Kilmactiege South County Sligo researcher is back online

Dear Fellow Kilmactiege Parish researchers and friends: We are back online. Over the time, many new free sites have come online, one of the most important is the NLI Catholic Church records

First is


Second is


We have not had time to look over each page and to check the differences, but in time We hope to do so (and if anyone already has We would love to hear your findings and ideas!

We also will be bringing the comments section back shortly, but probably not immediately. In good time.

Much has changed, especially with the Advanced DNA testing that is now available – it can help and several groups, like CTS4466 has ID some  unique DNA to the Galway and South areas (we are still talking with several others about a South Sligo group if anyone is interested).

We would be especially interested in those Families in the area which have documented Family History going back wello before the Church Registers (as many know they are not perfect, erros happened, some feared registering, and the worst is they only started recording

BMD (well B for Baptisms)

More to follow….