Kilmacteige Church Records – Tourlestrane.

Kilmacteige Church Records –

Tourlestrane Church:

St. Attracta’s RC Church is in Tourlestrane.

The Roman Catholic Church in Kilmactigue is Our Lady of the Rosary,,_Kilmactigue,_Aclare,

Records online (limited Surnames):

The Latter Days Saints, or Mormons, do have the records from the area and are searchable (but is not perfect and when last used missed some of the most basic records):


As far as the Microfiche are concerned, (used by many over decades before computers came around) the

a) Numbers 926015 (described as “Transcript of baptisms, 1845-1880; marriages, 1848-1881.”)

b) Number 1279231, Items 7 to 13 inclusive — described as “Transcript of baptisms, 1845-1880, 1864-1910, 1877-1908; marriages, 1848-1908;

c) another filming, 1984. Salt Lake City Utah. This filming is of poor quality; very difficult to read (42X, high reduction) and another is reverse” so that white is black and black is white (obviously someone was having a hard time transcribing and thought this might help – which it does for certain letters and abbreviations)

The Main ones are Items 7, 8, 89, 10, 11, 12, and 13 for Film 926015. All these records are those which we want to transcribe and index so the records back to 1845 are available online and searchable as it represents most births and marriages from the Famine times forward. It is a work in process (something others have tried over the years).