County Sligo Roman Catholic Records

County Sligo Roman Catholic Registers:


Roman Catholic Records in South County Sligo are available here for some of the more obscure ones – the main records, not of any Religion, are the Census, Griffith’s Valuation, and the Tithe Defaults, all available on other pages on this site and the respective Ireland NLI (and others) — the main RELIGIOUS records are the Roman Catholic records of  Baptism, Marriage and Death (BMD), that were kept traditionally by the Church up until (roughly, depends on the area/county) from 1845 in Ireland (as in England it was started before that and took time to be required in Ireland). John Grenham.

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Unfortunately, an internet-pold problem exists that it is impossible, well next ti impossible (but improving) for a computer to ACCURATELY read text from a image (or picture) so these Church Registers have to be done by Humans. In other words you have to browse each page for the Ancestors you want to find – err. We have tried to get these registers transcribed for many years with little success, as most who try, end up doing their Surnames – and leaving everything else alone ! It is an issue We wish We could have solved by now, but, some transcriptions are available if you search them, but none that We know of includes ALL NAMES in the Registers.

Some Surnames were done and indexed (listed in text form) by those who were looking for their Ancestors have been uploaded — realize, however, the ARE NOT COMPLETE AND DO NOT REPRESENT ALL THE RECORDS AVAILABLE AT NLU, but if you happen to be searching for them, do so:

Roots web (which was silly expensive) should be given a new look as it is said they have in Oct. 2016, revamped their prices — We cannot verify or refute this — but OUR statement that ALL records and information provided by OUR ANCESTORS should be free (however We do understand some costs are involved in maintaining, hosting, indexing, and other needed activities, BUT, this is not a way to generate income….which many Governments do -tell them to STOP this and vote OUT Political representatives that are not committed to stopping this)!!