23andMe leads DNA Ancestry analysis – but Ancestry.com is also doing DNA !


The DNA testing company 23andMe.com has offered DNA testing to people for a few years  now. They charge a mere $99.00,  and are on the cutting edge of Ancestry DNA testing, as they (with your permission, which you can opt in or out)  compare your DNA to others (with their permissions, or not) who have DNA testing.

HOWEVER, it has come to light that some serious problems exist in the AncestryDNA.COM, terms and conditions (where they essentially appropriate, without coming out and saying so, the submitter’s DNA and all the advances that might be made with it, without compensation, or even notice) !

ANCESTRYDNA.COM, just takes it by “license” which is a lega method of exerting control.

If you get your blood tested, you do not give the testing lab permission to test it and use it to further their monetary goals by selling it to others — do you? Don’t agree to these Terms and Conditions, just go to another testing company ! Simple.

If they change these Terms we will post a followup.