Cunnie records Kilmacteige (Tourlestrane Church Baptisms/Marriages 1845-62)


Baptisms 1845-1862
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Contributed by Edward Loftus  <[email protected]>

DATE            NAME                 PARENTS                                GODPARENTS                                    

1/18/1845       James                Lawrence/Mary Kilmartin                Micl Neville/Mary Mullarkey                    Dinmartin
5/18/1845       Patrick             
 James Lundy/Bridget May                ?                                              Currorglboy
6/14/1845       Tms                    Daniel Cunnie/Brid Roddy               Dominick   & Cath Cunnie                        
6/30/1845       John                 Jn Dempsey/Mary Harvan?                Hugh O¢Hara/Mary Gallagher                     Cloongoonagh
7/28/1845       Thomas               Bryan Slache/Noney Quinn               John & Mary Durcan                             Tobercurry
10/26/1845      Bridget              Patrick Cunnie/Mary Freney             John & Mary Cunnie                             Kilmactiege
11/20/1845      Catherine-great grandmother?  Patrick Cunnie/Mary Kilmartin Austin Conway/Brid Walsh              
         Brane or Carane
12/4/1845       Mary                 Micl Kinnane/Cath May                  ?                                              Cavane
12/28/1845      Mary                
 Patrick Ford/Brid Cobney               Michael McHugh/Brid Cobney                     Mt Taffe

1/18/1846         Margaret             Owen Cunnane/Honoria Feely               John Walsh/Sally Brennen                      
1/23/1846       Mary                 Owen Cunnane/Honoria Feeley            Michael Roddy/Brid Clarke                      Castlerock
3/2/1846        Catherine            John Kilmartin/Atty Commons            Pat Cunnie/Margaret Stenson                    Knockahoney
3/4/1846        Richard              Richard Ruane/Mary McKensie            James Flynne/Mary Wynne                        Mt Taffe
3/15/1846       Patrick              Patrick McNulty/Bridget Goldrick       Patrick & Anne Goldrick                      
3/20/1846       Patrick              Patrick Kildun/Nancy Gallagher         John & Catherine Gallagher                     Kincullen
4/8/1846        Thomas               Thomas
 Cunnie/Mary Kilmartin           Daniel Cunnie/Jane Peyton/Leyton               Oughavale
4/14/1846         Mary                 Anthony & Bridget   Cunnie               Patrick & Ellen Cunnie                        
4/16/1846       Thomas               Patrick Kildun/Mary Ginty/Gentry       Michael Gentry/Bridget Honnby                  Carroreagh
4/23/1846       Michael              Martin Maye/Anne Gallagher             James May/Brid McHugh                          Carane or Barane
5/10/1846       James                Micl McNulty/Margaret Leonard          John McNulty/Atty Leonard                      Claddagh
5/25/1846       Margaret or Mary     Patrick Goldrick/Ann Gallagher         Tms Goldrick/Margaret Gallagher           
6/11/1846       John                 Michael Kildun/Brid Higgins            Pat Goldrick/Catherine McDonaugh               Clooneen
6/27/1846       John                 John & Mary
 Goldrick                   Patrick Leadon/Cath Heneghan*                  Gortesluin
6/27/1846         John                 Andy   Conway/Bridget May                Michael May/Bridget Keane                     
6/29/1846       John                 Patrick Goldrick/Mary Connell          Cormack Connel/Bridget Goldrick                Carroreagh
7/1/1846        Mary                 John Dempsey/Ellen Crane               James Crane/Bridget Dunleary                   Mt Taffe
7/6/1846        John                 Michael Goldrick/Bridget Carney        Anthony & Catherine Goldrick                   Gortelsin
07/17/07        Pat                  Michael Grogan/Mary Law                James Law/Bridget Roddy                       
8/16/1846       James                Patrick O¢Hara/Mary Quinn              Michael O¢Hara/Catherine Quinn                 Arnagh
8/30/1846       John                 Martin Conway/Mary Loftus         
     Michael Conway/Bridget Loftus                  Culdalea or   Culdaly
9/10/1846       Michael                Pat/Peter Goldrick/Ann Connel          Patrick Goldrick/Mary McNulty                 
9/10/1846       John                 Patrick Goldrick/Ann Connel            Patrick Goldrick/Mary McNulty                  Carroreagh
9/20/1846       Michael              Martin Cunnie/Ann Kilmartin            Thomas Hegarty/Mary Cunnie                     Culdalea
9/27/1846       Michael              Thomas Gallagher/Mary Loftus           Rev Tms Judge/Mary Gallagher                   Cloonbarry or Cloongoneen
10/2/1846       John                 Cormak Cunnie/Mary O¢Dowd              Pat & Bridget
 O¢Donald-O'Donla                 Culdalea
10/2/1846       John                 __Cunnie/Mary O¢Donell                 Patrick & Brid O¢Donell                        Culdalea
10/4/1846       Michael              John Goldrick/Catherine
 O¢Bryrne       John Goldrick/Mary Roddy                         Tavnagraffy
10/10/1846        Mary                 James & Bridget Goldrick               Patrick & Ellen Goldrick                   
10/18/1846      Bridget              James Grogan/Ellen McNulty             Pat Hegarty/Catherine Muldaring                Larvane
11/20/1846      Mary                 Patrick Goldrick/Mary Gilvey           Pat Leonard/Bridget Shiel                      Gortelsin
12/11/1846      Bridget              Micl Cavanagh/Margaret Quinn           ?                                              Cloonbarry
12/13/1846      Bridget              Patrick Harte/Bridget Egan             Walter
 & Bridget Rouane                        Letterbrone
12/28/1846      Anne                 Thomas Cunnie/Atty Muldering           Thomas Rochford/Winifred Deay                  Culdalea

2/2/1847        Ellen                Patrick McNulty/Anne Cunnie 
           Michael Cunnie/Mary   McIntyre                     Claddagh
2/15/1847       Michael              Patrick Maye/Ann Gentry                Bryan Maye/Brid Gentry                        
2/17/1847       Martin               Anthony McNulty/Brid Deehan            James & Mary Deehan                            Larvane
4/18/1847       William              Patrick Lynd/Winifred Quinn            Patrick Quinn/Mary Brett                       Cloonbarry-Lavane?
3/2/1847        Atty                 Bryan Cunnane/Catherine Carroll        John Lawrence/Mary Kilmartin                   Rhue
4/2/1847        Mary                 Daniel Cunnie/Bridget Roddy            Tms
 Rochford/Anne Roddy                        Culdalea
4/14/1847       Catherine            Michael Cunnie/Catherine Gallagher     Jn Cunnie/Atty Gaughan/Gaveghan                Culdalea
4/26/1847       Patrick              James & Mary Goldrick                  Pat
 Goldrick/Cath   Byrne/Byonne                   Gortesluin
5/10/1847       Patrick              Patrick Deehan/Brid Battle             James Battle/Mary Deehan                      
5/18/1847       Mary                 Martin & Catherine Maye                Bryan Maye/Mary Cunny                          Tourlestrane
7/1/1847        Mary                 John Quinn/Bridget Cunny               Michael Kennedy/Brid Goldrick                  Cleery
7/1/1847        Mary                 John Quinn/Bridget Lowrey              Michael Kennedy/Brid Eldirct                   Clerry?
7/28/1847       Margaret             John Cunnie/Mary O¢Hara                Mrtn Mary
 Commons/Gormon                       Culdalea
8/11/1847       Brid*Brid&Jas/Twins? Thomas Maye/Mary Loftus                Thomas Stenson/Cath Heneghan                   Banada
8/13/1847       James                Thomas Maye/Mary Loftus                Thomas & Bridget Judge
8/13/1847       James                Thomas Maye/Mary Loftus                Thomas Judge/Bridget Goldrick*                
(*Godparents may have been Thomas & Bridget Judge)
8/13/1847       John                 Anthony Goldrick/Mary Deehan           Thomas Judge/Bridget Goldrick                  Castlerock
8/18/1847       Eileen               Martin Quinn/Mary Walsh                Pete Kennedy/Ellen Gilligan                    Gortesluin
8/20/1847       Austin               Austin Cunnie/Honor Mulligan           Stephen & Bridget Cunnie                       Carane or Barane
 Margaret             John Dempsey/Bridget Mulloy            Patrick Mulloy/Anne Fahey                      Culdalea
9/18/1847       Ellen or Eileen      Mrtn Quinn/Mary Walsh                  Pete Kennedy/Eln Gallagher                     Gortesluin
11/20/1847      Atty                  
 Thomas   Maye/Catherine Walsh            Thomas Brennen/Mary Walsh                      Dawros or Daurris?
11/21/1847      Patrick              Michael Cunnane/Mary Gallagher 
        Patrick & Bridget Cavanaugh?                   Claddagh

