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DNA testing is obviously become a large part of Ancestry, and will unquestionably become a larger part of

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DNA testing is an interesting and new way to find relations, and compare trees.


yDNA is Father’s Father’s and so on Paternal lines.

It seems to appear in South NW Ireland..

We are heading up a new yDNA project to trace our Ancestors ROUGHLY located between South Sligo/Mayo ( North of the region worked on by the CTS4466 project, which this is our Southern extreme), all the way to (roughly) Donegal- Ulster our Northern extreme, and gathering as much yDNA data to add to known data pieces and get a better ideas of who our Forebears were and some of their (and probably our) Characteristics, especially for those who can by Traditional Genealogy  trace their Ancestors to roughly North West Irish Coast North of Galway, through Sligo/Mayo/ Donegal to Ulster

, and it’s ancient stone fort where Grianán of Aileach — high above the Inishowen Peninsula with it’s origins dating back to 1700BC (Before Christ) and the Slieve League cliffs, down through Sligo’s Knocknarea and Queen Medb, (Queen of Connacht) and Ailill’s “great bull” in their “net worth dispute” cka the “Cooley Cattle Raid” {Ulster Cycle} where in Maeve went to Ulster to “borrow the Bull” supported (for some reason) by Ailill and a great army invaded Ulster But the Ulstermen drove the invading Connacht Army out – but not before Maeve took the Ulster Bull to Connacht where it fought Ailill’s bull, and killed it and then wandered home unimpeded to Ulster! This made Queen Maeve, and it is now said She is buried, standing upright in the Cairn on the summit of Knocknarea — spear in hand — facing enemies in Ulster ! Wow, We want to find out about NW Ireland’s yDNA starting around Modern Connacht Donegal and Ulster corridor as it was the only way South — so We are starting another yDNA project trying to first identify the yDNA of the Murphy Sept of Sligo — and the Rowe’s (and variants) known from Connacht Donegal, and Ulster….then using yDNA and the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) of FTDNA’s BigY to then try to extrapolate out to shed any light on the area’s Descendants broadly?We also run Sligo’s…–www. kilmacteige.com —– which holds 100s of traditional Genealogy data from about right in the middle of this NW Ireland area ….of course we will hopefully add to the Ireland yDNA project, as We are calling this new prohject: Queen Maeves yDNA (obviously a contradiction)…and this is a perfect place We think to start posting about it? Any other ideas/data/ suggestions appreciated!!