, 33.
“Envoy” from Londonderry – Mary BURKE, 5; Michael QUINN, 21.
Ships name not reported – Cath. COLLINS, 17.



Johnson 11:2629; September 25 1847; Saint John New Brunswick Courier — Report of the Health Officer for Partridge Island (St. John) to the Government Emigration Officer in this city for the week ending yesterday. The following deaths have occurred since 17th inst:

From “Lord Fitzgerald” – Patrick MADDEN, 73; Mary COFF, 52; Bridget HAIK, 1; Mary MADDEN, 27; Mary HEAR, 27.
From “Yeoman” – James McLAUGHLAN, 25; Catherine GUTHRY 5; Arthur McLAINE, 14 mos.
From “Envoy” – Mary MURRAY, 32; Peggy McELROY, 12.
From “John S. DeWolfe” – Martin KENNEDY, 14; Bdgt. CARABINE, 12; Ann SEELY, 21.
From “British Merchant” – Ellen COLLINS, 23; Francis McDERMOTT, 4.
From “Ward Chipman” – Ellen LONG, 43.
From “Bethel” – Mary FINLEY, Bridget CONNELL, 37; Pat. MALONEY, 27; Nancy LONEVAN, 35; Sarah JACKSON, 53; Timothy DERMOND, 25; Bartholomew CONNELL, 52; William FLANAGAN.
From “Lady Sale” – Patrick MULLIGAN, 30; Owen CHRISTY, 57; Michael McCANN, 18.
From “Magnes” – James KENNY, 12.
From “Aldebaran” – Pat. MAHADY, 24.
From “Pero” – Betty McGIN, 47; John REARDON, 75.
From vessel not named – Michael LARKIN, 4.

Johnson 11:2837; November 20 1847; Saint John New Brunswick Courier — Return of Emigrants who have died on Partridge Island (St.John) from 24th Sept. to 1st Nov. 1847, names of Vessels in which they arrived and ports from which they sailed.



“Ambasadress” from Liverpool – Edward LANN, 42.
“Bethel” from Galway – Bridget DEERING, 3; James DEERING, 2; Ellen FALLASY; Michael JACKSON, 53; William KIRBY, 22; John KENNY 52; Richard MORLEY, 50; Mary McCORMACK, 7; Edward WELSH, 9 mos.
“British Merchant” from Cork – Bartholomew CROWLEY, 24; Mary CORCORAN, 33; Thomas CROWLEY, 2; Mary DONOVAN, 1; Pat. DONOVAN, 3; Charles DONOVAN; Mary DUEN, 26; Thos. KERLEY, 53; Catherine McCARTY, 27; Ellen McCARTY, 22; John McCARTY, 56.
“David” from Galway – Pat. CONNOR, 18 mos.; Mary NAUGHTON, 3mos. Pat. NATHEN, 39.
“Envoy” from Londonderry – Pat. BOURKE, 24; Phelim McELROY, 60.
“Lord Fitzgerald” from Galway – Michael HENNEHEY, 8; Peggy LAUGHLIN, 26; Thos. MALONE, 11 mos.; Patrick McLAUGHLIN, 31; Patrick SEXTON, 55; Mary WALSH, 27.
“Gowrie” from Cork – Jerry BRYAN, 10.
“Hannah” from SLIGO – Margaret O’GARA, 32; John O’BRIEN, 50.
“John S. DeWolfe” from Killala – Michael KENNEDY, 15.
“Lady Sale” from Sligo – Ellen HARRISTON, 32; Catherine BOURKE, 25; Thos. CONNOLLY, 9 mos.; Henry FOLEY, 7; Mary FOLEY, 6; Edward FOLEY, 41; William FOLEY,10; Theresa GALLAGHER, 24; Bridget MITCHELL, 24; Mary McGLOAN, 40; James McGOLDRIEF, 2; John McGOWAN 34; Mary McGOWAN, 30; Ann PORTER, 50; Mich. McGOWAN, 1.
“Magnes” from Galway – Judy WALLACE, 40.
“Malvina” from Baltimore – Matthew SHEA, 44.
“Midas” from Galway – Pat. BADGER, 31; Thomas CORCANNON, 16; Laurence FOY, 57; Pat. JENNINGS, 5; Pat. KILLIGAN, 32.
“Pero” from Cork – John BUTT, 10 mos.; Judy CROWLEY, 15; Johanna CROWLEY, 6 mos.; Tim CALLAGHAN, 26; Thos. CROWLEY, 2; Patrick GOLDING, 22; Ellen HAMMOND, 53; Ellen KERLEY, 22; William KERLEY, 40; Catherine MAHONEY, 7; Margaret MAGION, 22; Thady QUINLIN, 27; Allan RYAN, 20.
“Pekin” from Galway – Mary MORROW, 5; Winifred MORROW, 3; Bridget QUINAN, 1.
“Sea” from Liverpool – Ellen BARRET, 3.
“Yeoman” from Sligo – James CUNNINGHAM, 44; Sally CONNOLLY, 32; Lawrence CONNOLLY, 7; Ann CARWAY, 13; Catherine CONNOLLY, 41; Bdgt. CONNOLLY, 10 mos.; Catherine GORMAN, 30; Dennis KERLEY, 59; John MURRAY, 24; George MOTHERWELL, 9; Sarah MOTHERWELL, 7; Pat. ROONEY,4; Dennis SULLIVAN, 53.







News papers from St. John’s


Galway O’Flaherty





Intended as a Constant Trader,


450 Tons,

Now in Port – will be ready to sail on the 1st of April.
For Freight or Passage, please apply to Captain HENRY,
on board, at Warrenpoint; or to
N.B. The above Captain HENRY is the same who, on
his arrival from Belfast in the same Ship, last Summer, was
presented by his Passengers with a Silver Cup and a Letter
of Thanks, for his unprecendented good treatment to all on
board. Newry, March 7.


THE AD IN NEWRY, BELFAST, IRELAND READ (little did the poor people know the horrors that awaited them — (for the entire Atlantic floor was dotted with Irish burials at Sea, all the way from Sligo to Canada, as in those times of no refrigeration, a Burial At Sea was usually carried out within an Hour of One Passing) :

Burthen 450 Tons – daily expected and will be
dispatched with as little delay as possible
after arrival.
This Ship presents a most favourable opportunity
for those desirous of going to America, her
accommodations being superior, and the Captain
well known for his humane and kind treatment to
For Freight or Passage, apply in Belfast to
JOHN ALEXANDER & CO; and in Newry, to
Newry, January 28.