2/18/1848       James                Michael Kildun/Ellen O¢Hara            James O¢Hara/Cath Ginty?                       Glenree?
3/6/1848        Mary                 John Cunnie/Attie O¢Hara               James Mary O¢Hara                              Claddagh
3/21/1848       Patrick              Patrick Cunnie/Mary Feeney             John Cunnie/Ellen Gauaghan                    
5/2/1848        Thomas               Daniel Cunnie/Mary Hegarty             Daniel Cunnie/Mary Hegarty                     Oughavale
4/7/1848        Bridget              Patrick O¢Connor/Mary Deehan           Michael Battle/Catherine O¢Connor              Larvane
6/30/1848         Atty                   John
 Goldrick/Brid Hegarty             Pat Roddy/Winifred McDonagh                    Glenavoo
7/2/1848        Patrick              Patrick O¢Hara/Mary Quinn              Mary Quinn/H
 Keanny                            Annagh
7/8/1848        Mary                 Patrick McNulty/Bridget Goldrick       James & Catherine Goldrick                     Castlerock
8/13/1848       Mary                 James Battle/Margaret Roddy            Anthony Battle/Bridget Roddy*                  Glenavoo*
*In 2nd reading godparents listed as John Deighan and Bridget Roddy
8/13/1848       Mary                 John Goldrick/Catherine
 O¢Brien        Anne Goldrick                                  Gortesluin
9/11/1848       Thomas               Peter Goldrick/Brid Kennedy            Thomas & Mary Walsh                            Carrowreagh
9/28/1848       Rose                 Stephen Cunnie/Sarah Niles               Daniel   Cunnie/Mary Niles                      
9/29/1848       Bridget              James Cunny/Cath McDonnell             John & Mary Durcan                             Carins
11/10/1848      Mary                
 Martin Battle/Mary Stenson             Pat Mary McNulty                               Stone Park
11/25/1848      Bridget              Pat Kilmartin/Mary Cahill              John Durcan/Brid Brennen                       Tullinaglug
12/10/1848      Mary                 Martin Battle/Mary Stenson             Pat McNulty                                    Stonepark
12/12/1848      Thomas               Thomas Rochford/Cath Cunnie
            Thomas Battle/Mary McNulty                     Culdalea

1/7/1849        Bridget              Michael Cunnie/Mary O¢Hara             James O¢Hara/Mary Cunnie                       Claddagh
1/9/1849        Mary                 Jas Goldrick/Honor Marren/Ivanna?          Michael Marran/Mary Higgins                    Stone
1/28/1849       Thadeus              Edwrd Mullarkey/Mary Leonard           Daniel Mullarkey/Ellen Leonard                 Castlerock
3/29/1849       Patrick              Michael Quinn/Nellie
 Brennan           Luke Quinn/Betsy Brenan                        Kilmacteige
4/13/1849       Mary                 Pat Goldrick/Margaret McDonaugh        Anthony Hegarty/Anne Roddy                     Tavnagraffy
4/17/1849       Lawrence             Pac Connors/Mary McNulty               Austin Roper/Mary Connors                      Beleclare
5/21/1849       Michael              Richard Ruane/Mary McKensie    
        Thomas Ruane/Bridget Lynch                     Mt Taffe
5/28/1849       Bridget              Martin Cunnie/Anne Kilmartin           Thomas Kilmartin/Mary Loftus                   Culdalea
6/3/1849        James                Cormack Cunnie/Atty Brennen                Patrick& Mary Cunnie                           Culdalea
       James                Patrick Quinn/Anne Dunleary            Dan Duncan/Marg or Mary McIntire
7/19/1849       Martin               Martin Quinn/Mary Walsh                Thomas Higgins/Nan Gallager   
7/20/1849       Martin               Martin Quinn/Mary Walsh                Tms Higgins/Nancy Gallagher                    Gortesluin
9/4/1849        James                Patrick Maye/Nancy Limdy               Patrick McHugh/Atty May*                       Corroughboy
10/4/1849       Michael              Michael Goldrick/Winifred Hegearty     Tony__?/Cath Neary         
10/4/1849       Anne                 Thomas Gallagher/Cath Quinn            John & Mary Quinn                              Aclare
10/20/1849      James                Patrick Kildun/Mary Gentry             James & Mary Leonard                               Carroreagh
10/27/1849      Bridget              Michael
 Quinn/Margaret Roddy           John Sweeney/Anne Stinson?                     Knockahoney
10/28/1849      Honoria              John Quinn/Brid Lowry                  Pat & Mary Quinn                             
10/28/1849      Honoria              John Quinn/Brid Gurry?                 Michael Shiel/Mary Neary                       Clery
11/1/1849       Pat & Anne            Thomas Loftus/Ellen O¢Hara            Pat & Anne or Catherine Durcan?                Aclare
11/11/1849      Mary                 Pat Lynch/Winifred Quinn               Daniel & Brid Meelick or
 Mullarkey             Cloonbarry
11/22/1849      John                 Dennis Murtagh/Mary Cunnie             Patrick & Ellen Quinn                          Lislea
11/26/1849      Martin               John Quinn/Mary O¢Hara                 Patrick   Quinn/Mary   Kildun                      Culdalea
11/26/1849      Martin               John Cunnie/Mary
 O¢Hara                Patrick Cunnie/Mary Kildun                     Culdalea
12/9/1849       John                 James McAlister/Mary Quinn             Michael & Catherine Quinn                     
12/12/1849      Thomas               Thomas Murtagh/Mary Cunnie             Thomas & Bridget Murtagh                       Canaugh or Eanaugh?
12/17/1849      Thomas               Thomas Maye?/Eliza Mullaney            Anthony Hegarthy/Cath Harmon                   Ougbrale

1/31/1850       Bridget              John Cunnie/Mary Clarke                Jas
 Clarke/Eln Quinn                           Claddaugh
2/18/1850       John                 Pat Cunnie/Brid Durcan                 Wlm Durcan/Brid Cunnie                         Carane or Barane
3/5/1850        Bridget              John Goldrick/Cath   O¢Brien               John & Mary Goldrick                           Tavinigraffy
6/26/1850       Anthony              John
 Davett/Mary Battle                Hugh Davett/Mary Devaney                       Mt Taffe
7/5/1850        Austin               Pat Cunnie/Mary Freney/Finney          Jas Moran/Cath Cunnie                       
7/8/1850        Catherine            Pat O¢Connor/Mary Deehan               Pat Deehan/Cath Mullingan                      Larvane
7/15/1850       Michael              Pat McGriff?/Mary Goldrick             Micl Law?                                      Cro-Mass?
9/15/1850       Henry                Michael McDonell/Ellen Higgins         John
 & Ellen Cunnie                            Kilmactiege
9/28/1850       Bridget              John Goldrick/Bridget Hegarty          John & Bridget Goldrick                        Cleery
10/14/1850      Anthony              Pat   McNulty/Bridget Goldrick             Jn Goldrick/Cath MeaghyOr Meeny                Castlerock
10/24/1850      James                Jn Cunnie/Cath
 Gallagher*              Jn Gallagher/Mary Cunnie                       Rhue
10/28/1850      James                *Jn Cunnane/Cath Gallager-same couple? Jn Gallagher/Margaret Cunnane                  Rhue
 Ellen                Michae & Ann Goldrick                  Thomas Goldrick/Catherine O¢Brien              Cleery
12/4/1850       Bridget              Anthony Gallagher/Ann Goldrick         Anthony Catherine Gallagher                    Gortesluin
12/15/1850      Thomas               John Clynisk?/Mary Finan               James
 Finan/Bridget Battle                     Cloonbarry-Cloonbarry is off  the Bal
12/20/1850      Bridget              Larry Smith/Ann Goldrick               Jn Kilmartin/Mary Higgins                      Gortesluin

6-Jan             Patrick              Martin &   Catherine Maye                Pat & Atty Maye                                Corroughboy
17-Feb          Bridget             
 Luke Kilmartin/Cath Maye               Tms Cecelia Maye                               Eskaugh
15-Mar          Owen                 Pat Kilmartin/Margaret Cahill          John Walsh/Atty Kildun                        
4/6/1851        Michael              James Moran/Mary Cunnie                John Cunnie/Ellen Gallagher                    Carrowreagh-correct spelling
4/17/1851       Mary                 Pat Mullen/Mary Dempsey                Owen Muller/Kit O¢Connor                       Kuckmaddigan?
4/26/1851       Patrick      
        Stephen Cunnie/Sarah Niles             Pat Cunnie/Sabina Richford                     Culdalea
4/26/1851       Winifred             Pat Quinn/Nancy Dunleary               Pat & Bridget Quinn                              Annagh
5/13/1851       Mary                   Dan Quinn/Mary McIntire                Micl Durcan/Mary O¢Hara                        Annagh
5/26/1851       James               
 Micl Battle/Nancy McNulty              Thomas & Bridget Murray                        Larvane-pronounced Laura-wan
5/27/1851       Mary                 Tms Carroll/Brid Quinn                 Martin & Winifred Carrol   
Ca.1851         James                Pat Deehan/Brid Battle?                ?                                              Glenavoo?

