Col. William Gregory Wood-Martin, Sligo Landlord 1880s

Col William Gregory Wood-Martin was a Sligo Landlord and in 1888 surveyed the below monument , which later in the 1940-1950s a  Housing Estate was built surrounding the monument (some of it dated to 6000 years prior) and some Statutes and other things were added that were not originally present – below is a modern picture.   :NWS_20131001_NEW_018_29085389_I1 Col William Gregory Wood-Martin, the local landlord and celebrated Sligo antiquarian, excavated the above Monument in 1888 and drew a plan of it, with the help of William Wakeman, an illustrator and antiquarian who taught at Portora Royal School in Enniskillen, made several Sligo Plates and Drawings of the Monument which are available online. Wood-Martin and Wakemen during the excavation,  found cremated bone and some unburnt bone, including human and animal teeth, some of which belonged to dog or wolf. This was inline with other findings at the Carrowmore, a much larger nearby  possible ancient passage tomb and burial ground — early unrecorded antiquarian digs disturbed the Carrowmore tombs, the sites were initially surveyed and numbered by George Petrie in 1837, while William Gregory Wood-Martin made the first recorded excavations in the 1880s. ___________ The SLIGO PRINTS (1888) As noted above was by Woods-Martin and William Wakeman, together. Wakemen was a noted illustrator in Dublin. He did a series of large drawings of antiquarian remains in County Sligo, done for Colonel Cooper of Markree Castle, some of which are noted (with others) in the Library of Ireland. ————————————- ————————————

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