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The Ireland National Archives now has Wills/Administration SEARCH PAGE live:

The Ireland National Archives also has the 1901/1911 Census SEARCH PAGE live:

In the 1800s and well into the 1900s,  Irish Vital Records for Births, Marriages, and Deaths (BMDs) were originally created and maintained by the Roman Catholic Church where each Parish Priest was responsible for creating and maintaining these “vital records” — our Ancestors would have had to go to them to register their Births, and to perform Marriages. The Parish Priest of the area would also have been notified of a Death (or impending Death) and would have or should have completed admnistrative entries into the “Journals” for each of these events. So, the “Irish Roman Catholic Church Registers” are one of the other “main sources” of records for anyone searching Irish Ancestors. Generally, one Journal was kept for Births, another Journal for Marriages, and the third list or Journal for Deaths – (collectively known to researcher’s as BMDs), but this depend on the area, as a small unpopulated farming community my only have had one Journal divided into three sections:

These Catholic Parish Registers are more granular (detailed as they were and are at the local level) are now online at the National Library Ireland by Dioceses (and has a map to help you find the Diocese or Parish if you do not know the Name, or which one) :

These three (3) above noted Searched sources should be the base of any search for Irish Ancestors. In Ireland, We unfortunately have, due to the Battle of Dublin and the Four Courts Fire during the Irish Civil War, from 28 June to 5 July 1922 that marked the beginning  and on 30 June, 1922, the Four Court burnt with priceless State Records – so the less resources We have today then We would like – but the 1901/1911 Census were elsewhere at the time.  We refer back to these three source records constantly, and over 25+ years of Research – so do not discount their usefulness. Their are older Census – but do not list individuals or surnames, just numbers of communities – the 1901 and 1911 Census are the only remaining full, detailed Census in Ireland UNTIL the 1926 Irish Census is released, and it does not look like it will be so before 2026 (despite being “released for early release)!

If your Ancestors was passed before 1901 Census Date ( 31st March 1901) then try searching for any same Surnames, or Siblings, or Children, or Cousins. Records before “Irish Potato Famine” – 1845-1850, are fewer and farther between, but some do exist. Newspapers also might note relatives. We have searched, tracked down, and found, many in the last two decades, and if you come across some please let us know so We all can benefit.


Land in Ireland – One of the more successful ways to track Ancestors in Ireland is through Land Deeds. We previously contracted the Irish Land Registry in times past, as it is surely one of the alternative ways