1/12/1852       Thomas               Pat Walsh/Bridget Kildun               Bartholomew/Atty Kildun                        Tobercurry?
                          John Cunnie/Mary O¢Hara                Pat Dempsey/Sarah O¢Hara                       Culdalea
3/25/1852       James                James Brett/Brid Goldrick              Jn Goldrick/Ann   Brett                            Glenavoo
6/11/1852       John                 Pat Gentry/Mary Quinn                  John & Catherine Quinn                         Kilmacteige
 Margaret             James McAlister/Mary Quinn             Mrtn Cath Quinn                                Carrowreagh
6/22/1852       Thomas               Patrick Cunnie/Mary Freney             Austin Eln Quinn                           
9/28/1852       Michael              Antny Goldrick/Mary Deehan             Mrtn Deehan/Brid Goldrick                      Castlerock
10/3/1852       Michael              Bryan Maye/Nancy O¢Brien or O'Hara     Austin O¢Hara/Atty Maye                       
11/20/1852      Anne                 Jas Goldrick/Mary Conning- Cannig      Micl Stephens/Anne Finlan                      Belclare

1/4/1852        Pat                  Luke Kilmartin/Cath Maye                 John Kilcoyne-or Kilmartin/Attty Walsh           Eskaugh
1/14/1852       John                 Pat O¢Connor/Mary Deehan               *Jn Mary Deehan-changed from James by priest   Lauvane-Or Laurwane
2/5/1852        Pat 
                 Micl Ruane/Cath Cawley                 Tms Ruane/Nancy McDonaugh                      Tavniana
3/27/1852       Edward               Pat Kilmartin/Mary Carroll             Batty?/Brid Walsh                             
4/27/1852       Catherine            Wlm Golden/Brid Quinn                  Richard Golden/Nelly Quinn                     Drimina
6/5/1852        Margaret             Jn Deehan/Mary Grogan                  Pat Margaret-Mary* Deehan                     

6/6/1853        Michael              Pat Gentry/Mary Quinn                  Luke Quinn/Brid Maye                           Kilmacteige
6/11/1853       Michael              Antny O¢Donnel/Mary Goldrick             Tms Carr/Cath Quinn                              Mt Taffe
6/11/1853       James                Pat Mullen/Mary Dempsey                John & Mary Ruane                              Mt Taffe
6/12/1853       John                
 Jas Leonard/Brid Quinn                 Andrew Leonard/M Seery                         Drimina
6/25/1853       James                Mrtn Quinn/Mary Walsh                  Antny Ruddy/Brid Hurst-Hunt                    Gorterslien
      Michael              Peter Mulloy/Eln Kilmartin             Pat Walsh/Mary Mulloy                          Culdalea
7/9/1853        James                Dudley?/Elizabeth O¢Connor             Cath MacManus                                 
7/16/1853       Michael              Micl Kirvane-Cunnane/Honor Gilvey      Bryan Catheine Gilvey                          Annagh
7/30/1853       Anne                 Jn Goldrick/Cath O¢Brien                 Peter Mary Goldrick                              Taunigraphy
8/1/1853        John                 Micl Cunnie/Brid Walsh                 Pat Walsh/Bridge Reid?                         Knockahoney
8/1/1853        Mary                 Jas Kilmartin/Atty
 Cawley              John Cawley/Bridget Walsh                      Knockahoney
8/1/1853        Mary                 Michael Battle/Anne McNulty            Jn & Mary Goldrick(Nee Battle?)                Larawane- Laura-wan
8/1/1853        Honor    
            John Goldrick/Bridget Hegarty          Mathw McDonagh/Brid Goldrick                   Glenavoo
8/12/1853       Atty                 Jn Quinn/Brid Gurvy/Garvey/Gentry      John & Atty Quinn                        
8/12/1853       Atty                 John Quinn/Bridget Garvey              John & Atty Quinn                              Clurhy
8/13/1853       Mary                 Tony Hegarty?/Nancy   Cawly              James & Bridget Goldrick                         Tavnagraffy
8/29/1853       Bridget              Anthony & Bridget Cunnie               Jn Goldrick/Nelly Cunnie                       Glenavoo
9/10/1853       Anne                 Tms
 Ronghneen?/Cath Cunnie             John Battle/Sabina Roghneen                    Culdalea
9/16/1853       Mary                 Jn Flynn/Brid Loftus                   Pat & Mary Flynn                               Cloonbarry
10/9/1853       Mary                 Micl
 Kildun/Brid Higgins               Pat Kennedy/Brid Golden                        Clooneen
10/9/1853       Margaret             Pat Walsh/Brid Kildun                  Jas Goldrick/Mary Kildun                      
10/9/1853       Patrick              Jas Cunnane/Betty Brennen              Ned Mary Morahan/Inishow?*                     Banada
10/15/1853      Patrick              Tms   Kilmartin/Mary Brett               Jas Gallagher/Nellie Neary                       Eskeagh
10/12/1853      Daniel               Stephen Cunnie/Sarah Neils             Pat Cunnie/Cath Neils                          Culdulea
10/27/1853      Mary                 Micl Cunnane/Mary O¢Hara     
          Michael  & Ellen Cunnie                        Claddagh
12/4/1853       Anthony              Jas Goldrick/Mary Narey                Mrtn Narie/Ellie McNulty                       Gortesluin
12/10/1853      Mary                 Tms Ruane/Ann McDonagh              
   Richard-Robert & Brid Ruane                    Glenavoo
12/26/1853      James                Michael & Anne Goldrick                James & Mary Goldrick                         

1/8/1854        Bridget              Thomas Gavelll/Bridget Quinn           Pat & Honoria Quinn                            Letterbrone-or Carroll
1/20/1854         James                Michael Griffin/Bridget Goldrick       Michael &   Mary Morgan                          Clurhy
1/22/1854       Patrick              Jn Higgins/Brid Kinnane-Cunnane        Michael Walsh/Mary Quinn                       Gortermone
1/23/1854       Michael              Ptr O¢Hara/Honor
 Moralon(Moran?)       Micl Honor Maye                                Banada
1/23/1854       Bridget              Pat Cunnie/Brid Durcan                 Pat & Anne Durcan                              Carane
2/16/1854       Mary                 Pat Kildun/Mary Gentry             
    Micl Gentry/Mary Kildun                        Carrowreagh
2/21/1854       Catherine            Dennis Murtagh/Mary Cunnie             Micl Conway/Brid Cunnie               
3/1/1854        Mary                 Pat Roddy/Mary Quinn                   Pat Roddy/Mary Walsh                           Clurhy
3/4/1854        Mary                   Pat Kerrane/Cath Quinn                 Pat Kerrane/Margaret Quinn                       Gortermone
3/11/1854       Patrick              James Brett/Brid Goldrick              Tms Murray/Kitty Goldrick                      Clurhy
3/29/1854       Mary                 Pat Kirrane/Cath Quinn                 Pat
 Kirrane/Margaret Quinn                     Gortermone
4/22/1854       John                 James Goldrick/Brid Walsh              Micl Walsh/Mary Klimor-Kilvane                 Clurhy
6/4/1854        Thady                Thady Moran/Atty Kilmartin             Pat Brennen/Brid Gallagher       
              Mt Taffe
6/12/1854       James                Mrtn Quinn/Brid Kennedy                Pat & Anne Kennedy                            
6/12/1854       James                Mrtn Quinn/Brid Kennedy                William & Mary Durcan                          Dauuvris-clear spelling
6/12/1854         Winifred             Antny McNulty/Brid Deehan              Pat McNulty/Mary   Deehan/Quinn                  Larvane
7/18/1854       Maritn               Pat Cunnie/Mary Lyene/Freyne           Micl Cunnie/Mary Clarke                        Kilmactiege
7/18/1854       Mary                 Pat Rochford/Brid Cunnie               Pat
 Cunnie/Mary Dearcy                         Culdalea
7/18/1854       Michael              Jn Cunnie/Mary O¢Hara                  Pat & Mary Cunnie                              Culdalea
7/28/1854       Ellen                Peter Goldrick/Brid Kennedy            Tms Kennedy/Brid Walsh                    
7/28/1854       Margaret             Tms Gallagher/Cath Quinn               Luke Quinn/Nancy Morgan                  
7/28/1854       Mary                 Luke Kilmartin/Cath Maye               Jn Stenson/Cath Foley                          Eskaugh
8/2/1854          John                 Jas Moran/Mary Cunnie                  John & Mary Cunnie                               Claddagh
8/5/1854        Atty                 Antny/Nancy Goldrick                   John & Bridget Goldrick                        Mt Taffe
9/11/1854       James                Micl Goldrick/Winifred Hegarty         Jn Reiley/Mary Stevens 
9/13/1854       Annie &Atty          Pat Maye/Kitty Fleming                 Lawrence Kitty Maye                            Corroughboy
9/30/1854       Michael              Micl Walsh/Mary Maye                   Pat Maye/Cath Brett                           
10/20/1854      Winifred             Pat Gentry/Mary Quinn                  Micl Toher or Tower/Brid Gentry               
10/26/1854      Pat                  Jas Walsh/Nancy Battle                 Micl Walsh/Cath Battle                           Kilmactiege
11/1/1854       Mary                 Jn Deehan/Mary Grogan                  Mrtn or Mry   Grogan/Biddy Deehan                Glenavoo
11/11/1854      Edward               Andrew McCoy/Brid Quinn                Ned & Bridget McCoy                            Dauvris
11/18/1854      Patrick              Micl O'Dowel/Cath Quinn                Dennis & Bridget O'Dowel      
                 Mt Taffe
11/18/1854      Patrick              Micl Dowd/Cath Quinn                   Dennis Brid Dowd                               Mt Taffe
11/20/1854      James                Pat McNiff/?Eln Goldrick               Antny Goldrick/Winifred McNiff                
11/25/1854      John                 Jn Cunnane/Mary Garvey                 Pat Cunnane/Mary Durcan-Duncan                
12/2/1854       Annie                Mrtn Cunnie/Mary Gallagher             Brid Commins-Commons                             Swineford
12/16/1854      Winifred             Jn Quinn/Brid Gorry*                   Bridget Griffin                                  Clurhy
12/16/1854      Winifred             Jn Quinn/Brid Gorry*                   Michael & Bridget Griffin-Quinn?               Clurhy
12/27/1854      Catherine            Micl Battle/Nancy McNulty              Micl Goldrick/Margaret McNulty                
12/28/1854      Patrick              Jas O¢Donnel/Ann Cunnie                Mark Cunnie/Brid O¢Donnel                      Culdalea
12/30/1854      Mary                 Jn Connel/Alice Goldrick               Anthony Connel/Eln?                            Gortesluin

