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Banada Cemetery 1423 A.D.


Banada Cemetery 1423 A.D.

Banada Cemetery Name Plaques


(The Cemetery is in Bad Shape) –

I am unsure of the exact story why the Plaques were created, the reasons could be:

  1.  to prevent further damages (to the existing Graves) as the plaques have the same information as the Gravestones .


The Cemetery is from 1423 when the Banada Priory and Friars of Corpus Christi were present in the area, something no longer the case.

The earliest Grave noted on the Plaques is the  15th Century, then 16th Century, another 15th Century, then 1740, 1785, 1820.


Grave Stones have weathered — and the entire Cemetery should not be even entered because more damage could be done and disturb those interred there. But the Departed’s Surnames, Names,  and Dates, and epitaphs were all put on Stone Plaques (so, no one needs to go into the Cemetery, as any attempt to pull the information off the Gravestones (is  now available at the entrance on the Plaques):




Plaque 1





Plaque 2




















Plaque 3





















Plaque 4





















Plaque 5























Tourlestrane Sign -Tourlestrane is down the “High Road” from Aclare