The Third Earl of Lucan – known as “The Exterminator” during the Irish Potato Famine.

The Third Earl of Lucan, “The Exterminator” of Mayo

George Charles Bingham, Styled the “3rd Earl of Lucan” GCB (16 April 1800 – 10 November 1888) is “The Exterminator” during the Famine in Co. Mayo, Ireland 1845-1850.

In 1847 Aughadrina near Castlebar was one of several townlands cleared by the (Third) Earl of Lucan – who became known as ‘the exterminator’ for his
ruthless policy of eviction. It would form part of a racecourse for the sporting entertainment of the Earl and his fellow gentry.

The Famine in Mayo
1845 – 1850

“Was ever such monstrous cruelty – such gross injustice – known or tolerated in any civilized country? It is painful – it is heart-rending, to witness the shifts of these poor, unfortunate wanderers to provide some temporary resting place -throwing up hurdles against ditches and on the tops of lime kilns in neighboring villages, to make room for themselves and their naked children to stretch their feint, and feeble, and worn frames on their bed of straw or rushes during the night.”
Peter Gerraghty, R.C.C.
Michael Curley, R.C.C.
Castlebar, June 20, 1848



Aghadrinagh                      1841                    1851
Population                           314                         9
Number of Houses            66                         2