   Bridget              Micl Kinnane/Mary Quinn                Jas Kinnane/Margaret Quinn                    
1/20/1855       Anne                 Jas Christy/Catheine Quinn             Martin & Margaret Quinn                          Culleens
1/22/1855       Catherine            Larry McIntire/Mary Goldrick           Pat McIntire/Brid   Stevens                      Aclare
1/26/1855       Austin               Austin Cunnie/Mary Fleming             Pat Fleming/Margaretaget Lundy                 Kincullew
1/27/1855       Patrick              Tms Goldrick/Mary Deehan               Mrtn & Mary Deehan                             Lauravane or
1/27/1855       Patrick              Anthony Goldrick/Mry Deehan            Mrtn & Mary Deehan                             Castlerock
1/30/1855       Patrick              Jas McAlister/Mary Quinn               Pat  & Bridget Moran                           Carrowreagh
   John                 Pat Brennen/Brid Maye                  Jas Sweeney/Atty Foley          
2/10/1855       Mary                 Austin Rope/Brid Battle                John & Bridget Battle                            Oughavale
2/11/1855       John                 Jas Goldrick/Mary Cunny                  Thomas Godrick/Brid Cunny                      Belclare
2/20/1855       John*                Anthony Goldrick/Mary Deehan           Martin & Mary Deehan                           Castlerock
2/26/1855       Patrick*Twins?       Anthony Goldrick/Mary Deehan           Tms Carr/Margaret/Mary Deehan                 
3/3/1855        Patrick              Jn Cunnane/Cath Gallagher              Edwrd Cunnane/Eln Gallagher                    Rhue
3/6/1855        Patrick              Mrtn Maye/Brid Cunnane                 Thomas & Atty Stenson                          Tullinaglug-may be Tullymoy
 Catherine            Tms Carr/Brid Goldrick                 Tms Moran/Brid Goldrick 
3/22/1855       Patrick              Pat McNulty/Brid Goldrick              Owen   Mary-Margaret Goldrick                    Castlerock
3/24/1855       Mary                 Jn Flynn/Brid Loftus                     Micl Loftus/Cath Neary                         Cloonbarry
4/4/1855        Patrick              Pat Kivanne/Cath Quinn                 Micl Quinn/Cath Nolan                          Gort-Galway
4/24/1855       John                 Wlm Golden/Brid Quinn                  Pat Quinn/Brid Walsh                          
5/19/1855       James                Jas Leonard/Brid Quinn                 Tms Brennan/M Leonard                          Drimina
6/17/1855       Anne                 Jn Cunnie/Mary Clarke                  Jn Cunnine/Mary Freeny                         Claddagh
7/17/1855       Patrick              Pat
 Mullen/Mary Dempsey                Anthony & Bridget Cobry             
7/26/1855       John                 Tms Loftus/Eln O'Hara                  Tms   Loftus/Brid Judge                          Aclare
7/27/1855       John                 Micl Griffin/Brid Goldrick               James & Mary Griffin                           Clurhy
8/6/1855        James                Micl Ruane/Cath Cawley                 Phil Cauley/Winifred Scanlin?                  Tavniana
8/6/1855        Patrick              Pat & Bridget Kildun                   Jn Rose Kildun                                 Tubberoddy
      Bridget              Bryan Maye/Nancy O¢Hara                Micl Margaret-Mary O¢Hara                      Corroughboy
8/30/1855       Patrick              __Quinn/Judith Mullaney                ?                                              Annagh
9/28/1855       Michael              Antny Goldrick/Mary Deehan   
          Mrtn Deehan/Brid Goldrick                     
 Castleivor-or Castlerock?
9/29/1855       Bridget              Jas Goldrick/Brid Walsh                  John Goldrick/Mary Walsh                       Clurhy
10/6/1855       James                Jas Gallagher/Cath Ruane                 James & Bridget Brennen                        Drimina
10/27/1855      John                 Micl Maye/Honor Waters                 Pat & Bridget Stevenson                        Banada
11/1/1855       Martin               Tms Ruane/Anne McDonaugh               Owen Ruane/Winifred McDonaugh                  Clurhy-clear
 Martin***            Pat Lynch/Winifred Quinn               Michael & Mary Quinn                           Cloonbarry
11/3/1855       Thomas***            Pat Lynch/Winifred Quinn               Michael & Mary Quinn                           Cloonbarry
11/4/1855       Martin               Jas Grogan/Eln McNulty        
         Mrtn Grogan/Mary McNulty         
11/10/1855      Catherine            Tms Rochford/Catty   Cunny               Domonick & Mary Rochford                       Culddalea
11/14/1855      Thomas               Micl Walsh/Mary Maye                     Tms Mary Maye                                  Corroughboy
11/26/1855      Patrick              Pat O'Connor/Mary Deehan               Jas Brid Deehan                                Laurwane
12/2/1855       Thomas               Thady Howley/Brid Kildun               Tms Mary Kildun                                Carrowreagh
12/8/1855       Thomas 
              Jn Cunnie/Honor Gilvey                 Jn Cath McVey                                  Drimina
Father of ***Martin and ***Thomas may have been Jn Cunnane
12/9/1855       Thomas               John Goldrick/Bridget Hegarty          Pat Hegarty/Mary Roddy                         Clurhy
12/16/1855      Mary              
   Michael Maye/Cath Higgins
              Wlm Gorry/Mary Maye                              Corroughboy

1/1/1856        Anne                 Thomas Carroll/Bridget Quinn           Mark &  Bridget Carroll                          Letterbrone
1/5/1856        John                 Pat Flynn/Mary Quinn                   Jn Quinn/Mary Flynn                            Tullnaglug
1/11/1856       James                Bryan Maye/Brid Gentry                 Micl Slake-or Pat Maye?/Cath Leonard           Banada
1/18/1856       Anthony              Pat Ruddy/Margaret Quinn               Antny Ruddy/Mary Quinn                  
1/20/1856       James                Michael Cunnie/Mary O¢Hara             John/Catherine Cunnie                          Claddagh
1/26/1856       Patrick              Thomas Cunnie/Mary O¢Hara              John & Mary Quinn-Cunnie                       Culdalea
1/30/1856       Patrick              James
 McAlister/Mary Quinn  
           Pat Brid Moran                                   Carrowreagh or Carrowleagh
2/1/1856        Catherine            Anthony & Bridget Cunnie               Jn Horan/Brid McIntyre                           Clurhy
2/3/1856        James                John Goldrick/Atty McDermot            Tms Goldrick/Brid McDermot                     Beleclare
2/9/1856        Michael              Michael Cunnie/Brid Walsh              John Walsh/Catherine Reid                      Carane
2/10/1856       Bridget              Thomas Gallagher/Cath Quinn            ?                                             
2/10/1856       Bridget              Michael Kilroy/Honor Quinn             Pat Kilroy/Mary Gentry                         Carrowreagh
2/16/1856       Bridget              James Kildun/Brid Kennedy              Tms Durcan/Margaret Heneglen                   Tullymoy
2/28/1856       Atty                 John Quinn/Brid
           Pat & Atty Flynn                                 Clurhy
3/1/1856        ?                    Dennis Murtagh/Mary Cunnie             Michael & Mary Murtagh                           Tubberroddy
3/8/1856        Patrick              Mrtn Quinn/Winifred Brennen            John & Mary Lundy                              Coolrecull
3/11/1856       Michael              Jn Maye/Brid Moran/Marren              Pat Maye/Cath Moran/Marren                     Tullinaglug
3/14/1856       Patrick              Andy McLeary/Brid Quinn                Dennis Margaret McGory                         Dauvrin
 or Daurvis
3/17/1856       James                Jas Cunnane/Elizabeth Brennen          Peter Leydon/Atty Brennen                      Banada
3/28/1856       Anne                 Pat Brennen/Brid Maye                  Dom Brennen/Eln Maye                           Easkaugh
4/5/1856        Patrick              Pat Kirrane or
   Kivanne/Cath Quinn      Micl Quinn/Cath Nilan-Nolan                    Gortermone-or Gort--Galway)
4/12/1856       John                 Tms Goldrick/Mary Deehan               Pat Deehan/Brid Battle                           Larvane
4/19/1856       Bridget              Micl O¢Dowd/O¢Dowell/Cath Quinn        Pat Mary Quinn                                 Mt Taffe
5/8/1856        Michael              Martin & Katty Maye                    Micl Walsh/Nancy O¢Hara                        Corroughboy
5/10/1856       Anne                 Jas Gallagher/Margaret Quinn           Tms Lundy/Mary Harmon                         
5/10/1856       Mary                 Pat Cunnie/Brid Durcan/Duncan          Jn Magaret Walsh                               Carane
5/16/1856       Margaret             Micl Kirrane/Cath May                  Pat Brid May                                   Annagh
5/17/1856       Dennis               Pat
   Gentry/Mary Quinn      
            Thaddeus Atty Quinn                            Kilmacteige
5/17/1856       Owen                 John Deehan/Mary Grogan                Owen Nancy Goldrick                              Glenavoo
5/17/1856       Anne                 Michael & Anne Goldrick                Eln Goldrick                                   Clurhy
5/28/1856       Catherine            Stephen Cunnie/Sarah Nelis             Cornac Cunnie/Cath Niles                       Culdalea
6/2/1856        Patrick              Jas Christy/Cath Quinn                 Michael & Catherine Quinn                      Culleens
      Catherine            Jas Leonard/Brid Quinn                 Michael Quinn/Atty Brennan                     Drimina
7/5/1856        Bridget              Henry Mullaney/Anne Kilmartin          Pat Mullaney/Mary Kilmartin                    Curroy
7/17/1856       Bridget              Peter   Goldrick/Brid
 Kennedy            Pat Mary Kennedy   
7/18/1856       Bridget              John Flynn/Bridget Loftus              Jn Seevy/Mary Foley                              Cloonbarry
7/19/1856       John                 Jn McHugh/Mary Maye                    Lawrence Eln McHugh                            Corroughboy
7/28/1856       James                Wlm Golden/Brid Quinn                  ?                                              Drimina
8/2/1856        Margaret             Micl Roddy/Mary Maye                   Jas Roddy/Cath Maye                            Corroughboy
8/2/1856        Winifred          
   Antny Goldrick/Brid McVeagh            Antny Goldrick/Cath McVeagh                    Elnagua?
8/9/1856        Margaret             Antny Goldrick/Mary Deehan             Pat & Margaret Deehan                          Glenavoo or Castlerock?
8/16/1856       Thomas                 Pat
 Goldrick/Mary MacDonaugh           Jas MacDonaugh/Mary
 Goldrick                   Gortesluin
8/27/1856       Michael              Jas Goldrick/Mary Convey/Conley        Mrtn Margaret Convey/Conley                      Belclare
8/28/1856       Bernard              Tms Loftus/Eln O'Hara                  Jas Devine/Eln Durcan                          Aclare
8/30/1856       Mary                 Jn Dyer/Brid Kilmartin                 Jn Kilmartin/Brid Dyer                         Carane
8/30/1856       Patrick              Micl Quinn/Judy Mullarkey              Pat Mullarkey/Brid Gallagher                   Annugh
9/3/1856        Mary                 Jn
 Cunnane/Mary Garvey/Clarvey         Micl Kildun/Anne Battle?                       Tullinaglug
9/5/1856        Michael              Jas Wynne/Brid Cunnie                  Pat & Catherine Wynne                          Kilmactiege
9/16/1856       Ellen                  Pat Cunnie/Mary
 Finney                 Wlm Brett/Brid Howley                         
9/28/1856       Catherine            Pat Kilmartin/Margaret Cahill          Austin Walsh/Atty Gawley                         Tullnaploy
10/5/1856       James                Tms Kilmartin/Mary Brett               Jn Kilmartin/Winifred Brett                    Easkeagh
10/6/1856       Michael              Jas O'Connor/Brid Quinn                John & Anne Quinn                              Glenavoo
10/11/1856      Bridget              Jn Cunnane/Anne-Brid Kennedy*          Mark Margaret Kennedy                          Carnappal-Cavnapapal?
10/11/1856      Anne                
 Luke Kilmartin/Cath Maye               Jas Brennen?Mary Walsh                         Eskaugh
10/18/1856      Margaret             Antny McNulty/Brid Quinn               Martin & Catherine Quinn                       Glenavoo
10/18/1856        Margaret             Antny
 McNulty/Brid Deehan              Martin & Catherine Deehan                     
10/19/1856      Peter                Micl Goldrick/Winifred Hegarty or Tms &Pat Lundy Winifred Henry                         Beleclare
10/24/1856      Bridget              Pat Flynn/Mary Quinn                   Michael & Catherine Quinn                      Tullnaglag
11/8/1856       Honoria              Pat Higgins/Anne Goldrick              Tms Gallagher/Mary Keaarany                    Gortesluin
11/15/1856      Thomas               Thomas Duncan/Honoria Maye             ?                                              Teeymoy
12/13/1856      Honoria              Pat
 Maye/Mary Gorry                    James Leary/Brid Hurst                         Corroughboy
12/20/1856      Anthony              John Connell/Ellen Goldrick            James Keel/Anne Goldrick                         Gortesluin
12/28/1856      Thomas               John
 & Mary Goldrick                   Pat & Mary Goldrick                           

