DNA and AncestryDNA.com – do NOT use them!




DNA and AncestryDNA.com – do NOT use them!

There ARE (in the USA) some laws to protect for some of the most commonly THOUGHT OF discriminatory uses many years ago — but with most new technology the law does not keep up with advances — thus the reason for this warning on the first page of a 1000 page website. It IS important, and not trivial. We suggest some basic  prep for DNA testing. #1 establish a alias email address that you use for your DNA testing email (search email alias in your email program). #2 use a  nom de guerre or a nickname not used before, instead of your real name when signing up for and communicating with others in the “DNA world”. These two things are only the basics. And there is an important reason for them that many simply do not know about –DNA CAN BE USED TO DISCRIMINATE AGAINST YOU. IT IS RARE AS NO ONE WOULD ADMIT TO IT IF THEY DID SO, AND THIS IS THE REASON FOR SEPARATING YOUR COMMON EMAIL FROM THE DNA TESTING EMAIL (AND NOT USING YOUR NAME).

As with anything, you can always give someone your regular email and your name IF YOU WISH, but when you start it is probably pretty smart to do the above two things so someone cannot easy (and that is the key here…ease of linking your DNA test results to your email or your real name).

As far as employment and insurance are concerned, there are some legal protections– and some risks. There is a federal law prohibiting use of genetic information to discriminate in employment or health insurance. Life and long term disability insurance aren’t included. IF YOU ARE YOUNG, THIS IS SOMETHING YOU MIGHT WANT TO THINK ABOUT (and possibly even consult with DNA Attorneys).

ANCESTRY _DNA_WARNING: We suggest you read the terms and conditions of AncestryDNA.com, (not Ancestry.com, see the final three letters). If you do read the terms, you will understand why WE DO NOT USE AncestryDNA nor do We let anyone We know use their DNA testing service. The problem is those terms matter for You and Your Kids (as their Terms and Conditions essentially give them “a forever license” to use of  YOUR DNA forever, without any royalties or limitations, (so even if they make a discovery, that makes THEM a million dollars off it, you or your descendants will get absolutely nothing). No one knows what the future holds, and unraveling DNA is happening at a breakneck pace today ! Now,  all DNA Testing Companies do a variation on this — but NONE have such a brazenly and OUTRAGEOUS terms (as AncestryDNA.com does)! We suggest the first company to use DNA and Genealogy *(and we have zero interests in them, We just know they are the best). As for the “biggest” data — far from it. Wouldn’t you think the first company might have the “biggest”? Even so, that is easily overcome with a site called GEDmatch.com, so read on please.



AncestryDNA issues are simple to avoid — use another company to test and match your DNA. Several exist, including the first company established to test DNA and match it to other closely related people, essentially your Family, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd (or more) Cousins. It is the final frontier as it is the ultimate proof and the key to Human life as DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid is a molecule that carries the genetic instructions used in the growth, development, functioning and reproduction of all known living organisms and many viruses). DNA and RNA are nucleic acids; alongside proteins, lipids and complex carbohydrates (polysaccharides) — they are one of the four major types of macromolecules that are essential for all known forms of life.
Most DNA molecules consist of two biopolymer strands coiled around each other to form a double helix.


So, suffice it to say that DNA has all the Ancestry information We need — and a whole lot more ! When testing your DNA, it is important to test and not give away all your rights as We are just starting to scratch the surface of DNA research (although it, DNA, was discovered quite some time ago, it is complex “keys to life” and We are just now unraveling it’s secrets. So it is important to “test” it and if you want, use your unique DNA to match with Ancestors or their Desendants.
One thing you do not want to do when testing is give away, all your current and future rights to your unique DNA….do you?
So pay someone to test it — not appropriate it away from you, not knowing exactly what your giving away so that some corporation may profit and not share with you. All this and YOUR PAYING TO TEST IT.
And this is the problem with AncestryDNA.com. They have language in their terms and conditions that should not be in any testing contract. When I test something — say my blood tests — I do not agree to give away anything and everything that may be learned, now and in the future — including other Family members who have closely related DNA.
This is what AncestryDNA.com, gets people to agree to when they have them test their DNA !! Amazing.
We URGE YOU TO GO ELSEWHERE as  We have not and will not use this DNA testing company AncestryDNA.com, with these terms and conditions, just to test our DNA.
Many other companies will do DNA testing without such terms. A test is just that — to test and then, if one wishes, to match to other closely related people, ala “Desendants.”
We do not want to give away the farm just to test our DNA !! Avoid them and use another DNA test !!
A. Your giving them something (your DNA) for nothing. In  the real world, would you give someone your most prized information for nothing? Would you give someone USE of your House, forever, for no compensation? NO ! So do not let AncestryDNA “license” your DNA forever.

Explanation — this is IMPORTANT STUFF !

– When you submit your or anyone’s DNA to AncestryDNA, their T&C (READ the Terms and Conditions) grant them to essentially “take over” the DNA you submitted, forever! DO NOT AGREE TO THESE TERMS! Go elsewhere. If you do not believe Us, We suggest you Google a term like “AncestryDNA perpetual, royalty free license” – or see the below Article which lays it out pretty cleanly, and provides the proof their T&C are onerous. These types of terms, if why WE ALL SHOULD BE READING THOSE T&C – as some can grant them extrodinary powers of your DNA – as other DNA testing companies do not have similar T&C it is as simple as using another, more ethical company to test DNA:




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  1. It kind of looks like you are recommending a test other than AncestryDNA, But, I either can’t figure it out, or can’t find it in the post. You reference the first company to do DNA and genealogy, and that they are the best, but which is that?

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