About Kilmacteige.com

 About Kilmacteige.com

Kilmacteige.com is curated site for Irish Ancestry (and History) research, primarily for Irish American Family Researchers who want the depth and breadth available to Professional researchers (often with considerable expenses) on this FREE site. This started like many others with research into Our Own Family Ancestry. It has been many years since but We obtained so many records after records  that it seemed a shame to keep it collecting dust , so We put it all online, free for all non-commercial research!.

Our Ancestors usually provided the information that was used to create the records and that information they provided freely (usually like We do today to sign up for something or to get some government required paper (passort, ship ticket, ect), and if not for them, We would probably not known the information — so, We feel why should Descendant’s be required to pay for thier Ancestors information (data) they freely provided?

So,  this site has no pay wall or other charging mechanism, other than donations (soon)


We have no tax, government,  or any other “funding” (like many other sites) at all. Costs are absorbed, so it is a trade off cost wise -we try to be the best We can be in the Irish-American Spirit, — and we opt to try to keep it freely available on the web.

We will gladly accept donations ! Consider if our work has saved someone costs or  helped anyone in their research. Even small donations are welcome (we soon will have a micro payment or low cost donation button on pages for those who want to donate as even a dollar (or a hundred helps)!

The culmination of years of research into Ancestry, it occurred to Us that the records We had collected, searched, and indexed (at times) over this decades-long period might help other Families who had Ancestors from South Sligo, or Ireland — and now are researching like We did so long ago (and still do)


Most granular information is from Connacht – Co. Sligo and Co. Mayo (which We often drop the “County” or Co. and use the name only).

More specifically between Aclare, Tourlestrane and Tubbercurry in one direction — and in the Opposite Direction,  Aclare-Swinford (Mayo)-and, Kiltimagh (Mayo).

After researching our Ancestors from Kilmacteige Parish We realized leaving the research data and hundreds of records sitting on a Computer was a waste — So we started Building this Website to keep it online so Others with Ancestors from the area can use the same records We did. Unfortunately, much is to be desired with Irish Ancestry records as one can rarely get back in time before the 1800s (unless your Family was good record keepers and passed that down to you).  Given the almost complete lack of organized County Sligo records, those researching Ancestors or People born in Kilmacteige Parish pretty much had the 1901/1911 Census, The rest was hard to find, and harder to search — so We put the remaining Records online and continue to do so uploading them as time permits.

The area is also known for Poet Laureate William Butler (W.B.) Yeats — a descendant of the First Earls’ of Ormond (Butler). W. B. Yeats is buried in Drumcliffe, Co. Sligo, in view of Bulben tabletop Mountain (quite some distance North of Kilmacteige).

South Sligo can be located by the Village of Aclare, which is a main Village in the Parish, generally speaking as the area is mostly a farming area,

Generally the same Surnames seem to repeat over and over for many of the Families in the area (including  O’Donnel, O’Hara, Fleming, and many more). Some have direct Ancestry going back to the 1700s and before. Indexing all Surnames from the Townlands near this Village on the South Side of the Ox Mountains — is in process.

If We come across records, files, data, and/or stories — Anything to Help a researcher We make sure to post it but We have yet to get everything online. We attempt to make sure the work and research is,  as much as possible to “future-proof” the data — We kept these records We accumulated in formats that can easily be modified for the next better programs and We put them online to help others with their research into Family members and/or Ancestors and We hope it helps as many people as possible (and if We can be of any assistance, do not hesitate to contact us).

If your researching  Ancestors from South Sligo, be it in Kilmacteige Parish, Sligo, or in adjoining Townlands in Mayo – or any areas of Ireland –  most records are here, or linked, Ireland wide. All the major online Irish Research sources are here as it is a limited resource.

Other records are uploaded as time permits !

We think here is the place for researching anyone that had Ancestor’s in South Sligo and County Sligo area.

Please also visit the message boards on Ancestry.com under collaberation – titled “Sligo, General” (we think it is better to use this great message board that has been posting messages for more than a decade, than “re-create the wheel” (so to speak) here.

Lastly, if your going to Aclare, DO STAY LOCALLY in a B&B as the People in the area are the Greatest ! Tripadvisor has many places and can recommend several B&Bs (right in Kilmacteige or bordering it), and many are also not advertised and very in-expensive — usually around 20-30 Euro pp, per-night — and staying locally  helps the local economy and those living in the area with currency and they will happily provide local knowledge you cannot get anywhere else (which is often the most needed information – they know who lived there in the past) ! Thanks.



































But, certainly do NOT take our Word for it — GO VISIT now — the area is amazing. Stop at Kennedy’s Store  in Aclare.

Visit the businesses, talk to the People. We have never had a bad interaction within the Kilmactigue area,  after decade of regular visits.

So in this spirit, for our GrandParents, and others in the area, We built this WebSite to Host the records we accumulated to track our Ancestors through Time, often with the Help of those  from this area — and you can find the details and Start or Finish the Family Tree here — as this should be passed on from Father to Son, Mother to Daughter – something We do not do enough in the World.

When Children ask  “…where are We from…” you can show them ! So, if  you had ancestors from Kilmacteige, these records are available for use for personal, non-commercial purposes (please see copyright if you have questions).



Murchada O’Murchue