1/10/1857       Margaret             James O¢Hara                           John & Mary Maye                                 Gortermone
1/13/1857       John                 Mrtn Maye/Brid Cunnane                 Pat Kennedy/Mary Flynn                         Tullymoy
1/26/1857       Patrick              Tms Carroll/Brid Quinn                 Micl Brennen/Anne Lavall                       Letterbrone
2/10/1857       Bridget              Micl Kilroy/Honor Quinn                Pat Kilroy/Mary Gentry                         Carrowreagh
2/13/1857       Mary                 Micl
 O'Dowell/Cath Quinn               John Quinn/Mary O'Dowell                       Mt Taffee
2/20/1857       Patrick              Mrtn Deehan/Brid Goldrick              Mic & Cath Goldrick(nee   Deehan)                Glenaagua-probably Glenavoo
 Mary                 Pat Walsh/Margaret Cunnie              Jn Walsh/Anne Cunnane                        
2/28/1857       Atty                 John Quinn/Bridget Gurry               Pat Flyn/Atty   Quinn                            Clurhy
2/28/1857       Patrick              James Feely/Brid Cunnane               Edward Cunnane/Mary Feely                      Rhue
2/28/1857       Anne                 James Moran/Mary Cunny                 Pat Anne Gevahan-Moran?                        Claddagh
3/4/1857        Dillian              James Brett/Brid Goldrick              John & Mary Brett                              Cloonbarry
3/7/1857        Patrick              Pat
 Roddy/Margaret Quinn               Mrtn Quinn/Baby Loftus                         Glenavoo
3/13/1857       Patrick              John Cunny/Mary O¢Hara                 Wlm Duffy/Anne   Kilmartin                       Culdalea
3/14/1857       John                
 John Cunny/Mary Clark                  Michae &l Mary Cunny                           Claddagh
3/14/1857       Patrick
              Andrew McCory-McLeary/Brid Quinn       Dennis Margaret McGory                           Daurvis or Dauvrin
3/19/1857       Patrick              James O'Connor/Brid Quinn              Pat Quinn/Mary Hegeary                         Glenavoo
3/21/1857       Patrick              Anthony & Anne Goldrick                Pat Goldrick/Cath Neville                      Mt Taffe
4/12/1857       John                 Anthony/Bridget Cunny                  John & Kate Cunny                              Clurhy
4/16/1857       John                 Pat
 Cunniffe/Eln Goldrick              Charles Goldrick/Katy McIntire                 Clurhy
4/16/1857       Mary                 John Deehan/Mary Grogan                James   Deehan/Mary McNulty                      Glenavoo
4/19/1857       Luke                 Pat
 Cunnane/Honor Brett                Wlm Brett/Mary Henry                           Tullymoy
4/24/1857       Mary                 John
 Leonard/Atty Quinn                Jas Leonard/Honoria Quinn                        Castlerock
5/2/1857        John                 Micl Kirvane/Mary Quinn                Pat Mary-Marg Quinn                            Gortermone
5/9/1857        Margaret or Mary     James Goldrick/Mary Neary              Pat Higgins/Brid Goldrick                      Gortesluin
5/16/1857       Margaret             Micl Kinnane-Kirrane/Cath Maye         Pat & Bridget Maye                             Annagh
6/6/1857        John                 Michael Walsh/Mary Kildun   
           Bartley Winifred Kildun                        Tubberoddy
6/11/1857       Mary                 Thomas Cunnie/Mary O¢Hara              James   O¢Hara/Mary Kelly                        Culdalea
6/18/1857       Atty                 Austin
 Roper/Brid Battle               John Brennen/Mary Roper                        Aughavale
6/20/1857       John                 Pat McNulty/Brid Goldrick     
         John O¢Boyne/Mary Goldrick                       Casttlerock
6/22/1857       Patrick              James Christy/Cath Quinn               Michael & Catherine Quinn                      Culleens
6/27/1857       Patrick              Pat Kildrun/Mary Henry                 Tms Mary Durcan                                Rhue
6/27/1857       Catherine            James Leonard/Brid Quinn               Micl Quinn/Atty Brennen                        Drimina
7/5/1857        Sarah                Martin Battle/Brid Mullarkey           Jas
 Mullarkey/Honor Battle                     Aclare
7/6/1857        Katy                 James Gallagher/Peggy Quinn            Pat   Gallagher/Atty Quinn                       Cloongoon
7/8/1857        Bridget              Andrew Gallagher/Nancy
 Cunnie          Andrew Neary/Mary Gallagher                    Clurhy
7/18/1857       Bridget              John Flynn/Bridget Loftus              Jn Seevy/Mary Foley          
7/19/1857       Honoria              Pat Walsh/Mary Maye                    Luke Kilmartin/Cath Maye                       Rhue
7/28/1857       Michael              Michael Griffin/Brid Goldrick          Jn Quinn/Honor Loftus                          Clurhy
8/15/1857       Mary                 Michael Quinn/Julia Mullanhey          Pat Quinn/Brid Mullhaney                       Gortermone
8/16/1857       Mary                 Cormac Cunnie/Atty Brennen             Tms Gauahan/Brid Brennen               
8/28/1857       Bernard              Thomas Loftus/Ellen O¢Hara             Jas Devine/Eln   Durcan                          Aclare
8/28/1857       Mary                 John Goldrick/Brid Murray              Jn
 Murray/Cath Goldrick                        Glenavoo
9/24/1857       Thomas               Pat Connor/Mary Deehan                 Frank Mulligan/Peggy McNulty                    
10/16/1857      Bernard              Jas Gallagher/Cath Ruane               Jn Flynn/Anne Ruane                            Drimina
10/16/1857      James                Bryan Maye/Anne O¢Hara                 Luke & Bridget Mary                            Corroughboy
10/24/1857      Bridget              Pat Flynn/Mary Quinn                   Micl/Cath Quinn                                Tullanaglug
11/10/1857      John                 Bryan Maye/Brid Ginty/Gentry           Micl McHugh/Eln Ginty/Gentry                  
11/16/1857      Bridget              Pat Murtagh/Anne Maye                  Micl Golby/Atty   O¢Hara                         Eskaugh
11/17/1857      Martin               John Horan/Anne Cunnie                 Jn Eln Cunnie  
11/21/1857      Thomas               Anthony Murray/Brid Goldrick           James & Anne Goldrick                            Gortesluin
    Richard              Michael Ruane/Cath Cawley              John & Honoria Heneghan                        Tavniana
12/6/1857       Bridget              Michael Goldrick/Anne McIntyre         Pat & Kitty Goldrick                           Claddagh
12/9/1857       Thomas               Thomas Goldrick/Mary Deehan            Jn-Jas Sweeney/Mary Deehan                     Laurvane
12/12/1857      Thomas               Michael Kilroy/Honor Quinn             Pat & Bridget Quinn                           

