Michael Davitt- The Land League-Ireland’s New (2016) Land League


Michael Davitt- The Land League-Ireland’s New (2016) Land League


The NEW Irish Land League is fighting the corruption in Ireland (and boy is that a big job — KEEP IT UP PEOPLE, FIGHT THEM)!!


As Student of (Irish) History, We first must note the Great Mayo Irishman,  Michael Davitt (1846-1906) , who is without a doubt one of the greatest, and most important figures of modern Irish history.

Michael Davitt was born in Straide, County Mayo in 1846 during the Irish Potato “Famine” (in quotes as it was not really a famine, but a Man-made event in an early attempt at what We now call “ethnic cleansing” – intentionally killing certain ethnic groups – in this case  by the British Empire) — starving the Majority of the Irish Population as the Potato Blight decimated the main food source — the Potato. The lack of any response by the Government was the ethnic cleansing part.

Davitt’s family was evicted when He was quite young, and they soon emigrated to Lancashire, England.

The atrocious conditions of the working class there, including the Irish emigrants, were recorded by Frederick Engels in his famous The Condition of the Working Class in England (1844). Aged only 10, Davitt began working in one of the area’s “dark satanic mills”, and lost an arm in an accident at age 11.

From birth, Davitt suffered the problems that have plagued modern Ireland – the poverty and emigration caused by inequality, and by government in the interest of a few and not the many. He experienced the worst effects of capitalism on both town and country. These experiences radicalised him. When an Adult, in 1865, Davitt joined the IRB. The Fenians aimed to establish a democratic, secular republic by revolutionary means. He would later began the Land League, seeking fairness – what is now called “The Land War”  eventually Irish Government Board was eventually set up to administer the buy out of the Large , mostly English,  Absentee Land Owners’ (that their Ancestors had stolen the Irish Lands, some 800 years earlier). The Board split-up Large tracts of Land into Farms that the Irish Men and Women had occupied, worked, and lived on, for many Generations — like Our Ancestors — and they were finally, after 800 years, able to get “Fee Simple” Ownership (or the Irish version of it) of the Land.


Without going into the details of Land Ownership and Property Taxes (“cess”), Fee Simple is the “best” (in most People’s opinions)  Land Ownership, as it gives the Owner the ability to pass down Land to one’s Children the ownership, and/or sell it. The most radical changes came about  AFTER the establishment of the Irish Free State in 1922 (the 26-county Irish Free State, renamed itself “Ireland’  in 1937, and declared itself a Republic in 1949).