Kilmactigue Parish Research One


Kilmactigue Parish Research One

Research Today through Our Family Tree Ancestry has got a bit boring after a couple decades! Now, with an AI, data, DNA, and the area We know, and Love, can We not bring it all together into an amazing Graphical Representation of (our) Kilmactigue Parish Family – then, now, and through time!

Kilmacteige, Sligo, Ireland Ancestry 2.0 !

We hope to bring this to other’s with massive scale-up of our code, so You can  experience, and be completely amazed at the NEW way to view your Family “Ancestry” using state-of-the-future-application that brings to life a Family Tree in a graphical Tree -Then, Now, and Tomorrow.

Kilmacteige Sligo Ancestry 2.0  !

It is the culmination of thousands of lines of code, and massive amounts of data and DNA combining the data sets, and using the Ordinance Maps,  Tithe Defaulters, Griffiths Valuation, 1901 and 1911 Irish Census as the “base” for this project and overlay a Family Tree !

Then. We add to it the data from the area and present it all using an AI that works “on the fly” to bring this all together with Amazing Graphics. We are using the  fastest Fiber Optics and a an AI computing environment  Sheamus  our South Sligo AI – Who is a typical NW Ireland Chap with an Irish Brogue, and then We run it at speed – with accuracy unheard of –all with in a virtual graphical representation, on a gaming platform, showing, indeed, experiencing YOUR Family “History” not in some dull, text, but something that We can interact with — perhaps, SomeONE we can interact with  as We had a question: CAN WE ASK OUR ANCESTOR A QUESTION?

We have — in making kilmacteige Ancestry 2.0 – our Family Tree come to life — rethought the entire excitement with the Family Ancestry process and asked Can;t We do better?:

How Could I ask Gran-Pa John Joseph a question?

Using a Virtual environment, layering on to it time itself- and adding all the information We have today using Ancestry, DNA, GEDcom, and World, Regional, Irish, and Local History, with the information from and On our Ancestors – We will go back to Pre-Famine (1840) times, and the run through it the 1800s and 1900s (obviously noting History) and bring it to Us in 2017 using movie like Graphics, to show Us and the Kids, Our Family. It is sure (we hope) to be a

into the 1901 Census, the 1911 Census (and Hopefully the 1926 Irish Census if We can get it released early)

On this Page – Kilmacteige Parish Research ONE, We are slowly bringing online our bespoke code combining the 1901 and 1911 Irish Census for the Area around Kilmactige (Kilmacteige) Parish, with big data silo, and merge and combine this with the latter datasets that can bring the ancestral, historical, and present day (ONLY for those that Specifically authorize Us) data, to bring an amazing graphical representation, with AI, showing the Family History through time. We have used Our Ancestors, with Our Current Family data sets, as a test bed for this tech.

Research One.1 —


Before We move on we want to note something about Computer Security. You MUST BACKUP YOUR DATA AT SOME REGULAR PERIOD OF TIME (the more you work on it, the more often you should do a backup or COPY, which is what We are noting below –MAKE A COPY right now this minute !  If you do not want to risk loosing EVERYTHING you have ever done researching your Ancestors over the Years — make a copy —  immediately. Later, you can do do a proper backup (to another drive) but making a copy (such as with a Thumb Drive) you should protect yourself from the loss of your Data. , and then you have a COPY and a backup of your computer’s Hard Drive data.

It is not hard, nor expensive ! If you use a Windows Computer, your files are under whatever your sign in name is *usually” (not always) under the “C” drive, then the “Users” file, then under whatever name you use on your computer’s sign in account — click click on it to open the file, then COPY your  Documents, and Downloads file (or whatever  program you might have used to do a tree, like Family Tree Maker, copy the data (you do not need the program at this point, just YOUR DATA FILES). They should be copied to the NEW Hard Drive or THUMB DRIVE completely (which might take some time if you have photos or video  and a green bar should tell you the copy progress) . If  a Hard Drive is not good option right now, try and get a good sized THUMB DRIVE of 128GB are about $35, a larger THUMB DRIVE 256GB, are less than $70 for USB3.0 (which is also fast). Whatever you do, get it now, immediately so you can copy your files (and more permanent and possibly larger hard drive or SSD would be a best situation — but doing a copy your files RIGHT NOW is the most important thing, you can do a proper “backup” later, as a copy is better than nothing but most critical is doing it ASAP if you never made a copy of your data before.