1/6/1858        Mary                 Michael Walsh/Atty May                   Thomas & Bridget Walsh                         Coolrerecuil
1/6/1858        Bridget              Thomas Carr/Bridget Goldrick          
 Thomas & Atty Goldrcik                         Castlerock
1/16/1858       Thomas               John Kilmartin/Mary Harrington         Tms Mary Kilmartin                               Eskaugh
 Patrick              Thomas Carroll/Bridget Quinn           Micl Brennen/Anne Lavall                       Letterbrone
1/27/1858       Patrick              Tms Ruane/Anne McDonaugh-McDonagel     James & Bridget Goldrick                       Glenavoo
1/27/1858       Luke                 John Dyer/Bridget Kilmartin            ?                                              Carane
1/30/1858       Bridget              John Cunnane/Catherine Gallagher       Pat Garvey/Brid Gallagher                     
2/13/1858       Mary                 Micl O¢Dowd/Cath Quinn                   Jn Quinn/Mary O¢Donnel-O¢Dowell                Mt Taffe
2/13/1858       Micl                 James Harte/Atty Maye                  Pat
 Maye/Margaret Harte                        Gortermone
2/18/1858       Mary                 John Cunnane/Anne Kennedy              Pat Kennedy/Anne Henegan                         Carnapapal?
3/6/1858        Mary                 Pat
 Mullen/Mary Ruane                  Anthony & Anne Ruane                           Mt Taffe
3/6/1858        Patrick              Pat Roddy/Margaret Quinn               Mrtn Quinn(or Loftus) & Baby Loftus            Glenavoo
3/19/1858       Patrick              James O¢Connor/Brid Quinn              Pat Quinn/Mary Hegerty/Hegeary                 Glenavoo
3/27/1858       Mary                 John Maye/Brid Marren or Moran         Micl Marren/Mary Maye                         
3/30/1858       Patrick              Micl Cunnie/Brid Walsh                   Jn Nealin/Mary Murtagh or Micl Walsh & Brid CunCarane
4/9/1858        Atty                 Pat Farwell/Brid Dempsey               Pat
 Atty Reid                                  Cloonca
4/10/1858       Mary                 John Deehan/Mary Grogan                Jas Deehan/Mary McNulty                          Glenavoo
4/14/1858       Mary                 Pat Cunnane/Margaret Doyle  
           Mrtn Doyle/Cath Mullarkey                      Gortermone
4/17/1858       Mary                 Dennis Murtagh/Mary Cunnie             Austin Mary Cunnie                             Tubberoddy
4/24/1858       Mary                 John Leonard/Atty Quinn                Jas Leonard/Honoria Quinn                      Castlerock
5/2/1858        John                 Michael Kirvane/Mary Quinn             Pat Margaret-Mary Quinn                       
5/7/1858        Michael              Michael Cunny/Mary Walsh                 Tom & Kitty Fahy                               ?
5/23/1858       Kitty                John Goldrick/Brid Hegarty             Michael & Mary
 Goldrick                        Glenavoo
Jun/1858        Mary                 James Goldrick/Brid Walsh              Pat Margaret Devine                              Clurhy
6/15/1858       Mary                 Martin Deehan/Bridget Goldrick         Antny
 Goldrick/Margaret-Mary Deehan**          Larvane
6/18/1858       James                Martin Quinn/Brid Kennedy              Tms Kennedy-or Pat McArole/Cath Neary?)        Arnaugh
7/3/1858        Catherine            Michael Maye/Cath Higgins              Brnrd Maye/Margaret Higgins                    Corroughboy
7/6/1858        Kitty/Katy           James Gallagher/Peggy Quinn            Pat Gallagher/Atty Quinn                       Cloongonagh-or 
7/26/1858       Bridget              John Cunnane/Mary Garvey                 Tms Kennedy/Cath Duffey                        Tulanaglug
8/15/1858       Mary                 Micl Quinn/Julia Mullarkey*            Pat Quinn/Brid
 Mullarkey-Mullanhey             Gortermone
8/29/1858       Winifred             Micl O'Dowell/Catherine Quinn          Patrick & Mary Quinn                             Mountain
9/10/1858       Mary                 John Leonard/Bridget Quinn             Tms
 Quinn(Leonard?)/Brid Leonard*              Drimina
9/12/1858       James                Johanus Goldrick/Mary Commins          John & Mary Goldrick                           Beleclare
9/26/1858       Thomas               Pat Connor/Mary Deehan                 Frank Mulligan/Peggy Mcnulty                   Glenavoo
10/12/1858      Mary                 John Calvey/Mary Ruane                 Pat Kelly/Sally Ruane                         
11/14/1858      Bridget**            Patrick Kennedy/Winifred Maye            Mrtn Maye/Brid Higgins                         Daurvis
11/16/1858      Bridget**            Patrick/Brid Goldrick                  Micl Nevlin/Cath Goldrick  
11/21/1858      Thomas**Twins?       Peter-Pat/Brid Goldrick                Thomas Goldrick/Anne Finlan                      Gortesluin
12/6/1858       Mary                 Dan Mulligan/Brid Goldrick             Michael & Catherine Garty   
12/12/1858      Thomas               Michael Kilroy/Honor Quinn             Patrick & Bridget Quinn                        Carrowreagh or Carrouncagh
12/26/1858      Michael              John Cunny/Mary Clarke                 Michael & Bridget Cunny                        Claddagh
12/26/1858      Ellen                Thomas Neary/Kitty Cunny               Michael & Ellen Cunny                   
12/26/1858      Anne                 William   Gouldin/Bridget Quinn          Patrick & Kate Brennen                         Drimina

1/16/1859       Pat                  Matthew/Mary Battle                    Mrtn
 Horan/Jn Mullarkey                        Aclare
1/22/1859       Bridget              Tms Ruane/Anne McDonagh-McDonagel      Owen & Bridget   Ginty/Gentry                    Glenavoo
2/1/1859        Michael              James Christy/Cath Quinn               Antny Mealie/Atty Christy  
2/1/1859        Mary                 Micl Roddy/Mary Maye                   Mrtn Healy/Brid Stevenson                      Cloonbarry
2/5/1859        Mary                 Martin & Margaret Grogan               James & Bridget Clarke                         Lauravane
2/24/1859       Biddy                Tms Goldrick/Mary Deehan               Pat Deehan/Mary Goldrick(Nee Deehan?*)        
 Laravane or Larvane
3/8/1859        ?                      Tms Carr/Brid Goldstien                Micl Carr/Mary Goldrick                        Castlerock
3/10/1859       Bridget              Pat Walsh/Margaret Cunnane            
 Edwrd Cunnane/Mary Feely                       Rhue
3/20/1859       Patrick              Pat Walsh/Anne Kildun                  Jas   Goldrick/Mary O¢Hara                       Tobberrody
6/5/1859        Peter                Pat Cunniffe/Eln Goldrick              Mrtn Kennedy/Brid Cunnane                 
6/18/1859       James                Martin Quinn/Bridget Kennedy           Pat McArole/Cath Neary?*                       Annagh
*Pat McArole/Cath Neary? or Tms Kennedy & Mary McVey
6/21/1859       Patrick              Jas Goldrick/Patty or Kitty Walsh*     Pat Walsh/Brid Kildun                          Glenavoo
7/1/1859        Atty                 Pat Murtagh/Nannie Maye                Pat
 Murtagh/Nannie Bradhal                       Bradhal
8/28/1859       Winifred             Micl O¢Dowd-O¢Dowell/Cath Quinn        Pat & Mary Quinn                               Mountain
8/29/1859       Luke             
    Martin & Bridget Maye                  Jn Cunnane/Mary Clurhy-Garvey?                 Tubberoddy
9/10/1859       Mary                   Jas or Jn Leonard/Brid Quinn           Tms & Brid Leonard-may have been*              Drimina
*Tms & Brid Leonard-may have been Tms Quinn and Brid Leonard 
 ?                    Antny Murray/Brid Goldrick             Jn Murray/Ann Roddy                            Gortesluin
10/22/1859      Michael              James & Mary Goldrick                  Jas Roddy Mary Higgins                         Gortesluin
10/29/1859      Michael              Martin Deehan/Mary Goldrick            Pat Mary Deehan                                Glenavoo
10/30/1859      Mary 
                  John & Anne Goldrick                   John Miller/Atty Brennen                       Banada
10/30/1859      James                James & Bridget Goldrick               Pat/Peter Goldrick/Mary
 Roddy                  Gortesluin
12/22/1859      John                 John Godrick/Brid Kennedy              Anthony   Murray/Bridget Goldrick                Glenavoo
12/26/1859      Thomas               John Harte/Brid Maye                   James & Kate Maye                              Cloongoonagh
12/26/1859      Anne        
         Wlm Golding/Brid Quinn                 ?                                              Drimina
12/27/1859      Mary                 Peter Goldrick/Brid Finlan             James & Mary Finlan                            Gortesluin
12/30/1859      Mary                 Michael Kildun/Brid Cunnie             Bartly Quinn                                   Mt Taffee
12/31/1859      ?             
         Thomas Walsh/Bridget Kildun            Dennis O¢Hara/Margaret Kildun                  Drimina

