Systemic Corruption in Ireland Banking System –Banking Corruption in Ireland 2016

Genuinely shocking !

Systemic Corruption in Ireland Banking System.

NOVEMBER 17, 2016

Ireland Central Bank — Johnathan Sugarman, who reported corruption when working at UniCredit Ireland  reported that IT (UniCredit) was breaking the {Ireland} law in very serious ways (Billions of Euros that did not exist?)  He reported it, and, as He states in the Video (below) before the EU, that they fired Him (and this is after  He went to the Irish Central Bank regulator).

Guess what, He was fired !!! Seems like someone got very rich off the suffering in Ireland? Who could it Be that caused (or let) this to happen?

Systemic Corruption Throughout Irish Government & Banks. A Mus…

You really must watch this if you live in Ireland. The corruption outlined in this is genuinely shocking.

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Jonathan Sugarman, who worked for UniCredit Ireland, discovered it  was breaking the law in very serious ways, and He reported it to the Irish regulator.

He related how he was not only ignored by his bank, the Irish regulator , but also all the major political parties in IRELAND !

He then pointed out that the Irish regulator claims that it always – and it is the law after all –  informs the regulator of the home country of banks which have subsidiaries in Ireland, about any serious problems.

In the case of UniCredit that would mean the Italian Central bank would have been told that Italy’s largest Bank was in serious breach of Irish law in ways that could endanger the whole banking system.

The head of the Italian Central Bank at the time was a certain Mr Mario Draghi.  Mr Sugarman suggested Mr Draghi should be asked point-blank of he did or if he did not know. If he did not then the Irish regulator was at least incompetent, and may have lied, misled  and perhaps even inentionally broken Irish laws. If he was told and did know, then Mr Draghi has serious questions to answer regarding his own dereliction of duty.

Surely not I hear you say.

Well perhaps someone might ask?Or is  He above the law?

So important the Question is and are, a second placing is needed!

Mr. Sugarman appears to be a Hero for Bringing to the light, the events  in Ireland especially after all the “austerity”since 2007 (but it appears some did not endure the same, because they walked away with Billions of Irish Euros)!

Mr. Sugarman states He told Brian Lenihan, Jr.,Central bank of Ireland….

Is it the banks that no government will prosecute? Are the Banks of Rich, Rich, people above the Law? Are no Honorable Men around any more ?

Is this the World or Society We want? Unless the People KEEP ASKING QUESTIONS UNTIL THEY ARE ANSWERED It will continue, there is a way to handle it to force them to be accountable (and then return the stolen euros).


In other news in Ireland, it is reported recently that:

The bankers set up a 7.2-billion-euro circular transaction scheme from March to September of 2008 to increase Anglo’s [Irish} balance sheet.

Bank of Italia,

Mario Draghi, OMRI,  is an Italian economist, manager and banker who succeeded Jean-Claude Trichet as the President of the European Central Bank.

Remember His name over the Past Few Years?

During the economic turmoil and “Bailout” in Ireland? The Troika? group formed by the European Commission (EC), the European Central Bank (ECB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

What does HE KNOW that is so shocking?

That an Irish Bank almost brought down the GERMAN BANKING SYSTEM?

The Irish finance ministry said in June that it could be another 15 years before the country gets back the money it invested in the banks that were going under during the crisis.

15 YEARS? Wow, that is a fifth of a lifetime? How could this be that it takes so long, with computers everywhere now, that someone could steal Billions and they cannot find out for 15 years.

Several Irish Bankers sentenced to 23 months ! Wow.

Local media said Irish taxpayers have welcomed the court’s decision, after criticizing the government for failing to act. Ireland used up €64 billion of taxpayer money to pay for what is known as the largest state bank rescue in the Eurozone.

Italy’s Monte dei Paschi di Siena, Bank (the oldest surviving Bank in

Anglo Irish was sold, had two (2) Names Changes, is now

the European Banking Authority (EBA) revealed that the historic bank, founded in 1472, would go bust should Europe suddenly face another severe economic downturn.

The EBA’s results showed that Monte dei Paschi di Siena’s capital buffer would run almost completely dry by 2018. The bank’s current capital buffer is 12.1 percent, but under the EBA’s “adverse” scenario it would fall to 2.2 percent by 2018.

Overall, the stress tests highlighted the still very weak state of the banking system in Europe following the crisis.

The EBA exposed the “risky” state of other major European banks, including the German giant Deutsche Bank, whose capital ratio has dropped from 11.1 to just 7.8 percent. The International Monetary Fund had already listed the bank as one of the major risks to global financial stability.

And for the rest of the story….


They then did some things like “stress tests” now years after the 007-08 financial crisis,  also noted the declining capital position of the bailed-out Royal Bank of Scotland. Overall, the weakest results came from countries such as Italy, Ireland, Spain, and Austria.

And in other (depressing and maddening) News:

Europe’s 20 biggest banks are using tax havens on an industrial scale:

By the Way, on another subject (unrelated…or is it?) in 2014, on what ever happened about LuxLeaks (for those in the USA, We have seen nothing on mainstream news).

The USA media now appear to be busy figuring out if the President was installed with Russian Help Hacking,  and if He is possibly a Russian puppet (as He sure acts like it)!!




In the end, however,

Yet, as has happened in just about every Western jurisdiction since the Global Financial Crisis (bar Iceland, of course), no one will be held to account for the myriad “alleged” white-collar crimes, misdeeds and misdemeanors that paved the way to Italy’s unfolding banking crisis. As in Spain, high-profile investigations will be launched and trials will be held, yet they will lead nowhere. And they will take years getting there.


When the first small piece of shit finally sticks.

the 1% against the rest of us: