Castleconner, Mayo 1888

Castleconner, Mayo 1888

The original castle, built by Piers de Bermingham in 1220 when they disposed the O’Dowda’s, the then sitting chieftans. The O’Dowda’s now weakened by the presence of the Normans, aligned themselves with the O’Connor Sligo.

This alignment allowed the O Dowda’s to employ their own Merceneries (Gallowglass) provided they remained loyal to O’Connors. In 1371 O Dowda’s & O’Connors retook Tireagh and Ardnaree. O Dowda’s occupied Ardnaree Castle and O’Connors retained the land for lease known as Castleconnor. Hence the name Castle Connor.

There was no mention of Castle from the date of take over until the 16th Century -as it was left to ruin. The O’Connor Sligo were had a military background (and would have seen the castle to defend any potential enemy invasions.

But, in 1520 Conor O’ Dowda built a new castle on the same site as the original the ruins (seen today is the original Anglo Norman castle). The fact that Conor O Dowda built a castle in more recent times it is believed that this is the origin of Castle Conor. History would show that the name Castleconnor existed for approximately 200 years prior to Conor O’ Dowda’s Castle and was most probably named after theO’Connors of Sligo the overlords of Tireagh.


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