1/8/1860        Michael              Pat Mullen/MaryRuane                   Micl Ruane/Margaret
 Murray                     Mt Taffe
1/14/1860       Bridget              John Dyer/Bridget Kilmartin            Hugh   Dyer/Mary Kilmartin                       Lavane
1/14/1860       Bridget              Pat Loftus/Mary Boyle/Coyne            Brnrd Bryan/Wini Parhohall-Broadhall?          Gortermone
1/22/1860       Anthony              Michael & Anne
 Goldrick                Pat Goldrick/Peggy Neary                       Glenavoo
1/22/1860       Honoria              Tms & Mary Gavahan                     Owen & Mary Cunnie                             Claddagh
1/28/1860       Patrick              Ned Cunnane/Sarah Vesey                Pat Walsh/Alice Vesey                          Rhue
2/16/1860       Mary                   Jas
 Walsh/Anne Battle                  Pat & Mary Battle                              Clooneen
2/18/1860       Mary                 Jn Heneghan/May Quinn                  Jn Quinn/Mary Heneghan        
                 Tavniana-or Launiena
29/Feb/1860     Thomas               Tms Carroll/Brid Quinn                   Terrence Winifred Carroll                      Letterbrone
3/3/1860        Mary                 Pat Clarke/Mary Goldrick               Micl Kirrane/Brid Goldrick                     Castlerock
3/6/1860        Mary                 Tms Neary/Mary Cunnie     
             Pat Neary/Mary Cunnie                          Claddagh
3/10/1860       Patrick              Jn Deehan/Mary Grogan                  Martin Deehan                                  Glenavoo
3/10/1860       Patrick              John & Mary Deehan(or May)             Mrtn Deehan/Brid Lawley/Lowrey                 Glenavoo
3/17/1860         Kate                 Jn
 Kilmartin/Mary Harrington           Tms Kildun/Atty O¢Hara                         Easkaugh
4/29/1860       James                Pat & Mary Cunnie                      Pat Brodhall/Mary Cunnie  
5/19/1860       John                 Jas Kilmartin/Atty Cawley                Antny Cawley/Brid Brennen                      Knockahoney
5/27/1860       Bridget              Micl Walsh/Atty Maye                   Jas Durcan/Anne Dempsey                        Caulrcuill
6/2/1860        Mary                 Pat Walsh/Anne Kildun                  Bartly
 Winifred Kildun                         Tubberoddy
6/4/1860        Mary & William?      Jn Quinn/Mary O'Hara                   Pat Dempsey/Mary O¢Hara                        Culdalea
6/10/1860       Thomas               Micl Cunnie/Brid Walsh                 Jn Walsh/Brid Cawley                           Carrane-or   Barrane
6/17/1860       Anne                 Micl
 Ruane/Kate Carroll                Antny Henry/Anne Cawley                        Glenavoo
6/27/1860       Bridget              Jn Leonard/Atty Quinn                  Patrick & Bridget
 Leonard                      Kincullew-Kinculllew is near Cloonbar
6/27/1860       Patrick                Anthony & Bridget Cunny                Antny Brody/Sarah McQuinn(Meliunn?)            Clurly
7/6/1860        Margaret             Jn Cunnane/Kate Gallagher              Jn Garvey/Bessy Hess                           Rhue
7/9/1860        ?                    Jas O¢Hara/Anne Cunnie             
    Pat Horan/Elizabeth O¢Hara                     Claddagh
7/14/1860       John                 Micl Quinn/Judy Mullarkey              Antny Mullarkey/Ann Dunleary                   Annagh
7/18/1860       Margaret & William?  Jas Gallagher/Mary Quinn               Jas Lundy/Brid Higgins                           Cloongoonagh
7/29/1860       Mary               
  John & Anne Goldrick                   Jn Roddy/Brid Goldrick                         Gortesluin
7/29/1860       Mary                 Tms Kilmartin/Mary Brett            
   Jn Kilmartin/Mary Heneglan                     Easkaugh
8/4/1860        Andrew               Micl   Goldrick/Winifred Hegarty         Jas Hegarty/Brid Crommy                        Belclare
8/11/1860       Bridget              John Maye/Bridget Moran                Mark Margaret Moran-Marren                     Tullanaglug
8/19/1860       John                 Micl Quinn/Brid Mullen                 Mrtn Mary Quinn   
                             Laviane-Possibly Laurvane/Larvane
8/25/1860       Michael              John & Mary Goldrick                   Dan Roddy/Kate Goldrick                        Glenavoo
8/25/1860       Anne                 Anthony Maye/Brid Hayden                 Peter Brennen/Phobe Maye                       Rhue
8/26/1860       Mary            
     Peter Harte/Ann Jordan                 Michael & Margaret Harte                       Cloongoonagh
8/27/1860       Michael              Antny O¢Donnel/Mary
 Goldrick           Pat Kivlehan/Brid Goldrick                     Mt Taffe
8/28/1860       Mary                   John Walsh/Bridget Quinn               Tms Walsh/Judy Mullarkey                       Annagh-near Tobercurry
9/1/1860        James                Tms Dunne/Alice Quinn                  Micl Haynes/Margaret Reiley                    Cloongoonagh-or Clooninagh)
9/12/1860       Pat & Bridget        Mrtn Grogan//Margaret
 Clarke           John Deehan/Peggy Grogan                       Glenavoo
9/20/1860       Mary**               Pat Mullen/Mary Dempsey                Michael Quinn/Bridget Dempsey                  Annagh-or Taviana
9/22/1860       Michael** Twins?       Pat Mullen/Mary Dempsey                 Andy & Peggy Ruane                           
10/17/1860      Eliza                Micl May/Mry Gorman                    Not Noted                                      Not Noted
10/22/1860      Mary         
        James O¢Hara/Atty Kildun               Hugh & Rose Kildun                               Aclare
11/1/1860       ?                    John Niland/Brid Kilmartin             Jn Murtagh/Mary Leonard                        Coolrecunll
12/16/1860      Biddy*               James Goldrick/Mary Quinn              John & Ellen Goldrick                          Castlerock
12/16/1860      Thomas*Twins?        James Goldrick/Mary Quinn         
     Pat-John & Bridget Quinn                       Castlerock
12/28/1860      Anne                 John Goldrick/Kate Walsh               John & Kate Walsh                              Glenavoo
12/29/1860        Bridget              Jn Goldrick/Ann-Atty McDermott         Thomas & Ann McDermott                        
12/30/1860      Bessy                Thomas Stenson/Mary Goldrick           John & Ann Goldrick                            Gortesluin
 Mary                 John Stenson/Brid Kildun               Pat Kildun & Atty Stenson                        Eskaugh

