Ireland, County Sligo, Kilmacteige Parish ACLARE


Ireland, County Sligo, Kilmacteige Parish ACLARE


In Northwest of Ireland, there is the County of Sligo, and also Sligo Town. In southern Sligo County is the Parish of Kilmacteige. The closest Village is Aclare and others communities close by in Co. Sligo are Tourlestrane, Banada, Tubbercurry ( Going  towards Mayo is Killaser, Co. Mayo, and Swinford, Co. Mayo.

On the other side of the  Ox Mountains are several Villages and Communities close to the Coast of Ireland such as Easky. See

Several new pages will be coded, such as “About” and “Links” — in the “Links” Pages, We will start collecting (in addition to those We already know) all website links from areas around Kilmacteige, that have records, lore, stories, and other information about the area.

In the “About” pages We plan on providing basic historical information and where the basic research records are that are available online for searching Ancestry about the great population of People from the area, many who made great contributions to their communities and the World in General or simply raised a Family.

If anyone finds, knows of,  or comes across any Web Sites or Pages concerning the area, We have a section to forward said “links” (or web address called URL, such as, as here) to Us so it can be included in this section. If You would kindly forward the links or addresses to Us at:  webmaster at www.kilmacteige dot com — (replace the words with the appropriate web character such as @ for “at” and . for “dot”), We will post them  as soon as possible so they can be included in others searches.

This page was purchased and created as no Web Site existed for Kilmacteige Parish Genealogy records that collected every record available for the area to make researching ancestry easier. We wanted to solve that having collected many records of people, families, land, events, and the like over a decade of research into ancestry in the area. We plan on this being the definitive source for Kilmacteiege area records, information, and research sources about it’s People over the Centuries.

This Web Site will remain up and online for the foreseeable future, and will remain free.

However, if these resources or pages are useful please do not hesitate to let us know. We hope to collect recrds people have collected over the years so others do not have to “reinvent the wheel” repeating the searches others have already completed. In this way We hope to help others and speed the process of having all records for the area’s Population in one place and fully indexed so all one has to do is simply run a search and obtain all the records available for the Kilmacteige area over the Centuries !


Obviously this is a massive undertaking. Some work has already been done done transcribing the Tourlestrane Church Records (but is limited to certain Surnames, such as those below):

We hope to remedy this and have all Surnames transcribed and indexed. This will take some time obviously and it has been ongoing for many years as people combed through the records for their Surname or Ancestors (but no one has produced an index with all Surnames that We know about). So, in the future hopefully this problem will be solved.

Also for the future, if some younger people (from the area, or concerned for the area) would like to administrator the resources, with an eye towards passing it on so it remains online, and updated weekly or monthly, after We are gone, please contact Us in the the same manner as noted above for Links – we hope to code a decicated page for this in the future as this page only went live Oct. 1, 2013).

PLEASE make special note of this pages URL (or Web Address), specifically the last few letters that are:  T E I G E  (as several spellings exist for the area, and Parish and one must be precise with the web address if you want to return at a later date) !