WINDOWS COMPUTER BACKUP and SECURITY: Many people start using computers and just continue from there without having any training or classes. So you probably are not told you need to keep a backup (or copy) of your files — most who started without training have no idea about making a backup (or copy) of your data!

DO IT NOW, DO NOT PUT IT OFF !! Put the thumb drive in your computer, make your copy and remove the USB THUMB DRIVE FROM YOUR COMPUTER, and put it in your desk drawer –  do NOT leave it plugged into your computer after you copy what you want onto it — UNPLUG IT SOON AS A COPY IS MADE !

As soon as you get the THUMB DRIVE (before you plug it in to your computer we suggest you do a complete malware/virus scan of your computer for any hidden malware (as you do NOT want to copy any malware/viruses on your computer — onto your new Hard Drive or THUMB DRIVE.
We suggest NORTON 360, and if you have Comcast/Xfinity for your internet service they give it away FREE) go to your sign in and then to support and search “Norton”. Download NORTON360,  and run it —

ONLY when your sure you computer is free from Malware should you then plug in your new THUMB DRIVE (we are CAPS the thumb drive as they are great way to make a new cheap, fast copy, and if it is a USB3, it is fast as well). STEPS:

  1. Buy a New Hard Drive and Docking Station OR a large 128GB / 256GB THUMB DRIVE.
  2.  Copy your important Ancestry (and other) files to the new Hard Drive or THUMB DRIVE.
  3. If your like most people, this will take some time as your DOCUMENTS and DOWNLOAD files probably need to be copied completely. If you have more than the size of your Hard Drive or THUMB DRIVE, Buy two and keep track of what you copy on them (so you do not make the same copies unless you intend to make two separate copies of everything, which is also a good idea.
  4. COPY EVERYTHING. It is sometimes a good idea to make TWO (2) COPIES OF EVERYTHING, and put one of the drives off site (meaning at someone else’s House, like your Children). This is to ensure if a trajedy happens you will have another copy of most of your data — this is called “backing up your data”.
  5. DO NOT KEEP IT PLUGGED INTO YOUR COMPUTER – We cannot stress this enough.
  6. Only Plug it into your computer to ADD NEW FILES OR DATA TO YOUR BACKUP FILES and then un-plug it and store it safely.
  7. Many New Drives can be PASSWORD PROTECTED that also encrypts the data

We are going to add a Sub-Page of DNA matching for Kilmactigue Parish FAMILY MEMBERS (as soon as we can code it).  We have been working on this for sometime to connect Families from the area and given the explosion in DNA Testing it is a good way to re-connect with long lost Family connections.

However, We have also found that the learning curve for DNA test results is quite high and many of those online are quite confused (but the Family Tree DNA does a good job of explaining the basics and giving you a basic list of people and their predicted relationships to you  — DNA is complex and quite hard and difficult to understand — so to simplify what a DNA Match means We stick to the basics,


And, the best thing is with the Family Finder test from FTDNA, they lay out the most important, and mostly accurate, data for you ! And the best thing is it goes on Sale often for $59.00 plus $13 or so shipping (to Ireland or the UK is more but they do serve these areas now in 2017).

How many Generations Back (Genetic Distance) that Match indicates, are critical to understanding and using DNA match information.


Kilmacteige and Kilmactigue – two names, ONE PLACE, this is in the South Sligo, basically centered on Aclare, Sligo.