1/5/1861        Bridget              John O¢Donnell/Mary Maye               John Mullarke/Mary Maye                        Castlerock
1/13/1861       Thomas               Michael Goldrick/Anne Jennings         Pat Walsh/Mary Jennings                        Banada
1/20/1861       Patrick              Andy McIntire/Margaret Quinn*         
 Micl Carty/Honor McIntire                      Annagh
1/20/1861       ?                    Pat McIntire/Mary Quinn*               ?                                              Annagh
2/3/1861          Mary                 Pat Flynn/Mary Quinn                   John & Anne Quinn                             
 Tullnaglug-Kilmacteige Civil Parish
2/3/1861        Honor                John Cunnane/Honor Gilvey              John &  Kate Gilvey                           
2/3/1861        Kate                 Pat Cunny/Bridget Durcan               Michael &   Bridget Walsh                        Lavane-may be Carane
2/23/1861       Mary                 James Goldrick/Mary Conway             Mrtn Conway/Mary Goldrick                      Beleclare
3/3/1861        Patrick              Micl Kildun/Brid Higgins               Henry & Mary Higgins                           Clooneen
3/3/1861        Katie                Pat Roddy/Peggy Quinn   
               Martin & Anne Quinn                            Glenavoo
3/9/1861        Daniel               Martin Deehan/Bridget Goldrick         Pat Deehan/Mary Goldrick                         Larvane
3/15/1861       John                 Martin Battle/Kate Brett               John Brennen/Bridget
 Battle                    Stonepark
3/24/1861       Kate                 Michael Dowd/Kate Quinn                John & Bridget Dowd                      
      Mt Taffe
3/31/1861       Mary                 Thomas & Bridget Goldrick                James & Margaret-Mary Goldrick                 Gortesluin
4/14/1861       Anne                 John Flynn/Bridget Loftus              Pat Flynn/Brid Heneghen                        Cloonbarry
4/14/1861       Mary                 Bryan Maye/Anne O¢Hara                 Pat Maye/Mary Garvey                           Corroughboy
4/28/1861       Thomas               Michael Walsh/Mary Kildun             
 Pat Walsh/Anne Heneghan                        Tubberrody
5/4/1861        Mary                 Pat Gentry/Mary Quinn*                 Edwrd Brid   Quinn                               Kilmactiege
5/4/1861        Atty                 Pat Gentry/Mary Quinn*                 Micl O¢Hara/Atty Kildun   
5/12/1861       ?                    Antny Cadry/Mary Kildun   
             Micl Cadry/Mary Kelly                          Mt Taffe
5/26/1861         Mary                 Tms Carr/Brid Goldrick                 Antny Cecelia Leone                            Castlerock
6/4/1861        Mary                 Micl Griffin/Brid Goldrick             Jas Brid Morgan                                Clurhy
6/6/1861        Mary                 Jas Goldrick/Brid Walsh                Micl Walsh/Mary Kildun**                       Glenavoo
**Godparents may have been Pat & Margaret
7/12/1861       Attracta             Micl Kilroy/Honoria Quinn              Pat Gallagher/Ann Kelley                         Carrowreagh-or Carrnnegh
7/21/1861       Michael              Bryan May/Brid Ginty                   James & Mary May                              
7/21/1861       John                 Andy McCoy/Brid Quinn                  Andy McCoy/Kate Stenson                       
7/28/1861       Mary                 Jas Walsh/Brid Maye                    Martin &  Mary   Walsh                           Tourlestrane
8/11/1861       John                 Pat McNulty/Bridget Goldrick           Nell Clarke/Margaret Goldrick                  Castlerock
8/15/1861       Thomas               Pat Murtagh/Anne Maye                  Jas Murtagh/Eln Maye                           Easkeagh
8/18/1861       Anne                 Peter Goldrick/Brid Finlan             James & Mary Finlan                           
8/25/1861       James                James Christy/Kate Quinn               John Quinn/Anne   Brennen                        Annagh-or maybe Culleens
9/1/1861        Bridget              John Connell/Ellen Goldrick            Pat McNulty/Brid Connel                       
9/1/1861        Mary                 Micl Walsh/Mary Maye                   Jn Mary Walsh                       
9/8/1861        James                Pat Walsh/Brid Kildun                    Pat Deehan/Mary Kildun                         Tubberoddy
9/8/1861        Bridget              Jas Conor-O¢Conor/Brid Quinn           Thomas O'Conor/Ellen Quinn                     Lauravane-or Fauvauane?
9/15/1861       Anne                 Cormac Brennen/Mary Maye               Jn/Anne_?                                      Lorlvecrrill
9/18/1861       John                 Micl Kildun/Brid Connell               Antny Connel/Margaret Kildun           
        Mt Taffe
9/22/1861       Winifred             Micl Roddy/Mary Maye                     Michael & Mary Finan                           Cloonbarry
9/23/1861       Martin               James Battle/Anne Fleming              Nick Lundy/Honoria Battle                    
10/2/1861       Catheine             Thomas Neary/Kate Cunnie               James Moran/Mary Leonard
10/6/1861       Catheine             Martin Quinn/Brid Kennedy                Michael Burke/Mary Quinn                       Annagh
10/20/1861      Anne                 Michael Kirvane/Mary Quinn             John Rodgers/Bridget Kirvane                   Gortermone
11/9/1861       Margaret             Martin Maye/Bridget Durcan             Bryan Maye/Margaret Kennedy                    Coolrecuill
11/17/1861      James                Pat Maye/Brid Duffy                    James Harte/Atty Maye                         
11/17/1861      Patrick              Michael Walsh/Atty   Maye                John & Mary Walsh                              Coolrecuill
11/17/1861      Kate                 Luke Maye/Bridget Higgins              Michael & Bridget Maye                        
11/17/1861      Anne                 Michael Maye/Kate Higgins              John Walsh/Kate Harte      
12/1/1861       Anne                 John Cunnane/Mary   Garvey               Thomas & Anne Garvey                           Tullymoy
12/1/1861       Mary                 James Walsh/Bridget Kildun             James Kildun/Mary Cahill                       Tullanaglug
12/1/1861       Mary                 Micl(Maye?) & Mary Goldrick            John & Bridget Goldrick                        Glenavoo
12/21/1861      Thomas               John & Honora Goldrick                 Michae &l Mary Goldrick                 
12/29/1861      Mary                   John Kennedy/Kate Quinn                Martin & Mary Quinn                            Gortermone
12/29/1861      Atty                 John Cunnane/Kate Kilmartin            Mary Kilmartin                            
     Carnagupal-or Cavnagupal

1/12/1862       Bridget              Michael Leonard/Atty Goldrick        
  Thomas Carr/Bridget Goldrick                   Castlerock
1/16/1862       John                   Anthony Murray/Bridget Goldrkck        Pat & Kate Goldrick                            Taunigraphy
2/2/1862        Attracta             John Cunnane/Bridget Henry             Pat & Mary Henry                               Rhue
2/2/1862        Mary                 Pat Connor/Mary Deehan                 James Deehan/Mary McNulty                      Lauravane
2/6/1862        Thomas               John Goldrick/Brid Murray              Tms Murray/Mary Goldrick                 
2/6/1862        Rose                 John O¢Donnel/Mary Maye                Jn Mullarkey/Mary Killoran                     Castlerock?
2/16/1862       Bridget              James Leonard/Bridget Quinn            Frank Quinn/Ann Howley?                 
2/20/1862       Bridget              John Kildun/Mary Walsh                 Luke
 Walsh/Winifred Dunne                      Lislea
2/22/1862       Kate                   Antny McNulty/Bridget Deehan           Jas Griffin/Mary Maye                          Laurvane
2/23/1862       Patrick              Pat Cunnane/Honoria Brett              Jas Brennen/Mary-Margaret Rooney               Tullymoy
3/13/1862       Patrick              Jn Cunnie-Cunny/Marg-Mry Gallagher*    Pat Cunnie/Anne Gallagher                      Claddagh
3/13/1862       Antohny              Pat McNiffe/Eln Goldrick               John Goldrick/Brid Ginry                         Glenavoo
 Antohny              Pat Mullen/Mary Ruane                  John Ruane/Ellen Mullen                        Mt Taffe
4/20/1862       Pat or Peter-twins?  John Harte/Bridget Maye                Pat & Mary Harte                              
4/25/1862       Maria                James Goldrick/Mary Quinn              Owen Goldrick/Mary
 McVean                      Castlerock
5/14/1862       Biddy & William        William & Bridget Quinn                ?                                              Clurhy?
5/29/1862       John                 Michael Kirrane/Kate Maye              Pat Reid/Mary Farrell                          Annagh
6/22/1862       Margaret             James O¢Hara/Atty Kildun               Pat Kildun/Winifred Howby                      Aclare
6/22/1862       John                 Thomas Kildun/Alice Quinn              Dan O¢Hara/Mary Gallagher                        Drimatrin-or Cloongoonagh
6/22/1862       Mary  
               James O¢Brien/Annie Rafferty           John & Mary Goldrick                           Gortesluin
6/29/1862       Margaret             John McGoldrick/Mary Sweeny            Jn McQuinn/Kate Harte                        
7/6/1862        ?                    Pat Clarke/Mary Goldrick               Pat
 Regan/Atty Kirrane                         Castlerock
7/10/1862         Michael              Michael Quinn/Brid Mullen-Muller       Peter Garley-Corley/Eln Quinn                  Tavniana-or Favniane?
7/12/1862       ?                    James Jennings/Kate Kilmartin          Luke & Bridget Brennen                         Curroy
8/31/1862       Luke                 Pat Maye/Brid Duffey                   Mark Carrol/Winifred Stenson*                  Eskaugh**
(*godparents may have been Pat Kennedy & Atty Duffy-and location   **Tullinaglug)
09/06/07        Patrick              John & Mary Goldrick                  
 Wiliam Roddy/Brid Goldrick                     Glenavoo
9/16/1862       Michael              John Goldrick/Kate McIntyre            Pat & Bridget Kensy                            Claddagh
9/19/1862       Austin             
  Thomas Cunnie/Mary O¢Hara              Austin Cunnie/Winifred Dearsy                 
9/30/1862       James                Pat Cunnie/Pat   Ferain*                 Pat McDonnel/Peggy Conway                      Kilmactiege
10/2/1862       Hugh                 John Kilmartin/Mary Harrington         Michael Gauaglan/Atty Kilmartin                Easkaugh
10/5/1862       Bridget              Michael Quinn/Judy Mullarkey           John Neary/Brid Quinn                          Annagh
10/5/1862       Michael              John Heneghan/Mary Quinn               Jas Peggy(Mary?) Quinn                           Fauniana-or Tavniana
10/20/1862      Mary                 Thomas Stevenson/Mary Goldrick         James & Kate
 Goldrick                          Gortelsin
11/19/1862      William              John Cunnie/Mary O¢Hara                Thomas & Kate Cunnie                           Culdalea
11/21/1862      James                John
 Deehan/Mary Grogan                James McNulty/Peggy Clarke                   
11/30/1862      James                Michael   Goldrick/Anne Jennings         Thomas Goldrick/Mary Walsh                     Banada
12/21/1862      Bridget              Michael Cunnie/Bridget Walsh
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A little more……….

The Leitrim-Roscommon
1901 Census Search

Townland Parish Barony County Description Head of household
Head of household
Head of household
Other occupants
Tawnaneilleen Kilmacteige Leyny Sligo Household Cabrey Patrick(54?) farmer Anne(35) wife-Mary(16)-Bridget(14)-Annie(10)-Patrick(8)-Kate(4)-Maggie(2)
Tawnaneilleen Kilmacteige Leyny Sligo Household Cabrey Michael(64) farmer Bridget(46) wife-Mary(20)-Bridget(17)-Annie(14)
Tawnaneilleen Kilmacteige Leyny Sligo Household Cabrey Mary(50) farmer/married/born Co. Mayo Michael(20)-John(19)-Mary(17)
Tawnaneilleen Kilmacteige Leyny Sligo Household Cabrey Anthony(70) farmer/born Co. Mayo Mary(65) wife-John(28)-Denis(26)-Michael(24)-Patrick(20)-sons not married
4 Total Matches